Consumption in the Age of Affluence by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Consumption in the Age of Affluence
Author: Ben Fine
Author: Michael Heasman
Author: Judith Wright

Edition: 1

With growing affluence in the developed world, food has become an increasing focus for attention. Here,
the authors argue that in order to understand the extensive and dramatic developments in the world of
food, a new interdisciplinary approach is necessary. Consumption in the Age of Affluence successfully
addresses food consumption in this way. The volume:
* argues the importance of socioeconomic and cultural factors over diet, in influencing the production,
marketing and consumption of different groups of foods
* places food systems theory on sound analytical foundations
* draws critically upon food systems literature
* includes case studies from the sugar, dairy and meat systems
* employs novel statistical techniques to identify and explain distinct patterns of food consumption
The book will help to revitalize the discipline of food studies and points the way forward for the continuing
study of food consumption. As such, it will be invaluable to students, researchers and policymakers
engaged in the world of food.

'... should be read widely... offers a fresh perspective with which to analyze issues that have troubled
Marxists for many years...'

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