Sheffield PCT Board Meeting Papers 7th April 2009 - Paper W by taoyni


									                                                                                                                                                                                                   PAPER W

Sheffield Primary Care Trust - Business Plan 2009/10 - Framework (Version 1.3 26/03/09)
  ID                      Principle Objective                      Referencing        Lead       Delivery
                                                                                      Direct      Date
                                                                                        or                                                          Indicators / Success Measures
                                                                 WCC     BAF, SfBH,
                                                                            RR                                          Q1                           Q2                         Q3                       Q4

1      Excellent Delivery
1.1    Ensure delivery of IPCS objectives in the ABH areas for                        SK                    Achievement of milestones Achievement of                 Achievement of          Achievement of milestones
       which the Strategy Directorate is responsible                                                        in IPCS                   milestones in IPCS             milestones in IPCS      in IPCS

1.2    Capital Investment Programme including LIFT                                    SK       Mar-10       Achievement of milestones Achievement of                 Achievement of          Achievement of milestones
       developments is delivered                                                                            in capital plan, as reported milestones in capital plan, milestones in capital   in capital plan, as reported
                                                                                                            to Board                     as reported to Board        plan, as reported to    to Board
1.3    Develop governance structures which are fit for purpose                        JD                    Scoping paper to April       Implementation of new       Monitoring new system   Review of new system by
       and underpin WCC                                                                                     Board with final structure   system from July 2009       by end of Q3            end of Q4
                                                                                                            to June board
1.4    Implement and monitor action plans from the HSE visit                          JD                    Continue with action plan    Develop a written plan  Review H and S
                                                                                                            meetings following HSE       detailing the           management systems by
                                                                                                            report. Implement a          arrangements for manage 30 October 2009
                                                                                                            systematic approach to       of asbestos by 30
                                                                                                            carrying out moving and      September 2009
                                                                                                            handling assessments but
                                                                                                            26 June 2009. Produce an
                                                                                                            action plant to reduce /
                                                                                                            manage exposure to latex
                                                                                                            by 26 June 2009

1.5    Ensure management of the estate portfolio                                      JD                    Contribute to the estates    Review all estates in light Contribute to estates   In light of estate strategy
                                                                                                            plan                         of Transforming             strategy                review all commissioner
                                                                                                                                         Community Services and                              properties ensuring fitness
                                                                                                                                         agree lead responsibility                           for purpose

1.6    Implement a development programme for the PCT Board                            JD                    Agree format for board       Hold board development      Hold board development Review board development
                                                                                                            development sessions         session in July             session in October     programme for 10/11

1.7    Ensuring delivery of all Vital Signs and Local Area              BAF 1.1, 1.4, JPW      Mar-10       Performance is ahead of      Performance is ahead of     Performance is ahead of Performance is ahead of
       Agreement targets related to Public Health, including            2.1, RR ref 2                       trajectory                   trajectory                  trajectory              trajectory
       supporting other Directorates where lead is elsewhere,
       and continue delivery and development of wider Public
       Health programmes
                                                                                                                                                                                                        PAPER W

1.8    Maintain and develop health protection including                        BAF 1.4, RR JPW   Mar-10       Carbon management plan                                                              Annual emergency
       emergency planning function for PCT and wider Local                     ref 2                          approved by PCT Board                                                               planning report to Board
       Resilience Forum, and development and implementation
       of effective carbon management plans

1.9    Deliver Excellent Performance against National Targets,                            IAA    Mar-10       On Q1 Trajectory for all     On Q2 Trajectory for all   On Q3 Trajectory for all    On Q4 Trajectory for all key
       Local Vital Signs, Health Outcomes and demand                                                          key indicators including -   key indicators             key indicators              indicators
       management plan                                                                                        defining approach for
                                                                                                              managing the „transition‟ of
                                                                                                              the £40m savings as
                                                                                                              outlined in the strategic
1.10   Build on performance to date to achieve excellence in the Financial                JN     Mar-10       Action Plan with leads      First full stocktake of     Over-arching narratives     VFM Report; UoR
       "Use of Resources" assessment and to demonstrate          governance                                   agreed                      evidence                    completed; First draft of   evidence. External Audit
       Value for Money in all areas of commissioning                                                                                                                  VFM report, identify        assessment
                                                                                                                                                                      areas where we
                                                                                                                                                                      demonstrate work as
                                                                                                                                                                      "premier PCT"
1.11   Ensure PCT delivers against its financial plan for 2009/10 Financial    BAF, RR    JN     Mar-10       Reports to Board            Reports to Board            Reports to Board            Statutory Accounts
       and in particular on its financial statutory duties        governance

