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									                                                                                   - 145 -
1. Public Enquiry and other related          Telephone numbers for enquiry &
   facilities     Interactive Voice Response System................................................                        146

2. Advance Reservation             Know your ticket ............................................................................ 147
                                                       Computerised Reservation offices in Delhi area and other cities....                           148
                    Rail Travel Service Agent .............................................................        150
                    Tatkal reservation ........................................................................... 156
                    Break journey rules .......................................................................... 157
            Tele-booking and Booking through Internet ....................................                 157

3. Rules pertaining to Refund of reserved/                  Cancellation of unused reservation and refund thereon....................       159
   unreserved and partially used/unused                      Refund on tickets arising out of other circumstances.......................... 162
                                                         Refund by station master after lapse of time limit.............................. 164
4. Booking of passenger luggage                          Important rules regarding booking of passenger luggage
   and accessories                               and accessories ................................................................................... 165

5. Facilities at stations        Platform Tickets ................................................................................       168
                                                       Licensed Porters..............................................…................................ 169
6.   Retiring rooms and Rail Yatri Niwas              Tariff for Retiring rooms and dormitories ....................................... 170
                   Rail Yatri Niwas .............................................................................. 172

7. Duties of personnel on trains                       Duties of Ticket Checking Staff & Conductors..................................                173

8. Rail travel concession                 Concessions .....................................................................................   176

9. Distance restrictions                  Trains having distance restriction...................................................               186

10. Facilities for International Tourists         Indrail passes .................................................................................. 187
11. Circular journey tickets       Circular journey tickets...................................................................            188
12. Season Ticket                                       190
13. Catering services             Tariff of catering items ....................................................................           191
14. Booking of reserved coach in train            Booking of Carriages/Tourist cars ................................................... 194
                                                   Charges for reserved Carriages, Tourist cars & Saloons...............                            195

15. Some important information and rules            Ticket left behind ................................................................... 198
                         Medical aid ............................................................................... 199
                    Carrying of pet dogs .....................................................................       199
                    Booking of Corpses .........................................................................     200
16. Features of Rajdhani & Shatabdi Trains           Special Features of Rajdhani/Shatabdi Trains.................................                   201

17. Claims & Compensations               Guidelines for claiming compensation ......................................... 201
                 Application for claiming compensation..........................................        204
                 Compensation for victims of accidents ................................... 204
18. Security     Phone Nos. of Security Officers ...................................................... 207
                                              Form for lodging FIR....................................................................... 208
19. Customer Friendly Services for Traders    Information regarding Marketing Services over Northern Railway.... 210

20. Fares          Passenger fare table ............................................................................ 212
                   Fares of Rajdhani Express trains .......................................................
                   Fares of Shatabadi Express trains........................................................
                   Fares of Kalka Shimla section ...........................................................
                                                      Fares of Monthly Season Ticket.........................................................
21. Indication of Berth/Seats in Broad Gauge and Metre gauge Trains…………………………………........................
                                                             - 146 -
Enquiry offices including IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) regarding train arrival/departure generally function
round the clock at major stations. The enquiry regarding reservation and PNR status etc. functions between 8.00 hrs. to 20.00
hrs. on week days and 8.00 hrs. to 14.00 hrs. on Sundays. The IVR system for PNR enquiry is available between 5.30 hrs. to
22.30 hrs. The telephone numbers are given below:

          STATION        MANUAL            PRE-RECORDED
                                                                       ENQUIRY      ARR/DEP OF TRAINS        RESERVATION STATUS
      AMBALA            131             Not available          Not available       132                       132
      AMRITSAR          2210809         131                    2566486             133                       133
      AMROHA            131             Not available          259004              1335,63661,63662          1335,63661,63662
      AMETHI            222133          Not available          222131              Not available             Not available
      BAREILLEY         131             Not available          2470131             1335,568161 TO 568164     1335,568161 TO 568164
      BHATINDA          131             Not available          Not available       132                       Not available
      BEAS              273124          Not available          Not available       133                       133
      CHANDIGARH        131             Not available          Not available       132                       132

                                        ARR    DEP DIRECTION
      DELHI AREA,                                                                  1330, 1335                1330, 1335
                                        1331   1336 NORTH)
      FARIDABAD,                                               131
                        131             1332   1337 (EAST)                         125050(Also reservation   125050(Also reservation
                                        1333   1338 (WEST)                         availability)             availability)
                                        1334   1339 SOUTH)

      DEHRADUN          131             Not available          2629485             1335, 624002,622131       622131, 624002
                        243057                                 246905
      FIROZPUR                          131                                        133                       133
      HARIDWAR          131             Not available          242931              1335, 426477-80           1335, 426477-80
      HARDOI            131             Not available          220131              1335, 35048               1335, 35048
      HAPUR             131             Not available          2317397             1335,302201,302202        1335,302201,302202
      JALANDHAR CITY    131             132                    Not available       133                       133
      JAMMU TAWI        2230047,131     2470212                Not available       133                       133
      KHANNA            209205          Not available          Not available       209205                    Not available
      KALKA             131             Not available          Not available       Not available             Not available
      LUCKNOW           131             1331 and 1332          135                 1330,1335                 1330 & 1335
      LUDHIANA          131             132                    2740450             133                       133
      MEERUT CITY       2611131,131     Not available          Not available       1330                      Not available
      MORADABAD          131            Not available          2410031             325707- 325710, 1335      325707-325710, 1335
      PATHANKOT         131             132                    2222501-02          133                       133
      RAE BAREILLY      131             Not available          2211111             Not available             Not available
      RISHIKESH         Not available   Not available          222032              Not available             Not available
      ROORKEE           131             Not available          273983              1335, 79814, 79815        1335, 79814, 79815
      SAHARANPUR        131             Not available          Not available       132                       Not available
      SHAHJAHANPUR      131             Not available          223131              1135, 29851               1335, 29851
      VARANASI          131             1331&1332              135                 1330 &1335                1330 & 1335

                                        2. ADVANCE RESERVATIONS
                                                                    - 147 -

1.        The Passenger Name Record Number (PNR) printed on reservation ticket is a unique number.
          Quote this number to check the status of your ticket.
2.        Indicates the train number, date of journey, the distance for which the ticket is issued and the
          number of adults and children on your ticket.
3.        Refers to the class of accommodation in which you intend to travel. Such class of
          accommodation are abbreviated as below:
          1A- First AC, 2A- 2-tier AC Sleeper, 3A- 3 tier AC; CC-Chair Car; FC-First Class; SL-Sleeper class; II-Second Class Seat.

4.        Indicates the originating and destination station of journey as well as the station up to which
          reservation was sought. The names of such stations are displayed in both English and Hindi.

5.        Indicates the confirmed status of the ticket viz. Coach No. A2, Berth/Seat No. 34, Sex: M
          (Male)/F(Female); Age: 38. In case of AC First Class or First Class Ticket, the coach number or
          seat/berth number is not displayed. Such passengers may ascertain their actual accommodation
          status from the reservation chart.

6.        Indicates waitlisted position. Two such waitlist numbers are indicated: the first is the running
          waiting list number and the second, the current waitlist number at the time of booking of the
          ticket. The former is unique for a given train, date, route and class combination. Please look at
          the reservation chart with reference to running waiting-list number to instantly ascertain the final
          status of the ticket.

7.        Indicates the amount paid for the ticket, both in words and figures. This may include charges
          such as concession amount (CONC) Reservation fee (R.Fee), Superfast Charges (S.CH.) and
          Voucher Charges (Vou.Ch).

8.        Displays the name of the train, boarding station and the date and time of travel.

9.        Displays the date and time ticket was bought.

     2.   Reservation of Berths and Seats

2.1 General conditions

  The Railway Administration reserves seats, berths, compartments, or carriage in accordance with the
  rules and conditions published in the Coaching Tariff. A passenger seeking reservation of berth or
  seats should purchase tickets from the Railway reservation offices/Authorised Travel Agency only.
   The Computerised Reservation Facility is available at following Railway Stations and locations
  on Northern Railway:-
  Delhi Jn.                Delhi Shahadra        Delhi Cantt.        Delhi Sarai     Hazrat
                                                                     Rohilla         Nizamuddin
  IRCA Reservation         Indira Gandhi         International       Jawahar Lal     Kirti Nagar
  Complex, New Delhi International Air           Tourist Bureau,     Nehru
                           Port                  (New Delhi          University
                                                 Railway Station) Campus
  Karkardooma              Lajpat Nagar          Naya Azad Pur       Noida           Okhla
                                                        - 148 -
   Press Club of India       Subzi Mandi               Sarojini Nagar       Shakur Basti       Tuglakabad
   Supreme Court
  Abohar               Ambala                  Amethi                Amritsar            Amroha
  Anantnag             Ambedkarnagar           Ayodhya               Barabanki           Bilaspur
  Bahadurgarh          Bareilly                Baramula              Badgaon             Bijnor
  Bulandshahar         Beas                    Badohi                Bhatinda            Chandigarh
  Chandausi            Chandigarh/CBO          Dehradun              Dhandharikalan      Deoband
  Dasua                Faizabad                Ferozpur              Gurdaspur           Faridabad
  Ghaziabad            Gurgaon                 Hardoi                Hamirpur            Hapur
  Hoshiarpur           Haridwar                Jallandhar City       Jammu Tawi          Jagadhari
  Jallandhar Cantt. Jind                       Jaunpur               Karnal              Ballabhgarh
  Kurukshetra          Kalka                   Kupwara               Kapurthala          Katra
  Kathua               Kotdwar                 Lucknow               Ludhiana            Laksar
  Modi Nagar           Mandi                   Mussoorie             Meerut Cantt.       Muktsar
  Meerut City          Moradabad               Muzaffarnagar         Muktsar             Moga
  Manali               Najibabad               Nangaldam             Pratapgarh          Pilkhua
  Pulwama              Panipat                 Pathankot             Phagwara            Palampur Himachal
  Patiala              Pauri                   Prayag                Rudraprayag         Roorkee
  Rishikesh            Rohtak                  Rajpura               Rajouri             Rai Bareilly
  Rampur               Saharanpur              Shimla                Shahjahanpur        Sirhind
  Sultanpur            Shamli                  Sangrur               Sonepat             Sri Nagar Tourist
   Udhampur              Unnao                 Una                   Varanasi            Dharamshala
   Joshimath             Leh                   Solan

 Reservations for all trains running over Indian Railways can be obtained from any of the computerised reservation

2.1 Time Limit
    Advance reservations are made upto 60 days in advance for all classes and all trains. The period of
    advance reservation is exclusive of the day of departure of the train.
2.2 Maximum Passengers in one PNR
   An individual can book only upto six passengers in case of a party/family, provided all passengers are
   for the same destination and for the same train.

2.3 How many Requisition Forms at a Time :
i)    Only one requisition form is accepted from a person at one time. However, if onward / return
      journey are involved, 2 or 3 forms can be accepted for the same passengers.
ii)   Accommodation will not be reserved without production of necessary journey ticket. No
      reservation of accommodation will be made on provisional basis.

2.4 Quote PNR:
i)    Passengers are requested to quote PNR number which is printed on each ticket on the top left
      hand side for any enquiry or complaint relating to reservations.
ii)   The journey tickets must accompany reservation slips issued by the computerised system against
      pre-bought ticket/travel authority. Similarly journey cum reservation tickets bearing zero amount
                                                            - 149 -
        are not valid for journey unless accompanied by the original documents authorising issue of such

2.5 Compact Accommodation :
   Allotment of accommodation is done by the computer as per pre-defined logic. Efforts are made to
   provide compact accommodation to persons booked under the same PNR on „first come first served‟

2.6 Limitations of Reservation :
   The Railway Administration will endeavor to provide reserved accommodation but does not guarantee
   the same and will admit no claim for compensation for inconvenience, loss or extra expense due to
   such accommodation including carriages, not being provided or reserved carriage not been attached to
   a particular train. The supply of any particular type of carriage or the provision of a particular berth
   and seat is also not guaranteed.

2.7 Change in Train Schedules :
i)    Departure time printed on the ticket is indicative for the guidance of the passengers. Such tickets
      are printed up to 60 days in advance. Changes in timing after the issue of ticket can not be advised
      to individual ticket holders. Passengers are requested to check the scheduled departure time from
      the Enquiry Services.
ii)   While every endeavor is made to advise changes in Time-Table by adequate publicity, Railway
      Administration shall not be liable for any claim/compensation if a passenger misses a train on this
2.8 Rail Travel Service Agents
Railways have appointed Rail Travelers Service Agents in major cities and towns who have been authorised to purchase
tickets and secure reservations on behalf of the passengers. The service charges of the RTSAs are as under: -

            CLASS                                                  SERVICE CHARGES
            a) 1st ACC/2-AC sleeper, 1st class, AC3-Tier, AC Chair Rs.25 per passenger
            b) Sleeper class/IInd class                            Rs.15 per passenger
               List of Rail Travel Service Agents (RTSAs) & Rail Tourist Agents (RTAs)

      Name/Address/Phone of RTSA            Name/Address/Phone of RTSA            Name/Address/Phone of RTSA
     All India Travel Agency              Audi Travels,                        S.L.Travels,
     Room No.11, 2nd Floor,               5585, Basant Rd,                     3213 Gali Charan Dass
     Corpn. Bldg. Fatehpuri Delhi.        New Delhi                            Hauz Kazi, Delhi
     23923350, 23933350                   23583503, 23586718                   23913013, 23915153
     Bhagwati Travels,                    Bhatia Travels                       Sati Travels & Tours
     47 Coro.Bldg., Ist floor Fatehpuri   175, Janta Mkt Jhandewal,            4876 Church Mission Rd.
     Delhi 23950151,23919106              Rani Jhansi Marg, New Delhi          Fathepuri, Delhi
                                          23537274, 23547274                    23961647, 23981647
     Capital Travels,                     Vee Aar Travels,                     Khochar Travels Pvt. Ltd.
     4285, Main Bazar,                    6, 643 Chowk Baoli Tooti,            147-B Ist floor Gautam Nagar,
     Pahar Ganj, New Delhi                Paharganj, New Delhi                 New Delhi
     23583636, 23584646                   31080514, 23588917                   26859850, 26859852
     Cozy Travells,                       Travels Aids,                        Gill Tours& Travels,
     93.AmritKaurMkt.                     T-2527,IIIrd floor Faiz Road, Gali   Shop No.7 Ist flr. Balveer Singh
     NewDelhi                             No.12 Subhash Nagar Karol Bagh,      Place, Jwala Heri Mkt. Delhi
     23582531, 23584991                   Delhi 25744622, 25744104             25250789 25286391
                                                    - 150 -
Deluxe Travels,                  Durga Travels,                      Kailash Travels
5316 Shora Kothi                 1669, 2nd Floor,                    A-100 Group Industrial Area
Pahar Ganj, New Delhi            Nai Sarak, Delhi                    Wazirpur, Delhi
23585687                         23269357, 23259443                  27375436, 27376763
Deep Traveels,                   Ganesh Tours & Travels,             Dass Travels India,
A/26 S.P.Mukherjee Marg,         108, Sunlight Colony No.1           B-1 Panchwati Ist Flr.
New Delhi                        Ashram Delhi.                       Azadpur Delhi
23963420, 23931898               26917841                            27670985
Fine Travels,                    Friends Travels,                    Royal Travels & Tour
83 3rd Flr.,                     5585, Basant Road,                  A-542, Double Story Kalkaji
Chawri Bazar, Delhi              Pahar Gunj, New Delhi               New Delhi
23277009, 23255202               23583191, 56004112                  26472378, 26466467
Golden Travels,                  Gyan Chand Jain                     V.K.Travels,
Taj Room, Coronation Bldg.       2726/ 204 Near Punjab National      3445-A Hansa Puri Main Rd.
Fathepuri,Delhi.                 Bank, Tri Nager, Delhi.             Tri Nager, Delhi
22946017, 22516139               27188493                            27193030, 27194040
Indian Travels Service           Janta Travels,                      Shri Vinayak Kr.Soin
780 Balimaran Chandni Chowk      90 Amrit Kaur Mkt.                  13 Pratap nager Phase –I
Delhi. 23972649, 23958220        New Delhi. 23580266, 23580265       Mayur Vihar Delhi. 22757621
Jain Travels,                    Seema Tour &Travels,                Verma Tours & Travels
1241 Kacha Bagh,                 B-30, Som Dutt Chamber              Gali No.7 Shahi Mohalla
Chandni chowk, Delhi             1/5 Bikajicama Place,New Delhi      West Rohtash Ngr. Delhi
23925118, 23979903               26186067, 26186068                  22570821, 22587282
K.M.Travels,                     Le Veyegurs Travels Pvt.            Durga Tours & Travels
4457 Vishram Nager,              131 Ist Flr. Gali Batashan          WS-213, Maya Puri Ph-ii
Tri Nager, Delhi                 Chawri Bazar, Delhi                 NewDelhi
27195292, 27100418               23269136, 23275145                  25491074, 25402856
M. K.Travels,                    Maurya Travels,                     Shivam Travels,
2-B,2nd Flr. Krishana Cloth      401-A Rohit House                   16, DDA MIG shopping Centre
Market, Chandni Chowk, Delhi     Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi             Maya Puri Delhi
23960255, 23960548               23311466, 23315020                  25137809, 25407795
Miraj Travels,                   Mikasa Airways                      Sai Baba Travels,
9-B 6667 Dev Nagar               Plot No, 232-233 Pkt.D-40           Shop No.4 Ist Flr. C-8 Plot No.1
Karol Bagh, New Delhi            Sec-7 Rohini Delhi                  Sec-7 Rohini Delhi
25727697, 25745043               27260187, 27278156                  27042839, 2745226

 Name/Address/Phone of RTSA        Name/Address/Phone of RTSA           Name/Address/Phone of RTSA
Mahalaxmi Travels,               Mohan Travels,                      Shri Vijay Kr.Jain
1/3596, Ram Nager, Ext.          45 Nishan Kunj,                     146-E/1 Kulkori Ashram
Post Office, Gali Loni Road      Pitampura New Delhi                 New Delhi
Shahdara Delhi 22121732          27158600, 27158700                  26343492, 26340237
M.D.Tours & Travels,             Navin Travels& Tour                 Sneh Tourist Corpn,
B-1/22, Vishal Bhawan            532, IInd floor Katra Neel          B-II,12,Raj Kamal Sadan
95, Nehru Place, N.Delhi         Chandni Chowk Delhi                 Community Centre Preet Vihar
26226099, 26413686               23913516, 23966403                  Delhi 22454347, 22429235
Blue Lark Tours & Travels        Star Tours & Travels                Sh Surinder Vishist
G-3/3 Model Town                 G-55 Royal Pl. Complex Vikas        8-B/Kirti Mahal-19
Delhi                            Marg Laxmi Ngr. Delhi               Rajinder Place Delhi
27225527, 27229306               22442735, 22447214                  25740247
Gaurav Travels,                  Gurmeet Travels,                    Shri Syed Zahid Hashmi,
9, Gaurav Mkt. 2368-B-14 Badan    883 Gali,Chandiwali, Main Bazar,   House No.50A Khashra No.134/1
Pura Karol Bagh,                 Pahar Ganj, New Delhi               Village Joga Bai Jakir Ngr.
New Delhi 25711677,25711788      23518682, 23529916                  Okhla,New Delhi 26929200
Rajdhani Travels                 H.K.Enterprises,                    Pankaj Travels,
6 Ashoka Park, Punjabi Bagh,     445/15, Kucha Bridge Nath           2632/22, Patel Rd.
New Delhi                        Chandni Chowk, Delhi                West Patel Nagar, Delhi
25122714, 25116224               23913995, 23950256                  25883797, 25883370
                                                      - 151 -
International Travels,             Rama Tours & Travels                 Ruby International
Corpn. Mewa Hotel Queens           CB-151 Ist Flr. Ring Road            AC-47C, Shalimar Bagh
Garden, Delhi. 23960761            Naraiana, New Delhi. 31058792        Delhi 27481112
Perfect Travel & Tour              P.L.Berry,                           Kanishka Tours & Travels
26 Rajinder Plalce                 IV/N/63, Double Story, Lajpat        D-354,Main Vikas Marg
New Delhi.                         Nager, New Delhi                     New Delhi
25737320, 25724462                 26295658, 26220842                   22532399, 22527426
President Travels,                 Royal Travels Corp.                  Travel Point,
811 Arunachal                      Cabin No.6 Ist Flr.                  C-242, Vivek Vihar Ph-I
19-Barakhamba Road.                Corporation Bldg. Fatehpuri Delhi,   New Delhi
New Delhi 23714053, 23731884       23960785,23966151                    22165426
R.K.Travels,                       Surinder Singh                       B.M.Tours & Travels,
1767-68/6, 3rd floor Ganesh Mkt.   A-64, Pkt.-A Outer Ring Road         J-2/37-A, DDA Flats Kalkaji
Bhagirath Place Chandni Chowk      New Delhi                            New Delhi 26021007
Delhi. 23869404, 23865907          25449465
Ruby Travel,                       Rachna Travels Corp,                 Vasundhara Travels,
4859 Ist Flr.,Katra Subash         2220, Ist Floor Gali Hinga Beg       CSC 5/5 Avantika Rohini
Chandi Chowk Delhi                 Tilak Bazar                          Delhi
23953842, 23911041                 Delhi.23990783, 23959347             27514434 , 27522450
N.K.Travels,                       Shri Mahavir Travels,                Shri Pushpinder Sood
99, Kamla Nager,                   2759 2nd Flr. Bubna Mkt.             23 North West Avenue
Delhi                              Mori Gate New Delhi                  Punjabi Bagh Delhi
23843002, 23845609                 23921883,23928994                    25107963
Public Tourist Service             Super Fast Travels,                  Hari Kishan Sharma
135, Amrit Kaur Mkt.               87 Amrit Kaur MKt.                   Shop No.402-403 4th Floor
New Delhi                          New Delhi                            Budluna No.2805/20 Beadan Pura Karol
251541070, 23561514                23580085, 23580082                   Bagh,New Delhi 25824874 , 25823285
S.G.Travels,                       Savita Travels,                      Ashrivad Tours & Travels
1137, Amrit Kaur Mkt.              IX=6310 Old Post Office              C-2/152, Yamuna Vihar
New Delhi . 23584585, 3466         Main Bazar Gandhi Ngr. Delhi         NewDelhi
                                   22074976,22081505                    22912836, 22911753

