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					                                                  GEOFFREY HENDRICKS

                                           Born July 30, 1931 Littleton, New Hampshire
                                                Lives and works in New York City
                                           and Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia Canada


2006    “Between Earth & Sky (in knowing one, one knows the other)”, Art Gallery of Windsor, Ontario. Canada. February 17–April 9
        “Four Hands Examining the Color of a Thought, Collaborations with Brian Buczak,”
        UC Santa Cruz Art Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA. February 22 – March 17.
        “Continuing Sky Dialogues”, Pavel Zoubok Gallery, New York, NY, January 5 – February 4
2005    Drury Gallery, Marlboro College, Marlboro, VT October 10 – Nov. 4
        “Four Hands Examining the Color of a Thought”, 871 Fine Arts & Bookstore, San Francisco, CA April 7 – May 30.
        “Between Earth and Sky (in knowing one, one will know the other)” Winnipeg Art Gallery, Manitoba, Canada, January 14 –
        April 10
2003     “Accidental Significance,” Emily Harvey Gallery New York, NY, Oct. 9 - Nov.
        “Between Earth and Sky (in knowing one, one will know the other)” Confederation Centre Art Gallery, Charlottetown, Prince
        Edward Island, Canada, June 9-October
2000    “Constellations,” Galleria Caterina Gualco, Genoa, Italy, April 8 - May 6.
        “Question: A Circle?” Galerie Pro Arte, Hallein, Austria, July 27 - August 26.
1999    “Sky Measures”, Galerie Inge Baecker, Cologne, Germany, Sept.10 - Oct. 30
        “Sky Notes: (1-22),” Emily Harvey Gallery, New York, NY, Jan. 29 - Feb. 27.
1997    “The Sky is Falling. Il Cielo Sta Cadendo?” Galleria Caterina Gualco, Genoa, Italy,
         June 3 - July 2.
         “For Brian Buczak: In Memoriam,” Tempo Reale, Brunnenburg, Ezra Pound Castle, Merano, Italy, May 23-June 28.
         “Rites of Passage,” articule, Montréal, Canada, March 22-April 20.
1995    "Anatomy of the Sky/Anatomia del Cielo," Casa Giorgione, Castelfranco, Italy, January 21-March 5.
1994    "Day Into Night," Center of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland, May 30-July 30.
        "Day Into Night," Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter, Høvikodden (Oslo) Norway,
        August 20 - September 25.
        "Day Into Night", Porin Taidemuseo, Pori, Finland, March 12 - May 1.
        "Day Into Night:, Kjarvalsstadir, Municipal Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland,
        January 8 - February 13.
1993    "Sky Boots," Galeria 56, Budapest, Hungary, September-October.
        "Geoffrey Hendricks", Artpool Art Resource Center, Budapest, Hungary,
        "Sky Boots", Galleria 56, Budapest, Hungary, September-October.
        "Day into Night", Retrospective Exhibition Kunsthallen Brandts Klædefabrik,
        Odense, Denmark, June 25 - September 12.
1992    "Himmels Aquarelle", Rupertinum, Salzburg, Austria, August 1-30.
1991    Galerie Hundertmark, Cologne, Germany, May-July.
1986    Gallerie Acumulatory 2, Poznan, Poland.
        Galerie Baecker, Cologne, Germany.
1984    The Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland, December.
        Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, Germany, November-December.
        Kunsthalle, Wilhelmshaven, Germany, September-October.
        Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum, Ålborg, Denmark, August.
        Henie-Onstad Art Center, Kunstsentret, Høvikodden, Oslo, Norway, June-July.
        Neue Galerie - Sammlung Ludwig, Aachen, Germany, May-June.
        New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, NJ, March-April.
1983    Galerie Baecker, Cologne, Germany.
        Galerie Donguy, Paris, France.
        DAAD Galerie, Berlin, Germany.
1980/81 Studio Morra, Naples, Italy.
1978    Galerie Baecker, Bochum, Germany.
1976/77 Rene Block Gallery, New York, NY.
1975    Kunstverein, Munich, Germany (with performance "Traüme Wälder").
1974    Galerie Baecker, Bochum, Germany.
1972    Galerie Baecker, Bochum, Germany.
1971    “Relics and Special Events” Apple Gallery, New York, NY.
1968    Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
1966    Bianchini Gallery, New York, NY.


2006   The Studio Visit, EXIT Art, New York, NY. January 7-28 and February 21–March 25.
       Video by Lydia Grey documents a visit to our Greenwich Street home. [note: closed 1/29 – 2/17]
       Discovery of the Electronic Body. Art and Video in the Seventies, at Galleria Civica D‟Arte Contemporanea, in Torre Pellice,
       Torino, Italy. Video: Body/Hair. January 26 – March 26,
       Out of the Blue, Abington Art Center, Jenkintown, PA. March 4 –May 6.
       Money for Food Press Collection at Printed Matter, Inc., New York, NY. April 22 –May. 13.
