Philippians 212-18 by taoyni


									Philippians 2:12-18
Verses 14 & 15
In everything you do, stay away from
complaining and arguing, so that no
one can speak a word of blame
against you, you are to live clean
innocent lives as Children of God in a
dark world full of crooked and
perverse people. Let your lives shine
brightly before them.

  (Turn and tell somebody you can
       either whine or shine!)
Hemingway Memorial A.M.E. Church March 25, 2007 7:30 Women’s Day
I believe Rev. Althea I am on safe
ground this morning in saying that
everybody under the sound of my
voice knows the meaning of the word
whine. But now, just in case my
assumption is inaccurate and
everyone here does not know the
meaning of whine I thought I might
just set the record straight from the
beginning. So I looked up the word
whine in the Random house
dictionary and it said and I quote, “To
utter a low, usually nasal complaining
cry or sound; or to snivel or complain
in a peevish, self-pitying way.” So
there, everybody in the house now
knows the meaning of the word
whine. But now, if by some chance
you sit here and you’re still a little
unsure of what it means to whine then
let me help you out and give you
some examples that would be
perceived as a whine or whining. A
child’s whining sounds like this:
   Mom he hit me!
   Mom make him give me my stuff
   Dad Johnnie has been on the phone
    now for a whole entire hour. Please
    make him get off so I can use the

 Can I please have it? Everybody at
  my school got one. I’m the only
  one in my class who doesn’t have
  one. Please, Please pretty please!
 Please let me go I promise I’ll be
  back by curfew and can I please
  borrow the car because I really
  don’t want to go if I have to catch
  the bus. Please Dad I’m begging
Oh yes, our children at times can be
great whiners! But now we as adults
can also whine when we get ready!
Our whining sounds like this! I’m
so depressed because the