 Name/Address/Phone of RTSA          Name/Address/Phone of RTSA            Name/Address/Phone of RTSA
Trade Sona Travels,                Trade Media Services                 Travel House
2499/16, 2nd Flr.Aggarwal Mkt.     5117, Rui Mandi Sadar Bazar,         Shop No. 49/H, Gole Market
Opp.Teliwara Delhi. 23672420       Delhi 23534610                       New Delhi
Uttam Travels Services,            Arihant Travels Mohan                Ruchi Travels & Tours,
14/1 Tiraha Kinari Bazar           M1-2 Jagat Ram Park                  2919/20 Room No.2 1st floor,
Chandni Chowk,                     Laxmi Ngr. Delhi                     B.G. Road Rui Mandi, Sadar Bazar
Delhi 23267930, 23277282           22418232, 22022202                   Delhi. 23678179, 23536373
Sh Pradeep Kumar                   Sethi Travels (Sh.T.R.Sethi)         Sethi Travels
IX 5529 Old Seelam Puri            95, Amrit Kaur Mkt.                  100 Amrit Kaur Mkt.
Gandhi Ngr. New Delhi 22013190     New Delhi 23582043, 23585643         New Delhi 23589238, 23588333
Jyoti Travels,                     Shri Amolak Raj,                     Navkar Tours & Travels,
A-99, Ist Flr. Group Indl.         3174/32 Ist Flr. Bedan Pura          C-5/1, Wazirpur Indl. Area
Wazirpur Ashok Vihar               Karol Bagh New Delhi                 Ashok Vihar New Delhi
New Delhi 27373000, 27372000       25814546, 25865567                   27371344, 27371322
Shiv Travels,                      Suvidha Travels,                     Travels Linkers,
4257, Tel Mandi Pahar Ganj,        88 Amrit Kaur Mkt.                   A-76 Kanti Ngr.
New Delhi. 23584167                New Delhi 23588020, 23586654         Delhi 22003936, 22094174
Shiva Travels Services             Smt Kusum Devi                       Agroha Travels,
2076 Chah Indra Sona Bazar         C-33, Acharya Niketan                RZ-615C Nandel Mkt. Main Rd.
Bagirath Palce,                    Mayur Vihar-I New Delhi              Palam Colony New Delhi
New Delhi 23861204, 23867732       22757288, 22750346                   25070145, 25070144
Shipra Tours & Travels             Subhash Travel                       Shri Kapil Dev Sharma,
5605 Basant road                   2685 2nd Flr. Naya Bazar             269/3, Hauz Rani Mkt. Malviya Ngr.
New Delhi 23679825, 23624716       New Delhi 23956469, 23956468         New Delhi 26285826, 26223423
                                                              - 152 -
     Student Travel Corp.                  O.P.Chandna                         M/s Alka Travels
     Bali Maran Chandni Chowk              463 Rishi Ngr. Rani Bagh            82 Amrit Kaur Mkt. Paharganj,
     Delhi 23988786, 23934786              Delhi-34 27031889                   New Delhi 23584602, 23589947
     Sagar Travels,                        Prabhat Travels,                    Shri Raj Kr.Sharma
     5, Scindia House Ist Flr.             6467 2nd Flr. Katra Bariyan         IX682 SatyaNarayan Mkt.
     C. Place, New Delhi                   Chandni Chowk Delhi                 Janta St. Gandhi Ngr.
      23313900, 23313332                   23950390                            New Delhi 22461724, 22461725
     Juneja Travels,                       M/s Bawa Travels                    Tondon Travel
     Shop No.22, IInd Flr. SD Block        I-1950 Udyog Ngr. Jahangir Puri     632, Hemkunt, Chamber – 83 Nehru
     DDA Mkt. Main Rd. Pitam Pura          Delhi 27227977                      Place, New Delhi. 22601944
     New Delhi 27313811
     M/s Pankaj Nahata
     X 364,Gali No.7
     Ram Nagar,Gandhi Nagar,
     Delhi. 22203540, 22436395

       Name/Address/Phone of RTA         Name/Address/Phone of RTA         Name/Address/Phone of RTA
     M/s Chaudhary International      M/s Indica Travels & Tours Pvt.   M/s International Travel House,
     Pvt.Ltd. 303 Ansal Bhawan,       Ltd.                              B-33 Connaught Place,
     16 Kasturba Gandhi Marg,         L- 7 A NDSE-II, New Delhi         New Delhi
     New Delhi 23313206, 23313217     26253955 26253961                 23322401 23322408
     M/s Mercury Travels Ltd          M/s Top Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd  M/s Travel Corp. India Ltd.
     Jeevan Tara Building,            L-13 Samrat Bhawan, Ranjit Nagar, C-35 Con. Circus,
     Parliament Street, New Delhi     Comml.Complex,                    New Delhi 23320645 23358022
     23362008 23262171                New Delhi. 25708822 25707228

       Name/Address/Phone of RTA              Name/Address/Phone of RTA            Name/Address/Phone of RTA
     M/s Trade Wings Ltd.                  M/s Lotus Trans & Travel Pvt. Ltd   M/s Travel Planners Pvt. Ltd.
     60 Janpath,New Delhi                  6 A&B Gopala Tower,                 A-44 Mahipalpur Extn.
     23321822 23321623                     25 Rajindra Place ,New Delhi        New Delhi
                                           25718125 25735073                   26787040, 26787050
     M/s Indian Air Travels,               M/s Everette Travel Service         M/s Sawera Travels Pvt. Ltd.
     101-104 Hemkunt House,                11-C Con. Place,New Delhi           2230/1, Katra Baghian,
     Rajindra Place,New Delhi.             23321117 23329319                   Near Bank of India,
     25769992 25769993                                                         Amritsar 2553945 2553946
     M/s Indiana Travels Pvt. Ltd          M/s Travel Corp. India Pvt. Ltd.    M/s Shashi Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd.
     124, Yashwant Place,                  Ist floor, 13 A, Jopling Road,      G-I Sri Ram Bhawan, Ranjit Nagar,
     Chankaya Puri, New Delhi.             Lucknow                             Comml. Complex, New Delhi
     24671990 24671991                     207549 207550 207553                25708167 25704837
     M/s President Travel Service,         M/s Stic Travels Pvt. Ltd.          M/s Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd.
     45 Rajpur Road,                       Room No.2 Hotel Janpath,            20th floor, Amba Deep Bldg,
     Dehradun. 2655111 2656901             New Delhi 23368161 23368462         N.Delhi 24360762 24363632.
     M/s Student Travels Corporation       M/s LTC Travel Pvt. Ltd.            M/s Travel Corp. India Pvt. Ltd.
     5222, Balimaran Chandni .Chowk.       21, JCM DLF City-II,                Sridas Foundation Mall Road.,
     Delhi. 23944786 23966786              Gurgaon 6561304 6561306             Varanasi 2346209 2346210
     M/s IRCTC
     9th floor, Bank of Baroda Building,
     16 Parliament street, New Delhi

3.1 If any person not being a Railway Servant or an agent authorised in this behalf: -
   sells or attempts to sell any ticket or any half of a return ticket, or parts or attempts to part with the
   possession of a ticket against which reservation of a seat or a berth has been made or any half of a
   return ticket or season ticket, under Section 142 of the Indian Railways Act he/she shall be
   punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three months, or with fine which
                                                         - 153 -
    may extend to five hundred rupees, or with both. Journey tickets, including any half of a return
    ticket and season ticket are not transferable
3.2 In addition if the purchaser or holder of said ticket travels or attempts to travel therewith, he shall
    forfeit the ticket, which he so purchased or obtained and shall be deemed to be travelling without a
    proper ticket.
    The passengers whose names figure under R.A.C., are provided reserved sitting accommodation
    initially and are likely to get berths becoming vacant due to last minute cancellation of reservation or
    passengers not turning up in time before the departure of the train.

 The reservation fee and supplementary charge on superfast trains are as under:-
                            CLASS           RESERVATION            SUPPLEMENTARY CHARGES FOR
                                                FEE                     SUPER FAST TRAINS.
                     A.C. FIRST                 Rs.35                        Rs.50
                     A.C.2-TIER                 Rs.25                        Rs.30
                     IST CLASS(Mail/EXP)        Rs. 25                       Rs.30
                     IST CLASS(Ordinary)        Rs. 25                        --
                     AC-3TIER                   Rs. 25                       Rs.30
                     AC CHAIR CAR               Rs. 25                       Rs.30
                     SL CLASS (Mail/Exp.)       Rs. 20                       Rs.20
                     II CLASS (Mail/Exp.)       Rs. 20                       Rs.10
                     SL CLASS (Ordinary)        Rs. 15                        --
                     II CLASS (Ordinary)        Rs. 15                        --

5.1      Military officers travelling on free warrants, officials of P&T department travelling on passes and
          MPs travelling on Identity Card are exempted from payment of reservation fee.
5.2      In case of Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express trains, supplementary charges for superfast trains are
         included in the fare.
5.3      The supplementary charge is not recoverable from MPs travelling on Identity card, tourist holding
         Indrail passes.
5.4      A passenger found travelling in a Super Fast train without paying supplementary charge is liable to
         pay a penalty of Rs. 50 in addition to the supplementary charge. However, passenger holding
         through ticket duly fulfilling distance restrictions and boarding a superfast train at an intermediate
         station as per the ticket is required to pay only the supplementary charge.

   The requests for reservation at the reservation counters are accepted up to 4 hours before the scheduled
   departure of the train, after which, the reservation will be done at the stations by the Ticket
   Collector/Conductor up to one hour before the scheduled departure of the train. Thereafter the
   reservation shall be done by ticket collector on the platform or Conductor/TTE of the coach.

   If a passenger, for whom a berth or seat has been reserved, does not turn up upto 10 minutes before the
   scheduled departure of the train, the Railway Administration may cancel the accommodation reserved
   for him and allot it to the passenger on the RAC list/Waiting list according to priority.

                                                       - 154 -
  Requisition for reservation of berths in all classes from intermediate stations, not having computerised
  reservation facility, are entertained on production of journey tickets only. Such requisition should be
  given to the Station Master of the Intermediate station 72 hrs before the scheduled departure of the
  train from the station. Such applications shall be sent to the nearest Computerised reservation office on
  the same day and the ticket shall be obtained by the Station Master from the reservation office.
  Passengers can collect their ticket from the Station Master.

      If a passenger desires to occupy reserved accommodation from any station en-route, he would be
     permitted to entrain at any intermediate station he chooses, irrespective of the distance from the
     starting station subject to the following conditions:-
i)       A specific request must be made in writing at the station from where the ticket is purchased and
         reservation made at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the train from the starting
ii)      The Railway Administration reserves the right to use such accommodation from the originating
         station up to the station at which the passenger is due to entrain.
iii)     No refund will be permissible for the portion of journey not performed by the passenger.

10.1 A berth or a seat reserved in the name of a person shall be used only by the person and shall not be
      transferable to any other person.
10.2Chief Reservation Supervisors of important stations are authorised by Railway administration to
     permit the change of name of a passenger having a seat or berth reserved in his name in the following
    a)     Where the passenger is a Government Servant, proceeding on duty and appropriate authority,
        makes a request in writing 24 hours before the scheduled departure of train that the reservation
        made in the name of the Government servant be transferred to another Government servant
        proceeding on duty:
    b)     Where the passenger makes a request in writing 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the
        train that the reservation made in his name be transferred to another member of his family,
        meaning Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Husband and Wife.
    c)     Where the passengers are students of a recognised educational institution and the Head of the
        institution makes a request in writing 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the train, that the
        reservation made in the name of any student be transferred to any other student of the same
    d)     Where the passengers are members of a marriage party and any person deemed to be Head of
        such party makes a request in writing 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the train that the
        reservation made in the name of any member of the marriage party be transferred to any other
   Such requests will be granted only once. Regarding item no. (iii) & (iv), such requests for a change in excess
   of 10% of the total strength of the group shall not be granted.


11.1 Change of reservation to a different class is permissible only once on the same train and date
    initially reserved under the following circumstances:-
    a) From a lower class reserved ticket to higher class on the same train and date, if room is available.
    b) From reserved seat to berth on the same train and date, if room is available.
                                                      - 155 -
11.2 Change of reservation in the same class in any train on the same or any subsequent or previous day
    is permitted before and up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the train in which the
    reservation is already made.
    a) The revised date of journey does not fall beyond the prescribed number of days for advance
        reservation from the date of request for reservation and reserved accommodation is available in
        the train on the revised date.
    b) Fresh reservation fee is paid by the passenger intending to alter the date and train of journey.
    c) Alteration of reservation is allowed on a ticket only once, and if a further alteration is required,
        the reservation initially made shall be treated as cancelled and refund given in accordance with
        the extent rules. A fresh ticket shall be issued after deducting :-
         i) The cancellation charges that would have been due, if the original reservation had been
              cancelled at the time when the postponement of reservation was allowed.
         ii) Cancellation charges as due in respect of altered reservation treating this altered reservation a
              fresh reservation only.
    d) The change of date of journey on RAC/Wait listed ticket is permitted provided that confirmed
        accommodation is available on the revised date.
    e) For Rajdhani & Shatabdi Express train only the date of journey can be altered subject to above
        condition. The train and class of journey cannot be altered.


12.1 Ladies accommodation may be earmarked at the train originating station provided a request is made
     24 hours in advance subject to availability of accommodation. One compartment of the lowest class
     of accommodation is generally reserved for ladies in every passenger carrying train. Some
     berths/seats in IInd sleeper class reserved coaches are also earmarked for ladies. Any male
     passenger found occupying or attempting to occupy such a carriage or compartment shall be
     liable to be prosecuted apart from being removed from the compartment.
12.2 Boys under 12 years of age may travel in a ladies compartment with relatives or friends.
12.3 A lady travelling alone at night or with children under 12 years of age in first class compartment
     reserved for ladies may take with her, in the same compartment in which she is travelling, one
     female attendant holding a IInd class ticket for that portion of the journey which is performed
     between 9 P.M. and 6 A.M. This rule will not apply when two or more ladies are travelling in the
     same compartment. The attendant must leave the compartment when more than one adult lady
     passenger occupies it.

   For the benefit of the genuine passengers who cannot secure reserved accommodation well in
   advance Northern Railways has introduced a unique facility under the name of TATKAL SEWA.
   This facility provides confirmed accommodation to the needy passenger on payment of nominal
   premium on „first come first serve‟ basis. Northern Railway provides TATKAL service on trains
   depending upon the demand. The Trains on which TATKAL service is provided is periodically
   publicized through the media. The premium to be paid for getting reservations against TATKAL
   Scheme Quota is as under:
                      CLASS                             PREMIUM
                      Sleeper Class/AC Chair Car                Rs. 50/-
                       AC 3 Tier Sleeper                               Rs. 150/-
                       AC 2 Tier Sleeper                              Rs. 200/-
                                                     - 156 -
   TATKAL Sewa reservation is available only one day in advance of scheduled departure of the train. After
   preparation of charts, the reservations in TATKAL coaches will be done at the current counters specifically

   For getting reservation under this scheme the passenger has to produce a Photo Identity Card/ Credit
   Card with proper serial or a voter identity card with photograph or a passport or a driving license. The
   identity card number of the passenger will be printed on the ticket as well as on the TATKAL coach
   reservation charts.
   Only one identity card is required for seeking reservations for a family. In case the cardholder decides
   to cancel the reservation, given to the other members of the family, the authority of that card will also
   be cancelled.
   No refund is permissible against confirmed tickets issued under this scheme.
   The passengers booked under this scheme are required to carry the requisite Identity Card/ Credit
   Card during journey as the checking staff during journey checks the same.

The trains in which this service is available is reviewed from time to time depending upon the
requirement. Passengers are advised to ascertain this service from Railway enquiry or the nearest
Reservation office.

    A Telebooking counter has been operated at IRCA, Reservation Office, New Delhi for the
    passengers having co-branded of Railway Credit Card issued by Standard Chartered Bank. The
    booking can be done through telephone. For more details please contact IRCA, Reservation office,
    New Delhi or at Phone No. 131

14.A   RESERVATION ON INTERNET THROUGH IRCTC (INDIAN                                             RAILWAY

14.A.1 Indian Railways have started reservation on internet through IRCTC and working hours of the
       counters will be from 8 am to 10 pm on week days and 8 am to 2 pm. Presently, this facility is
       available only in few selected cities.

14 A.2 No concession except senior citizen concessions will be allowed on Internet booking.

14 A.3 No quota other than ladies and general quota will be allowed on Internet booking system.

14 A.4 If the ticket is presented for cancellation when it is not possible to cancel the ticket through the
       system a TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) will be issued.

14 A.5 Whenever TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) is prepared to the Railway for refund either by the
      passengers themselves or by IRCTC, the refund orders will be issued in favour of IRCTC only
      who in turn will transfer the amount due to the customer electronically. In no case the sanctioned
      refund amount may be paid to the passenger directly.

i)    Holders of single journey tickets for distance of more than 500 Kms (actual distance) are allowed
      to break journey at any station en-route. The first break of journey shall not however, be made
                                                        - 157 -
          until a distance of 500 Kms. has been travelled from the starting station. Only one break journey
          will be permitted on tickets upto 1000 Kms. of distance.
ii)       Maximum two break journeys will be permitted on tickets more than 1000 Kms. of distance. The
          period of break journey that can be availed at a station will be upto a maximum of 2 days only
          excluding the day of arrival and the day of departure. However, break of journey on single
          journey tickets over suburban sections of Indian Railways will not be permitted. For all return
          tickets, each half of the tickets is treated as a single journey ticket but the return journey must be
          completed within the period for which the ticket is available.
iii)      Passengers are required to have their tickets endorsed. The endorsement shall consist of the
          Station Code, Station Master's initials and the date.

Note: Passengers breaking the journey and not obtaining the endorsement as prescribed will be
treated as persons travelling without a proper tickets and dealt with accordingly.

No refund is permissible against lost or misplaced waitlisted tickets. In case of torn, mutilated, lost,
misplaced confirmed ticket a passenger can travel on the reserved accommodation by making following
                     CONDITIONS                        DISTANCE               FARE TO BE PAID
       a) Lost/misplaced/torn/mutilated         i) Upto 500 Kms          25 % of the total fare
             Confirmed/RAC tickets other ii) More than 500 Kms 10% of the total fare
             than Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express                               subject to minimum 25 %
             before preparation of charts                                 fare for 500 Kms
       b) Lost/misplaced/torn/mutilated         All distances                25 % of the total fare
             Confirmed / RAC tickets for
             Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express before
             preparation of charts
       c) Lost/misplaced confirmed ticket All distances                      50 % of the total fare
             after preparation of charts
       d) Torn/mutilated/misplaced/lost/        All distances
             special Train/party coach ticket                             10% of the total fare
             upto the departure of the trains
       e) Torn/mutilated RAC ticket after All distances                      25% of the total fare
             preparation of charts
   No duplicate ticket against lost/misplaced RAC ticket will be issued after the preparation of
    In case of lost ticket passengers should contact Chief Reservation Supervisor at the nearest
    Reservation Office along with an application containing all the details regarding purchase of
    ticket, in order to safeguard themselves from fraudulent use of ticket.

       Passengers are also requested not to hand over their journey tickets, in any case to any one before
       start of the train.

16.1 Refund of Excess Charges
i)     Refund of 10% or 25% charges collected on duplicate tickets before preparation of chart on
       misplaced, lost, reserved/RAC tickets shall be refundable after completion of journey on
       surrendering of duplicate tickets upto 3 days of the arrival of the train at the PRS terminal of the
                                                      - 158 -
         destination station after ensuring that no refund has been taken on concerned lost/misplaced ticket
         on deduction of usual clearkage charges per passenger.
ii)      In case, where there is no PRS at destination or where it is not possible to verify from PRS the
         normal system of issuing TDR will apply. After the above mention time limit, the normal system
         of granting refund against TDRs in respect of charges collected on duplicate tickets issued from
         1st April 2003.

16.2 Refund on Torn/Mutilated Tickets :
    Refund shall be admissible on torn/mutilated tickets subject to the deduction of cancellation charges
    as per rules, provided that the authenticity of such a ticket is verifiable at the station on the basis of
    the particulars visible on the face of the ticket.

16.3 In case of special trains/Coach booking, if folder is submitted after the normal time limit of 15 days
    but within 6 months of completion of tour 50% refund can be granted with the approval of CCM.
    No refund shall be permitted if folder is submitted after 6 months.

17. Passengers holding lInd class tickets detected travelling in Sleeper Class are liable to pay difference
    of Sleeper Class with excess charge up to the first stoppage of the train and then shall be detrained.
    However, passengers holding lInd class tickets desirous to travel in sleeper class from train
    originating or en-route stations may get their tickets upgraded to this class by the sleeper coach TTE
    subject to availability of accommodation.

18. SPTM (Self Printing Ticket Machine)
    In the age of computerisation for the facility of general passengers 183 self-ticket printing machines
    have been functioning at 33 stations over Northern Railway. From this facility passenger can
    purchase tickets immediately from any counter for any station to any station. This facility has
    reduced the waiting time of the passengers and the queue length at the counters.

19. UTS (Unreserved Ticketing System)
    A new Computerised system for issue of Railway Tickets to unreserved passengers has been
    implemented on Northern Railway. Under this system passengers can purchase their tickets 30 days
    in advance from any UTS location to any destination: -

      Location of UTS
       Delhi         New Delhi            H.Nizamuddin          Delhi Shahadra      Ghaziabad
       Sahibabad     Naya Azad Pur        Shakur Basti          Delhi Kishan Ganj   Shivaji Bridge
       Tilak Bridge Badli                 Daya Basti            Delhi Azad Pur      Delhi Sadar Bazar
       Mangol Puri Naya Ghaziabad         Okhla                 Sewa Nagar          Subzi Mandi
       Vivek Vihar   Vivekanad Puri       Sarojini Nagar        Lucknow             Moradabad
       Ferozpur      Ludhiana             Amritsar              Jullandhar City     Saharanpur

If passenger wants to change their travel plan, they can cancel their ticket upto one day in advance
from any location, but on the day of journey the cancellation of ticket can be done only at the train
originating station.