2005   Homomuseum” EXIT Art, New York, NY. May 21 – July 30
       „Collage: Signs & Surfaces” Pavel Zoubok Gallery, New York, NY. Apr. 21-May 21
       “Kreuz und Kreuzifix,”Dombergmuseum, Freising, Germany, February 20 – October 3
2004   “Life as Art,”Vlepo Gallery, Staten Island, NY, October 7-28
2003   “Fluxus Continue”, Galerie Contemporaine du Musée d‟Art moderne et d‟Art Contemporaine, Nice, France, September 13-
       Novermber 9
       “Critical Mass: Happenings, Fluxus, Performance, Intermedia and Rutgers 1958-72, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers,
       New Brunswick, NJ, Sept 29 - Nov 5
       “Living Theatre Labirinti dell Immaginario,” Castel S. Elmo, Naples, Italy, 3 July - September 28
       ”As Heavy as Heaven: Transformations of Gravity”, Joanneum Museum, Minorite Galleries in the Seminary, Cathedral
       Romualdkepelle, Friedrichskapelle, Graz, Austria, Apr. 11-June 15
        “l‟Avventura Fluxus”, Castelvetro di Modena, Italy May 31- July 27
       “Skowhegan Faculty”, ICA at Maine College Art, Portland, ME
       “Critical Mass: Performance, Happenings, Fluxus & Intermedia at Rutgers 1958-72,
       “A Happening Place”, Gershwin Y, Philadelphia,. PA, April 29-June 30
       Mead Art Museum, Amherst, MA, February 1 -June 1
       “We Love Our Customers”, art on hangers organized by Robbin Ami Silverberg & András Böröcz, Budapest, Hungary
2002   “Fluxus Constellations”, Villa Croce Contemporary Art Museum, Genoa, Italy, February 14 - June 15
2001   “Rapture & Revision: Collage In America”, Pavel Zoubok Inc., New York, November 29 - January 5, 2002
       “Pioneers in Performance Art - Geoffrey Hendricks, Alison Knowles, Raphael Montanez Ortiz”, Mariboe Gallery, Peddie
       School, Hightstown, NJ, October 19 - November 9
       “18 Alumni Artists”, Mead Art Museum, Amherst, MA, October 11 - December 16
       “Looking for Mr. Fluxus: In the Footsteps of George Maciunas”, Art in General, New York, NY, October 9 -December 22
       “Archival Assemblages, Rutgers and the Avant-Garde”, Special Collections and University Archives Gallery, Alexander
       Library, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, September 12 - December 14
       “We Love Our Customers”, art on hangers organized by Robbin Ami Silverberg & András Böröcz at the Hungarian Consulate,
       June 15 - 29
       “537 Broadway in Venice”, Emily Harvey Gallery, Venice, Italy, June 2- August
       “Off the Wall”, curated by Kate Somers for The Galley at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Princton, NJ, April 25 - June 10
       “Leonardo In Azione E Poesia/ Leonardo in Action & Poetry”, Museo Ideale Leonardo Da Vinci, Vinci, Italy, April 15 – 2002
       “Blondies and Brownies: Aspects of multiculturalism and racism at the end of the century” curated by Rafael von Uslar,
       Praterinsel, Munich, Germany March 16
       “Esercizi di stile”, (99 variations on Mlle Rivière of Ingres) curated by Marzia Ratti & Mara Borzone, Palazzina delle Arti, La
       Spezia, Italy, January 26 to February 25
        “Book Unbound”, curated by Kathy Byrd, The Archive of Visual and Concrete Poetry, Dalton Gallery, Agnes Scott Collage of
       Art, Atlanta, GA, January 25 - March 30
2000   “Surrender”, curated by Rafael von Uslar, Aeroplastics Contemporary Art Galleries, Brussels, Belgium, December 15 –
       January 27, 2001
       “What‟s Fluxus? What‟s Not! Why.” Bergen Kunstmuseum, Bergen, Norway, curator: Jon Hendricks, 8 September to March
       “Dinge in der Kunst des XX Jahrhunderts”, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany, September 2 to November 19
       “2000 New Jersey Fine Arts Annual: Into the Millenium,” Newark Museum, Newark, NJ, July 20 to September 17.
       “Cig Art 4: Where There‟s Smoke,” Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, TX            June 23 to September 3
       “Soma, Soma, Soma”, Curated by William Pope.L Sculpture Center, New York, 20 June- July 15
       “Il Sognatore Sognato: 50 Monumenti per Corrado Costa,” Musei Civici, Reggio Emilia, Italy, May 27 to June 18.
       “Himmelfahrt (Ascension)”, Diözesamuseum, Freising, Germany, May 27 - September
       “Hortus Conclusus. Berty Skuber” (collaborations), Galerie Etage, Münster, Germany, January 28 to February
       “Back East: Artist‟s Books from the Northeastern States,” curated by Robbin Silverberg, San Francisco Center for the Book,
       San Francisco, CA, June 16 to             September 1
       “Soma. Soma. Soma.” Sculpture Center, New York, NY, June 20 to July 15
       “SEnTieRinTeRROTTi” Museo, Bassano del Grappa, Italy, June 16 to August
       “Unoder” Museet for Samtidskunst, Roskilde, Denmark, May 26 to August 28
                 “Blondies and Brownies: Aspects of multiculturalism and racism at the end of the century” curated by Rafael von
       Uslar, Torch Gallery, Amsterdam, NL, February 19 to March 11
1999   “Hortus Conclusus. Berty Skuber” (collaborations), Galleria Caterina Gualco, Genova, Italy, October 16 to November
       “The American Century: Art & Culture 1900-2000” Part II, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, September 21 to
       January 2000
       “Dada Country,” Hunterdon Museum, Clinton, NJ, February 14 to May 2,
       “Off Limits: Rutgers University and the Avant Garde, 1957-63” Newark Museum, Newark, NJ, February 18 to May 16

1998   “Sarà una Sorpresa!” Galleria Caterina Gualco, Genova, Italy, May 12 to June 13
       “Cravatte - Collezione Antonella e Fabrizio Boggiano” Rinaldo Rotta Galleria d‟Arte
       Contemporanea, Genova, Italy, December 12, 1997 to January 1998
       “A Supper with Leonardo” Lorenese Palazzina, Forte da Basso, Firenze (Florence), Italy, September 12, 1998 to January 3,
1999   “Double Trouble: The Patchett Collection,” Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA, June 28 - September 6, and
       Museo de las Artres, Guadalajara, Mexico, September 2 - November 7
       “Disappearing Act,” Bound & Unbound, New York, May 2 to August
       “Peek”, HERE Art Gallery, New York, July 15 to September 15, 1998
       “Edifying Sappho & Socrates”, Torch, Amsterdam, August 8 to September 3
       “Think Pink,” La MaMa Galleria, New York, February 26 to March 26
1997   “Public Notice: Art and Activist Posters 1951-1997, Exit Art, New York, NY Oct 4 - Nov. 30.