1.12   Ensure robust and flexible medium term financial plan in   6, 11 and    BAF, RR    JN     Ongoing      Revised MTFP approved Reports to Board to               WCC resubmission?      SHA submissions and
       line with the Board approved financial strategy and to     financial                                   by Board May 09 with         update on plan and                                reports to Board which
       support delivery of ABH priorities                         governance                                  scenarios and sensitivities; contingency planning                              demonstrate plan in line
                                                                                                              Contingency Plan                                                               with strategy, including
                                                                                                              approved.                                                                      maintenance of recurrent
                                                                                                                                                                                             financial balance
1.13   Deliver agreement of 10/11 contracts with all major        9            BAF        JN     Mar-10       N/A                         N/A                         Modelling and          Contracts agreed and
       providers with appropriate penalties/incentives, outcome                                                                                                       benchmarking completed signed, incorporating
       measures and performance metrics                                                                                                                                                      objectives from
                                                                                                                                                                                             commissioning intentions

1.14   Deliver healthcare procurement and supplier development 7, 9                       JN     Ongoing      Board approve 09/10 plans report to Board;              report to Board;            report to Board;
       plans for 9/10 in line with IPCS and national principles of                                            in May                    procurements and other        procurements and other      procurements and other
       competition and co-operation.                                                                                                    developments delivered to     developments delivered      developments delivered to
                                                                                                                                        Plan                          to Plan                     Plan
1.15   Incentivise Quality improvement ensuring high standards 8                          PBC    Apr-10       Quality assurance group     Review of quality           Establishing continued      Achievement of continued
       are set and strengthen performance monitoring across all                                  (Declaration implemented to oversee      information flows across    compliance of SfBH by       compliance of SfBH,
       providers contracts.                                                                      for 09/10)   quality performance         system to ensure feeding    internal validation         Achievement of KPIs for
                                                                                                              agenda. Sheffield Quality   into performance            Initiation of agreed        quality Review of first year
                                                                                                              Improvement Academy         management                  quality projects            of QIA and evaluation of
                                                                                                              launched                                                                            impact
                                                                                                                                                                                                 PAPER W

1.16   Ensure performance management of independent                  3                PBC   Dec-09   Contract Assurance          Contract Annual returns      Interim reports received Improvement in patient
       contractors inline with WCC Improving GP services and                                         processes including key     and action plans in          from contractors on      scores achieved from
       linked to patients experiences.                                                               areas for review drafted    response to National         progress with access     October Survey outcomes
                                                                                                     and agreed with LMC         Patient Survey Outcomes      action plans, mapped
                                                                                                                                 submitted by GP              against Patient Survey
                                                                                                                                 contractors. Assessed.       Outcomes. Revised
                                                                                                                                 Improvements in Patient      plans negotiated where
                                                                                                                                 scores achieved from         indicated. Improvements
                                                                                                                                 April Survey outcomes        in patient scores
                                                                                                                                                              achieved from July
                                                                                                                                                              Survey outcomes

1.17   Ensure surveillance targets re MRSA are met and               4                PBC   Mar-10   All providers meeting       Agreement of City wide       Review of plans in light of End of year achievement of
       continue to achieve a significant reduction in MRSA and                                       national surveillance       infection control strategy / operating framework         MRSA / Cdiff targets
       other healthcare associated infections                                                        targets                     plan across all providers

1.18   Review and strengthen governance for both Child and           2                PBC   Nov-10   Completion of reviews of    Recommendations from         revised internal             Evidence of Serious case
       adult safeguarding in Sheffield                                                               both adult and child        reviews used to develop      governance                   review recommendations
                                                                                                     safeguarding integrated     proposals to strengthen      arrangements in place -      being implemented via
                                                                                                     services - ongoing          internal and external        ongoing monitoring of        audit programme
                                                                                                     monitoring of SCRs          governance arrangements      SCRs
                                                                                                                                 - ongoing monitoring of