20. Bulk Booking / Party Booking
                                                                - 159 -
    Groups like families, Cultural groups, religious groups, official tours, education tours, marriage
    parties, etc. that require reservation in excess of the prescribed limits can submit a letter to the
    concerned authority along with the certification from the school/institution/departments; in the case of
    marriage party, marriage card along with the list of persons indicating their name, age, sex, etc. for

    At present the booking of a party upto 50 persons is permitted by CRS/Shift Incharge/SS etc., upto
    100 persons by ACM/Reservation and more than 100 and above by Dy.CCM/Sr.DCM subject to
    availability of maximum 25% of the total accommodation. In Delhi area the party booking is made in
    the Reservation Complex IRCA Building, New Delhi at nominated counters only.

21. Entering the names of the children below the age of 5 years
    Children under 5 years of age can travel free but no exclusive accommodation will be provided to
    them. The details of the children under 5 years who are travelling must be recorded in the application
    form for future reference. These details should also be communicated to the TTE for recording in the

22. Facility for journey extension
    This facility is provided for passengers who wish to continue their journey in the same train or by
    other trains, beyond the station to which they have originally booked. To avail the facility, please
    contact the ticket staff before reaching your first intended destination or after completion your booked
    journey. Fare due for the distance of the extended portion of journey will be collected without benefit
    of telescopic rates.

i) If there is a change in your travel plan, please cancel your reservation promptly, as it will help others to secure reservation
   and also you to save money.
   The Railways permit refund on cancellation of untravelled and partially travelled journey tickets, after deduction of
   cancellation charges. You can claim refund on unreserved, reserved, waitlisted and RAC tickets. However, you must
   remember that your tickets should be surrendered within a prescribed time frame vis-a-vis the scheduled/actual departure
   time of the train. Depending on these time frames, a percentage of the fare will be deducted as cancellation charges. These
   are spelt out in greater detail in the following table:
            Nature of Ticket          Time Limit for cancellation of ticket             Cancellation Charge per
         (A) Untravelled              Within 3 hrs. after the actual departure of     Rs. 10/-
         Unreserved Tickets           the train
         (B) Unreserved Tickets       Within 3 hrs. after the departure of the last   Rs. 10/-
         valid for the day of issue   train of the day for your destination
         (C) Untravelled              More than one day in advance of the             Rs. 50/-- AC 1 Class
         Reserved Tickets             scheduled departure of the train (excluding     Rs. 30/- AC2 & AC3 tier
                                      the date of journey)                            AC chaircar & Ist class
                                                                                      Rs. 20/- Sleeper class
                                                                                      Rs. 10/- Second class.
         (D) Untravelled              One day in advance (excluding the date of       25% of the fare paid.
         Reserved Tickets             journey) and up to 4 hrs. before the
                                      scheduled departure of the train.
                                                            - 160 -
       (i)Untravelled Reserved    Less than 4 hrs. before the scheduled           50% of the fare paid.
       Tickets                    departure of the train and:                     (subject to the minimum
                                                                                  cancellation charges mentioned
                                                                                  in condition (C)

          Nature of Ticket        Time Limit for cancellation of ticket             Cancellation Charge per
                                  After actual                 F or a distance
                                  departure of train           of
                                  Upto 3 hrs.                  Up to 200 kms.
                                  Upto 6 hrs.                  201-500 kms.
                                  Upto 12 hrs.                 Over 500 kms.
       (ii) Untravelled           After actual                 F or a distance    Rs. 10/-
       waitlisted / RAC Tickets   departure of train           of
                                  Upto 3 hrs.                  Up to 200 kms.
                                  Upto 6 hrs.                  201-500 kms.
                                  Upto 12 hrs.                 Over 500 kms.
       (iii)Untravelled           Time limit as applicable for Reserved           Cancellation charges will
       Reserved Tickets not       tickets and RAC/WL tickets as mentioned         depend on time of cancellation
       confirmed for a part of    above according to the reservation status of    and distance as applicable to
       the journey                first lap of journey                            reserved tickets for entire
                                  if first lap of journey is confirmed.           journey.
                                  If first lap of journey is in RAC/WL            Rs. 10/- will be levied for entire
       (E) Partially-used         Within 24 hrs. after the arrival of the train   50% of the fare for the
       Reserved Tickets           where you terminate your journey.               untravelled portion of the
                                                                                  journey, after retaining fare for
                                                                                  the travelled portion subject to a
                                                                                  minimum fare for 100 Kms.
       (F) Partially-used         Within 24 hrs. after the arrival of the train   50 % of confirmed, RAC &
       unreserved Tickets         where you terminate your journey.               Waiting list
                                  * Refunds will not be given at the
                                  intermediate station where you terminate        10% of the fare for the
                                  you journey. You will need to obtain a          untravelled portion of the
                                  Ticket Deposit Receipt and apply for refund     journey, after retaining fare for
                                  to Chief Commercial Manager/Refund, 2nd         the travelled portion.
                                  floor New Delhi station building, New
       (G) Partially-used                                                         No refund, since break of
       Reserved Tickets for                                                       journey is not allowed on these
       Rajdhani / Shatabdi                                                        trains.

      This is an across- the- counter refund done at any Booking Office/ Reservation Office of a station.

i)   Do not count the date of journey, while calculating the time frame for surrendering tickets prior to
     and after departure of the train.
ii)  Cancellation charges are calculated on the fare, which include supplementary charge and
     reservation fee.
iii) For night trains departing between 21.00 hrs. and 6.00 hrs. (actual departure), refund shall be
     granted at the station, either within the time limit specified above, or within two hours of the
     opening of the Reservation offices, whichever is later.
                                                              - 161 -

iv)       Night refund counters for computerised tickets are available at select stations. These counters
          work up to 23.00 hrs. where passengers can obtain refunds on current day unused tickets within
          the stipulated time. At other computerised reservation offices, which close at 20.00 hrs.
          passengers can obtain refund on such tickets at the Station Booking Offices within the stipulated
         Reason for     Procedure for refund              Time limit for                   Amount payable to you
      claiming refund                                    claiming refund
  Failure of AC         Produce a printed            Within 20 hrs. of the train‟s   AC 1 Class- Difference between AC 1
                        certificate from the         arrival at the destination      Class and First Class fare (Mail/Exp)
                        Travelling Ticket            station.                        for the distance AC was not working.
                        Examiner, along with                                         AC 2 Tier/3tier sleeper- Difference
                        your journey ticket.                                         between these classes and sleeper class
                                                                                     fare (Mail/Exp) for the distance AC
                                                                                     was not working.
                                                                                     AC Chair Car- difference between
                                                                                     this and Second class fare (Mail/Exp)
                                                                                     for the distance AC was not working.
  Travelling in lower   Produce a printed            Within 20 hrs. of the train‟s   Difference of fare between the fare
  class for want of     Certificate from the         arrival at the destination      paid and fare for the class travelled.
  accommodation         Travelling Ticket            station.
                        Examiner, along with
                        your journey ticket.
  Late running of       Surrender your ticket at     Before the actual departure     Full fare without any deduction.
  trains by more than   journey commencing           of the train from Journey
  3 hrs.                station.                     commencing station,
                                                     provided that the ticket is
                                                     surrendered upto the
                                                     maximum time limits
                                                     prescribed in Rule 213-6(1)
                                                     (c) and the provision there
  Inability of          Surrender your ticket at     Within 3 hrs. after the         Full fare without any deduction.
  Railways to provide   journey commencing           actual departure of the
  accommodation to      station.                     train.
  reserved passengers
  Change in train       Surrender your ticket at         After    the     actual    Full fare less clerkage charge of Rs.
  timings to earlier    the journey commencing        departure of the train and     10/- per passenger.
  hours other than as   station.                      within 3 hrs. of the old
  specified in the                                    departure time.(Available
  time-table.                                         for 7 days only from the
                                                      date of change of train
                                                      timings, including the day
                                                      of change).
  Missing the           Surrender your ticket at     Within 3 hrs. of the actual     Full fare for untravelled portion after
  connection for        the station refund           arrival of the train which      retaining fare for the travelled portion.
  onward journey due    counter.                     has been delayed.
  to late running of

         Reason for     Procedure for refund              Time limit for                   Amount payable to you
      claiming refund                                    claiming refund
                                                                   - 162 -
      Dislocation of train    Surrender your ticket at   Within 3 days of the           Full fare paid for the entire booked
      service enroute and     the station refund         scheduled departure from       journey.
      inability of railways   counter.                   the starting station or from
      to make alternate                                  the intermediate station of    Or
      arrangements or                                    the train. Refund will be
      Passenger not                                      granted at the station where   Full fare for untravelled portion after
      willing to make use                                journey is terminated.         retaining fare for the travelled portion
      of alternate                                                                      in case the passenger is unwilling to
      arrangements made                                                                 make use of the alternate arrangements
      due to bandh,                                                                     made by the railway.
      Railroko, agitation

      Cancellation of         Submission of ticket by    Within 3 days of the           Full fare paid for the entire booked
      train due to            passenger‟s relatives.     scheduled departure of the     journey.
      accidents, breaches                                train.
      or floods
      Death/injury to a       Submission of ticket by    Within 3 days of the           Full fare paid for the entire booked
      passenger in a          passenger‟s relatives.     scheduled departure of the     journey.
      Railway Accident.                                  train.

i)          When any person has purchased a ticket on any Concession order, and is wait listed for
            reservation in any train, he shall be entitled to avail of the same ticket for reservation in any other
            train on the same date or any other date, without losing the benefit of Concession fare.
ii)         This facility of change of train is available only on Wait Listed Concession ticket and not on RAC
            or confirmed tickets and is subject to confirmed reservation being available in the other train.
            Such change of train will be admissible only once and will be allowed before the scheduled
            departure of the train for which the Concession wait listed ticket was issued. This facility is not
            available if the wait listed ticket gets confirmed or put on RAC list at the time of train departure.

i)          No refund shall be granted on the unused portion of the Concessional Return tickets.
ii)         When a return ticket is issued without any concession, it shall be treated like two single journey
            tickets and the refund shall be granted accordingly.

i)     Refund of freight on luggage shall be granted by the Station Master if:-
    a) Luggage is withdrawn at starting station: Luggage ticket shall be cancelled and freight already
       collected refunded after recovery of wharfage charges if any, and deduction of cancellation charge
       of Rupees Five (Rs.5) per luggage ticket. Journey ticket shall be endorsed to the effect.
    b) If luggage has already been dispatched from the starting station, fright charges on weight
       admissible as free allowance, shall be collected and remarks to this effect endorsed on the journey
ii)    On production of journey ticket on which luggage has been booked, the fare shall be refunded
       only if the ticket bears an endorsement regarding collection of the cancellation charges of luggage
       ticket or freight charges for the free allowance. The refund will be granted on the unused ticket
       after deducting the prescribed cancellation / Clerkage charges.
                                                    - 163 -
   The Station Masters of the following Stations over Northern Railway have been delegated the
   powers to deal with only those of refund of fare on passenger tickets where refund is not
   admissible at the station, on account of expiry of the time limits prescribed in refund rules,
   subject to the condition that the ticket has been issued from their stations. The refund will be
   granted after levying usual cancellation charges as per rules. These powers will be exercised
   personally by Station Master incharge after he is satisfied about the reasoning of passenger for not
   taking refund within the stipulated time limit and after ensuring that the ticket has not been used.
   These powers will not be delegated to any other official:
                                  H.NIZAMMUDIN         NEW DELHI                DELHI
      BAREILLY                    CHANDAUSI            VARANASI                 LUCKNOW
      SAHARANPUR                  PRAYAG               AMRITSAR                 LUDHIANA
      CHANDIGARH                  DELHI CANTT          JALANDHAR CITY           AMBALA CANTT
      BHATINDA                    SIRHIND              PATHANKOT                DEHRADUN
      PARTAPGARH                  RAJPURA              JALANDHAR CITY           HARIDWAR
      JANGHAI                     SHIMLA               MEERUT CITY              FAIZABAD
      DELHI SHAHDRA               UNNAO                GHAZIABAD                AKBARPUR
      PHAGWARA                    KALKA                SHAHJAHANPUR             FIROZPUR CANTT
      RAIBAREILLY                 RAMPUR               BHADOHI                  PANIPAT
      SONIPAT                     PATIALA              MUZAFFARNAGAR            JAMMU TAWI
      ROORKEE                     KURUKSHETRA          JAGHADHARI               JAUNPUR
      MEERUT CANTT                AMROHA               NAZIBABAD                BEAS
      SULTANPUR                   KARNAL               AYODHYA                  ROHTAK
      HARDOI                      KHANNA               HAPUR


In addition, the Dy. Station Superintendent/Commercial and Chief Reservation Supervisor of nominated
stations have also been delegated the powers to grant refund after the lapse of scheduled time limit.
a) Dy. Station Superintendent /Commercial :- Delhi, New Delhi, Lucknow, and Ludhiana
      Chief Reservation Supervisors: -
       I.R.C.A BUILDING, NEW DELHI      DELHI                 H.NIZAMUDDIN        DELHI CANTT
                                        LUCKNOW               BHATINDA            LUDHIANA
       VARANASI                         AMRITSAR              MUGAL SARAI         DEHRADUN
       JALANDHAR CITY                   NAYA AZADPUR          JAMMU TAWI          MORADABAD
       SAROJINI NAGAR                   KIRTI NAGAR           NOIDA

i)     Refund under these rules may be granted by the Station Master of the station from where the
       journey is to commence on unused ticket (Reserved or RAC or Wait Listed), issued from another
       station, if the genuineness of the ticket can be verified at the refund granting station, through the
       computer or by reference to Reservation Chart or messages from the ticket issuing station.
i)     Refund in respect of circumstances, other than those mentioned above, or where the refund is not
       admissible or can not be granted at the station on account of expiry of time limit or other wise
       shall be granted by Chief Commercial Manager/Refund, Northern Railway, IInd floor, Station
                                                      - 164 -
        Building New Delhi Railway Station, New Delhi. The passenger should obtain a Ticket Deposit
        Receipt within 30 days and apply on the prescribed format printed on the back of the Ticket
        Deposit Receipt within 90 days of the issue of the ticket. Refund will be granted depending on
        merits of the claim.
ii)     The certificate issued by TTE/Conductor for lower class travel, AC failure, less number of
        persons travelling, etc. are also required to be enclosed in original with the application.
iii)    It will be in the interest of passenger to either hand over the application or post and keep a copy of
        this receipt and other documents.
Refund is granted through station pay order (to be encashed at station) or Money Order or Crossed
Cheques. Station Pay Orders are issued to persons who reside only within the jurisdiction of refund
granting railway. However, Money Order or Crossed Cheques are issued to persons who are residing
within as well as outside the jurisdiction of refund granting railway. On receipt of pay order, the
passenger should approach the counter of nominated station for encashment within the stipulated period
along with proof of his/her identity such as Identity Card/ Driving License/Passport/ Ration Card etc. In
case the applicant wants to collect money through his/her representative, appropriate authorization should
be made and the authorized person should carry proof of identity at the time of encashment.

1. Free Allowance on luggage
i)  Following free allowance for each ticket is given at the starting station on the total weight of the
            Air -Conditioned First Class/                                  70
            First Class/ A.C. Sleeper                                             50
            AC-3 Tier / Air –Conditioned Chair Car/ Sleeper Class.                 40
            Second Class                                             35
 half of these quantities are allowed for each child (half) ticket.
    Maximum size of trunks / suitcases that can be carried in the compartment is (55 cm x 45 cm x
       22.5 cm.[22” x 18” x 9” ] ) . Any piece of luggage exceeding this size should be booked and
       carried in the brake-van.
    In the case of Air-conditioned First class and First class passengers, tiffin baskets including small
       ice boxes, small hand bags or attaches cases (not suit cases), walking sticks and umbrellas are
       allowed free and will not, therefore, be weighed. In the case of Second class passengers, walking
       sticks, umbrellas and such articles of food as may be required on the journey are allowed free and
       will not, therefore, be weighed.
    The maximum quantity of luggage per passenger that can be carried by the passengers along with
       them in compartment should not exceed the following:
                  Air-Conditioned First Class                             150
                  First Class/AC-2T Sleeper                         100
                  Air-Conditioned Chair Car/ AC-3 Tier              40
                  Sleeper Class                                     80
                  Second Class                                      70
                                                      - 165 -
   The above quantity is inclusive of the permissible free allowance. There will be no restriction for
    booking of luggage by brake-van. However a maximum quantity of 50 kgs. of luggage including free
    allowance can be booked on the child Ticket.
   A passenger detected holding more than one ticket to avail of free allowance or to carry extra
    luggage, should be allowed free allowance and the weight permissible on one ticket only. Other
    ticket should be cancelled and extra weight will be charged at six times of the prescribed rate
    depending upon the type of train.

2. Unbooked or partially booked luggage
(a) When luggage in excess of the free allowance is found unbooked or partially booked, at an
     intermediate station or at destination, the entire quantity of the luggage, is to be weighed and the free
     allowance of luggage specified as above granted, provided the total weight of the luggage carried
     does not exceed the marginal allowance admissible, by more than the following:-
                AC First Class                                 15
                First Class/AC-2T Sleeper                              10
                AC-3 Tier/A.C. Chair Car                               10
                Sleeper Class                                  10
                Second Class                                   10
(i) If the total weight of the unbooked luggage or that portion of the partially booked luggage which is
     not paid for is found to exceed the free allowance specified and the marginal allowance as above
     it will be charged for the excess weight at six times of the prescribed rate depending upon the type of
ii)      Passengers holding single journey tickets detected with unbooked or partially booked luggage
         weighing more than free allowance of luggage but within marginal allowance will be charged for
         the weight exceeding free allowance of luggage at prescribed rate depending upon the type of
iii)     Booked luggage will be delivered by authorised railway personnel at the destination station to
         person who presents the luggage ticket. The passenger is also required to produce the journey
         ticket, failing which the free allowance will be forfeited.

3. Luggage in charge of Air Conditioned and First class passengers
  i)   Passengers are requested to take into a carriage only such small articles of personal luggage as are
         required for their own use on the journey and can be placed in the carriage without
         inconveniencing other passengers or reducing the available accommodation in the carriage for
         sitting / sleeping or free movement.
  ii) Trunks, suitcases and boxes which in outside measurements exceed any of the following
         dimensions should be carried in the brake –van and not in passenger‟s compartment: Length
         100 cms., Breadth 60 cms., Height 25 cms.
  iii) If such trunks, suitcases and boxes are carried along with the passenger in the compartment, they
         will be charged separately as luggage on their full chargeable weight without any free allowance
         being granted. On detection en-route, such packages may be transferred to the brake – vans for
         onward carriage. Free allowance will however be allowed only for the distance the packages are
         carried in brake-vans. For the distance the packages are carried in the passenger compartment,
         no free allowance is admissible and freight due for the full chargeable weight will be recovered.
  iv) The above rules do not, however, apply where such luggage is carried in an entire compartment
         reserved in favour of one party.
                                                        - 166 -
 v)      All articles taken into the carriage are carried at the entire risk of the owners.

4. Luggage in charge of Second class Passengers
i)    Passengers are requested to take into a carriage only such small articles of personal luggage as are
      required for own use on the journey and can be placed in the carriage without inconveniencing
      other passengers or reducing the available accommodation in the carriage. All articles taken into
      carriage are carried at entire risk of the owners.
   a)    No box / trunk / suitcase of size, exceeding any of the following dimensions will be allowed to
      be carried with owner in the carriages:-
      Length 100 cms., Breadth 60 cms., Height 25 cms.
   b)    Luggage of larger dimensions are to be carried only in brake – van.

5. Timely booking of luggage. Luggage intended to be booked by rail should be presented at the
   luggage office at least half an hour before the advertised departure time of the train.

6. Despatch of luggage by any particular train not guaranteed.-Although every endeavour will be made
   to despatch the luggage by the same train with the owner, but Railways do not guarantee its
   transportation by the same train or its delivery within any definite time or period.

7. Maximum weight and dimension of parcel / luggage accepted for despatch :- Bulky surcharge is
   applicable only on packages above 100 Kgs or exceeding 1 mtr .x 1 mtr. x 0.7 mtr. in outside
   measurement. Packages exceeding any one of the dimensions specified will be treated as bulky even
   though the actual weight is less than 100 Kgs on volumetric basis. However if one of the dimensions
   is exceeded by 10% of the prescribed measurement but weight is within 100 Kgs, it will not be
   treated as bulky. Bulky surcharge will be leviable at double the normal rate.

8. Articles not accepted as luggage. The following articles will not be booked as luggage
i)     Offensive articles such as wet skins, hides etc. other than the skins of wild animals securely
       packed in air-tight boxes at owner's risk.
ii)    Explosives, dangerous, inflammable articles and empty gas- cylinders.
iii)   Bulky articles of any description chargeable on measurement will not be accepted as luggage and
       “no free allowance” will be given on such bulky articles.
iv)    Oil, grease, ghee, paint etc., if carried in packages which might by contact, breakage or leakage,
       damage other articles.
v)     All varieties of dry grass and leaves, and waste paper.
vi)    Dead poultry and game.
vii)   Acids and other corrosive substances enumerated in chapter VI of IRCA Red Tariff.

   1.    Dangerous and inflammable articles vide (ii) above do not include safety base cinematography
      films which may be carried/ booked as luggage in passenger trains under usual conditions.
   2.    Empty gas cylinders shall not be carried in passenger compartments as luggage, although the
      same may be booked in brake-van.
   3.    Safety Cartridges may be carried in a compartment or carriage in which passengers are

                               5. FACILITIES AT THE STATIONS
                                                    - 167 -
5.1 Platform Tickets
i)     Only the passengers holding journey tickets are admitted to the stations platforms. At certain
       important stations, a limited number of persons, who are not passengers, may be permitted to
       enter the platform on purchase of platform tickets. This is subject to the availability of
       accommodation on the platform.
ii)    A platform ticket costs Rs. 3.00 and is valid for two hours from the time of issue. No refund is
       permitted on unused platform tickets.
iii)   A passenger, unable to procure the journey ticket for want of time but intending to travel by a
       train may purchase a platform ticket at the station where platform tickets are sold and approach
       the Guard/Upper Class Conductor for the issue of the Guard's Certificate which will enable the
       passenger to have a journey ticket issued en-route without paying any penalty.