       “Dadaismo dadaismi, da Duchamp a Warhol,” Galleria d‟Arte Moderna, Palazzo Forti, Verona, Italy, July 18 -November 9
       “Line,” Ubu Gallery, New York, July 8-30
       “George Maciunas Fluxus Cabinet” from the Lila and Gilbert Silverman Collection, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius,
       Lithuania, June 17- October 1997
       “Art Games: Die Schachteln der Fluxuskünstler,” Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart, Germany, June 12 to October 5
       “Eine lange Geschichte mit vielen Knoten (Fluxus in Deutschland 1962-1994),” Haus der Kunst, Brünn (Brno), Czech
       Republic, May 20 - June 22
       “Eine lange Geschichte mit vielen Knoten (Fluxus in Deutschland 1962-1994),”
        Moderna Galerija Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia, February 27 - March 23
1996   “Eine lange Geschichte mit vielen Knoten (Fluxus in Deutschland 1962-1994),”             Mücsarnok Palace of Art,
       Budapest, Hungary, November 26 - January 5, 1997            “Eine lange Geschichte mit vielen Knoten (Fluxus in Deutschland
       1962-1994),”         National Gallery of Contemporary Art “Zacheta,” Warsaw, Poland, May 28-July 7 “FLUXUS: Art -
       Amusement,” Randers Kunstmuseum, Randers, Denmark, May 2-
       “Fluxus - gestern, heute und morgen. Eine Geschichte ohne Grenzen,” House of the Artists, Moscow, Russia, February 27-
       March 18. Opening February 27.
       “The Gun: Icon of Twentieth Century Art”, Ubu Gallery, New York, NY February - March 9, 1996
       “Eine lange Geschichte mit vielen Knoten (Fluxus in Deutschland 1962-1994),” and “George Maciunas: Fluxus Art -
       Amusement,” Arts Centre of Lithuania, Museum for Contemporary Art. Vilnius, Lithuania, January 23-February 24.
1995   “Per Hovdenakk Collection,” Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter, Høvikodden, Oslo, Norway, Opening December 11.
       “Fluxus from the Collection of Marie and Milan Knizak,” Czech Museum of Contemporary Art, Prague, November 15-
       January 28, 1996.
       “Fluxus - gestern, heute und morgen. Eine Geschichte ohne Grenzen,” Smolney-Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia, December
       8-January 14. Opening December 8.
       “In the Spirit of Fluxus” Hessenhuis, Falconrui 53, Antwerp, October 21, 1995-January 28, 1996. Opening October 20 at 7
       “Erflux A floating history,” Galerie am Fischmarkt Erfurt, Erfurt, Germany, October 8-November 19. Opening October 8.
       “25 Jahre Edition Hundertmark 1970-95,” Kölnisches Stadtmuseum, Köln, Germany, October - November.
       “Eine lange Geschichte mit vielen Knoten (Fluxus in Deutschland 1962-1994),” Atatürk Cultural Center, Istanbul, Turkey,
       October 19 - November 25
       “Departures,” Fluxus at 479 Gallery Inc., 594 Broadway #40, New York, NY, August 12 - September 2.
       “Fluxus in Deutschland 1962 - 1994,” exhibition organized for The Institute for Foreign Affairs, Stuttgart, Germany
       “Science and the Artist Book” the Smithsonian Institution Libraries and Washington Project for the Arts, Washington D.C.,
       May 30 - November 3 (WPA to September 2).
       “Eine lange Geschichte mit vielen Knoten (Fluxus in Deutschland 1962-1994),” Orangerie and Bahnpost, Gera, Germany, May
       14 - June 25
       “Fredsskulptur 1995” (“Peace Sculpture 1995”) Jutland west coast, Denmark, opening May 4.
       “Fiat Fluxus” La Giarina, Verona, Italy, April 8-May 2
       “Gay Men Love Chairs,” Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, CA. March 18-April 29.
       “Endurance” Exit Art, New York, NY, March 4 - April 15.
       “Outside the Frame: Performance and the Object” Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art/Snug Harbor, Staten Island, NY,
       February 26 - June 18.
       “Under the Influence of Fluxus” Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork, Ireland, February 1 - 25.
       “In a Different Light” University Museum at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA. January
1994   “Worlds in a Box” Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, England,
       December 9 - February 12, 1995
        “In the Spirit of Fluxus” Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona, Spain, November 24 - January 29, 1995.
       “In the Spirit of Fluxus" The Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA., May-July.
       “Worlds in a Box” City Art Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland, May 28 - July 16
       “New Acquisitions”, Porin Taidemuseo, Pori, Finland, May
       “New Jersey Arts Annual: Fine Arts 1994”, New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, NJ, April-July
       “Punti di Vista”, Circolo Culturale il Gabbiano, La Spezia, Italy, March-April
       “Outside the Frame; Performance and the Object,” Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, Cleveland, OH, February-May.
       "In the Spirit of Fluxus", Wexner Center for the Visual Arts, Columbus, OH, February-April.
       "In the Spirit of Fluxus", Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL., November-January.
1993   "Fluxus: A Conceptual Country," Mary and Leight Block Gallery, Evanston, IL., September-December.
       "Tema: AIDS", Karl-Ernst Osthaus Museum, Hagen, Germany, September-October.
       "Fluxus Vivus", The Arts Club of Chicago, Chicago, IL., November-December.
       "In the Spirit of Fluxus" Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY, July-October
1993   "Tema: AIDS", Henie-Onstad, Kunstsenter, Høvikodden, Oslo, Norway, May-June.
       "Four Dimensions" Tower Schloss Bleckede, Bleckede, Germany, May.