relationship I was in for five years
just ended and now I’m all alone.
 My children are driving me crazy
  and I just don’t know how much
  more of this I can take. They might
  as well just put me out because
  they have just taken over my house.
 I hate my job and I’ve been on it
  now for more than ten years and I
  really want to leave but I just don’t
  feel like looking for another job
  and besides this one is close to my
 Girl I can’t fit into any of my
  clothes. I must have gained about
  25 pounds. I swear I don’t know
   what I’m going to do if I keep
   gaining weight because I sure can’t
   afford to buy any new clothes.
  I can’t do it all by my self I need
   somebody to help me!
  My mother is sick, my car is sick,
   my sink in the basement is sick, the
   oven on the stove is sick and the
   job has the audacity to be laying off
   and I believe my name is at the top
   of the list. I think I’m going to be
Oh yes, we all know what it means to
whine and complain about anything
and everything. But now we tolerate
and indulge this juvenile behavior in
infants and little children. We let
them yell and scream and whine and
at times may even think it’s cute. But
there is nothing cute about somebody
thirty or forty years of age acting like
a child who has never been weaned
and whining all of the time because
they can’t have their way. And you
know what church, I believe it’s even
worse when you hear a Christian
  I’m so tired of working on this
   ministry. The people won’t have
   come to meetings and when they do
   they argue and bicker and complain
   about the least little thing and every
   idea I bring to them they just shoot
  it down. I’m thinking about going
  to talk to the pastor and tell him
  I’m giving this ministry up.
 I want to come to Bible Study and I
  been saying I’m coming now for
  several months but if I come I gotta
  catch the bus cause I don’t drive
  and the buses run so slow in the
 I know I’m saved now and my life
  oughta change but it’s hard and I
  need my significant other to make
  it and if I stop taking care of his
  needs he’ll probably leave me and I
  just love him so-o-o-o much I can’t
  imagine my life without him in it.
 I can’t believe I did not get that
  solo. As well as I sing and as long
  as I have been on the choir.
 I am so upset. I can’t believe I was
  not chosen to be a steward or
  trustee. I attend everything and I’ve
  been a member now for more years
  than I care to remember and if Sis.
  Sarah and Bro. Cain got chosen I
  know I should have been chosen to
  be in the number!
Oh yes, often we get saved and
become members in the body of
Christ but I promise you this
morning church, salvation and
church membership is not enough to
stop us from whining about our
circumstances or situations. But
know my brothers and sisters, God
sent me this way today to tell
somebody – you can continue to
whine or you can begin to shine.
Let’s take a few minutes and focus
on our text. Paul, the author of the
book of Philippians, is writing this
letter to the Christians at Philippi.
Notice that he starts off verse 12 by
saying, “Therefore”. In other words
Paul is saying that since Jesus gave
 His life for us, because he humbled
himself and became obedient to
death, this is how we should live.
Then Paul goes on to describe
exactly how we should live by
giving us three life principles that all
truly appreciative Christians should
embrace. I believe that in these life
principles that Paul gives are the
ingredients necessary for one to
embrace if they choose to shine. And
I believe like Paul that if we
endeavor to embrace these life
principles we would find
unthinkable joy in Jesus Christ. For
if the question was asked this
morning what would you prefer,
happiness or joy, most, if not all of
us would say joy. For the word
happiness to me means unwrapping
gifts on Christmas morning, strolling
hand in hand with the one I love,
being surprised on my birthday with
a party, responding with unbridled
laughter to a comedian or
vacationing in an exotic locale. And
yes, we all want to be happy and we
make chasing this elusive ideal a life
long pursuit. But now I ask you, if
happiness depends on our
circumstances, what happens when
the toys rust, the love ones die,
health deteriorates, money is stolen
and the party is over. Often
happiness flees and despair sets in.
But now in contrast to happiness
stands joy. Running deeper and
stronger joy is the quiet, confident
assurance of God’s love and work in
our lives – that HE will be there no
matter what. Happiness depends on
happenings but joy depends on
Christ. Philippians is Paul’s joy
letter. Paul is writing a personal
expression of love and affection.
This letter emphasizes the real joy of
the Christian life. The concept of
rejoicing or joy appears 16 times in
these four chapters of Philippians. I
don’t know how much you know
about Paul’s life but for him to be
expounding on joy is quite
significant. For you see Paul faced
excruciating poverty, abundant
wealth, and everything in between.
He even wrote this joyful letter from
prison. Paul was able to find real joy
regardless of his circumstances
because he focused all of his
attention and energy on knowing
Christ and obeying Christ. Paul’s
desire to know Christ above all else
is wonderfully expressed in
Philippians 3 verses 8 through 10.
For it says, “Yes, everything else is
worthless when compared with the
priceless gain of knowing Christ
Jesus my Lord. I have discarded
everything else, counting it all as
garbage, so that I may have Christ
and become one with him….. As a
result, I can really know Christ and
experience the might power that
raised him from the dead. I can learn
what it means to suffer with HIM
sharing in his death. Paul promises
us this morning church, that if we
choose to really know Christ, if we
choose to serve Christ, if we choose
to become one with him, if we
choose to shine and not whine, we
will know the joy of the Lord. And
so Hemingway Memorial, as you
seek to become “Christian Women
Empowered by the Holy Spirit to Do
God’s Will”, I came this way today
to ask : Will you Whine or Shine”.
For I believe that if you will
endeavor to shine, then you will
 experience the same joy Paul knew!
 Well now, I hear somebody
 wondering this morning, what are
 the three principles I need to
 embrace if I choose to shine. And
 I’m glad you want to know because I
 came prepared to share them just in
 case there is just one somebody
 under the sound of my voice that
 wishes to shine.
 If you choose to shine then you must
 recognize that GOD has a purpose
 for you life. Verse 13, the very verse
 from where you chose your theme
 says, “For it is God who works in
 you to will and to act according to
his good purpose”. Turn and tell
somebody God has a purpose for
your life. Regardless of our
momentary purpose in life, our
ultimate purpose in life should be to
glorify God any way we can and at
any age in life or state of life: young
or old, rich or poor, trained or
untrained, single or married, black or
white, powerful or weak, employed
or unemployed. God has a purpose
for your life. And often many of us
don’t ever walk in our purpose. We
become so consumed in doing our
own thing involving life’s daily
routines and we are so lost in our
own little world that we are not
attuned to God’s plan and purpose
for our lives. Often we become so
caught up in our own agenda we
forget that beyond us there is a
divine agenda. As the church, the
body of Christ, we must do more
than take care of our usual business
– our annual days and our annual
budget. We must do more than play
politics and jockey for position with
each other or with the pastor. We are
called to do more than eat chicken
and drink punch. We are called to do
more than buy and sell tickets. We
are called to do more than plant our
usual ideas and build our usual
programs. Jesus has called us to be
the “salt of the earth”, “the leaven in
the lump” and “the light of the
world.” We are called to be
ambassadors for Christ who will
boldly claim “The spirit of the Lord
is upon ME to preach good news to
the poor, he has sent ME to heal the
broken hearted, to preach
deliverance to the captives and
recovery of sight to the blind, to set
at liberty those who are oppressed,
to proclaim the acceptable year of
the Lord”.        We are called to be
           (Luke 4:18-19)

