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					Steven R. Rubin, Sr. Env. Eng.


       1981    M.S., Civil/Environmental Engineering, University of Massachusetts

       1975    B.S., Biology, State University of New York at Stony Brook


Mr. Rubin is a Senior Environmental Engineer with over 23 years of experience in
environmental engineering. This includes, yet is not limited to, environmental
permitting/compliance (Air, RCRA, Solid Waste, SPCC, etc), risk management and
emergency response planning and compliance (ICP, RMP, HAZWOPER); OSHA Health
and Safety compliance; and, commercial/industrial site audits. Mr. Rubin possesses a
strong regulatory background with extensive expertise in the area of hazardous material
management and emergency response planning. This background includes 8 years of
employment with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, predominantly in the
RCRA Permits Section where Mr. Rubin held the position of Section Chief, Region VI,
Dallas, Texas. Mr. Rubin has since developed additional environmental engineering
expertise while working as a consultant since 1987. During this period, Mr. Rubin served
as Chief Engineer for the private development of a commercial hazardous waste
treatment facility entailing the completion of a 3500 page environmental permit
application for the incineration and treatment of hazardous waste. Significant project
work includes completion of a hazardous waste (RCRA) operating permit application for
a USDOE facility (Largo, Florida); completion of Integrated Contingency Plans for food
industry facilities in California, Florida, and New Jersey; and, environmental compliance
assessments at federal military facilities in the southeast (multimedia compliance audits
and pollution prevention (i.e., waste minimization and stormwater) assessments). Other
project work includes facility compliance audits and property assessments; air and solid
waste permitting; emergency response (HAZWOPER) training; regulatory compliance
negotiation and expert witness testimony; risk management and hazard analysis; and,
Health and Safety program compliance and training.

Environmental Permitting/Compliance

Environmental/H&S Compliance Management, Molex, Inc., St. Petersburg, FL,
   2001-03. Mr Rubin is currently under contract to provide an annual environmental
   and health and safety (H&S) compliance program for an electroplating facility.
   Program activities include quarterly inspections and summary of finding reports;
   preparation of emergency response plans (Contingency Plan and Wastewater
   Treatment Spill Discharge Plan); and presentation of all required employee training
   programs (HAZCOM, RCRA, Lockout/Tagout).
Solid Waste Permitting, Florida Recycling Services, Tampa, FL, 2001-03. Mr. Rubin
    prepared a solid waste permit application for a wood recycling facility. The
    application required calculations of capacity projections, site layout and design, and
    preparation of an operation plan. Mr. Rubin also assisted the client in negotiation of
    several consent orders as a result of transfer of ownership and operations issues.
Air Permitting, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, 1995-2003. Mr.
    Rubin has obtained Florida Department of Environmental Protection air permits for
    the construction and operation of air emission sources, including packaged steam
    generating boilers, (15-20 MBtu/hr), printing facilities, wood recycling facilities, and
    various other industrial facilities.

Air Operating Reports, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, 1995-
   2003. Mr Rubin has prepared and submitted annual FDEP air operating reports
   (AOR) for various REI clients in Florida. AOR submittals included emissions
   calculations and reporting for glass furnaces, large industrial boilers and gas turbines,
   anaerobic reactors, feed mill dryers, printing presses, air curtain incinerators, sand
   blasting units, and various other industrial air emissions sources, including diesel and
   other fossil fuel driven engines.

Risk Management Planning, Tropicana Products, CA,FL, 1998-2002. Mr. Rubin
   developed risk management plans for three (3) Tropicana facilities in the referenced
   states, including preparation and submittal of EPA’s electronic RMP*Submit and an
   extensive RMP submittal to the LEPC, documenting the entire facility RMP program.
   Off-site Consequence Analysis were completed using approved dispersions models
   (DEGAS, ALOHA, SLAG) with receptor identification performed, based on the
   modeling results.

Expert Witness Testimony, Carlton, Fields, Ward, Emmanuel, Smith, & Cutler,
   P.A., 1999. Mr. Rubin provided expert witness testimony regarding matters related
   to hazardous waste storage regulations. His testimony was instrumental in settling a
   case related to a dispute over the source of contamination for privately owned
   property adjacent to an industrial facility.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Assessments, US Department of Defense,
   1995-97. Mr. Rubin performed field assessments for both initial development and
   periodic updating of SWPP Plans for military installations, including Ft. Jackson,
   Columbia, SC; Ft. Stewart, Savannah, GA; and Ft. Benning, Columbus, GA. Field
   efforts included field measurements for site plan development: operations description;
   and, identification of potential pollutant sources and best management practices.

Environmental Compliance Audit (ECAS Program), US Department of Defense,
   1993-96. Multi-media compliance assessments at military installations in Georgia
   (Georgia Army National Guard facilities and the Federal Law Enforcement Training
   Center) and North Carolina (Ft. Bragg). Installation facilities included hazardous
   waste management areas, vehicle maintenance and motor pool operations, wastewater
   and water treatment facilities, aviation support facilities, armories, training areas, as
   well as various other buildings and site specific operations.

RCRA Operating Permit Application, USDOE, Largo, FL, 1993. Mr. Rubin prepared
  a complete facility RCRA Part I/II permit application (contingency, inspection,
  training, and waste analysis plans) for a hazardous waste operating permit. The
  facility managed a variety of hazardous (including low-level radioactive) waste
  streams in container and tank storage facilities, as well as in thermal and chemical
  treatment units, including: mixed halogenated and flammable solvents and
  degreasers; miscellaneous chemicals from various R&D operations; battery
  production wastes; and waste explosives.

RCRA Compliance Audit, USDOE, Largo, FL, 1992. Mr. Rubin performed an audit
  of hazardous waste management activities at the USDOE Pinellas Plant, as part of the
  transfer of facility operator responsibilities between government contractors. The
  audit concentrated extensively on a review of waste manifests for a 5-year period, in
  addition to overall waste management procedures and records.

Commercial Hazardous Waste Facility Siting and Development, Florida First
  Processing, Polk
County, FL, 1989-1992. Mr. Rubin was chief engineer for a private investment group
  developing a commercial hazardous waste incinerator and treatment facility in Polk
  County, Florida. The facility was designed to handle 70,000 tons/year utilizing
  incineration, neutralization, detoxification, and stabilization. Total project costs were
  over $75 million. The project entailed the compilation of a 3500 page permit
  application for both RCRA and air permits. Mr. Rubin coordinated the efforts of
  eight individual contractors while preparing RCRA, Air, and Stormwater permit
  applications, overseeing approximately $1 million in contracts. Ultimately Mr. Rubin
  was responsible for negotiation of the RCRA Draft Permit.

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