       "The Seoul of Fluxus", Hyundai Gallery and Won Gallery, Seoul, Korea, March.
       "In The Spirit of Fluxus", Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN, February-June.1992-"Fluxus aus der Sammlung Andersch",
       Bielefelder Kunstverein,
       Museum Waldhof, Bielefeld, Germany, October-December
       "Fluxus Virus", Temporary Museum at Kaufhof-Parkhaus and
       Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne, Germany, September 1-27.
       "Fluxus Da Capo", Kunsthaus, Nassauischer Kunstverein, Fluxeum, Wiesbaden, Germany, September 6-October 15.
       "Flux Attitudes", The New Museum, New York, NY, September 27-January
       "Fluxus A Conceptual Country", Franklin Furnace, New York, NY
       September 18 - November 14. Traveling to the following locations:
       Madison Art Center, Madison, WI, December-January.
       The University of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa City, Iowa March - May.
       Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Montgomery, Alabama, July-September.
       Mary Leigh Block Gallery, Northwestern University, September-December.
       "Ten Years on Broadway: Fluxus 1982-1992, Emily Harvey Gallery, New York, NY, September-November.
1992   "Head Through the Wall", Rene Block's Collection, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark, May-August.
       Nykytaiteen Museo Museet for Nutidskonst, Helsinki, Finland, October-November.
       "Outrageous Desire", Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts,
       DAB Galleries, New Brunswick, NJ, October-November.
       "Pop Art Show", Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, Canada, October.
       "Under the Influence of Fluxus", Gallerie M, Montreal, Canada, May 9-30.
       "Collection One", Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland, March.
       "Fluxers", Museo d'Arte Moderne, Bolzano, Italy, December 11- February
       "Yin and Yang", Harlekin Art, Wiesbaden, Germany, May 1- September.
       "Fluxus and Company", Labyrinth 2 Gallery, Lubin, May 1
       BWA Gallery, Wroclaw, June 23-July 2, Arsenal Gallery, Biakystok,
       November 2-December and Art Center, Warsaw, Poland
1991   "Schwerelos" (Weightlessness) Orangerie, Schloss Charlottenberg, Berlin, Germany, November.
       "Under the Influence of Fluxus" Plug In, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada,
       October 16-November 9
       "Burning in Hell", Franklin Furnace, New York, September-October.
       "Religiose Kunst" Galerie Hundertmark, Cologne, Germany, September 6-October31.
       "Fluxus", Kjarvalssta∂ir, The Municipal Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland, April 22-June 2.
       "Flux Attitudes", Hallwalls, Buffalo, New York, February 23-March 27
       "Fluxartisti", La Glarina, Verona, Italy.
1990   "FLUXUS!", Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia, June 14-July.
       "Fluxus Closing in", Salvatore Ala Gallery, New York.
       "Fluxus S.P.Q.R.", Galleria F. Borghese, Rome, Italy.
       "Pianofortissimo", Fondazione Mudima, Milano, Italy and Genoa, Italy.
       "Von der Natur in der Kunst', Wiener Festwochen, Messepalast, Vienna, Austria.
       "Fluxus Subjektiv", Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Austria.
       "Ubi Fluxus ibi Motus", Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy.
       "Fluxus Selections from the Gilbert and Lila Silverman
       Fluxus Collection and Exhibition" The Baxter Gallery, Portland, ME, March 26-May 4
1989   "Happenings and Fluxus", Gallerie 1900-2000, Paris, France June 7-July 29
       "Fluxus, Moment and Continuum", Stux Gallery, New York, NY.
       "Fluxus & Co.", Emily Harvey Gallery, New York, NY.
1988   "Barkenhoff-Worpswede Artists", Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen, Germany.
       "Il Sesto Senso della Natura", Castello Carlo V, Lecce, Italy, June.
         "Fluxus", Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY
         "Gesammelte Schatze von Kindern, Künstlern und Kunstliebhabern", Historisches Museum, Frankfurt, Germany, April 7 to
         December 31.
1987     "Artists Against AIDS", (benefit) Barbara Braathen Gallery, New York.
1987     Two-man Show (with Brian Buczak) Art Centre, Banff Alberta, Canada.
         "Aspects of Conceptualism" curated by Leah Durner, Avenue B Gallery, New York
         "Landscape" curated by Peter Frank, G.W. Einstein Gallery, New York, NY.
         "Barkenhoff-Stipendiaten Exhibition", Kunstverein, Hanover, Germany, (also Kunsthaus, Bremen, and Kunstverein, Bonn,
1987-88 "The Success of Failure" curated by Joel Fisher, Independent Curators Incorporated, exhibition toured museums throughout
1986     "Meine Kunstgeschichte" Galerie Baecker, Cologne, Germany.
         "Maibaum" Festival, Harlekin Art, Wiesbaden, Germany, May.
1986-85 "For an Art of Peace Biennale" Kunsthaus & Kunstverein, Hamburg, Germany.
1985     "Earsight: Sound & Image in Contemporary Art," Nexus Foundation for Today‟s Art, Philadelphia, PA, October 1-26.
1983     "Art Hats" Harlekin Art Galerie, Wiesbaden, Germany, May.
         "Fluxus, etc.", Neuberger Museum, Purchase, New York, March (also Baxter Art Museum, Pasadena, California, June).
1982     "1962 Wiesbaden FLUXUS 1982" Museum Wiesbaden, Germany
         September-November and Kunstverein Kassel, Germany.
1981/82 "Fluxus-Aspekte eines Phanomens" Kunst und Museumverein Wuppertal, Germany, December-January.
1981     "Silverman Collection" Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, September.
         "Alternatives in Retrospect" The New Museum, New York, May-July.
1980     "Scores" Factotum Arte, Verona, Italy.
         "Fluxus International & Co." Musee St. Georges, Liege, France.