ambassadors of Jesus and embrace
the word of God that says,
“Whoever would be great among
you shall be a servant.     (Mark10:43)
  “Inasmuch as you have done it to the
  least ye did it unto me… Inasmuch
  ye did it not unto the least, ye did it
  not unto me”. (Matthew 25:40,43)

It is easy to become so caught up in
eating and drinking, buying and
selling, planting and building – our
business as we usually do it – that we
stop doing or even forget to ask what
God wants and wills for our lives.
That is why all children of God need
to stop and study themselves every
now and then – take inventory of their
lives and the things to which they
have devoted themselves and ask,
“Lord, am I doing what you want me
to do?” Some of us have been doing
whatever it is we’re doing for a long
time. We’ve been thinking the same
thoughts a long time and we have
become comfortable. Maybe we’ve
become too comfortable because
we’ve even stopped asking God’s
direction. That’s why some of us need
to ask, “Lord, am I still doing what
you want me to do. People may tell
you – you are good at what you do
and they may recognize you and give
you awards for what you do but I
declare unto you, you better stop
along the way and ask, “Lord am I
doing what you want me to do the
way you want me to do it?” Paul
admonishes us today to find our
purpose in God and shine.
  God wants us to walk in our
   purpose so we can save our
   children from gangs!
  God wants us to walk in our
   purpose so we can stop the spread
   of Aids!
  God wants us to walk in our
   purpose so our brothers and sisters
   will stop putting drugs in their arms
   and up their nose.
  God wants us to walk in our
   purpose so that we will empty out
   the jailhouse of our strong, black,

  intelligent brothers and husbands,
  and uncles and nephews.
 God wants us to walk in our
  purpose so that there might be
  affordable housing and healthcare
  for all.
 God wants us to walk in our
  purpose so that our mothers and
  fathers won’t fell like and live like
  they are being penalized for
  growing old.
 God wants us to walk in our
  purpose so that the hungry and
  homeless won’t have to stand on
  street corners and beg for help!