2      Achieving World Class Competence
2.1    Build upon the joint commissioning arrangements with          2                SK             Joint commissioning        Opportunities for joint       Integrated               Analysis and
       SCC to deliver demonstrable added benefit to our                                              groups effectively working service reviews identified    commissioning intentions recommendations of areas
       population through joint work                                                                 to a joint work plan                                     for relevant areas       where pooled budgets or
                                                                                                                                                                                       other risk sharing
                                                                                                                                                                                       arrangements would
                                                                                                                                                                                       improve efficiency or
                                                                                                                                                                                       effectiveness of services

2.2    Increase clinical involvement in all areas of strategy by     2, 4             SK             Delivery of key milestones Delivery of key milestones Delivery of key                 Delivery of key milestones
       strengthening the co-commissioning relationship with                                          within consortia plans     within consortia plans     milestones within               within consortia plans
       PBC consortia                                                                                                                                       consortia plans
2.3    Health needs assessment undertaken consistent with            2, 5   BAF 4.3   JPW   Mar-10                               JSNA completed               Programme of other           Needs assessment informs
       level 4 World Class Commissioning                                                                                                                      HNAs completed to            commissioning intentions
                                                                                                                                                              inform commissioning
                                                                                                                                                              and de-commissioning
2.4    Further develop joint working with Sheffield City Council     2                JPW   Mar-10   Signed agreement on joint Director of Health
       on public health related issues                                                               DPH post                  Improvement appointed
                                                                                                                               for SCC
2.5    Manage the delivery of a comprehensive performance                             IAA   Dec-09   Metrics incorporated into   All Providers are            All Providers are            All Providers are delivering
       approach to Quality Metrics ensuring that there is a robust                                   contracts, defined, data    delivering all elements of   delivering all elements of   all elements of CQUIN data
       basis for commissioning for quality and delivery of                                           capture delivered and       CQUIN data in                CQUIN data in                in compliance with
       CQUIN‟s                                                                                       included in Board Report    compliance with              compliance with              contractual conditions
                                                                                                                                 contractual conditions       contractual conditions
                                                                                                                                                                                        PAPER W

2.6    Implementation of the recommendations outlined by the               IAA    Mar-10   All 14 projects scoped and All 5 projects in High          All 4 projects in High     Remainder of projects
       Knowledge Management review                                                         defined with PID's and     benefit & High                  Benefit Medium             delivering high benefit are
                                                                                           resources available        achievability are realised      achievability are realised implemented

2.7    Complete an analysis of the economic positions of key     6, 7, 9   JN     Dec-09   Develop model               Complete analysis,             Report to Board and
       local providers in the context of PCT investment and                                                            including any                  utilise information for
       disinvestment proposals (linked to work on which IAA will                                                       benchmarking eg with           10/11 commissioning
       lead on modelling and benchmarking future activity                                                              core cities                    process
       trends; work on review of services which SK will lead and
       spreading the learning from Y&H deep dive market
       analysis project)
2.8    Develop routine mechanisms to gather feedback from          2&7     PBC    Sep-10   Agreement of routine     ABH3 consultation                 Information form real       Evidence of Engagement
       stakeholders, public and staff which feed into our day to                           feedback mechanisms with completed and fed into            time data re patient        and communication activity
       day working and inform our strategic direction                                      external providers and   strategy review                   experience fed into         undertaken - annual report
                                                                                           internally                                                 commissioning intentions    to DoH