1979-    "Fluxus International & Co." Galerie d'Art Contemporain des Musees de Nice, Nice, France, July-Sept., (also at Lyon and
1978     "Landscape" Sonja Henie-Niels Onstad Museum, Oslo, Norway, Summer.
         "Artwords and Bookworks" Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, California, February-March.
         "Hermetic Images in Contemporary Art" Institute for Art and Urban Resources/P.S. 1, New York, NY, January.
1977     "Naturbetrachtung, Naturverfremdung" Wurtembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, Germany, April-June.
         "Media Practice" Aai Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, May.
         "Fluxus & C." Cannaviello Studio d'Arte, Rome, Italy.
         Body as a Visual Language" Gallery Maki, Tokyo, Japan, January.
1976     "Personal Mythologies" Fine Arts Building, 105 Hudson Street, New York, April.
         "a chair. a ladder. a stump. a table. dirt. dreams. trees" 112 Greene Street,
         New York, NY, March. (One-half gallery).
1975     "The 1st New York City Post Card Show" Contemporary Arts Gallery, Loeb Student Center, New York, NY, May.
1974     "Multiples, Ein Versuch die Entwicklung des Auflagenobjektes darzustellen: (An attempt to Present the Development of
         the Object Edition)‟ Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, Germany, May-June.
         Galerie Edith Seuss, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, May. (Two-man show with Joe Jones).
         "What's the Time?" Rene Block Gallery, New York City,
1973     "5 Künstler aus New York Downtown," Stadtmuseum, Kiel, Germany,
         "Combattimento per Un'Immagine, Fotografie Pittori" (Flight for an Image, Painters and Photographers). Museo Civico di
         Torino (Galleria d'Arte Moderna), Turin Italy,
1971/72 "Image Bank Post Card Show" University Art Gallery, University of British Columbia Vancouver (and shown in other
         museums throughout Canada).
1971     "Post Card Show" Angela Flower Gallery, London, England
1970/71 "Happening & Fluxus Show” Kunstverein, Cologne, Germany
         November - January (and later at Stuttgart Kunstverein).
1970     "Art from New Jersey" New Jersey State Museum, Trenton
1969     "Art from New Jersey" New Jersey State Museum, Trenton
1968     "Art from New Jersey" New Jersey State Museum, Trenton
         -"Work by New Jersey Artists." Newark Museum
1967     "A Museum of Merchandise" Philadelphia Arts Council
         -"Contemporary Art" Southern Illinois University
1966/68 "Contemporary American Still Life" Museum of Modern Art NYC Circulating Show.
1966     “6th National Columbian Festival of the Arts” Smithsonian Institution,
         Washington, D.C. (Toured Latin America)
         "Contemporary Art, USA" Norfolk Museum, Norfolk, VA.
1965     Nelson Gallery of Art, Kansas City, MO.
         "Ten from Rutgers" Bianchini Gallery
         "Work by New Jersey Artists" Newark Museum
1964     “National Print Exhibitions” Brooklyn Museum (circulated with the AFA).
         "Work by New Jersey Artists” Newark Museum
1962     Brooklyn Museum: National Print Exhibition (circulated with the AFA).
1961     "Work by New Jersey Artists" Newark Museum
1958     "Work by New Jersey Artists" Newark Museum

MURAL (Commission):

1978     Sky Wall, Aral Headquarters, Bochum, Germany.


Hopkins Art Center, Hanover, New Hampshire.
Museum Moderner Kunst, Vienna, Austria.
Rose Art Museum, Waltham, Massachusetts.
Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg, Germany.
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY.
Museum of Modern Art, New, York, NY.
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Diözesanmuseum, Freising (Munich), Germany
Mead Art Museum, Amherst, MA
Confederation Art Centre, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada


2005      Question: a circle?” Art Barn, University of Manitoba Art School, Winnipeg, Canada
          January 18
2003      “Fluxus Continue”, Galerie Contemporaine du Musée d‟Art moderne et d‟Art Contemporaine, Nice, France, September
          13-Novermber 9
          “31 Headstands”, Castel S. Elmo, Naples Italy, July 3,4 & 6
          Eating/Breathing (with Christina Read) at the Confederation Art Center, Charlottetown, PEI, June 8
2002 - “Flux Navy” for “Fluxus Constellations”, Villa Croce Contemporary Art Museum, Genoa, Italy, February 15 & 16
2001      “Sehen Sie Schwarz? Auch Tagsüber?” August 25th, Aarau, Switzerland
2000 - Headstand for Galerie Alcatraz, Salt Factory, Salzburg Summer Academy, Hallein
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           Sculpture Center, New York, 20 June- July 15
          -Headstand for “Himmelfahrt Diözesamuseum, Freising, Germany, May 27
1999 - “Headstands” for Joe Jones /Wolf Vostell / Dick Higgins / Al Hansen, Inge Baecker Galerie, Cologne, Germany September 10
      - “Off Limits,” Newark Museum, (Protest Headstands), 17 February, Newark, NJ
           “Dada Country,” Hunterdon Museum, (D/U/C/H/A/M/P Headstands), 14 February, Hunterdon, NJ
1998 - “Danger Music” (with Sur Rodney Sur) and Headstand Celebrating the Life of Dick Higgins, Dec. 27, Judson Memorial
Church, New York
1997 - “Passage,” Geordie Space, Montréal, Canada, March 22.
1996-     “Waiting,” for “Fluxus - gestern, heute und morgen. Eine Geschichte ohne Grenzen,” Smolney-Cathedral, St. Petersburg,
Russia, December 8-January 14. Opening December 8, 1995
1995-     “Earth/Sky/Peace,” for Fredsskulptur 1995, Bovbjerg, Denmark, May 5.
          “Following (on a new moon)” new work and Fluxus concert, Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, Snug Harbor, Staten
Island, April 15.
          -“Dream Event” Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, Snug Harbor, Staten Island, NY, March 17 - 19.