5.2 Removal from railway premises of persons who are not bonafide passengers
    The Railway administration may exclude and, if necessary, remove from the station platforms or any
    part of the railway premises, any person who is not a bonafide passenger or having no business
    connected with the Railway and any person who, having arrived at a station by train and having no
    business connected with the railway, refuses to leave the railway premises, when required to do so.

5.3 Holding of political meeting
    Holding of political meetings is prohibited on any part of the railway premises.

5. 4 Waiting Rooms
i)     Waiting rooms at stations are intended only for the use of bonafide passengers, waiting for or
       arriving by trains, for short duration. Passengers arriving by night trains may remain in the
       waiting room until morning. Similarly, outward passengers travelling by night trains may remain
       there till the departure of their trains.
ii)    Some waiting rooms are reserved for the exclusive use of lady passengers. Northern Railway
       also provides some staying and resting accommodation in Retiring Rooms and at Rail Yatri
       Niwas. For information on this please see section on „Retiring Rooms‟.

5.5 Licensed porters
i)     Licensed porters are available at all important stations for carrying luggage of passengers. These
       Licensed porters are not railway employees but are licensed by the Railway and must be paid the
       local authorised charges.
ii)    The charges applicable for each station are displayed at a conspicuous place. Every licensed
       porter is supplied a red shirt and turban for identification. He must also wear on his arm a brass
       badge on which his license number is engraved. Licensed porters, not wearing of arm badges,
       should not be engaged.
iii)   Complaints of over charging or misbehaviour etc. against licensed porters should be made to the
       Station Master on duty quoting the licensed number engraved on the badges.
iv)    The existing charges for License Porters revised are indicated below:-
                                                                     Porterage          Waiting charges
                                                                     charges per trip   after 20 minutes
 Name of Stations                                                    for 40 Kg. and     for every half an
                                                                     below (for first   hour or part there
                                                                     20 minutes)        of
                                                   - 168 -

 For head load and /or hand load for luggage upto 40 Kg.                 Rs.9/-              Rs.9/-
(A):- New Delhi, Delhi, Hazarat Nizamuddin, Subzi Mandi, Delhi
Kishanganj, Sahibabad, Delhi Sarai Rohilla, Delhi Cantt, Delhi
Shahdara, Ghaziabad, , Rae Bareilley, Ayodhya, Faizabad, Akbarpur,
Shahganj, Jaunpur, Kashi, Bhadohi, Barabanki, Janghai, Pratapgarh,
Sultanpur, Phaphamau, Prayag, Unnao, Ambala Cantt, Jammu Tawi
and Amritsar Jn.
                                                                     Porterage          Waiting charges
                                                                     charges per trip   after 30 minutes
Name of Stations                                                     for 40 Kg. and     for every half an
                                                                     below (for first   hour or part there
                                                                     30 minutes)        of .
(B):- Lucknow, Varanasi                                                  Rs.11/-             Rs.11/-
(C):- Moradabad, Najibabad, Hapur, Nagina, Gajraula, Hardoi,             Rs.10/-             Rs.10/-
Dehradun, Shahjahanpur, Rishikesh, Bareilley, Chandausi, Haridwar,
Laksar, Balamau, Sitapur, Rampur, Roorkee, Kotdwar
(D) Lucknow(From Northern Railway to North Eastern Railway and             Rs.13/-           Rs.13/-
vice versa
(E) Attari                                                                 Rs.18/-           Rs.18/-
(F) Rest of the stations excluding stations mentioned in A, B, C, D &       Rs.7/-           Rs.7/-
 For other than head and /or hand load above 40Kg.( for all stations)
(A) Carriage of luggage on small two-wheeled wheel barrow/ trolley Rs. 15/- for each    Rs.15/- for each of
with luggage weighing upto 2 quintals handled by two Licensed of two Licensed           two       Licensed
Porters : For all stations except Lucknow, Varanasi, Rae Bareli, Porters                Porters
Ayodhya, Faizabad, Akbarpur, Shahganj, Jaunpur, Kashi, Badohi,
Barabanki, Janghai, Partapgarh, Sultanpur, Phaphamau, Prayag,
Unnao, Moradabad, Najiabad, Hapur, Nagina, Gajraula, Hardoi,
Dehradun, Shahjehanpur, Rishikesh, Bareilly, Chandausi, Haridwar,
Laksar, Balamau, Sitapur, Rampur, Roorke, Kotdwar.
Moradabad, Najiabad, Hapur, Nagina, Gajraula, Hardoi, Dehradun, Rs. 20/-for each        Rs.20/-for each of
Shahjehanpur, Rishikesh, Bareilly, Chandausi, Haridwar, Laksar, of two Licensed         two       Licensed
Balamau, Sitapur, Rampur, Roorke, Kotdwar.                            Porters           Porters
Lucknow, Varanasi, Rae Bareli, Ayodhya, Faizabad, Akbarpur, Rs. 19/-for each            Rs.19/-for each of
Shahganj, Jaunpur, Kashi, Badohi, Barabanki, Janghai, Partapgarh, of two Licensed       two       Licensed
Sultanpur, Phaphamau, Prayag, Unnao                                   Porters           Porters

                                                                     Porterage          Waiting charges
                                                                     charges per trip   after 30 minutes
Name of Stations                                                     for 40 Kg. and     for every half an
                                                                     below (for first   hour or part there
                                                                     30 minutes)        of .
(B) Carriage of luggage on large four-wheeled wheelbarrow/ trolley Rs.25/- for each Rs.25/- for each of
with luggage weighting upto 2 quintals handled by two Licensed of two Licensed two            Licensed
Porters for all stations except: Rae Bareli, Ayodhya, Faizabad, Porters             Porters
Akbarpur, Shahganj, Jaunpur, Kashi, Badohi, Barabanki, Janghai,
Partapgarh, Sultanpur, Phaphamau, Prayag, Unnao, Moradabad,
Najiabad, Hapur, Nagina, Gajraula, Hardoi, Dehradun, Shahjehanpur,
Rishikesh, Bareilly, Chandausi, Haridwar, Laksar, Balamau, Sitapur,
Rampur, Roorke, Kotdwar.
                                                               - 169 -
 Moradabad, Najiabad, Hapur, Nagina, Gajraula, Hardoi, Dehradun, Rs.30/- for each Rs.30/-for each of
 Shahjehanpur, Rishikesh, Bareilly, Chandausi, Haridwar, Laksar, of two Licensed two                    Licensed
 Balamau, Sitapur, Rampur, Roorke, Kotdwar.                                 Porters             Porters
 Lucknow, Varanasi, Rae Bareli, Ayodhya, Faizabad, Akbarpur, Rs.31/- for each Rs.31/-for each of
 Shahganj, Jaunpur, Kashi, Badohi, Barabanki, Janghai, Partapgarh, of two Licensed two                  Licensed
 Sultanpur, Phaphamau, Prayag, Unnao                                        Porters             Porters
 (C) Charges for carriage on Wheel Chair and Stretcher (for all stations)
 Carriage of sick/ disabled person on stretcher or on Wheel Chair, Porterage will be as follows:
    Group A & C Stations         Rs. 18/- for first 30 minutes per Licensed Porter engaged
    Group B Stations             Rs. 23/- for first 30 minutes per Licensed Porter engaged
    Group D Stations             Rs. 25/- for first 30 minutes per Licensed Porter engaged
    Group E Stations             Rs. 36/- for first 30 minutes per Licensed Porter engaged
    Group F Stations             Rs. 14/- for first 30 minutes per Licensed Porter engaged
Note :
i)     Waiting Charges will be of same amount, after expiry of first 30 minutes, for every half an hour
       or part thereof.
ii)    On Group A stations, the waiting charges will accrue after expiry of the first 20 minutes of
       engagement of the Licensed Porter. On Group B & C stations, the waiting charges will accrue
       after expiry of first 30 minutes of engagement of the Licensed Porter.
iii)   There will be no waiting charges for first 20 minutes of engagement at stations under Group A.
       Similarly there will be no waiting charges for first 30 minutes of engagement at stations under
       Group B & C.
iv)    Porterage per trip for 40 Kg. and below, generally requires one Licensed Porter only.

3.1 Cloakroom & Locker
i)     Passengers may leave their luggage in the Cloakroom up to a maximum period of one month on
       payment of the following charges:-
                                                                         Cloak Room                      Locker
        For first 24 hours or part thereof                 Rs.10/- per package        Rs.15/-
        For next 24 hours or part thereof                  Rs.12/- per package        Rs.20/-
        For each subsequent 24 hours or part thereof       Rs.15/-per package         Rs.25/-
    Only those articles, which are properly secured and locked, are accepted in the cloakroom. Articles
     remaining in a Cloakroom for a longer period i.e. more than one month are treated as „unclaimed
                                   6.1 Retiring Rooms: Another passenger amenity provided at several important stations over
                                   Northern Railway is AC and Non-AC Retiring rooms and Dormitories, which can be
                                   booked on „first come first serve basis‟ on payment of prescribed charges. These serve as
                                   transit accommodation for passengers. Only those holding a valid ticket for and
                                   inward/outward journey are eligible to apply for the use of the Retiring Rooms and
                                   Dormitory Beds.
                                    Application form are available with the Station Managers/ Matron in charge
                                   of the Retiring Room/ Dormitories. You are also required to present your
                                   journey tickets along with the completed Application Form.
The Station Managers/ Matron, based on availability will allot the rooms/beds. The genuineness of the passengers holding the
ticket, will be verified prior to the allotment of rooms/beds. You will also be required to pay the stipulated charges, before the
keys of the room are handed over, or the bed number in the dormitory is intimated to you.
Retiring rooms are normally reserved for a period of 24 hours. At some stations, these can be booked for 12 hours also.
Booking of the retiring rooms is done at the station, where it is located. In case the retiring rooms is occupied for more than
                                                               - 170 -
one day, the charges for the subsequent days will be 25% more for each day. Normally retiring room is not allotted for more
than two days. Details of the Retiring Rooms available at different stations may be seen in the table below:
   S     Name of       No. of retiring rooms                                                       No. of beds Charges per bed
 No       station                                                                                          i                 of
                                                                                                           n               dormit
                                                                                                           d               ory in
                                                                                                           o                Rs.
                                                        Charges of retiring rooms in Rs.                   r
                       Double        Other category      Double bedded         Other category
                     AC     Non-     AC      Non-       AC        Non- AC     AC        Non-AC
                             AC              AC
  1.      Amritsar    1      3       NA      NA       200/- for   100/- for   NA          NA        NA                NA
                                                      24 hours    24 hours
  2.     Anandpur    NA        2     NA       NA        NA          200/-     NA          NA        NA                NA
          Sahib                                                     300/-
  3.     Ayodhya     NA        2     NA       NA        NA          100/-     NA          NA        NA                NA
  4.      Amethi     NA        1     NA       NA        NA          100/-     NA          NA        NA                NA
  5.      Abohar     NA        2     NA       NA        NA        100/- for   NA          NA        NA                NA
                                                                  24 hours
  6.      Ambala      1         1    NA       NA      300/- for     200/-     NA          NA         06             50/- for
                                                      24 hours     24Hrs.                                           24 hours
  7.      Bhatinda   NA        2     NA       NA        NA        100/- for   NA          NA        NA                NA
                                                                  24 hours
  8.     Baijanath   NA        1     NA       NA        NA        60/- per    NA          NA        NA                NA
          Paprola                                                  bed 24
  9.      Bhadoi     NA        1     NA       NA        NA          100/-     NA          NA        NA                NA
 10.       Beas       2        2     NA       NA       200/-      100/- for   NA          NA        NA                NA
                                                                  24 hours
 11.       Barog     NA        3     NA       NA        NA        100/- for   NA          NA        NA                NA
                                                                  24 hours
 12.      Bareily    NA        4     NA       NA        NA        160/- for   NA          NA         8          50/- for 24 hours
                                                                  24 hours
 13.    Chandigarh    1        1     NA       NA       200/-        100/-     NA          NA        NA                NA
                                                      24 hours    24 hours
 14.       Delhi     NA        11    NA       NA        NA          250/-     NA          NA     30 delux 40       75/-24Hrs
                                                                   24Hrs.                          ordinary        40/-12Hrs
                                                                    150/-                                          60/-24Hrs
                                                                   12Hrs.                                          30/-12Hrs
 15.     Dharampur   NA        2     NA       NA        NA          100/-     NA          NA        NA                NA
         Himachal                                                 24 hours
 16.       Dhuri     NA        1     NA       NA        NA          100/-     NA          NA        NA                NA
                                                                  24 hours
 17.     Dehradun    NA        2     NA       NA        NA        200/- for   NA          NA         8          75/- for 24 hours
                                                                  24 hours                                           per bed

 S       Name of          No. of retiring rooms                                                  No. of beds    Charges per bed
 No       station                                                                                          i                of
                                                                                                           n             dormit
                                                                                                           d              ory in
                                                                                                           o               Rs.
                                                        Charges of retiring rooms in Rs.                   r
                      Double         Other category      Double bedded         Other category
                     AC    Non-      AC      Non-       AC        Non- AC     AC        Non-AC
                            AC               AC
                                                              - 171 -
18.    Ferozpur      NA       1     NA      NA      NA         100/-24     NA      NA      NA                NA
19.    Faizabad      NA       1     NA      NA      NA           100/-     NA      NA       6            30/- per bed
20.     Hazarat      NA       2     NA      NA      NA           250/-     NA      NA      NA                NA
      Nizamuddin                                                24Hrs.
21.    Haridwar      NA       8     NA      NA      NA         150/- for   NA      NA       20         60/- for 24 hours
                                                               24 hours                                 35/- for 12 hrs
                                                               80/- for
                                                               12 hours
22.     Hardoi       NA       1     NA      NA      NA        50/-24 hrs   NA      NA      NA                NA
                                                                per bed
23.     Joginder     NA       1     NA      NA      NA         60/- per    NA      NA      NA                NA
         Nagar                                                    bed
24.   Jammu Tawi     2        4     NA      NA    320/-24      200/-24     NA      NA       12         50/- for 24 hours
                                                   hours         hours                                  25/- for 12 hrs
25.    Jallandhar    1        3     NA      NA    200/-24      100/-24     NA      NA       16              50/- per bed
          City                                     hours         hours
26.     Jaunpur      NA       2     NA      NA      NA           100/-     NA      NA      NA                NA
27.      Kalka       NA       2     NA      NA      NA         100/-24     NA      NA       4                75/-
28.   Kanda Ghat     NA       1     NA      NA      NA         100/-24     NA      NA      NA                NA
29.    Kotdwar       NA       1     NA      NA      NA         50/- per    NA      NA       NA               NA
30.   Kurukshetra    NA      NA     NA      NA      NA            NA       NA      NA       8          40/- for 24 hours
                                                                                                        20/-for 12 hrs
31.    Ludhiana      2        2     NA      NA    320/-24      200/-24     NA      NA       NA                NA
                                                   hours        hours
32.    Lucknow       4        4     1-      NA    400/-24      250/-24     450/-   NA       51         50/-24Hrs. 30/-
                                   AC              hours        hours      24hrs                           12Hrs.

33.     Laksar       NA      NA     NA      NA      NA           NA        NA      NA       6          20/- for 12 hrs.
                                                                                                       30/- for 24 hrs.
34.    Meerut city   NA       1     NA      NA      NA          80/-       NA      NA       4          30/- 24 hrs. 20/-
                                                               24Hrs.                                       12 hrs
35.    Muzzafar      NA      NA     NA      NA      NA          NA         NA      NA       4           30/-24Hrs 20/-
        Nagar                                                                                               12Hrs
36.    Moradabad     NA       5     NA      NA      NA        160/- for    NA      NA       14               50/-
                                                              24 hours
37.    Najibabad     NA       1     NA      NA      NA        50/- per     NA      NA      NA                NA
                                                               bed 24
38.   New Delhi      4        6     NA      NA      450/-       250/-      NA      NA      NA                NA
                                                   24Hrs.      24Hrs.
                                                 250/-12Hrs     150/-
39.    Pathankot     3        5     NA      NA    200/-24     100/-24      NA      NA      NA                NA
                                                   hours       hours

S      Name of           No. of retiring rooms                                          No. of beds    Charges per bed
No      station                                                                                   i                of
                                                                                                  n             dormit
                                                                                                  d              ory in
                                                                                                  o               Rs.
                                                    Charges of retiring rooms in Rs.              r
                                                                  - 172 -
                       Double        Other category      Double bedded           Other category
                      AC    Non-     AC      Non-       AC        Non- AC     AC          Non-AC
                             AC              AC
 40.    Partapgarh    NA      1      NA       NA        NA          100/-     NA            NA      4    30/- for 24 hrs.
 41.     Patiala      NA     1       NA       NA        NA        100/-24     NA            NA      NA         NA
 42.     Rampur       NA     1       NA       NA        NA        50/- per    NA            NA      NA         NA
 43.    Roorkee       NA     1       NA       NA        NA        50/- per    NA            NA      NA         NA
 44.   Raebarelliey   1      1       NA       NA      150/- for     100/-     NA            NA      4     30/- per bed
                                                      24 hours     24Hrs.
 45.    Shahganj      NA     1       NA       NA        NA          100/-     NA            NA      NA         NA
 46.   Saharanpur     NA     4       NA       NA        NA        100/-24     NA            NA      NA         NA
 47.      Solan       NA     1       NA       NA        NA        100/-24     NA            NA      NA         NA
 48.   Summer Hill    NA     2       NA       NA        NA        100/-24     NA            NA      NA         NA
 49.     Shimla       NA    10       NA       NA        NA        300/-24     NA            400/-   NA         NA
 50.   Shahjanpur     NA     2       NA       NA        NA        50/- per    NA            NA      NA         NA
 51.    Varanasi      2       6       AC      NA      350/- for   200/- for   350/-         NA      53   50/-24Hrs. 30/-
                              (3     Delux
                           single)   Doubl            24 hours    24 hours    24hrs                          12Hrs.
                                     e bed                          150/-     200/-
                                                                   single     12hrs

6.2 Rail Yatri Niwas.
    In addition to the retiring room facilities, exclusive independent rooms & dormitory accommodation
    are available in seven storied Rail Yatri Niwas located on the Ajmeri Gate side of New Delhi Station.
    The Rail Yatri Niwas provides for independent double bedroom with attached bath at Rs. 450/-,
    double bedroom with common bath Rs. 385/-. Single bedroom (common bath) at Rs. 265/- per room
    and double bedded AC room with attached bath at Rs. 850/- per room (Tariff inclusive of breakfast).
    Similarly, accommodation in dormitories is available on daily tariff of Rs. 135/- per bed (Tariff
    inclusive of breakfast) depending upon different facilities. The Rail Yatri Niwas is also provided
    with a restaurant which caters to Indian and Western food and Snacks between 7.30 hours to 22.30
    hours at reasonable rates.
    The facility of Rail Yatri Niwas is available to rail passengers on advance reservation could be done
    by sending full amount of the required accommodation by money order in the name of Chief
    Manager. Rail Yatri Niwas, at New Delhi Railway Station or demand draft in favour of FA & CAO/
    Northern Railway. {(Checkout / Check in time: 9 AM) Phone Number 011- 23233484, 23233561

                                 7. DUTIES OF PERSONNEL ON TRAINS
To make your rail travel comfortable and hassle-free, the Northern Railway have assigned various
categories of personnel on trains. These personnel are assigned specific duties. Given below is the list of
the personnel and their duty chart. In addition, on most of the trains, maintenance staff for electrical
fittings including Air-conditioning, mechanical fittings and sanitation, and, catering services etc. are also
available on board for attending to passenger‟s needs. Please feel free to request them for assistance.
                                                      - 173 -

1.      Duties of Train Conductor
i)      To ensure that passengers are evenly distributed specially in first and second class compartments
        on the train preventing over crowding in any carriage or compartment. He will exercise tact and
        firmness in dealing with unruly passengers
ii)     To attend to complaints regarding disproportionate occupation of space by passengers or their
iii)    To accommodate passengers and their luggage joining at road side stations enroute.
iv)     To ensure that safaiwalas and other staff provided at stations for sanitation and cleanliness of the
        compartment attend to the carriage on the trains.
v)      To awaken passengers who may have expressed their desire to be called at stations where they
        may alight during night‟.
vi)     To check and ensure that all door bolts, window latches and throw over latches of the side door of
        ladies compartments and sanitary fittings are in working order, and water tanks are duly filled and
        not leaking.
vii)    To ascertain from the upper class passengers their requirements for meals and advise the stations
viii)   To guide and assist upper class passengers joining at intermediate stations in finding
        accommodation in the compartment where room be available for them.
ix)     To furnish correct information to the passengers regarding arrival of the train at stations and
        timings of the connecting trains at stations on demand by the passengers.
x)      To carry bilingual FIR forms to be given to passengers in case train theft/robbery during train
        journey etc.
xi)     To check the amenities, take note of deficiencies regarding cleanliness, availability of water in the
        toilets, electric fittings, supply of bed rolls, catering service and quality of food during the run of
        the train and get them rectified as far as practicable.

