Actors and Icons of the Ancient Theater by P-Wiley


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									Actors and Icons of the Ancient Theater
Author: Eric Csapo

Edition: 1

Actors and Icons of the Ancient Theater examines actors and their popular reception from the origins of
theater in Classical Greece to the Roman Empire

Presents a highly original viewpoint into several new and contested fields of study

Offers the first systematic survey of evidence for the spread of theater outside Athens and the impact of
the expansion of theater upon actors and dramatic literature

Addresses a study of the privatization of theater and reveals how it was driven by political interests

Challenges preconceived notions about theater history

"Csapo's book covers an impressive range of different topics and periods in ancient theatrical history."

"No scholar of the ancient theater can afford to ignore the arguments put forward in this stimulating and
exciting book."

"Csapo provides an excellent collection of Oxford lectures (all revised) that rehearse and challenge old
evidence and preconceived theories on the history and image of actors from classical Greece to early
imperial Rome...What sets this book apart from similar work is its superb collection and socioeconomic
study of extant ancient artifacts. This is a fascinating read of the ancient world and the dynamic
relationships between its theatre, politics, and popular culture."

"Actors and Icons is a compelling account of the development of acting in antiquity, taking actors all the
way from adjuncts (hypokritai who 'answer' the chorus), to famous, favoured members of the imperial

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