1994-     "Following (Toward a New Moon)," Anthology Film Archive, New York, October 16.
          “Headstands for Santa Barbara” in front of Royal Palace, Oslo, Norway, August 21.
          -"Waiting" in Flux Concert at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,
          San Francisco, CA., May.
          - "Dream Event" Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, February 12.
           -"Flux Navy and Flux Concert" Porin Taidemuseo, Pori, Finland, March.
1993-     "Chicago Sky Line” The Arts Club of Chicago, Chicago, IL. December 3.
          -"Flux Navy" Artpool Art Research Center, Budapest, Hungary, September.
          -"Flux Parade and Flux Wedding Celebration" for marriage of Jill Johnston and Ingrid Nyeboe, Kunsthallen Brandts
          Klædefabrik, Odense, Denmark, June 26.
          -"Wolkenschmied" Caravan Conference of the Nomads, Kunstmesse Nürnberg, Germany, April.
          -"Quintet" Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea, March 6.
          -"Flux Navy" (Flux Concerts), Kai Won Art School, Seoul, Korea, March.
1992-     "Dream Event" Galerie M., Montreal, Quebec, Canada, May 8-10.
          -"Head in Flux" Kaigasse 6, Salzburg, Austria, August 12.
          -"Excellent 1992" Nikolaj Church, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 26, 28, 29; travels to: Malmö Konsthall, Malmö,
Sweden, November 27 and Fluxeum, Wiesbaden/Erbenheim, Germany, November 22, 23, 24.
1991-     “For The Full Moon” June 27, and “Cortile” Two Performances for Brian Buczak in Memoriam, July 4, Edizione, Francesco
Conz, Verona, Italy.
          -“Sicilian Nocturne And Fluxus Concert” for Cena Blu, Atelier sur Mare,
          Castel di Tusa, Sicily, Italy, June 8.
1989-     “Quartet For Earth And Sky Dedicated To The Memory Of Brian Buczak”
          Milano Poesia Festival, Milano, Italy.
1988-     “For Robert” Festival Danae, Pouilly, France, June.
          "Death Cleans Up"; Fluxlux (Bob Watts Memorial Event), Bangor, PA, October 17.
1987-     Performance, The Western Front, Vancouver, B.C. Canada, March.
1986-     “Grat” Harlekin Art, Wiesbaden (Erbenheim),Germany, May 1.
          Performance, Gallerie Akumulatory 2, Poznan, Poland, April.
1985-     "From the Sea" performance, Festival of the Fantastics, Roskilde, Denmark.
1983-     “Measure” Galerie Donguy, Paris, October 22.
          -“100 Hats In The Sky” Festspiel Galerie, Berlin, August 6.
          -“Grid” Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, June 26.
          -“I'll Eat My Hat” Harlekin Art, Wiesbaden, Germany, May. 7.
1982-     “Two Beds” Harlekin Art, Wiesbaden, Germany September 18.
1980-     “Trunk” Passenger Ship Terminal, New York (Avant Garde Festival), July 20.
1979-     “Sound Within (W) Within Sound” P.S. 1, New York, October,
          “Wolkenauto” (Sky Car) Ruhr Park Art Festival, Bochum, Germany, September
           (in collection of Lehmbruck Museum).
           -“In Memoriam” Project Studios 1, New York City, May 13.
1977-      “FUCK”, a performance with Brian Buczak, at Grommets, New York,
           April 15, 16, 17
           “Il Tronco” performance (with Brian Buczak), Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Bologna, Italy, June 6.
           -Performance, Tendenze d'Arte Internazionale, Cavriago (RE) Italy, March 19.
1976-      Flux Clocktower Events, Clocktower, New York, April 18
           “Unfinished Business” 3 Mercer Street Store, New York, December 3 and 4.
           -“Lamb” a performance, Fine Arts Building, 105 Hudson St. New York, February 21.
           -“La Capra” Studio Morra, Naples, Italy, January 20.
1975-      "Seeding" 12th Annual New York Avant Garde Festival, Floyd Bennet Field, September.
           -Performance, Galleria Multhipla, Milano, Italy, Jun. 13.
           -Performance, Incontri Internazionali d'Arte, Palazzo Taverna, Rome, Italy, May 27.
           -“Traüme. Wälder” Ein Meditations Ritual. Kunstverein, Munich, Germany,
           January 24, 25, 26.
1974-      "Blanket," A 12 hour meditative ritual, 11th Annual New York Avant Garde Festival, Shea Stadium, November 16.
           -“In The Clocktower” (for Autumnal Equinox), New York City, September 21 to 23.
           -“Full Moon” Asolo, Italy, July 3; “Sun” (on Beach), Between Rosolina Mare and Caleri, Italy, July 5. Meditative rituals for
the Francesco Conz Archive
           -“Meditative Ritual For Summer Solstice”, Byrkjefjellet, near Kvamsskogen, Norway, June 21 and 22. (In cooperation with the
Henie-Onstad Art Center, Oslo).
1973-      "Sky/Roots: A Meditation On Dreams," 10th Avant Garde Festival, Grand Central Station, New York, December 9.
           -“Attic Clouds” A Ritual Performance, Art Center, Summit, New Jersey, February 3.
1972-      “Silent Meditation/Aachen”, Neue Galerie der Stadt, Aachen, Germany,
           October 14 and 15. Pieces by Dick Higgins and Stephen Varble performed with this meditation. There were also four display
cases of relics and documentation.
           -“Silent Meditation/London” for ICES-72 Festival, Roundhouse, London, England, August 19 & 20.
           -“Meditation In Times Square”, an 8-hour silent meditation, Times Square at 44th Street, New York, June 2. (Unfinished
version, March 23).
           -“Birth; A Meditation” Apple Gallery, New York, March 25.Part of series, “Beginnings.”