2. Duties of the Coach Attendant (Ist class)
i)     To be present in the coach half an hour before the departure of the train and check that all internal
       fittings in the coach, provided for the convenience and safety of passengers are intact and in
       working order, and that the water tanks have been filled and all fittings for supply and use of
       water in the bathrooms are in good working order.
ii)    To carry the list of passengers travelling in his coach and accommodate passengers joining en-
       route under the direction/supervision of the Conductor/Guard of the train.
iii)   To keep the compartment latched when the train is on the run and open them for occupation as
       and when required.
iv)    To prevent entry of unauthorised passengers in the coach including the corridor.
v)     To assist passengers in obtaining food, information and look after their convenience generally.
vi)    To ensure that bathrooms, compartment corridors, washbasins and mirrors are cleaned by the
       safaiwala at regular intervals.
vii)   To attend personally to minor electrical/ mechanical defects developing in the coaches and call
       maintenance staff concerned for attending to a major repair.
viii) To check tickets of passengers, when they first enter the coach to occupy a berth/seat, in absence
       of TTE/Conductor.
ix)    To wake up needy passengers during night.
x)     To keep the berths and seats of compartment clean at regular intervals by personally dusting
                                                    - 174 -
xi)     To ensure that the end doors of the vestibule trains are kept locked between 22.00 and 6.00 hrs. to
        prevent outsiders entering the coach.
xii)    To appear in proper uniform and wear name badge.
xiii)   To keep a close watch on the corridors of the coach from the attendants seat particularly during
        night time.
xiv)    To arrange supply & collect the travel bags under the guidance of the conductor.
xv)     To conduct general check of the vacant cabins immediately after their being vacated by
        passengers and subsequently after every half an hour till they remain vacant to ensure that
        everything is in order in cabins.
xvi)    To carry FIR forms in bilingual and to hand over the same to passengers in case of theft, dacoity
        or robbery.
xvii)   To wake up passengers who may have expressed their desire to be called at station where they
        may alight during the night. (On request)

2.      Duties of Coach Attendant (In AC Coach)

i)      To be present before departure at the starting station, where no maintenance staff is provided. He
        should be available for cleaning of the coach and check that all internal fittings in the coach
        provided for the convenience and safety of passengers are intact and in working order and that
        water tanks have been filled and all fittings for supply and use of water in the bathrooms are in
        good working order.
ii)     To appear in proper uniform and wear his badge, to be easily identified by the travelling public.
iii)    To carry a list of passengers travelling in his coach and accommodate passengers joining en-route,
        under the direction supervision of the Conductor/Guard of the train.
iv)     To check tickets of passengers when they first enter the coach to occupy the berth/seats in the
        coach, if TTE/Conductor/Guard is not there to exercise the check.. He must not allow any person,
        without proper tickets/Pass to occupy accommodation available in the coach, at the entry in the
v)      To lock all doors of the coach except one towards platform before departure of the train.
vi)     To prevent entry of beggars, hawkers and other unauthorised persons inside the coach specially in
        the corridors and to keep the corridors and space near bathroom free from all obstructions.
vii)    To ascertain from all the passengers their requirements of meals and refreshments and ensure that
        meal orders are conveyed to Catering staff.
viii)   To ensure that the bathrooms compartments, corridor, washbasin and mirror are cleaned by
        SAFAIWALA at intervals specially at large stations.
ix)     To keep a watch on the corridor of the coach from the attendant's seat, particularly during night
x)      To carry containers cans to supply water to passengers en-route in SUMMER SEASON. As far
        as possible cold water from water coolers should be filled and replenished.
xi)     To attend such other duties as ordered by the ACC/Conductor/Guard.
xii)    To assist the AC coach in-charge in the rectification of minor faults in the equipment en-route.
xiii)   To assist ACC-1 in performance of his duties.
xiv)    To carry room freshener/insect repellent during the course of journey in case it is desired by the
xv)     To supply linen and blankets to the passengers and to collect the same before arrival at the
xvi)    To wake up passengers who may have expressed their desire to be called at station where they
        may alight during the night. (On request)
                                                     - 175 -

4.   Duties of Sleeper Coach T.T.Es
i)     To be present in front of their allotted coaches 30 minutes before, from the schedule departure of
       the train at originating station along with reservation charts and regulate the entry of the bonafide
ii)    To regulate the occupation of the coach and ensure that the number of passengers travelling in the
       coach does not exceed the marked carrying capacity during day or night. There must be no
       crowding in these coaches at any time during the journey.
iii)   To obtain at the starting station complete particulars of reservations made in the coach and
       maintain complete entries in respect of occupation of berth/seats on the run and hand over to his
       reliever complete and correct details, clearly indicating the berth/seats that are vacant and are
       available for allotment.
iv)    To check the tickets of passengers in the coach, guide them to their berths/seats and prevent
       unauthorised persons from entering the Coach or persons holding platform tickets who come to
       see off or receive passengers, except when they do so to help entering sick/infirm or and
       passengers, and lady passengers or children unaccompanied by a male passenger.
v)     To realise the fare/surcharge/reservation charges etc. wherever required.
vi)    To ensure that heavy items of luggage are not taken inside the coach.
vii)   To allot berths/seats which are vacant to passengers on demand at intermediate stations on
       realisation of fare surcharge as per rules of' first come, first serve' basis or according to the
       priority on the waiting list.
viii) To ensure that berths/seats exclusively set aside for ladies are allotted to ladies only and shall
       prevent men from occupying such accommodation.
ix)    If any intending passenger desires to know the number of berths/seats vacant he shall furnish the
       information to the passengers.
x)     To arrange for the filling up of water containers where provided, during the stoppages of the train.
xi)    To pay prompt attention to all complaints from passengers in regard to non-working of fans,
       lights, taps etc. and take necessary remedial action to get them rectified.
xii)   To ensure cleanliness and watering of the carriage and ensure that the safaiwalas are deputed to
       clean the coach at intervals.
xiii) To ensure that the doors of the coach are kept latched when the train is on the move and open
       them up for passengers as and when required.
xiv) To ensure that the end doors of vestibule trains are kept locked between 22.00 and 06.00 hrs. to
       prevent outsiders entering the coach.
xv)    To carry the list of his duties for information of the travelling public.
xvi) To carry bilingual FIR forms for giving to passengers in case of theft robbery or dacoity etc.
xvii) Ticket checking staff should ensure possession of time table, distance table and fare table during
       duty hours for furnishing some enquired information to the travelling public.
xviii) To prevent entry of beggars, unauthorised passengers and hawkers.
xix) While on duty, no staff should be in state of intoxication. Intoxication is punishable under section
       172 of Railway Act.
xx)    Ticket checking staff manning trains should ensure proper manning of trains upto destination
       station as per link decided by competent authority and should not get off in between without
       completing journey.
xxi) To wake up passengers on request who wants to get down at intermediate station at night.

                             8. RAIL TRAVEL CONCESSIONS
                                                                - 176 -
Handicapped/Disabled Persons & Patients
        Category of Persons          Percentage of       Specific Travel Conditions   Authority on which Concession is
        Eligible for Concessions     Concessions                                      allowed
   No                                   IInd/SL
   1.   Completely blind             75 %                                             Prescribed certificate issued by
        persons travelling alone        75%                                           Govt. doctor/Registered Medical
        or with an escort.                               None                         Practitioner/ Head of the Institutions
                                     (75%                                             for Blind recognised by Ministry of
                                     concession in                                    Welfare/ Govt. of India or Social
                                     AC Chair car                                     Welfare Deptt. of the State Govt.
                                     and AC 3Tier                                     concerned (Names of such
                                     and 50%                                          Institutions are shown in Appendix
                                     concession In                                    1/12 of IRCA Coaching Tariff No.
                                     AC Ist class AC                                  24, Pt.I (Vol.II).
                                     II tier class)
                                     Note : 50%
                                     concession In
                                     Ist/ IInd class /
                                     monthly /
                                     season ticket
                                     fares, is also
                                     allowed to such
                                     blind persons (
                                     travelling alone
                                     or with an
                                     escort), subject
                                     to certain
   2.   Deaf & dumb persons          50 %                   None                      Prescribed certificate from a Govt.
        (both afflictions together      50%                                           doctor.
        in the same person)
        travelling alone.            Note: 50 %
                                     concession in
                                     Ist/ IInd class
                                     /Monthly /
                                     season ticket
                                     fares, is also
                                     allowed to such
                                     deaf & dumb
                                     persons (both
                                     together in the
                                     same person)
                                     subject to
                                                            - 177 -
3.   Mentally retarded           75%      75%        None                           Prescribed certificate from a Govt.
     persons (who can not                                                           doctor.
     travel without an escort)   (75%
     accompanied by an           concession in
     escort.                     AC Chair Car
                                 and AC 3Tier
                                 concession In
                                 AC Ist class &
                                 AC II tier class)
                                 Note: 50 %
                                 concession in
                                 Ist / IInd class
                                 /Monthly /
                                 season ticket
                                 fares, is also
                                 allowed to a
                                 retarded person
                                 & his escort,
                                 subject to
4.   T.B. & Lupus Vulgaris       75%                 Travelling for Treatment/      Prescribed certificate issued by
     patients travelling alone     75%               periodical check-up or         officer in- charge of a recognised
     or with an escort.                              admission in a recognised      T.B. Hospital/ Sanatorium.
                                                     hospital/ sanatorium &
5.   Cancer Patients             75% in second       Travelling for treatment/      Prescribed certificate issued by
     travelling alone or with    class, sleeper      periodical check-up or         officer in- charge of a recognised
     an escort.                  class, Ist class,   admission in a recognised      Cancer Hospital/ Institute.
                                 AC 3 tier & AC      hospital/Institute & return.
                                 Chair Car. 50%
                                 in 2AC & 1AC
6.   Non-Infectious leprosy      75%                 Travelling for treatment/      Prescribed certificate issued by
     patients.                     75%               periodical check-up or         officer in- charge of a recognised
                                                     admission in a recognized      leprosy Hospital/ clinic/ Institute.
                                                     leprosy hospital/ clinic/
                                                     Institute & returning.
                                                            - 178 -
7.   Orthopaedically             75%        75%      None                           Prescribed certificate from a Govt.
     handicapped persons/                                                           doctor.
     paraplegic patients, who    Note: 75 %
     can not travel without      concession in
     the assistance of an        AC-3 Tier & AC
     escort (& accompanied       Chair Car. 50%
     by an escort).              concession in
                                 AC 2 Tier & AC
                                 Ist class.
                                 50 %
                                 concession in
                                 Ist/ IInd class
                                 /Monthly /
                                 season ticket
                                 fare, is also
                                 allowed to
                                 patients & their
                                 escorts, subject
                                 to certain
8.   Ostomy Patients who         50 %     50%        None                           Prescribed certificate from officer
     have been operated for                                                         incharge of a recognized cancer
     cancer & wear special       Note: The                                          hospital/ institute or a Govt.
     appliances (ostomy          concession is                                      hospital.
     bags) to collect body       allowed in
     waste.                      Monthly/
                                 season ticket
                                 fares only. No
                                 concession is
                                 admissible on
                                 single journey
9.   Thalassaemia major          75% in second       Travelling for treatment /     Prescribed certificate from officer
     disease patients            class, sleeper      periodical check-up or         in-charge of a recognized hospital.
     travelling alone or with    class, Ist class,   admission in a recognised
     an escort.                  AC 3 tier & AC      hospital & return.
                                 Chair Car. 50%
                                 in 2AC & 1AC
10   Heart surgery:- Heart       75% in second       Travelling for heart surgery   Prescribed certificate from officer
     Patients travelling alone   class, sleeper      in recognised hospital &       incharge of a recognized hospital.
     or with an escort.          class, Ist class,   return.
                                 AC 3 tier & AC
                                 Chair Car. 50%
                                 in 2AC & 1AC
                                                              - 179 -
   11    Kidney patients when       75% in second          Concession will be           Prescribed certificate from officer
         traveling alone or with    class, sleeper      admissible for return also     incharge of a recognized hospital.
         an escort for              class, Ist class,   after dialysis and kidney
                                    AC 3 tier & AC        transplant operation.
         (i) Dialysis               Chair Car.
         (ii) Kidney transplant      50% in 2AC &
         operation to recognized    1AC

Sports Persons/Artistes/Scouts & Guides/St. John Ambulance/Voluntary Organisation                                     Part – B
         Category of Persons        Percentage of       Specific Travel Conditions     Authority on which Concession is
         Eligible for Concessions   Concessions                                        allowed
   No                                  IInd/SL
   1.    Sports Persons             50 %         75%       75%
                                                        Travelling to participate in   Certificate from Hony. Secretary /
                                                        State/ All India/ National/    Registrar of University: Deputy
                                    50 % for State &    International tournaments      Secretary (sports) Association of
                                    All India           held or recognised by State    Indian Universities, New Delhi:
                                    tournaments         or Education Boards or         Hony. Secretaries of All India
                                    75% for             Universities & State /All      Sports Associations & their State
                                    National &          India sports Associations      units; Secretaries of Olympic
                                    International       including Olympic              Association / State Olympic
                                    tournaments         Association                    Committees.
                                    held in India..                                    Note: Names of All India Sports
                                                                                       Associations are shown in
                                                                                       Appendix 1/45 of IRCA Coaching
                                                                                       Tariff, No. 24, Pt.I Vol. II)
   2.    Artists                                        Travelling to participate in   Certificate from Central Sangeet
                                                        specific performance           Natak Akademe/ State Sangeet
   (a)   Bonafide Professional      50%      75%        sponsored or approved by       Natak Akademe or certificate from
         entertaining companies                         Central State Sangeet          Deptt. of Youth Affairs & Sports,
         or parties, such as                            Natak Academe or Deptt.        Ministry of Human Resource
         theatrical, music &                            of Youth Affairs & Sports      Development .
         dancing troupes &                              (Ministry of Human Resource
         magician troupes.                              Development).

   (b)   Student -artistes of       50%        75%      Travelling to participate in   Certificate from National School of
         National school of                             specific performance.          Drama, New Delhi.
         Drama, New Delhi.
   (c)   Amateur artistes           50%        75%      Travelling to participate in   Certificate from Civil Authorities of
         (theatrical concert,                           specific performance.          the place where performance will
         music & dancing                                                               be given, to the effect that (a) the
         troupes).                                                                     performance is exempted from
                                                                                       payment of entertainment tax. (b)
                                                                                       an undertaking from organisers
                                                                                       that the performance will be either
                                                                                       free of any entrance fee or if the
                                                                                       entrance is regulated by sale of
                                                                                       tickets , the net sale proceeds will
                                                                                       be donated to a recognized
                                                                  - 180 -
                                                            Travelling to participate in
 (d)   Bonafide professional           50%       75%        specific performance              Certificate from Deptt. Of Youth
       circus artistes/ parties.                            sponsored or approved by          Affairs & Sports, Ministry of Human
                                                            Deptt. of Youth Affairs &         Resource Development through
                                                            Sports (Ministry of Human         Indian Circus Federation.
                                                            Resource Development).
       Bharat scouts & girl            NA        50%        Travelling for scout or guide     Prescribed certificate from Scouter
 3.    guides/ boy scouts &                                 duty in groups of not less        or Guider countersigned by
       girl guides in uniform.                              than four.                        Secretary / Commissioner of the
                                                                                              National Headquarters or of the
                                                                                              State Head quarters or Distt.
                                                                                              Commissioner of State.
       Members of St. John             NA        25%        Travelling to participate or      Prescribed certificate from
 4.    Ambulance Brigade or                                 organise and manage a St.         respective Secretary or Assistant
       Relief Welfare                                       John Ambulance                    Commissioner, St. John
       Ambulance Corps.,                                    competition or to attend          Ambulance Brigade or Staff
       Kolkata                                              their camps.                      Officer, Organisation Relief
                                                                                              Welfare Ambulance Corps. Kolkata
       Volunteers of Service           NA        25%        Travelling to attend camps        Prescribed certificate from the
 5.    Civil International                                  & on official business.           representative, Service Civil
                                                                                              International or Secretary of their
                                                                                              Branch in India.

Students/Nurses/Teachers/Unemployed Youths/Kisans/Senior Citizens                                                                   Part-C
       Category of Persons             Percentage of        Specific Travel Conditions        Authority on which Concession is
 S     Eligible for Concessions        Concessions                                            allowed
 No                                    Ist
 1.    (a)   Students up to the        NA          50%      Travelling (i) between            Concession order on prescribed
             age of 25 years (27                            hometown and place of             Proforma signed by the head of
             years in case of          Note:-               education, (ii) to appear in      the educational institution
             Scheduled Castes/         Monthly/Quarter      examinations of recognised        concerned.
             Schedule Tribes) of       -ly season
             schools of all kinds                           educational institutions (iii)
                                       tickets at           educational tours in groups       Note: Concession order books are
             which are recognised      concessional                                           available for sale to recognised
             by the education                               of not less than ten.
             department of the
                                       rates are also                                         School/Colleges educational
             state in which the        issued to such                                         institutions at cost price, from the
             schools are situated      students subject                                       office of Divisional Railway
             and also students of      to certain                                             Manager concerned.
             all educational           conditions.
             institutions recognised
             by the Central
             Government (Ministry
             of Education)

 (b)   Boys students studying in       Note:- Free          To commute daily between the      These free MSTs will be issued
       the classes up to 10th          monthly season       stations serving their place of   subject to the conditions applicable for
       standard and girl students      tickets (MSTs) for   residence and school.             issue of MSTs to students.
       studying in classes up to       second class only.
       12th standard.                  These free
                                       student MSTs are
                                       issued up to 150
                                       Kms. These free
                                       student MSTs will
                                       not be valid for
                                       travel in any
                                                      - 181 -
2.   Trained/ Student                NA   25%      Travelling on leave or on    Prescribed certificate from Secretary
     Nurses & Midwives.                            duty                         Trained Nurses Association of India,
                                                                                New Delhi, or Civil Surgeon, Principal
                                                                                of a state hospital/Institution
                                                                                recognised by the civil authorities or
                                                                                Secretary/Registrar or other principal
                                                                                executive officer of any of the state
                                                                                Nurses Registration Council in India
                                                                                recognised by the state Government
                                                                                concerned and from the
                                                                                suprintendents in the care of students
                                                                                Nurses/Missives undergoing training in

     Teachers & Principals of
3.   recognised primary &            NA   25%   Travelling for educational      Prescribed certificate from Head
     secondary schools, in                      tours.                          Master/ Mistress/ Principal/
     groups of not less than four.                                              District Inspector of Schools/
                                                                                District Education Officer/ Sub-
     Note: The facility of rail
     travel concession is also                                                  Divisional Education Officer.
     extended to individual
     teachers for educational
     tours subject to the
     condition that in their case
     the requisite certificate is
     produced from the District
     Educational Officer
     concerned / nearest
     educational authority even
     of the rank of a local
     inspector of the
4.   Unemployed youth upto           NA   50%   Travelling to attend            Attested copy of the (i) Call letter
     the age of 35 years.                       interview for a job in public   from the organisation concerned
                                                sector organisation (where      indicating the date & place of
                                                travelling expenses are         interview, & (ii) copy of the
                                                borne by candidate in full).    application form submitted by the
                                                                                candidate to the organisation
                                                Note: Public Sector             concerned.
                                                Organisation will mean &
                                                include Central/ State          Note: The documents concerned
                                                Government offices,             must be attested by a Gazetted
                                                statutory bodies, municipal     officer of Central/ State
                                                corporations Government         Government or a Magistrate or
                                                undertakings, Universities      Member of Parliament or Member
                                                or public sector banks.         of Legislative Assembly/ or
                                                                                Member of Legislative Council/
                                                                                Sarpanch / Tahsildar.
5.   Kisans                          NA   25%   Travelling in groups of not     Prescribed certificate from District
                                                less than twenty (20) to        Magistrate or Deputy
                                                visit country’s river valley    Commissioner/ District Agricultural
                                                and         other   national    Officer/ Block Development
                                                projects/ industrial and        Officer of the area.
                                                agricultural exhibition at
                                                national level.
                                                            - 182 -
6.   (a) Senior citizens (Men   30% concession       None                         No certificate is required at the
     & Women) 60 years of       in Mail/express                                   time of purchasing ticket.
     age and above              fares of all                                      (However during journey they
                                classes and all                                   should carry some documentary
                                inclusive                                         proof showing their age or date of
                                composite fares                                   birth issued by any Government
                                of                                                Institution/Agency/Local Body, like
                                Rajdhani/Shata                                    Identity Card, Ration Card, Driving
                                bdi group of                                      License, Passport, Educational
                                trains.                                           Certificate, certificate from Local
                                                                                  Bodies like
                                                                                  Municipality, or any other
                                                                                  authentic and recognized
                                                                                  Photocopy of the identity card
                                30% concession                                    issued by the Ministry of home
     (b) Police personnel of    is granted in                                     affairs, Govt. of India, New Delhi
     60 years and above         basic                None
     who have received          Mail/Express
     President’s Police         fares of all
     medal for distinguished    classes and in
     service                    the fares of
                                bdi trains

7.   People of unorganised      Second class         None                         The prescribed certificate issue by
     sector like Vegetable      low value                                         Member Parliament /Member
     vendors, domestic          Monthly Season                                    Legislative Assembly / District
     helpers, Agricultural      Tickets (MSTs)                                    Magistrates /Sub Divisional
     labour, Construction       of Rs.15/- only.                                  Officer/ Block Development
     workers etc. having a                                                        Officers. or any other certificate
     monthly income of less     NOTE:-                                            issued under poverty alleviation
     than Rs.400/-              These MSTs                                        schemes.
                                will be issued
                                upto a distance
                                of 100kms.
                                Only. These
                                MSTs will be
                                issued for
                                second class
                                only and will not
                                be valid to travel
                                by ail/Express

National Award Winners/Widows of Defence Service & Police Personnel                                        Part-D
S    Category of Persons         Percentage of       Specific Travel Conditions    Authority on which Concession is
 No Eligible for Concessions     Concessions                                                    allowed
                                  Ist IInd/SL
     (a) Teachers honoured      NA           50%     None                         Photocopy of Identity Card issued
     with National Award by                                                       by the District Education Officer of
     President of India on                                                        the State Government concerned.
     Teacher’s Day.
                                                               - 183 -
         (b) Industrial workers      NA           75%      None                         Photocopy of Identity Card issued
         honored with the Prime                                                         by Ministry of Labour, Government
         Minister’s Shram Award.                                                        of India.
         (c)Either of the parents    NA           50%      None                         Photocopy of Identity Card issued
         (only               one)                                                       by the Indian Council for Child
         accompanying the child      Note :- Children                                   Welfare to the child recipient of
         recipient of National       recipients       of                                National Bravery Award.
         Bravery Award.              National
                                     Bravery Award
                                     are eligible for
                                     totally       free
                                     travel           in
                                     class till they
                                     complete       the
                                     age of 18 years.
                                     For this purpose
                                     cheque passes
                                     are issued to
                                     the Children by
                                     the     Divisional
                                     Manager/        or
                                     office of the
                                     Zonal Railway’s
                                     Concessions to
                                     the parent are
                                     admissible only
                                     when he/she is
                                     the child.