2.9    Ensure clinical input into the development of ABH 3 - this 4, 8     ZM &   Oct-09                                Capturing views and           Evaluation of 2009
       should link in with the input of the Local Authority, DAAT,         RO                                           clinical input from a         process and feeding in
                                                                                           Establish clear
       Sheffield First for Health etc.                                                                                  variety of sources and        ideas to build on
                                                                                           mechanisms for obtaining
                                                                                                                        ensuring that these are       progress made in
                                                                                           the widest possible clinical
                                                                                                                        fed into ET and Board         subsequent years.
                                                                                           input from all the
                                                                                                                        level strategic discussions
                                                                                           professions, and creating
                                                                                           new opportunities for
                                                                                           seeking views and
                                                                                           stimulating debate
2.10   Identifying and developing future clinical leaders, through 4       ZM &   Apr-10   Three cohorts of Keele       Ensuring that an              New clinical leaders        NHS Sheffield has a wide
       foundation leadership skills & PBC development                      RO              University foundation level appropriate cohort of          emerging and becoming       pool of leaders from a
       programme and offering practical learning opportunities.                            course delivered and well participants in the Keele        involved in a wide range    range of professions who
                                                                                           evaluated. Ensuring that     foundation course             of PCT activity eg around   are appropriately skilled
                                                                                           this programme dovetails progress to become                service improvement,        and motivated to engage.
                                                                                           effectively with other work involved in the PBC            pathway redesign,           Measurable progress
                                                                                           on clinical leadership and development programme           governance and              made on implementation of
                                                                                           talent management being and other development              education. Evaluate         clinical leadership strategy.
                                                                                           taken forward by Strategy. initiatives.                    impact of leadership
                                                                                                                                                      programme on
                                                                                                                                                      stimulating clinical
                                                                                                                                                                                     PAPER W

2.11   Addressing unacceptable clinical variation in primary care 4    ZM &   Apr-10   Workshop with external         Taking forward the           Firming up appropriate     Ongoing implementation of
       on an agreed set of clinical areas through education and        RO              stakeholders (eg local         recommendations of the       mechanisms for sharing action plan and evaluation
       leadership, and where necessary contractual measures.                           professional Committees,       external workshop and        data and intelligence      of impact.
                                                                                       Deanery, NCAS) on              ongoing work done with       within the PCT to identify
                                                                                       defining acceptable and        PCT colleagues,              problems early. Internal
                                                                                       reasonable performance         translating these into an    training for PCT staff on
                                                                                       and clarifying routes for      action plan which will be    addressing issues,
                                                                                       corrective action, support     delivered with input from    appropriate support for
                                                                                       to contractors etc (jointly    all directorates.            practitioners / practices
                                                                                       with Standards and                                          and the levers available
                                                                                       Engagement)                                                 within contractual
                                                                                                                                                   frameworks to resolve

2.12   Add value to the PCT's work with PBC consortia to ensure 5      ZM &            Provide clinical advice to     Providing constructive       Supporting the              Horizon scanning and
       that local initiatives deliver benefits to patients, ensuring   RO              support the commissioning      support and challenge to     implementation of new       networking with other PEC
       that good practice is adopted across the city and that                          process through the            PBC consortia senior         commissioning initiatives   chairs to learn from good
       learning from elsewhere informs development of                                  Clinical Reference Group       teams and maintaining        by organising clinical      practice elsewhere and
       commissioning in Sheffield.                                                     (ongoing). Ensure that         ongoing positive             education as and when       feed into local processes
                                                                                       there is a clear link          relationship with PBC        required.                   where appropriate.
                                                                                       between the work of CRG        Confederation.
                                                                                       and the Senior Managers'
                                                                                       Matrix Group.

2.13   Delivery of a multiprofessional protected learning       4, 8   ZM &   Apr-10   Explore models for delivery    Firm up complete             Ensuring that clinical      Improved take up of
       programme for independent contractors which addresses           RO              of the programme, learning     programme for the year,      learning from Better        learning opportunities from
       PCT priorities, practitioner's stated learning needs and                        from good practice             ensuring links made with     Outcomes for Patients is    practices / practitioners
       offers value for money.                                                         elsewhere. Explore options     other major PCT              disseminated to             who were not engaged in
                                                                                       for outsourcing. Draw up       workstreams. Effective       clinicians through PLI.     2008/09. Evidence that
                                                                                       outline programme for the      planning of venues, timing   Assurance through audit     feedback from participants
                                                                                       year, which will include all   and marketing to ensure      that meaningful learning    has influenced design and
                                                                                       independent contractors.       that a wider range of        is being delivered in       delivery of programme.
                                                                                                                      practitioners attend city    practice based sessions.
                                                                                                                      wide and consortium
                                                                                                                      based events. Delivery of
                                                                                                                      city wide event on stroke.
                                                                                                                                                                                    PAPER W