1971-      “Dream Event,” Apple Gallery, New York, December 3-5
           “Ring Piece” a 12-hour silent meditation, for the 8th Annual Avant Garde Festival, 69th Regiment Armory, New York, Nov.
9. (note: the London and Aachen Meditations, together with “Ring Piece”, form a triptych in time & space.)
           -“International Sky Exchange”, originating from New York City, with responses from around the world, June 21.
           -“Body/Hair” an 8-hour shaving piece, in Billy Apple's loft, Apple Gallery,
           New York, May 15.
           -“Talk/Walk/Still/Self” an 8-hour event with video and audiotape documentation, California Institute of the Arts, Burbank,
California, March 25.
           -“Equinox Piece” for Dick (Higgins), Magic Mountain, Newhall, California,
           March 21 (sunrise).
1970-”Mooring” an environmental situation, for "Happening & Fluxus" show, Kunstverein, Köln, Germany, November 6 to January 6;
and “Flower/Shovel”
           a two-day event throughout the city, Köln, Germany, November 7 and 8.
           -“La Cour, La Cave, La Chambre, Vous-Meme, Silence” mixed-media performance, Algol Theatre, Brussels, Belgium, Oct. 31.
1969-      “Sky/Tree: Ritual” (sawing & chopping) and “Sky/Grass: A Ritual” (scything), for the 7th Annual Avant Garde Festival, Wards
Island, New York September 28 to October 4.
           -“Some Sky And Other Things For Newark” a TV Happening, WNDT-TV
           (Channel 13), Newark, New Jersey, March 17, 7:00 p.m. and replays.
1968-      “Sky Bus” and white banner with projected sky, for parade down Central Park West, the 6th Annual Avant Garde Festival,
New York, September 14.
           -“Sky Boxes” a Happening, Sogetsu Art Center, Tokyo, April 10.
           -“Sky Cakes” for the Buddha's birthday, Tokyo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, April 8.
1967-      “Sky Cake” dessert for Fluxus Christmas Dinner, Fluxhouse, New York,
           December 25.
           -“Sky/Change” an Environmental performance, part of "12 Evenings of Manipulation," Judson Gallery, New York, October 13.
1967-      “Sky Games” a Happening, Gymnasium, Judson Memorial Church, New York,
           May 26 and 28.
1966-      “Dumping” a solo performance, for the 4th Annual Avant Garde Festival, center of Conservatory Pond, Central Park, New
York, September 9, (evening).
           -“Sky Laundry” hung in the trees around Conservatory Pond.
           -“Sky Billboard” Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street (NE corner), New York,
           April to October.
           -“Sky, a Happening” Judson Memorial Church, New York, March 8.

1965-    “Weather” a performance at Cafe au GoGo, New York, March 15.(Part of Watts & Brecht series "Monday Night Letter").
Repeated at Judson Memorial Church, New York, NY, March 16.


2005-     “Faggot Monument to Homosexuals Burned in the Middle Ages” with Sur Rodney (Sur), Exit Art, New York, NY. May 21 –
         Jul 30
         “Memorial for Emily Harvey”,537 Broadway, New York City, January 6
2004-       “Red Wedding of Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens”, Theatre of the Collective Unconscious, New York City, December 12
2002-    “Flux Mass”, Kirche des Humors, Wiesbaden, Germany
          “Fluxus Constellations”, Villa Croce Contemporary Art Museum, Genoa, Italy, February 15 & 16th and related Flux Tour
2000-    Soma Soma Soma, project with Patty Chang and William Pope L.,
         Sculpture Center, New York, NY. June 20 - July 15,
         -“The Family Tree of Miles von Löwenfeldt created with Sur Rodney (Sur) for
         Blondies & Brownies”, February 19, Torch Gallery, Amsterdam
1999-    Evening of performance, Friday Apple Blossoms: An Intermedia Event for Dick Higgins at the Whitney Museum of American
Art, November, 6 with Eric Andersen,
         Jessica Higgins, Alison Knowles, Jackson Mac Low, Larry Miller, Yasunao Tone
1998-    Evening of performing works by and for Al Hansen at Emily Harvey Gallery,
         September 18, 1998 with Dick Higgins, Alison Knowles, Carolee Schneemann, Ay-O, Raphael Ortiz, Anne Tardos & Jackson
Mac Low, Jeff Perkins and Larry Miller
1995-    Marriage to Sur Rodney (Sur) during a recreation of an Al Hansen Happening, Memorial for Al Hansen, Judson Memorial
Church, New York, September, 30
1994-    Flux Concert, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA., May 12.
         -Flux Concert for "Day Into Night" March 12, Porin Taidemuseo, Pori, Finland.
1993-    "Lines and Water", Flux Concert, The Arts Club of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, (organized with Yasunao Tone), December 2.
         -"Flux Concert and Banquet," The Arts Club of Chicago, Chicago, IL., (organized with Larry Miller), November 16.
1992 -"Excellent 1992", Nikolaj Church, Copenhagen, Denmark November 26, 28, 29; travels to: Malmö Konsthall, Malmö, Sweden,
November 27 and Fluxeum, Wiesbaden/Erbenheim, Germany, November 22, 23, 24.
1990-    Fluxus Concert, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Austria, Sept. 23.
1988-    FluxLux Memorial Event for Bob Watts, Bangor, PA, October 17.
1983-    Fluxus Concert, Hochschule der Kunste Theater, Berlin, Dec. 3.
         -“The Spirit Of Fluxus” concert, Amerikahaus, Berlin, Feb. 17.
1982-    “Flux Navy”, and Flux Concert, Wiesbaden FLUXUS Opening, Museum Wiesbaden, Germany, September 18.
1979-    Flux Concert, the Kitchen, New York, March 24.
1978     “Flux Navy” in concert at Galerie Baecker, Bochum, June 25.