         (d) Widows of Martyrs of
         ‘Operation Vijay’ in 1999                         None                         Photo copy of Identity Card. Cards
                                     NA 75%
         in Kargil                                                                      issued by Dist. Sainik Boards,
                                                                                        Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India.
         (a) Widows of Defence       NA           75%      None                         Photocopy of identity card issued
         personnel killed in war.                                                       by District Sainik Boards, Ministry
                                                                                        of Defence, Government of India.
         (b) Widows of I.P.K.F.      NA           75%      None                         Photocopy of identity card issued
         personnel      killed in                                                       by District Sainik Boards, Ministry
         action in Sri Lanka.                                                           of Defence, Government of India
         (c)     Widows         of   NA           75%      None                         Photocopy of identity card issued
         policemen/ para military                                                       by Superintendent of Police or
         personnel    killed    in                                                      Deputy Commissioner of Police
         action against terrorists                                                      concerned and in the case of
         and extremists.                                                                CRPF, Additional Deputy Inspector
                                                                                        General of Police/Commandant/
                                                                                        Asstt. Director of CRPF.

Allopathic Doctors                                                                Part-E
   S      Category of Persons          Percentage of       Specific Travel Conditions    Authority on which Concession is
    No        Eligible for              Concessions                                                   allowed
             Concessions             Ist IInd/SL Class      Class
                                                                        - 184 -
    1.    MBBS allopathic doctors for   10% in basic             None                              Copy of registration certificate with the
          rendering free medical        Mail/Express fares of                                      Indian Medical Council with Doctor’s
          assistance to passengers      all classes in                                             declaration form for rendering Medical
          during journey.               reserved coaches. In                                       assistance to needy passengers during
                                        case of                                                    journey.
                                        n Shatabdi group of
                                        trains, concession
                                        will be admissible in
                                        their all inclusive
                                        fares without any
                                        minimum distance of
                                        travel & irrespective
                                        of number of doctors
                                        in any train.
Accredited Press Correspondents
                                                                                                       Part – F
   S     Category of Persons              Percentage of                 Specific Travel              Authority on which Concession
   No    Eligible for Concessions         Concessions                   Conditions                   is allowed
                                          Ist        IInd/SL
                                          Class      Class
    1.   Press Correspondents 1.              1. 50% concession          Travelling for bonafide     Coupon books are issued from the
         accredited to headquarters of basic Mail/Express fares of       press related work.         station serving the Capital
         the Government of          all classes. Concession is not                                   headquarters of State
         India/districts/state      admissible in other                                              Government/District Headquarter
                                    surcharges e.g. reservation
         Goverments/Union territories                                                                concerned on production of the
                                    fees, supplementary                                              prescribed certificate from (i) Deputy
                                    surcharge on superfast trains,                                   Principal Information Officer,
                                    safety surcharge etc.                                            Government of India, in the case of
                                                                                                     correspondents accredited to the
                                          2. 30% concession in all                                   headquarters of the Government of
                                          inclusive fares of                                         India; (ii) from Director of Publicity, in
                                          Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Jan                                      the case of Correspondents
                                          Shatabdi group of trains.                                  accredited to headquarters of State
                                          Concession is, however,                                    Governments/ Union Territories
                                          not admissible in safety                                   concerned and (iii) from the District
                                          surcharge.                                                 Public Relations Officer or the
                                          3.Concession of any                                        Collector of the District concerned in
                                          other type shall not be                                    the case of Correspondents
                                          admissible in exchange                                     accredited to District headquarters.
                                          of these coupons.
                                          Note:- (i)The coupon
                                          books are valid for issue
                                          of tickets for all classes.
                                          However, these coupons
                                          are not valid for
                                          purchase of season
                                          (ii) Concessions are
                                          issued for unlimited
                                          travel in a year.

1.   The Holder of a concession ticket will note be permitted to change the ticket to a higher class
     even by paying the difference of actual fares. However, the categories of persons eligible for
     concessions in first class can purchase tickets for AC 2-tier also on payment of the first class
     concessional fare plus difference of actual fares of AC 2-tier and first class.
2.   Escort accompanying the patient/person mentioned in S.No. A-1, 3,4,5,7,9 and 10 is entitled to
     same concession indicated against each category.
                                                     - 185 -
3.      In the case of categories of persons mentioned in S.No.. B-2, 3,4,5 and C-2, 3,5 the concession
        will be admissible subject to a minimum distance of 300 KMs. For the remaining categories of
        persons, this distance restriction will not apply.
4.      Categories of persons/patients mentioned in S.No. A-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 , B-4, C-1,4,6,7, D-1, 2
        and E can avail their concessions straight away from stations, booking/reservation offices by
        producing necessary documents.
5.      Categories of persons indicated in S.No. B-1, 2,3, 5 and C-2, 3,5 should approach the Divisional
        Railway Manager‟s office concerned which after verifying the eligibility of the persons, will
        issue necessary authorisation letter. On the basis of the authorisation letter, Station Manager,
        Booking/reservation office will issue concessional tickets.
6.      The Proforma of certificates for categories mentioned in S.No.A-1,2,3,7 and F-1 are available
        at stations as well as railway offices including headquarters office for supply to needing persons.
7.      Categories of persons/patients mentioned in S.No. A-1,2,3,7,8 and C-7 should produce original
        certificate and a photocopy of the same at the time of purchasing the ticket. Original certificate
        will be inspected by booking clerk and photocopy will be retained as station record.
8.      Categories of persons mentioned in S.No. C-6 (B) , D-1, and 2 should produce identity card at the
        time of purchasing the ticket for inspection by booking clerk. The Identity Card should also be
        kept and produce to the ticket checking staff, if demanded during journey.
9.      All concessional fares shall be calculated on the basis of fares for Mail/Express trains irrespective
        of the type of train i.e. Mail or Express or passenger, by which the passenger travels.
For further details, kindly contact the Station Manager of the nearest Railway Station. In case of
difficulty, the Sr.Divl.Comml.Manager of the railway division concerned may also be contacted.
10.     “Modified Scooter” and motorised Tri wheeler moped will be allowed free when carried in the
        same train in which the orthopadically handicapped person is travelling.
11.     In respect of only item nos. C-6, E-1 & F-1 concession is allowed in Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Jan
        Shatabdi Express trains. Other concessions are not allowed in Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Jan Shatabdi
        express trains.

     Arjuna awardees, Gallantry Awardees (recipients of Param Vir Chakra, Ashok Chakra,
     Mahavir Chakra, Kirti Chakra, Vir Chakra & Shaurya Chakra) and widows of such
     Posthumous Awardees/Police Medal Awardees and Licensed Porters(Coolies) are issued
     complimentary passes. The complimentary passes are issued by the office of Divisional Railway
     Manager concerned as well as headquarters office of Northern Railway. First class/2AC
     complimentary card passes issued to Param Vir Chakra, Mahavir Chakra & Vir Chakra
     awardee is valid for travel in 2AC and 3 AC of Rajdhani Express and Chair Car of Shatabdi/Jan
     Shatabdi Express Trains along with a companion in the same class.

The aforementioned information does not substitute the IRCA Coaching tariff No.24, part I (Volume –II)
– „Railway Concession‟ and IRCA coaching tariff No.25 Part I (volume –I) which contain detailed
information, prescribed proformas /formats and certificates needed for getting rail travel concessions.
Railway stations have copies of these Coaching Tariffs for reference only. It can also be purchased from
the General Secretary, Indian Railway Conference Association (IRCA) Chelmsford Road New Delhi-55

                                                                                  - 186 -

          Distance Restriction in booking of passengers & Restrictions on Season Ticket holders on certain trains over Northern Railway.

1.     Northern Railway has imposed certain restrictions on booking of passengers in general second class unreserved coaches and on season ticket
       holders. These restrictions are in the form of 'minimum distances' for which tickets have necessarily to be purchased.
2.     If a passenger wishes to travel by a train governed by a distance restriction, he may do so by paying minimum fare for first station located beyond
       restricted distance, where the train has a commercial halt.
3.     If a passenger is detected travelling by a 'distance restricted train' with a short distance ticket, he will be charged difference of fare. (Fare paid minus
       fare payable I.e minimum for first station situated beyond restricted distance, where train has a commercial halt ) plus penalty as per rules.
4.     Season Ticket holders are allowed to travel in Mail/Express trains in unreserved compartments but not in restricted trains. The distance restrictions
       will also apply to Season Ticket holders except relaxation given to Season Ticket holders in certain Mail/Express trains. The restriction will also apply
       to Ist class, ST holders as well. It is also advised that as a policy railway is withdrawing 1st class coaches in trains.
               Restriction on second class unreserved ticket holders.                                    Restriction on Season Ticket Holders
Train No.& name     Holding IInd class tickets             Exception                  Holding 1st class season                          Exception
                 booked for distances/station or                                               tickets
2903/2904 Golden 300 Kms between New Delhi-      IInd class (unreserved) ticket    Restricted between Mathura-                         No exception
Temple Mail      Amritsar-New Delhi              holders permitted to travel       New Delhi-Amritsar
                                                 between Meerut city to New
                                                 Delhi & back
2311/2312        200 kms between Delhi-                  Not permitted             Restricted between Delhi-        First class MST / QST holders only are permitted in
Howrah-Delhi     Mugalsarai-Delhi                                                  Mugalsarai                       IInd class unreserved coaches on payment of
Kalka Mail                                                                                                          superfast charges between Delhi & Aligarh.

3005 / 3006          300 Kms between Moradabad-              Not permitted          3006 Restricted between                            No exception
Howrah-Amritsar      Ludhiana-Moradabad                                             Amritsar-Moradabad
Mail                                                                                3005 Restricted between
4229 / 4230          200 Kms between Lucknow-New        IInd class ticket holders   4229 Restricted between                            No exception
Lucknow Mail         Delhi-Lucknow                    permitted to travel ex. Hapur Lucknow - New Delhi 4230
                                                         to New Delhi and back      Restricted between New Delhi-
4033 / 4034          200 Kms between Panipat-                 Not permitted         Restricted between                                 No exception
Jammu Tawi Mail      Ludhiana-Panipat                                               Panipat - Jallander-Panipat

2381/2382 Poorva 400 Kms between Mugalsarai-                 Not permitted         Restricted between Mugalsarai-                      No exception
Exp.             New Delhi-Mugalsarai                                              New Delhi-Mugalsarai

               Restriction on second-class unreserved ticket holders.                                    Restriction on Season Ticket Holders
Train No.& name    Holding IInd class tickets                 Exception               Holding 1st class season                          Exception
                 booked for distances/station or                                               tickets
2303/2304 Poorva 400 Kms between Mugalsarai-                 Not permitted         Restricted between Mugalsarai-                      No exception
      Exp.           New Delhi-Mugalsarai                                              New Delhi-Mugalsarai
 2419/2420 Gomti        200 Kms between Aligarh-             Not permitted           Restricted between Aligarh-                       No exception
       Exp.                  Kanpur-Aligarh                                                Kanpur-Aligarh

2553/2554 Vaishali     200 Kms between Barabanki-            Not permitted         Restricted between Barabanki-                       No exception
       Exp.                New Delhi-Barabanki                                          New Delhi-Barabanki
    4055/4056          400 kms between Mugalsarai-           Not permitted         Restricted between Mugalsarai-                      No exception
 Brahamputra Mail            Delhi-Mugalsarai                                              Delhi-Mugalsarai
    8475/8476          300 Kms between Mugalsarai-           Not permitted         Restricted between Mugalsarai-                      No exception
  Neelachal Exp.           New Delhi-Mugalsarai                                        New Delhi-Mugalsarai
5621/5622 NE Exp.      400 Kms between Allahabad-            Not permitted          Restricted between Allahabad-                      No exception
                           New Delhi-Allahabad                                          New Delhi-Allahabad
      2133/2134       500 Kms between Mumbai CST-            Not permitted          Restricted between Lucknow-                        No exception
     Pushpak Exp.         Lucknow-Mumbai CST                                         Mumbai Central-Lucknow
                                                                                   - 187 -
2159/2160 Gwalior     500 Kms between Gwailor-     Passengers holding IInd class     Restricted between Howrah-              No exception
 Howrah Chambal            Howrah-Gwailor            tickets permitted to travel           Gwailor-Howrah
      Exp.                                         between different stations on
                                                        Gwailor - Allahabad -
                                                         Mugalsarai section
   2401 /2402        300 Kms between New Delhi -            Not permitted                    Not permitted                   No exception
Shramjivi Express         Patna - New Delhi
3073/ 3074 Himgiri   400 kms between Mugalsarai-          Not permitted             Restricted between Mugalsarai-           No exception
     Express             Ludhania- Mugalsarai                                            Ludhania- Mugalsarai

 2815/ 2816 New      400 kms between Mugalsarai-          Not permitted             Restricted between Mugalsarai-           No exception
Delhi Puri Express      New Delhi- Mugal sarai                                          New Delhi- Mugalsarai

    The Indrail pass is an „As You Like‟ travel ticket exclusively for foreign tourists and Indian nationals,
    residing abroad. This ticket allows passengers to travel wherever, they want, within specific time
    period, at an all-inclusive fare. The Indrail Pass can be paid for only in US dollars, Pound Sterling &
    Euro Currency.
2. The following are eligible for getting an INDRAIL pass:
i)       Foreign tourists
ii)      Indian Nationals residing abroad on valid passport.
iii)     Indian spouse of foreign tourists
iv)      Guide accompanying foreign tourists.
INDRAIL pass is available at the following locations:
i)   General Service Agents (GSAs) appointed by Indian Railways in countries the world over:
     Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, U.K. and
ii)  Select reservation centres at New Delhi, Varanasi, Jodhpur, Bangalore City, Chennai Central,
     Rameshwaram and Trivendrum Central and also with Railway Tourist Agents at Bangalore and
                                                                    Validity period and Fare Structure: Fares (in US dollars)
                            Period of                     1A                   FC 2A, 3A, CC                         SL II
                                                 Adult         Child          Adult             Child          Adult    Child
                               ½ day                57           29             26                13             11        6
                               1 day                95           47             43                22             19       10
                               2 days              160           80             70                35             30       15
                               4 days              220          110            110                55             50       25
                               7 days              270          135            135                68             80       40
                              15 days              370          185            185                95             90       45
                              21 days              396          198            198                99            100       50
                              30 days              495          248            248               126            125       65
                              60 days              800          400            400               200            185       95
                              90 days             1060          530            530               265            235      120
           The fares notified are subject to revision.

4. Tips on booking of Indrail Pass:
                                                    - 188 -
i)     All eligible passengers can avail of foreign tourists‟ special quotas on several trains in nominated
       classes as provided. Manager, International Tourist Bureau at New Delhi Railway Station may be
       contacted for any assistance in this regard.
ii)    Passengers should produce their valid passports before purchasing tickets.
iii)   The pass can also be purchased in Indian currency. For this a production of a currency exchange
       certificate by a Nationalised bank is essential.
5.  Refund on Indrail Pass booking:
i)      FULL REFUND in Indian currency will be granted, if:
     a)    An unused Indrail Pass ticket on which no advance reservation has been made, is surrendered
        before commencement of the first journey.
     b)    An unused ticket with confirmed reservation is surrendered more than two days in advance
        (excluding the date of journey).
ii)     PARTIAL REFUND will be granted for unused Indrail Pass tickets surrendered less than 2 days
        in advance but up to the date of commencement of first journey refund deducting 10% as
        cancellation charges.
iii)    NO REFUND will be granted on:
     a)    Partially used Indrail Pass tickets.
     b)    Lost Indrail Pass tickets.
     c)    Difference in fare due to travel in a lower class.
     d)    Unused Indrail Pass tickets surrendered after the first day of validity, on which no advance
        reservation has been made.

                           11. CIRCULAR JOURNEY TICKETS
Standard Circular Journey Tickets with effect from 1.4.2003. The fares for Standard Circular Journey
Tickets are mentioned below:-

1. New Delhi (via Mathura) Mumbai Central-Marmagoa-Bangalore City-Mysore Bangalore City-
    Udagamandalam- Thiruvananthapuram Central - KanniyaKumari (via Renigunta)-New Delhi.
Total Distance 7550 Kms.                                                                 Fares in Rupees
                                 AC-2T   Ist Class Sleeper Class IInd Class
                                 M./Exp. M./Exp.       M./Exp.         M./Exp.
                           Adult  5504     4828          1210            756
                           Child  2752     2414           605            378
         Valid for 56 days                       Issuing Stations : New Delhi/Hazrat Nizamuddin.

2. NewDelhi-Vijayawada-ChennaiCentral-BangaloreCity-Guntakal-Wadi-Hyderabad               Deccan-Mumbai
   CST-Ratlam-New Delhi.
            Total Distance 5540 Kms.                                           Fares in Rupees
                                  AC-2T   Ist Class Sleeper Class IInd Class
                                 M./Exp. M./Exp.        M./Exp.        M./Exp.
                          Adult    4720     3758          1050           656
                          Child    2360     1879           525           328
3. Valid for 41 days                              Issuing Stations: New Delhi/Hazrat Nizamuddin.Amritsar
   (via Panipat)-New Delhi-Katni-Bilaspur-Nagpur-Jalgaon-Bhopal-Jhansi-New Delhi-Amritsar.
    Total Distance 4020 Kms.                                                           Fares in Rupees
                                  AC-2T   Ist Class Sleeper Class IInd Class
                                 M./Exp.   M./Exp.       M./Exp.        M./Exp.
                          Adult    4162     3034           926           578
                          Child    2081     1517           463           289
                                                         - 189 -
          Valid for 31 days.                                          Issuing Station : Amritsar
4. New Delhi- Kanpur Central- Mughalsarai- Chamagram – New Jalpaiguri- Guwahati-Chamagram -
   Howrah-Gomoh-New Delhi.
    Total Distance 4584 Kms.                                                          Fares in Rupees
                                AC-2T   Lst Class Sleeper Class IInd Class
                                M./Exp. M./Exp.        M./Exp.        M./Exp.
                         Adult   4360     3196           970             606
                          Child  2180     1598           485             303
        Valid for 34 days                       Issuing Stations : New Delhi/Hazrat Nizamuddin
5. Jammu Tawi-Dehradun-Lucknow-Varanasi-Allahabad-Jhansi-Agra Cantt.-New Delhi (via Panipat)
   Amritsar-Jammu Tawi
      Total Distance 3052 Kms.                                                          Fares in Rupees
                                  AC-2T            Sleeper Class
                                             lst Class              IInd Class
                                  M./Exp.    M./Exp.  M./Exp.         M./Exp.
                       Adult       3496        2550     778            486
                       Child       1748        1275     389            243
          Valid for 24 days                                    Issuing Station: Jammu Tawi
6. New Delhi-Chennai Central (via Vriddhachalam)-Rameshwaram-Madurai-Tirunelveli-Kaniya Kumari-
   Thiruvananthapuram Central-Udagamandalam (via Banglore City)Hyderabad Daccan-New Delhi.
      Total Distance 6980 Kms.                                                          Fares in Rupees
                                  AC-2T    lst Class     Sleeper Class      IInd Class
                                  M./Exp.  M./Exp.          M./Exp.           M./Exp.
                            Adult  5224       4502            1162              726
                            Child  2612       2251             581              363
                Valid for 52 Days                 Issuing Station : New Delhi/Hazrat Nizamuddin.
7.    Jallandhar City (via Panipat)-New Delhi-Vadodara-Ahmedabad-Bhavnagar-Porbandar-Okha-Ajmer-
      New Delhi Jallandhar City.
       Total Distance 4056 Kms.                                                              Fares in Rupees
                                   AC-2T    lst Class    Sleeper Class      IInd Class
                                   M./Exp.  M./Exp.          M./Exp.         M./Exp.
                            Adult   4180       3048            930              582
                            Child   2090       1524            465              291
              Valid for 31 Days                                      Issuing Station : Jalandhar City.
8.    New Delhi- Manmad- Aurangabad- Nanded- Hyderabad Deccan-Bidar-Sholapur-Pune-Mumbai CST
      (via Ratlam)-New Delhi.
          Total Distance 4310 Kms.                                                           Fares in Rupees
                                   AC-2T    Ist Class     Sleeper Class     IInd Class
                                   M./Exp.  M./Exp.          M./Exp.         M./Exp.
                            Adult   4270       3114            950              594
                            Child   2135       1557            475              297
9.    Valid for 32 days                        Issuing Stations: New Delhi/Hazrat Nizamuddin.New Delhi-
      Kanpur Central-Varanasi-Puri-Howrah-Patna-Barauni-Muzaffarpur-Raxaul (via Lucknow)-New
       Total Distance 4410 Kms.                                                              Fares in Rupees
                                   AC-2T    lst Class    Sleeper Class      IInd Class
                                   M./Exp.  M./Exp.          M./Exp.         M./Exp.
                            Adult   4306       3140            958              598
                            Child   2153       1570            479              299
           Valid for 34 days                         Issuing Stations: New Delhi / Hazrat Nizamuddin.
10.   New Delhi-Lucknow-New Jalpaiguri -Dibrugarh Town-Dimapur-Silchar-Guwahati (via Chamagram)-
      Howrah-Gaya-New Delhi.
       Total Distance 5930 Kms.                                                              Fares In Rupees
                                                        - 190 -
                                AC-2T       Ist Class      Sleeper Class     IInd Class
                                M./Exp.     M./Exp.           M./Exp.         M./Exp.
                        Adult    4864         4025              1082            676
                        Child    2432         2013               541            338
        Valid for 44 days                               Issuing Stations: New Delhi/Hazrat Nizamuddin.

In addition to the Standard Circular Journey Tickets mentioned above, Circular Journey Tickets as per the
itinerary given by passenger are also issued by the stations.
The Circular Journey Tickets and Standard Circular Journey Tickets are governed by the following
i)      These tickets will be issued by the station concerned directly without any letter of authorisation
        from the Headquarters Office.
ii)     A maximum of 8 (eight)-break journeys will be admissible on these tickets.
iii)    At each break journey, the ticket should be endorsed by the Station Manager/Ticket Collector on
        duty, on arrival of at station. A similar endorsement should be obtained before commencement of
        journey from that station.
iv)     Return Journey on the shortest route or on a route up to 15% longer than the shortest route will
        not be treated as Circular Journey.