2.14   Sustain and build upon the work done in 2008/09 on          8   ZM &   Apr-10   Ensure that plans are in     Ensure that all task        Plan and deliver large        Evidence that key aspects
       improvement and innovation, through continuation of the         RO              place to progress the 50     groups have mechanisms      scale clinical deliberation   of BO4P approach are
       “Better Outcomes for Patients” process; the Protected                           improvement ideas and a      to capture patient / care   event for task group          becoming embedded in
       Learning Initiative; through clinical leadership                                system established to        voice to demonstrate        members to look at            other PCT / PBC work on
       development and through PEC championing the culture                             monitor progress, identify   impact of improvements,     progress made, key            service improvement and
       change required to support innovation.                                          risk and to support task     as well as mechanisms for   lessons learned. Work         pathway design.
                                                                                       group leaders. Work with     more formal evaluation.     with Communications           Measurable progress on all
                                                                                       the Improvement              Progress monitoring and     team to publicise clinical    10 task group areas.
                                                                                       Foundation to establish      support to be taken         gains from the project        Agreed way forward for
                                                                                       project management           forward through the IPCS    and overall impact of the     how learning from 2008/09
                                                                                       infrastructure including     process.                    approach eg in terms of       and 2009/10 will feed
                                                                                       evaluation and                                           increased engagement,         through into subsequent
                                                                                       dissemination.                                           greater multiprofessional     years.

3      Excellence in the Management of Stroke
3.1    Develop a world class commissioning plan for stroke care        SK              Commissioning plan/project plan agreed by ET (Board?)

3.2    Ensure that robust needs assessment, and a bias towards         JPW    Mar-10
       prevention, informs the commissioning of stroke services

3.3    Develop local information and a performance approach            IAA    Oct-09   Dataset is agreed. Models    Model developed for         Development of                Approach is scaleable
       for management of Long Term Conditions, including                               evaluated - this includes    Stroke which identifies     comparable metrics            across other conditions
       benchmarking and modelling for service development                              the IT strategy              performance of services     using national data which     and pathways and is
                                                                                       components                   and investment              also deliver basis for        routinely available in board
                                                                                                                                                forecasting investment        reports and to public

4      Having Very Satisfied Patients and Active Public
4.1    Develop and implement a new complaints process                  JD     1-Apr    Introduction of new system Review of new systems by Review telephone
                                                                                       by 1 April 2009 including  end of July followed by  system with PALs by end
                                                                                       training for staff and     publicity campaigned     of December 2009
                                                                                       contractors. Updated
                                                                                       policy to June board
4.2    Identify means by which effectively to monitor the impact   5   JPW    Mar-10   Appropriate indicators       Steps to mitigate impact    Commissioning /               Appropriate changes made
       of the recession on health, and ways in which those                             identified                   of recession on health      decommissioning               in commissioning
       effects may be minimised                                                                                     identified                  implications identified       intentions
4.3    Develop the information base for capturing and presenting       IAA    Dec-09   Information requirements Board Reports contain        Routinely available              Additional benchmarking
       patient experience for contract management and service                          for patient experience and limited information across across contracts in              available
       commissioning                                                                   satisfaction are mapped    at least one key provider defined form
                                                                                       and datasets agreed
                                                                                                                                                                           PAPER W

4.4   Consolidate and strengthen the existing Communication   3   PBC   Jun-09   A revised C/E strategy and   An internal process for     Evidence of all accounts   evidence of innovation
      and engagement function to provide a more focused and                      implementation plan          analysing and processing    having a combined C/E      within the C/E functions -
      effective service to meet level 4 competencies                             agreed at Trust board.       patient experience data     plan. evidence of impact   reported in annual report.
                                                                                 The C/E teams reformed to    and views will be           from campaigns             review of campaigns
                                                                                 meet Strategy. A             developed to drive                                     impact to develop plan for
                                                                                 programme of NHS             commissioning agenda.                                  10/11
                                                                                 Sheffield campaigns to       Staff are aware of
                                                                                 raise awareness of health    campaigns to enable them
                                                                                 and wellbeing ,              to actively champion and
                                                                                 empowering people to         support within their work
                                                                                 change behaviours agreed

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