 God wants us to walk in our
  purpose so that our little sisters and
  daughters will know and
  understand that just because that
  brother offers you a visit to the hair
  salon and pays for some fake nails
  it does not mean he loves you and
  you need to reciprocate by giving
  him your cookies.
 God wants us to walk in our
  purpose so that our children won’t
  continue to graduate with low self
  esteem, low or no skills. We need
  to walk in our purpose so we won’t
  have to live with garbage in our
  streets, and we won’t have to
  continue to suffer with cold
  indifferent politicians! God has a
  purpose for your life!!!
If you choose to shine then you must
not only recognize that God has a
purpose for your life but you must
recognize that God has equipped you
with power. TELL SOMEBODY
“YOU GOT POWER”! Verse 13
also says, “For it is God who works
in you”. Oh my sisters and my
brothers, you can forefill the purpose
God has for your life because God
has put his power in you! Amen
somebody! For Acts 1 and 8 says,
“But ye shall receive power, that
after the Holy Ghost is come upon
you. Romans 8: 9 says “But ye are
not in the flesh but in the spirit, if so
be that the spirit of God dwell in
you”. Where does the spirit dwell
church? IN YOU! Oh you aren’t
hearing me, Romans 8:11says, “But
if the spirit that raised up Jesus from
the dead dwell in you”. Where
church? IN YOU! Corinthians 3:16
says, “Know ye not that ye are the
temple of God, and that the spirit of
God dwelleth in you”. Where is the
spirit of God Church? IN YOU!
Turn and tell somebody, I told you
you got power! II Corinthians 6:16
says, “For ye are the temple of the
living God. As God has said, I will
dwell in them and walk in them and
I will be their God.” Oh I declare
unto you today you can shine
Church because you have the power
of God working on the inside of you.
You are not alone. Do you realize
just how much power you have? Do
you realize that in you is the exact
same power that raised Jesus from
the dead? Maybe that’s why
somebody called it wondrous
working power. We can walk in our
purpose because God is with us. The
same God who said,
 I am the one who causes to be what
 The same God who says, Before
  there was a WHEN or a WHERE
  or a THEN or a THERE, I WAS!
 The same God who says, “It was I
  who stepped out into the darkness,
  blackness and bleakness of chaos
  and said let there be light.”
 The same God who says, “It was I
  who spat out the seven seas,
  carpeted the earth with grass,
  dotted the hills with trees and flung
  the stars throughout the Milky