                                    12. SEASON TICKETS
     Quarterly and monthly season tickets for travel in Ist class and 2nd class between any two stations are
     issued subject to the following conditions. It is however, clarified that First Class coaches on trains
     are getting reduced gradually and are replaced by ACII/ACIII/AC chair Car coaches, on which First
     Class season tickets are not valid.
i)       Season tickets must bear the signature or thumb impression of the holder, in the absence of which,
         the ticket would be treated as invalid.
ii)      Season Ticket holders are issued an identity card by the Station issuing the season ticket and the
         season ticket is valid only with the identity card.
iii)     No alteration is permitted.
iv)      Season ticket holders are not permitted to travel in reserved coaches and the trains governed by
         distance restrictions.
v)       Season tickets are not transferable.
vi)      Season tickets can be issued for a maximum distance of 150 Kms.
vii)     Season tickets are issued up to 3 days in advance of the date of expiry of the earlier ticket.
viii) Luggage up to a maximum of 15 Kgs. in Ist class and 10 Kgs in 2nd class is permitted free of
         charge on one ticket.

   Season tickets to students are issued for First & Second Class up to the maximum distance of 150
   Kms. Bonafide students are entitled to certain concessions on season tickets. For this, refer to
   Chapter “Rail Travel Concessions”.

6. SEASON TICKET FOR CHILD (Children of five years of age and under Twelve years of age)
i)   Season ticket to children will be issued at half of the adult season ticket fare subject to the
     prescribed minimum charge.

                                  13. CATERING SERVICES
                                                              - 191 -
1. Catering facilities are available at about 350 stations of Northern Railway and on important long
   distance and inter-city trains for meeting the requirements of the passengers. For such on-board
   service, Train Conductor, Coach Attendant or other authorised staff may please be contacted.
       Tariff of Catering A-La-Carte items sold in the Pantry cars, Refreshment Room/Stalls (w.e.f 1.6.2003)
  (The rates are subject to change from time to time. They may be verified through the Train Conductor/Catering Manager)
       S.                Item               Static   Mobile        S.             Item               Static   Mobile
       No                                   (Rs.)     (Rs.)       No                                  (Rs.)    (Rs.)
       1.     Chicken curry 260gms per      32.00    34.00        2.    Mutton curry 225gms per       24.00   26.00
              plate (100gms chicken                                     plate (85gms mutton and
              pieces and 160gms gravy)                                  140gms gravy)
       3.     Mutton Roganjosh 275gms       32.00    34.00        4.    Mutton cutlets (2 pieces)    23.00    25.00
              per plate (125gms mutton                                  160gms. per plate
              and 150gms gravy)
       5.     Fried Fish with Chips         22.00    23.00        6.    Egg curry 240gms per         14.00    15.00
              135gms per plate (100 gms                                 plate(2 eggs and 150gms
              fish and 35gms fried chips)                               gravy)
       7.     Omelette (2 eggs) per plate   10.00    12.00        8.    Fried Egg (2 eggs) per       10.00    10.00
       9.     Poached Egg with one slice    12.00    13.00        10.   Matter Paneer 200gms         20.00    20.00
              (2 eggs per plate                                         per plate
       11.    Boiled Rice (Basmati)         10.00    11.00        12.   Allo Matar/Chole             12.00    13.00
              450gms per plate                                          225gms per plate
       13.    Veg. Pulao/Biryani 450gms     18.00    20.00        14.   Cornflakes with Milk         10.00    11.00
              per plate                                                 235gms per plate

       15.    Fruit Salad with cream        13.00    14.00        16.   Jam/Marmalade 25gms          03.00    03.00
              110gms per plate (Fruit                                   per portion
              Salad 100gms and 10gms
       17.    Butter chiplet (10gms)        03.00    03.00        18    Bread Slice (large pieces)    2.00     2.00
       19.    Sharbat 250ml per glass       05.00    06.00        20.   Squash 250ml per glass        6.00     6.00
       21.    Kheer (Rice/Semeye)           10.00    11.00        22.   Green salad 150gms per       10.00    10.00
              140gms per plate                                          plate
       23.    Boiled Egg (2 No)             08.00    08.00        24.   Custard Plain 140 gms         8.00     8.00
                                                                        per plate
       25.    Vegetable Cutlet 2 pcs        10.00    12.00        26.   Idli with Sambhar             8.00     8.00
              150gms per plate                                          (220gms) (100gms idli &
                                                                        120gms sambar)

       S.                Item               Static   Mobile        S.             Item               Static   Mobile
       No                                   (Rs.)     (Rs.)       No                                  (Rs.)    (Rs.)
       27.    Sada Vada with Sambhar        08.00    08.00        28.   Masala vada with               8.00    8.00
              (150gms) (50gms Vada &                                    Sambhar (180gms)
              100gms sambar)                                            (60gms vada & 120gms
       29.    Masala dosa with Sambhar      12.00    12.00        30.   Plain dosa with Sambhar      10.00    10.00
              (250gms) (70gms dosa,                                     (70gms dosa & 100gms
              80gms masala with 100gms                                  sambar)
       31.    Soup with bread slice (1      10.00    10.00        32.   Roast chicken with boiled    45.00    45.00
              piece) 150ml.                                             vegetable 350gms per
                                                                        plate (100gms chicken
                                                                        and 250gms boiled veg)
                                                           - 192 -
33.   Roast mutton with boiled       45.00       45.00         34.    Shami kabab (2 pcs)           20.00      20.00
      vegetable 350gms per plate                                      50gms each
      (100gms mutton and
      250gms boiled veg)
35.   Dry veg 165gms per plate       14.00       14.00         36.    Expresso Coffee               6.00        6.00
37.   Boiled veg 200gms per          10.00       10.00         38.    Chapati 25gms each            1.00        1.00
39.   Dal 165gms per plate           07.00       07.00         40.    Finger Chips 100gms           10.00      10.00
41.   Jodhpur Kachori 100gms         07.00       07.00         42.    Parantha 50gms each            2.00       2.00
43.   Rajma Curry 200gms per         08.00       08.00         44.    Curd plain 100gms per          4.00       4.00
      plate                                                           plate
45.   Shikanjivi 250ml per glass     05.00       05.00         46.    Roomali Roti 50gms each        2.00       2.00
47.   Veg. Burger (50gms             10.00       10.00         48.    Non Veg. Burger (65gms        15.00      15.00
      veg.Tikka)                                                      non veg.Tikka)
49.   Paneer Pakora 120gms (4        15.00       15.00         50.    Bread slice(small)            1.00        1.00
      pcs per plate)
51.   Vegetable S/wich (2 pcs)       10.00       10.00         52.    Palak Paneer                 15.00       15.00
53.   Stuffed Parantha               05.00       05.00         54.    Frooti (Tetra pack)          As per      As per
                                                                                                   MRP         MRP
55.   Tea in disposable cup 150      04.00       04.00         56.    Roasted Papad                02.00       02.00
      ml with tea bag in 170 ml
57.   Cold Drink                    As per      As per         58.    Dal kachori 30gms (1 pc)      4.00        6.00
                                    MRP         MRP
59.   Ice cream of short listed     As per      As per         60.    Kulche Chole (2               8.00       10.00
      brands                        MRP         MRP                   pcs)/100gms
61.   Biscuit                       As per      As per         62.    Potato Chips (pkt)           As per      As per
                                    MRP         MRP                                                MRP         MRP
63.   Namkeens (pkt)                As per      As per         64.    Glass of milk (200ml)         5.00        6.00
                                    MRP         MRP
65.   Milk Badam (200ml)            08.00       10.00          66.    Aloo Bonda (2 no.) /          6.00        6.00
                                                                      40gms each
67.   Gulab Jamun (40gms each)       04.50       05.00         68.    Maggi Noodles (100gms)        10.00      10.00
69.   Lassi Salt /Sweet (200ml.)     06.00       08.00         70.    Bread pakora 2 slice           9.00      10.00
71.   Dahi Vada (2 no. 150gms)       10.00       12.00         72.    Mineral water of short        10.00      10.00
                                                                      listed brand

 Revised Tariff for standard meals,breakfast, tea/coffee            Revised Tariff for standard meals, breakfast,
        etc. at stations effective from 1-06-2003                 tea/coffee etc. on trains effective from 1-06-2003
1.    Standard Tea 150 ml Readymade            3.00            1.     Standard Tea 150 ml Readymade in         03.00
      in 170 ml cup (disposable cup.)                                 170 ml cup (disposable cup.)
2.    Tea with tea bag- 150ml in disposable 4.00               2.     Tea with tea bag- 150ml in               4.00
      cup (170 ml) including tea dispensed                            disposable cup (170 ml) including
      through AVM (Automatic Vending                                  tea dispensed through AVM
      Machine)                                                        (Automatic Vending Machine)
3.    Coffee (using instant coffee powder)     5.00            3.     Coffee (using instant coffee powder)     5.00
      150 ml                                                          150 ml in disposable cup 170 ml
      in disposable cup 170 ml capacity                               including dispensed through AVM
      including dispensed
      through AVM
                                                               - 193 -
       4.     Tea in pots (285ml) + 2 tea bags         5.00        4.    Tea in pots (285ml) + 2 tea bags +2      5.00
              +2 sugar pouch with 2 disposable cups                      sugar pouch with 2 disposable cups
              of 170 ml capacity                                         of 170 ml capacity
       5.     Coffee in pots (285ml)+                  7.00        5.    Coffee in pots (285ml)+ 2 Coffee         7.00
              2 Coffee sachet +2 sugar pouch with 2                      sachet +2 sugar pouch with 2
              disposable cups of 170 ml capacity                         disposable cups of 170 ml capacity
       6.     Mineral water 1 litre bottle (chilled)   10.00       6.    Mineral water 1 litre bottle (chilled)   10.00
       7.     JANTA MEAL (In quality disposable        10.00
              card board boxes)                                                      Standard Breakfast
                            Standard Breakfast                     7.    Vegetarian                               17.00
       8.     Vegetarian                               17.00       8.    Non-vegetarian                           20.00
       9.     Non-vegetarian                           20.00                          Casserole Meals
       10.    Meals in Thalis (veg.)                   22.00       9.    Standard Vegetarian with packaged        30.00
                                                                         drinking water in sealed glass of 300
       11.    Meals in Thalis (Non-veg.)               27.00       10.   Standard Non-vegetarian with             35.00
                                                                         packaged drinking water in sealed
                                                                         glass of 300 ml.
   No separate catering charges are payable by passengers on Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express trains.
  While the Railway endeavours to supply meals strictly as per menu, however, due to exigencies of
   service or unavoidable circumstances, alternate items may be supplied.
 In their own interest, passengers are requested not to patronise unauthorised hawkers/vendors.
    Meals are normally served through the pantry cars and in refreshment rooms and restaurants during
    the following hours :-
                Morning Tea 06.00 to 08.00 hrs.
                Breakfast     08.00 to 1 0.00 hrs.
                Lunch         11.00 to 14.30 hrs.
                Afternoon Tea 15.00 to 17.30 hrs.
                Dinner 18.30 to 21.30 hrs.

To ensure proper and good quality catering services on the Railway, passengers are requested to :-
a) Place their orders for Meals well in advance with the Coach Attendant/ Conductor or Waiters in
    trains to facilitate information being sent to the serving station,
b) Insist on a cash memo for all catering services ordered and destroy the bill to prevent its fraudulent
c) Consult the menu and tariff cards displayed or available in all restaurants refreshment rooms
    and pantry cars,
d) Record their suggestions or complaints in the book maintained for this purpose in the refreshment
    rooms. The complaint book is also available with the train conductor and also with the pantry car
    manager. It may be called for at any time by the passengers.

1. Booking of Carriages/Tourist Cars
i)     Applications for the reservation of Carriages must be made through the Station Manager/Station
       Master to the Chief Passenger Transportation Manager/G, Operating Branch, Northern Railway
       Zonal Headquarters Office, Baroda House, New Delhi–110 001 (Phone No 011-23386958) giving
       details of destination, route to be followed, halts en-route and specific train to which the coach,
                                                       - 194 -
        saloon or Tourist car is to be attached, at-least 30 days in advance and not more than 6 months
        prior to the commencement of the journey. In case any party wishes to requisition a special
        coach, saloon, Tourist car at short notice i.e. less than 30 days notice, specific permission must be
        obtained for this from the Chief Passenger Transportation Manager. It will be sole discretion of
        the Railway administration to allot a special coach/saloon/Tourist car and programme its
        movement, depending upon the availability of coaches, paths and other operational
        considerations. The applications for the reservation of Metre Gauge carriages, other than tourist
        car, can also be addressed to Divisional Railway Manager, N. Railway, Bikaner or Jodhpur.
ii)     The minimum advance notice is counted from the date of receipt of application in the office of the
        Chief Operations Manager. All applications received will be dealt with in order of priority of
        their receipt.
iii)    The application should indicate complete itinerary including the dates, trains timings of arrival
        and departure at different stations, class of carriage/tourist car required and also full particulars of
        money receipts for the earnest money deposited by the applicant enclosing Photostat copy of the
        same, will be filled, without any reply to the party. The applicant should also categorically state
        in his application that he has not applied to any other Railway for the reservation of a Carriage /
        Tourist car for the same party. As far as possible the applicant will be given a final reply at least
        15 days in advance of the commencement of journey provided the application is received in
iv)     An amount of Rs. 10,000/- as registration charge-cum security deposit per coach / saloon / Tourist
        car will be payable at the station from where, the proposed journey will commence. Of this Rs.
        5000/- per coach will be retained as security deposit and Rs. 5000/- adjusted against the fare
        payable at the time of booking. The security deposit will be refunded by the Station Manager of
        the originating station on completion of the tour after adjusting any other amount of extra
        detention etc.
v)      If the requisition for special coach / saloons / tourist car is cancelled two days before the
        scheduled day of journey or earlier, 10% of the registration charge will be forfeited. If
        cancellation is done one day in advance (excluding the day of journey) and upto 4 hours before
        the scheduled departure of train, cancellation charge shall be 25% of the chargeable fare and if the
        journey is cancelled within four hours before the scheduled departure of the train or afterwards,
        the cancellation charge will be 50% of the chargeable fare.
vi)     The Deposit of the advance money by the party would be taken as his acceptance of all the rules
        and conditions as laid down by this Railway for the allotment and haulage of coaches including
        tourist cars.
vii)    Acceptance of advance deposit by this Railway will give no guarantee for the provision of
        Carriage of any particular type of capacity or a tourist car of any particular base station and also
        allotment of matching stock by other railway at break of gauge points wherever involved. The
        availability of carriages, including sleeper coaches, is very limited and this Railway may impose
        any restriction from time to time as necessary for allotment and haulage of the coaches.
        Similarly, no guarantee is given for the haulage of the coach/ tourist cars by any particular train
        either on this railway or on other Zonal Railway which depends upon the operational
        convenience, availability of room on trains and shunting facilities at various places of halt. In
        such cases party must be prepared to travel according to programme accepted by Northern
        Railway and other concerned Zonal Railways.
viii)   The carrying capacity of various type of coaches, which are normally allotted to public tourist
        parties on Northern Railway is as under:-
                           Type of Coaches                              Carrying Capacity
                B.G.             M.G.
                                                         - 195 -
                        First Class A.C. Coaches     18 berths     6 A.C.C. &
                             8 1st Class berths.
                        First Class Coaches 22 to 24 berths 16 to 23 berths
                        Second Class Coaches 76 to 80 Seats 64 to 68 Seats
                        Sleeper Class Coaches 72 to 75 berths      48 berths

       ix) Tourist cars generally have provision of bathrooms, kitchen and dining area.


i) Charges.
     a)    The charges for all classes of reserved carriages, will be computed point-to-point on the basis
        of full adult Mail/Express fares of the concerned class for the actual number of persons travelling
        or the marked carrying capacity of the coaches, whichever is more.
     b)    If the journey involves more than one gauge, the fare shall be calculated separately for both
        gauges on the carrying capacity of coaches or the actual number of persons travelling, whichever
        is higher.
ii) Payment.
     a)    The charges should be paid in full, 48 hours in advance of the departure of the train to which
        special coaches, saloons, tourist cars are to be attached, failing which it will be deemed that the
        running of the special coaches, saloons, tourist cars has been countermanded by the organisers.
        The entire registration charge- cum-security deposit will be forfeited in this case.
     b)    The minimum distance for charge of such coaches, saloons, tourist cars will be 500 kms
        separately for outward and return journey.
     c)    If extra passengers are carried, the charges will be levied pro-rata for the additional passengers
        declared at the starting station before or at the time of the commencement of journey. Extra
        passengers carried without payment at the starting station will be charged prorata and penalty
        charges recovered as per extant rules.
     d)    A service charge of 15 (Fifteen) percent only will be leviable.

iii)   Concession.
        a)   No concession will be allowed for booking of special coaches/saloons/ Tourist cars. Charges
           will be recovered in full, even for children, students, senior citizens, etc.

iv)    Empty haulage charges
        a)    Empty haulage charges will be levied for flat 200 kms. per coach for every journey organised
           by any party at the rates prescribed. If a special coach is run for a single journey, even then empty
           haulage charges will be collected. The rates of empty haulage (per K.M per coach) will be as
                                 A.C. Coach       Rs.16/-
                                 Partial A.C. Coach       Rs.14/-
                                 Non A.C. Coach           Rs.12/-
           Empty haulage is leviable for tourist cars/saloons from and to base station for the distance hauled
                                                      - 196 -
v)     Detention charges.
      a)  When special coaches/saloons/tourist cars are detained by the party at the starting, intermediate
       or destination station, detention charges will be levied without allowing free time at the rates
       indicated below :-
   b)     Rates per hour or part of an hour per bogie without allowing any free time subject to a
       minimum charge of Rs. 600/- are as under:
                                                             B.G. M.G / N.G
                             AC Coach          Rs.221/-         Rs.182/-
                             Partial A.C. Coach        Rs.163/-        Rs.130/-
                             Non AC Coach Rs.130/-              Rs.104/-
   a)     So far as the special customised caoches are concerned these detention charges are only
       leviable during the halts of the special customised coaches etc. at station at the request the parties.
       At station where the coaches are normally stopped for operational considerations halt+ 10 minutes
       (not exceeding 30 minutes) would be permitted for the convenience of the passengers for
       entraining and/or detraining will not be subject to this charge.
   b)     The detention charge will be reckoned from the time, the vehicle is made available for use
       until intimation is received that it is not required.
   c)     Once the coach is detained at a station at the request of the party, detention charges should be
       levied for the entire period of detention of the coach at the station even though a part of the
       detention may be due to waiting for attachment of the coach to the nominated train.
   d)     The vehicle will not be detained at the station of commencement of the tour beyond the
       scheduled departure time of the train by which it is to be hauled, unless request in writing is

vi)     Alteration in the programme of tour
      a)   Any change in the programme is also subject to prior approval of the Railway Administration
        and all charges due owing to the change should be paid in cash at the station concerned.
     b)    Requests for change in the date of commencement of journey will be permitted subject to the
        railway‟s right to accept or reject such changes but not more than once. When change in date is
        allowed and the carriage is utilised, the deposit will not be forfeited. Requests for change in the
        date beyond 10 days from the original date of commencement of journey will not be entertained.
        In cases where a tourist car is reserved and cancelled after commencement of the journey, refund
        will be granted in terms of extant rules. In the event of the car being detained for a longer time
        than that for which detention has been paid or the route being altered after the commencement of
        the journey, the extra detention or additional charge due by the route actually followed or both, as
        the case may be, should be collected at the station at which tour programme is being departed
        from; the sum so collected being accounted for under an excess fare receipt with suitable remarks
        as to the reason for the realisation of the amount. A note regarding the issue of this excess fare
        ticket must also be made on the original reserved accommodation ticket. Intimation regarding the
        amount collected on account of the altered tour programme must also be given to the Accounts
        Office of the Railway owning the car to permit of their claiming the extra detention charges, if
        any, due and also to the Accounts Office apportioning the loaded haulage affected by the
        alteration of the tour.
vii)    Railway Administration do not guarantee reserved accommodation –
     a)    whether seats, berths, compartments, coaches or carriages- by any particular train and will
        admit no claim for compensation for inconveniences, loss or extra expenses due to such
        accommodation not being provided or attached to trains by which asked for.
                                                      - 197 -
     b)    If the Railway Administration is not in a position to arrange the running of special coaches etc.,
        due to paucity of coaching stock or any other reason whatsoever, the amount of deposit fee will
        be refunded on application being made to the Chief Commercial Manager / Refund, 2nd
        Floor New Delhi station building, New Delhi and after surrendering the original money
The Station Manager of the journey originating station will accept the security deposit and grant refund
of the same, on deduction of all due charges including the excess detention charges. While granting
refund, the Station Manager will ensure personally that no undercharge is pending from the party and the
Coach/Saloon/Tourist car has been returned to Railways in sound condition.

1. Entering into a compartment reserved or resisting entry into a compartment not reserved
  (i)      If any passenger having entered a compartment, wherein no berth or seat has been reserved by
         Railway Administration for him or having unauthorisedly occupied a berth or seat reserved by
         Railway Administration for the use of another passenger, refuses to leave it ,when required to
         do so by any Railway Servant authorised on this behalf, such Railway servant may remove him
         or cause him to be removed with the aid of any other person from the compartment, berth or
         seat as the case may be and he shall also be punishable with fine of upto Rs.500.00 under the
         Railways Act.
  (ii)     If any passenger resists the lawful entry of another passenger into a compartment not reserved
         for the use of passenger resisting he shall be punishable with a fine of upto Rs.200.00 under the
         Indian Railways Act.

2.       Travelling on foot boards and on the roof of trains
      Passengers must not travel on footboards or on the roof of carriages. If a passenger even after being
      warned by a railway servant, persists in travelling on the roof, steps or foot-boards, or on the
      engine, or in any other part of the train not intended for the use of the passengers, he will be liable
      to be prosecuted under the Railways Act, punishable with imprisonment up to three months or with
      fine up to five hundred rupees or with both & may be removed from the railway by any railway
3.      Persons suffering from any infectious and contagious diseases
        The Railway Administration will not carry, except under prior special arrangements, persons
        suffering from any infectious and contagious diseases. Permission may be given for such
        arrangements being made, provided the passenger agrees to pay the requisite fares and charges for
        reserving an exclusive compartment for the journey.

4.        Tickets left behind
          When the ticket is left behind by the passenger, the Railway servant concerned will, on finding
          such ticket, inform the nearest convenient station giving full details.               The Station
          Superintendent/Station Manager of the station will, on receipt of such a message issue a free
          excess fare ticket and hand it over to the passenger. The original ticket will have to be deposited
          with the SM of the originating station for cancellation.

5. Travel by other than the booked route
       Passengers desirous of travelling by an alternative route from any junction may travel by that
       route by paying the difference, if any between the booked route and the diverted route for
       themselves and their luggage.
                                                    - 198 -

6. Theft of Luggage
i)    Passengers are informed that in case of theft of their luggage and other belongings, robbery and
      dacoity in running trains, forms for lodging report with the Police are available with Train
      Conductors, Coach Attendants, Guards and the GRP escorts. After properly filling the form, it
      may be handed over to any of the officials for registration of the report at the next police station.
      Passengers are not required to break their journey for lodging their report with the police.
      These forms are also available at RPF posts and out posts.

7. Medical Aid
                          i)     Medical aid for travelling public is provided by the Railways throughout
                                 the country.
                          ii)    A first aid box is available with all Station Managers and also with the
                                 Guards of each train and Train Superintendents of Rajdhani & Shatabdi
                                 Trains, who are trained in rendering First Aid.
                          iii)   For emergencies in train, please contact the TTE/Train Superintendent.
                                 They will pass on a message to the next station, where a Railway Doctor
                                 can attend to the patient at a nominal charge.
                          iv)    Wherever hospitalisation is required, the patient may need to
       discontinue his journey. In such instances suitable arrangements will be made to guide him to the
       government hospitals.
v)     Names of private practitioners, Nursing Homes and Government Hospitals, with Telephone
       Numbers, Addresses and distance from the Station, are displayed at all Stations.
8. Carrying of Pet Dogs
i)     A passenger can take pet dog along with him in AC First Class or
       First Class only, provided he/she reserves either a two berth or a
       four berth compartment exclusively for his/her use, paying the due
       charges depending upon the type of train.
ii)     Passenger travelling in other classes are not permitted to carry the
       dog along with them. But the dog can be booked and carried in the
       Luggage/Brake Van paying the charges depending upon the type of train. Specially designed Dog
       Boxes are available in the Brake Van for this purpose.
iii)   Passengers may contact the Parcel Office to book their pet dogs. Passengers detected carrying
       dogs unbooked will be charged as per extant rules.

     9. No Smoking Please
i)      Smoking in railway compartments causes nuisance to fellow passengers. Smoking in public
                               places is not only injurious to health, but also adversely effects the
                               health of those around.Especially innocent children, elderly people and
                               those suffering from respiratory problems.

                           Moreover, as per judgement of Hon‟ble Supreme Court of India, no body will
                           smoke in the railway premises including Rail Bhawan, Railway Headquarters
                           offices, all office buildings of Railways, Railway Stations, Railway Platforms
        and other premises where there are Railway production units and also in coaches of the trains.
                                                     - 199 -
ii)     Do not smoke in trains, stations and other railway premises. Remembers smoking in trains is
        punishable with fine under Section 167 of the Indian Railway Act (he/she shall be punishable
        with fine which may extend to one hundred rupees).

10. Be Warned! Drunks will be Detrained, Fined and Imprisoned
i)     Do not consume alcoholic drinks while travelling
ii)    Under section 145 of the Indian Railway Act, if any person in any
       railway carriage or railway premises-
       a) Is found in a state of intoxication.
       b) Commits any nuisance or act of indecency.
       c) Uses abusive/indecent language.
       d) He will be detrained or removed from the railway premises by
           any railway servant.
iii)   Besides forfeiture of his pass or ticket, he will be punishable with imprisonment upto 6 months or
       fine or both.

11. Corpses (Human dead body)
      A Corpse will be charged on the parcel scale depending upon the type of the train on a standard
      weight of 200kgs. on the through distance. A corpse will not be conveyed by train unless it is in a
      properly secured airtight coffin and is accompanied by a Registered Medical Practitioner‟s
      certificate showing that death has not been caused by any infectious disease. Some responsible
      person, on payment of fare, must in all cases travel in the same train to take charge of and remove
      it on arrival at the destination. Prepayment of freight on a corpse is compulsory.

12.     Bedroll service
        Bedrolls are given to the passengers of ACC-1, AC-2 tier and AC-3 tier coaches without any
        additional charge to the entire passengers in all trains including Rajdhani Express trains. In first
        class coaches, bedrolls are supplied in some trains at the train originating station on payment of
        bedroll charges if the demand is placed at- least one hour before the scheduled departure of the
        train and subject to availability. The bedroll contains two bed sheets, pillow cover, blanket and a
        face towel. At present these charges are Rs. 20 per bedroll per journey.

                           EXPRESS TRAINS.
i)      Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express trains are fully reserved trains and passengers holding wait-list
        ticket should not board these trains without permission from the authorised staff otherwise they
        may be detrained.
ii)     The fare is inclusive of reservation charges, supplementary charges for Superfast trains and
        bedroll charges (in case of Rajdhani Express trains). Catering charges are also included in the
iii)    Passengers holding concession tickets of any types are not permitted to travel by these trains
        (except senior citizens).
iv)     Military and Police warrants, specially endorsed with entitlement for travel by Rajdhani /
        Shatabdi Express trains alone are permitted on these trains.
                                               17. CLAIMS
                                                     - 200 -
Passengers terminating their journey, short of destination will not be entitled to any refund of fares or to
travel by this train on a subsequent day or any other train over the un-travelled portion (as no break
journey is permitted).


i)     Indian Railways have insured every rail passenger against her/his death or injury in train accidents
       as defined under section 124 of the Railways Act, 1989. Similarly every rail passenger and
       platform ticket holder is also insured against death or injury on account of “untoward incident” as
       defined under section 124A of the Act, such as death/injury on account of commission of a
       terrorist act, violent attack, robbery, dacoity, rioting, shootout, arson by any person in or on any
       train carrying passengers, or in the waiting hall, cloak room, reservation or booking office or on
       any platform or in any other place within the precincts of a railway station or accidental falling of
       any passenger from a train carrying passengers.
ii)    The dependent of the deceased or injured passenger or his authorised agent may approach
       Railway Claims Tribunal having territorial jurisdiction or the place from which the passenger
       obtains or purchase his pass/ticket or where the accident or untoward accident occurs or where the
       place of destination station lies or where the claimant permanently resides. Compensation for
       death or permanent disability is Rs. 4 lakhs. In case of injuries, the minimum of Rs. 32,000/- and
       maximum Rs. 3.60 lakhs is given depending upon the gravity of injury.
iii)   Immediately after the accident or 'untoward incident', has taken place, ex-gratia amounting to Rs.
       15,000/- to the dependants of dead passenger, Rs. 5,000/-- to the grievously injured and Rs. 500/-
       to the simple injured is also given to take care of their immediate needs.


In these cases, the application for compensation is to be filed in triplicate with the RCT within whose
jurisdiction the death/injuries has resulted from the accident or untoward accident. Format of the
application form is at accompanying Annexure „A‟
The amount of compensation is payable as per the award of the judgement of the Bench of The RCT.
The application for claim by any of the dependents is considered as on behalf of all the dependents of the
killed passenger.
The maximum amount of compensation payable is Rs.4(four) lakhs.
Compensation for injuries is given as per fixed schedule and as per the award of the Railway Claims
The time limit for filling the application for such claims is one year from the date of accident/incident.
C. Compensation for booked luggage, parcel or goods:
I. Notice for claim.
Notice for claims should be served on the G.M., of the railway in whose jurisdiction the destination
station lies.
The application should be submitted in the format given as Annexure „B‟
The essential documents required to be attached with the application are:
                                                     - 201 -
a) In case of damages:

i)      Original assessment certificate issued by the Railway.
ii)     Original trade invoice/Bill.
iii)    Letter of subrogation and special power of Attorney from the consignor/consignee/endorsed
        consignee, if the claim is lodged by Insurance company.
iv)     Mode of payment to the sender if the claim is lodged by the consignee/endorsed consignee.
v)      Letter of authority duly attested by the Station Master of the destination station, if the claim is
        lodged by other than consignee/endorsed consignee.

 b) In case of Shortage Delivery:

        In addition to the documents vide sub para ii to v of para 1 following documents are also required.
i)      Original shortage certificate/original partial delivery; certificate/original open delivery
        certificate/original gate pass issued by the Railway.
ii)     Undertaking to refund the amount to be paid as claim if the missing consignment is subsequently
        traced and offered for delivery.

c) In case of Non-delivery:
   In addition to the documents vide sub para ii to v of para 1 and sub para of para 2 following
   documents are also required:
   Original Railway Receipt/Photo copy of distribution list of magazine consignments booked under
   FSLA system.
  Designation of the
                                Address                              Jurisdiction
   Claims Officer
 Dy.CCM (Claims)         NDCR Bldg., State Entry For destination stations of Delhi, Ambala,
                         Road, New Delhi         Ferozpur Division of Northern Railway.

 Dy.CCM (Claims)         Station Bldg., Varanasi       For destination station on Lucknow               and
                                                       Moradabad Division of Northern Railway.

C. Not-Receipt Cell:

In Case of delay in receipt of consignment at destination station, the parties may register their requests on
telephone with N.R. Cell of N.Rly. at following phone number in Delhi 23734484. Such requests made
on telephone however will not be considered to be notice for claim under section 106 of the Railway Act

D.        Grievances Cell:
In case of any difficulty, delay, dispute etc., the claimants should contact the Claims Grievances Cell of
the Northern Railway. which is located at NDCR Bldg., State Entry Road, New Delhi on the following
telephone Nos. of the Claims Office: 23732444 & 23734553.
                                                  - 202 -
The Chief Claims Officer himself is also available for any inquiry/discussion either on phone or in

      For the benefit of Senior Citizens both for Men and Women, of the age of 60
       years and above 30% Concession in all classes and in all Mail/Express trains
       including Rajdhani Janshatabdi and Shatabdi trains is granted.
      This concession is given only in Mail/Express fares. This Concession is not
       admissible on ordinary second class fares and superfast, reservation charges.
      This concession is granted on the basis of age declared by the passengers at the
       time of booking of their tickets.
      If a Senior citizen does not want to avail the concession he must state in tha
       application form at the time of reservation to this effect. He will be issued a
       ticket collecting full fare.
      Senir citizens must carry documentary proof of age such as copy of Ration
       Card, Passport, Driving License, Voter Identity Card, Birth Certificate, 1 st Page
       of        SSLC          Book,       Age       certificate     approved          by
       V.A.O./Tahsildar/Municipality/Corporation etc.,
      Senior Citizens must carry any one of the above as documentary proof of age
       during their travel. If they are unable to produce the same on demand, they are
       liable to pay difference of fare and excess charges.

                                                                                      ANNEXURE „A‟


                                           Title of the case


S.NO.           DESCRIPTION OF DOCUMENTS ATTACHED                                   PAGE NO.





                                                                     - 203 -

             [For use in Tribunal‟s office]

                                                 Signature of the Claimant

                                                 Date of filing or

                                                 Date of Receipt

                                                 Registration No.

                                                 Signature for Registrar

                                                         AT …………………….
In Re:
Union of India through General Manager,
Northern Railway,
New Delhi.
I, ………………….son daughter/wife/widow of ……………….. Residing at ………………………….. having been injured in railway
          accident hereby apply for the grant of Compensation for the injury sustained.
I, ……………………son/daughter/wife/widow of ……………………….. Residing at……………………………… hereby apply as
          dependent for the grant of compensation on account of the death/injury sustained by Shri/Shrimati/Kumari ……………………….
          Who died/was injured in the railway accident referred to hereunder:
Necessary particulars in respect of the deceased/injured in the accident are given below:
1.   Name and father‟s name of the person injured/dead (husband‟s name in case of married woman or
2.   Full address of the person injured/dead………………………………………………………………………….
3.   Age of the person injured/dead    ……………………………………………………………………………….
4.   Occupation of the person injured/dead …..……………………………………………………………………..
5.   Name and address of the employer of the deceased, if any…………………………………………………..
6.   Brief particulars of the accident indicating the date and place of accident and the name of the train involved
7.   Class of travel and ticket/pass number, to the extent known ………………………………………………
8.   Journey from ………………….. …………………. to …………………………………….………………….
9.   Nature of injuries sustained along with medical Certificate……………………………………………...………
10. Name and address of medical officer practitioner, if any, who attended on the injured/dead and period of
11. Disability for work, if any caused …………………………………………………………………………………
12. Details of the loss of any luggage on account of the accident ………………………………………………
13. Has any claim been lodged with any other authority? If so particulars there of …………………………….
14. Name and permanent address of the applicant ………………………………………………………………
15. Local address of the applicant, if any ……………………………………………………………………………
16. Relationship with the deceased/injured …………………………………………………………………………
17. Amount of compensation claimed: ………………………………………………………………………………
18. Where the application is not made within one year of the occurrence of the accident, the grounds thereof
                                                                      - 204 -
19. Any other information or documentary evidence that may be necessary or helpful in the disposal of the claim

20. Mention the documents, if any filed along with application …………………………………………….

I solemnly declare that :

    The particulars given are true and correct to the best of my knowledge; and
    I have not claimed or obtained any compensation in relation to the injury/death, which is the subject matter of this application.

                                                                                            Signature or left thumb impression of the applicant

                                                                                                       Name of witness and his address in case
                                                                                                     left thumb impression is put by applicant.

I…………………(name of the applicant) son/daughter/wife/widow of ……………. Age…………. Residing at
   …………………………………….. do hereby verify that the contents of paragraphs ….. to ….. are true to my personal knowledge and
   paragraphs ….. to …… are believed to be true to the best of my knowledge or the legal advice given to me and that I have not
   suppressed any material fact

Place………….                                                   Signature of the applicant

                                                    (Name & full address)
Railway Claims Tribunal.

Letter No.                                                                       Dated:
The Chief Commercial Manager/Chief Claims Officer, …… Railway.
(Through Station Manager/Chief Goods Supervisor/Chief Parcel Clerk)
Dear Sir,

Sub: Claims for compensation : Invoice/ Railway Receipt/ Parcel way Bill Luggage Ticket No. ……….. of ……… from ………. To

Under section 106 and 192 to the Railway Act, 1989, I beg to prefer a claim on the ……… Railway, particulars of which are detailed below:
From………….. (Station ) to …………….Station via ……………………

Invoice and Railway Receipt/Parcel Way Bill/Luggage Ticket No. …….. dated……..

No. of packages and description of consignment booked as shown in the Railway/Parcel Way Bill/ Luggage Ticket………………….

Name of consignor ……………………………

Name of consignee ……………………………

Date of Delivery …………………………………

Details of shortage, damage or loss ……………………………………………
                                                                          - 205 -
Full particulars of the contents of the missing or damaged packages/packages showing the value of each article packed therein(short or open
     delivery certificate, if any, should be enclosed………………….

The amount claimed and how it is arrived at (The original beejuck or other proof of the value of the goods together with a copy should be
    enclosed ………………..

My/Our title to the claim: A letter of authority from the endorsed consignee, if necessary, and the Railway Receipt or Partial delivery
   certificate, original or certified copy, should be enclosed).

Other remarks, if any.
                                                                                    Yours faithfully,
Beejuck together with a copy
Letter of authority, (Full name & Address) subrogation etc.
Rly. Receipt of partial Delivery certificate or certified copy thereof.
Short of open delivery certificate.

Received an application along with its annexure from Shri ……………………. Consignee/endorsee in connection with above claim
    pertaining to RR No……………….. dated ………………. From ……………. To ……………….

Station Manager/Chief Goods Supervisor/
Chief parcel clerk.……..Station ………Railway
Note: 1. Claim application to be filed within six months from the date of booking of consignment.
In case of delay/harassment, claimant can approach Add. G.M/G.M. concerned.

                                                           18. SECURITY
 Information concerning thefts and pilferage of Railway property, railway material etc. may be given to any of the following
 officers personally or by telephone or by post. Such information shall be treated as strictly confidential. Informer will be
 suitably rewarded if his information leads to recovery of substantial amount of property and conviction of criminals.
S.                                                             T e le p h o n e
      Name and Designation                                                                         Res. Address
No                                                  Of f i c e               Residence
   Sh.Sudhir Awasthi, IPS.
   Chief Security                                                                                   Suite No. A&B officers rest
 1 Commissioner/RPF.,                                   23388171                23412524            house, Shivaji Bridge,
   Northern Railway, Baroda                                                                         New Delhi-110001
   House, New Delhi
   Sh. P. S Rawal,
   Addl. Chief Security
                                                                                                    243/4 Railway Officers Flat, P.K
 2 Commissioner / RPF,                                  23381310                23363007
                                                                                                    Road, New Delhi.
   Northern Railway, Baroda
   House, New Delhi.
   Sh. Param Shiv
   Security Commissioner,
 3                                                      23388809
   Northern Railway, Baroda
   House, New Delhi.

                                                        PRECAUTIONS AGAINST FIRE
                                             Do not carry explosives or dangerous articles like Fire
                                              crackers, Gas cylinder, Etc., during train journeys
                                             Do not carry inflammable articles like Petrol, Kerosene etc.,
                                                    - 206 -
 Do not light up a stove or sigri.
 Do not smoke in air-conditioned coaches.
 Do not throw lighted cigarette, biri, matchstick, etc. inside train compartment or in the

 Be on look out against suspicious persons or unclaimed packages lying under your
  seats or on platform.
 Immediately inform RPF, GRP or any Railway employee about unclaimed objects
  because it may carry explosive substance.

                                   OF ROBBERY & DACOITY
1. Approximate number of criminals and other relevant information about them e.g. language used cloths
worn etc.

2. Type of arms carried by the criminals.

3. Approximate number of passengers who were looted.

4. The particulars of property looted from co- passengers.

5. Did you inform the Railway Officials or the Police Escort accompanying the train about the incidence
and it so, did they help and take prompt action.
    A) Did you inform the Train Guard, TIE or Conductor of the train about the occurrence and if so,
        also mention the name of the official concerned.
    B) Name of station where you informed the rain Guard/ Conductor! TTE/ Attendant.

6. Any information relevant to the occurrence.

                                                              (Signature of the Passenger)




                                                                  - 207 -
         (To be made by the official to whom the complaints hands over his complaint)
Received from Shri/Smt................................................................................... a complaint regarding theft/
robbery of his her belongings on Train No.............................

Date :

                                                                            (Signature of the Receiver)

                                                                            Full Name.....................



                                            THEFT OF PASSENGERS LUGGAGE

Passengers are informed that in case of theft of their luggage and other belongings, robbery and dacoity
in running trains, forms for lodging report with the Police are available with Train Conductor/Coach
Attendants, Guards and GRP escorts. After properly filling the form it may be handed over to one of the
officials mentioned above for registration of the report to next Police Station. Passengers are not required
to break their journey for lodging their report with the Police. These forms are also available at RPF posts
and outposts.
In case forms are not available, a report can be drawn according to the following Performa: -
    1. Name of complainant
    2. Permanent address in full
    3. Name of the railway station nearest to the Passenger's permanent residence
    4. Telephone number Resi.                                 Off.
    5. Date of the occurrence
    6. Time of the occurrence
    7. Place, where the complainant detected the occurrence
           a) Train number and name
           b) Coach number
           c) Class in which travelling (please tick below)

                   lst AC             AC 2 Tier    First Class      AC Chair Car                       AC 3 Tier
                                            Sleeper Class      Second Class

    8.        Ticket number
    9. Name of the station between which the occurrence took place
    10. Particulars of the property
        i)       Looted or stolen and its estimated cost
        ii)      full description of identifiable items, if any
    11. Brief particulars of the incidence (theft/robbery/dacoity)
    12. Name of the person or persons suspected with their
                  The station, where suspect entrained
                  The station, where suspect wanted to go
                                                     - 208 -
   13. Whether you travelling with your family? .
   14. Did the suspect offer you help in providing you a place to sleep or sit, keep your box. attachies at
        a particular place

                Do not purchase tickets from touts it may be fake and land you in trouble.

       Please secure your personal luggage with the chain device provided beneath your seat.
 NOTE:- In case of.. please contact RPF Assistance Booth functioning at PF .No.1 over major Railway

Northern Railway offers a complete range of freight services for industry and trade. These services
include bulk transportation of cargo by freight trains as we well as piecemeal cargo/parcels to a variety of
freight services.
Northern Railway therefore invites you to select any of the following services:-
  1.    Luggage vans on all important trains have been leased out to various private transporters all over
      the country.

 2.     Parcel vans having 18/23 tonnes capacity are attached on various important trains for carrying
      bulk cargo all over India.
  3.    Specially designed NMG coaches for transporting automobile traffic and other bulk cargo are
      available on lease basis through various transporters as well as on normal freight rates.
  4.    Own Your Wagon scheme: - Wagons purchased/owned by trade/Industries. Wagons leased to
      Railways. Guaranteed supply of wagon.
  5.    Freight concessions in the form of special station to station rates are available to match
      competitive road freight rates.
  6.    Mini rakes scheme has been designed for smaller volumes of freight traffic for distances upto 300
  7.    Parcel Express Trains have been introduced for Guwahati, Howrah and Banglore which are
      running on every Sunday, Thursday & Tuesday respectively Ex. New Delhi.
  8.    Two points rake facility is given on the notified combination of two destinations to which
      booking can be done to avail the benefit of trainload rates.
        For further details please contact: -
        Chief Commercial Manager/Freight Marketing
        Room No. 8-G, Annexe-I, Headquarters Office,
        Northern Railway, Baroda House,
        Copernicus Marg, New Delhi-110 001.
        Phone Nos. 2338 3405, 2300 2531
        FAX Nos. 2338 4040, 2338 7326
You can also contact to the Sr. Divisional Commercial Managers of the concerned Divisions from where
train originates:-
         DIVISION DESIGNATION & ADDRESS                                     OFFICE Ph. No.
                                                      - 209 -
        Ambala         Sr. Divisional Commercial Manager                     0171-2610125
                       Divisional Railway Manager Office, Ambala
                       Chief Traffic Manager                                 011-23345686
                       Divisional Railway Manager Office, New Delhi.
                       Sr. Divisional Commercial Manager                     011-23743084
                       Divisional Railway Manager Office, New Delhi.
        Ferozpur       Sr. Divisional Commercial Manager                     01632-244470
                       Divisional Railway Manager Office, Ferozpur
        Lucknow        Sr. Divisional Commercial Manager                     0522-2222863
                       Divisional Railway Manager Office, Lucknow
        Moradabad      Sr. Divisional Commercial Manager                     0591-2412016
                       Divisional Railway Manager Office, Moradabad
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