 The same God who says. “It was I
 who told Abraham to go and who
 stopped him from sacrificing Isaac.
 The same God who says, “It was
 my angel who wrestled with Jacob
 all night long!”
 The same God who says, “you
 don’t have to tell me what
 happened to Joseph in Egypt, for I
 was there.”
And as I have been with others, as I
have upheld others, as I have fed
others, as I have led others so will I
be with you. I will never leave you
or forsake you. Church you have the
power of God in you and God says
to you the exact same thing HE said
to Israel in the 43 chapter of Isaiah.
“Do not be afraid, for I have
ransomed you. I have called you by
name. You are mine. When you go
through deep water and great trouble
I will be with you. When you go
through rivers of difficulty you will
not drown. When you walk through
the fire of oppression you will not be
burned up. The flames will not
consume you. For I am the Lord you
God, the Holy One of Israel, Your
savior”. You are precious to me.
You are honored and I love you!”
Somebody ought to say “Thank You
Jesus”. Who wouldn’t serve a God
like that! God wants us to shine and
he has equipped us with his power
so that we can shine! Maybe that
why Paul says in Philippians 4:13, “I
can do all things through Christ who
strengthens me! Somebody say
Last point and I’m through if you
choose to shine and not whine then
not only should you realize that you
have purpose and power, but you
must realize that you also have
promise. Paul says in verse 17, “But
even if I am being poured out like a
drink offering on the sacrifice and
service coming from your faith, I am
glad and rejoice with all of you!” It
sounds to me like Paul was a happy
man; a joyous man in spite of his
sacrifice and service. A promise is a
promise. And when God promises
something he keeps his promise. The
Bible says that God is not a human
being that he should lie or a mortal
that he should change his mind. II
Peter 3:9 says, “the Lord is not
slack concerning His promise.” God
always keeps his promises and we
serve a God who is able and who has
promised joy to us in the midst of
sacrifice and service. I Corinthians 1
and 9 says, “God who has called you
into fellowship with his son Jesus
Christ our Lord is faithful. When
God makes a promise He keeps it.
  Elisha was in the twilight of a
   closing day, as the evening
   shadows began to lengthen and
   thicken over a city already
   engulfed in gloom when he made
   a startling prediction of promise
   from God.
  Consider an old man approaching
   a hundred years old and his wife
   who is approaching ninety, being
   told by this time next year you
   shall bear a son.
  Jesus approached Martha whose
   brother had been dead for 4 days,
  whose body had been entombed,
  and, according to the normal cycle
  of nature, should have been in the
  process of decomposition but
  Jesus tells this heartbroken sister
  that her brother will live again.
 And who could forget Elijah and
  the widow of Zarephath who
  while in a famine was led by the
  spirit of God to ask the widow to
  make him a cake of bread with her
  last meal and cooking oil with the
  promise from God that the barrel
  would not run dry and the oil
  would never run out.
Ours is not to know how God will
work things out but ours is to know
and believe things will turn out just
as God has promised. We don’t
need to know God plan of action
but to believe God’s word. William
Watley said, “When we board a
ship, ours is not to go to the bridge
and help the captain steer. When
we board a train or subway, we do
not proceed to the engine to assist
the engineer in steering. When we
get on a bus there is no seat beside
the bus driver for us. When we get
into a car, no matter how much we
instruct the driver, only one person
can apply the brakes, press the gas
pedal, and turn the steering wheel.
Whether we are on a plane, train,
ship, bus or car, we must occupy
the space allotted for passengers
and trust the conveyer of the
vehicle to take us to our
destination. Well church, as
passengers of faith it is not ours to
question how God the pilot of the
universe, the captain of our
salvation, the engineer of our
destiny, and the driver of our
heartbeat will fulfill his word or
keep His promises. Ours is to keep
our hands in the hand of the one
who rules the waters and calms the
sea. God’s ways are not our ways
and are far beyond ours and are
past our searching out. God still
works in mysterious way his
wonders to perform. God wants us
to shine and in order to shine you
must recognize and claim God’s
Well I believe if the truth be told
this morning some of us have been
whining long enough! It’s time to
put up or shut up. It’s time church
to rise and shine and Give God the
Glory. It’s time to walk in our
purpose, claim our power and claim
our promises.
Well, I leave you with this thought.
The story is told of a little boy who
was determined to give a
perplexing problem to the town’s
wise man. The little boy wanted the
wise man to be discredited. The
little boy was tired of the wise man
always having the right answers.
And so the little boy walked up to
the wise man one day and said,
“Wise man I want you to give me
an answer to this dilemma. In my
hand I have a bird and I want you
to tell me whether or not the bird is
dead or alive. And the wise man
knew that if he told the little boy
the bird was dead, he would open
his hand and allow the bird to fly
away. If the wise man said the bird
was alive the little boy would close
his hand tighter and smother the
bird to death. Either way the wise
man would be wrong. And so the
little boy said, “Wise man, give me
an answer to my question.” And the
wise man looked at the little boy
and said, “The answer my son is in
your hand”. And so I leave you this
morning my sisters and brothers
with this thought as you ponder the
question: WHINE or SHINE – The
answer is in your hand.
Whether or not you will believe
that you have purpose, power and
promise: the answer is in your
As to whether you will or won’t,
Can or Can’t; Should or Shouldn’t
– the answer is in your hand.
As to whether you will walk in
your purpose and affect change in
this world that will honor and
glorify God – the answer is in your
As to whether you will come early
and stay late working on a task that
God has ordained your hands to do
– the answer is in your hands.
As to whether you will look at
life’s mountains and decide you too
can climb – the answer is in your
As to whether you will be saved or
unsaved, spiritual or carnal, rich or
poor, pitiful or powerful, bound or
free, wimp or warrior – the answer
is in your hands. As to whether you
will rise, shine and give God the
glory – the answer is in your hands.
Well, Rev Hayward, I can’t speak
for anybody else this morning but
for me, Marietta, I stopped whining
a long, long time ago. When I came
to the realization in that in me, in
my body was power, the same
power that raised Christ from the
dead. When I read the promise of
God that says, “greater is he that is
in me, than he that is in the world”.
I decided I will always SHINE or
die trying! I desire to always
Shine in my Walking Talking
              Living Giving
              Serving Saving
              Calling Loving
              Preaching Teaching
              Purpose      Gifts
I just want to Shine, Shine and
Why Church because HE picked
me up, turned me around, and
placed my feet on solid Ground!
The songwriter said,This little
Light of mine, I’m going to let it

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