         -Flux Funeral and Flux Wake/Feast for George Maciunas, New York, May 13, (Fluxminister and Master of Ceremonies).
         -Reading with Brian Buczak, Franklin Furnace, New York, March 9.
         -Flux Wedding of George Maciunas and Billie Hutching, New York,
         February 25, (Flux-Minister).
1977-    “Rulers, Ladders And Buckets” with Brian Buczak, P.S. 1, New York,
         October 9 and 16.
1976-    Festschrift Banquet to honor George Maciunas, New York, May 2.
         "Laudatio Scripta pro George Maciunas Concepta Hominibus Fluxi."
          (made the presentation "Book," roasted the lamb, and was Master of Ceremonies).
1972-    “Hybrids” with Stephen Varble, Global Village, London, England, September 3 and 4.
         -“Equinox Piece” with Stephen Varble, at Jones Beach (sunrise) and Apple Gallery,       New York, March 21.
1971-    “Flux Divorce” with Bici Forbes and George Maciunas, 331 West 20th Street, New York, June 24.
         -Matter Transformation (“Glass/Earth/Stone”), with Billy Apple and Jerry Vis,
         Apple Gallery, New York, March 6 to 20.
1967-    “Kill Paper Not People” with the Flux-Masters of the Rear Garde, for the Museum of Contemporary Crafts "Paper Show"
Time-Life Auditorium, New York, November 15.
1965-    Selections from “The Friday Book Of White Noise” with Bici Forbes, Reading and Performance, Cafe au GoGo, New York,
March 1. (Part of Watts & Brecht series "Monday Night Letter").

From 1964 through the 1970’s was also a participant/performer in work of Allan Kaprow, Claes Oldenburg, Yoko Ono and John
Lennon, Alison Knowles, Ushio Shinohara, Dick Higgins, Milan Knizak, George Maciunas, Meredith Monk, Hermann Nitsch, Pauline
Oliveros, Jacki Apple, Billy Apple, Stephen Varble, Takako Saito, and others.

WRITINGS BY THE ARTIST (including Books & Multiples):

2004 -     “Reflections on Emily Harvey”, Celebrating the Life of Emily Harvey, Addendum to Special Issue of Umbrella,
2003       -Hendricks, Geoffrey in “Four Hands Examining the Color of A Thought”, Collaborations with Brian Buczak published for the
occasion of the exhibition Accidental Significance , Emily Harvey Gallery, New York, NY October 9 - November 15
           -Hendricks, Geoffrey in “Between Earth & Sky (in knowing one, one will know the other)”,Confederation Center Art Gallery,
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
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2002 - Hendricks, Geoffrey. “From an Old Overcoat to Workboots and a Jockstrap (a 22 Year Journey of Friendship with William
Pope.L), William Pope.L, The Friendliest Black Artist in America, Mark Bessire, editor, ICA at Maine College of Art, and Massachusetts
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2000 - Hendricks, Geoffrey, in Remembering Judson House, edited by Elly & Jerry G Dickason, Judson Memorial Church, New York,
pp. 314-318
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1998 - Hendricks, Geoffrey, On “Dick Higgins,” Art on Paper,
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1996 - Hendricks, Geoffrey “Gay Marriage Changes the Landscape of Family Issues”, Art Journal, pp. 55 Vol. 55 No.4 (winter)
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journal documenting 1974 Norwegian and Italian meditative rituals. In collaboration with Archive Francesco Conz.
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8th Annual New York Avant Garde Festival in 1967.
1972-     Hendricks, Geoff and Moore, Peter, Flux Divorce Album, New York. A very limited edition made by the artist, with
photographs by Peter Moore. Cut and uncut versions. This work is usually in a pine box (Flux Divorce Box, New York, 1973) and
          accompanied by relics of the event.
          -Art and Artists, London, October, p. 9 (Fluxus issue) "When you are through..."
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          newspaper is a book of mythology." And other cards with Bici Forbes, New York.
1965/75- Shiomi, Chieko (Mieko), Spatial Poems #1-9, Fluxus, New York, 1965-1975. Contributions to each poem.


2003 - 11 Headstands, various 1999-2003, compiled & edited by. Lydia Grey
2000 - Soma Soma Soma, performances at Sculpture Center, New York, NY with William Pope.L and Patty Chang. Edited by Peter
1999 - Sky-Notes: 1-22, Emily Harvey Gallery, New York, (unedited)
1997 - “Passage,” Geordie Space, Montréal, Canada, March 22.
          Headstand on the Full Moon for Allan Kaprow‟s Birthday, Cape Breton Island,
          Nova Scotia, Canada. Camera: Matthias Maruhn
1996 - A Danish Wedding June 26, 1993, Odense, Denmark, Camera: Steen Møller Rasmussen. Edit: Kevin Kelly (1996) for
NowHere at The Louisiana Museum for Modern Art, Humlebæk, Denmark.
         Body/Hair, May 15, 1971, Apple 161 West 23rd Street, New York, NY, Camera: Mike Minicino and Jerry Dorost; Edit:
Kevin Kelly (1995) for Endurance: The Video Program . Exit Art, New York and Video Data Bank, Chicago.
1995-    The Marriage of Geoffrey and Sur, September 30, Judson Memorial Church , New York, NY. Camera: Kevin Kellyand Nicole
Cousino, Edit: Kevin Kelly
1994-    Headstands for Santa Barbara August 21, Oslo, Norway. Camera: Mi Qiu, Edit: Gina Todus.
1993-    A Danish Wedding June 26, Odense, Denmark, Camera: Steen Møller Rasmussen. Edit: Rich Fallon (1993). Edit: Kevin Kelly
1991-    Cortile, For Brian Buczak In Memoriam, Performed July 4, at Villa Balladoro, Verona, Italy. Camera: James Thornton, Edit:
Rae Staseson.
1984-    Erde. Linie, Leiter, (Earth, Line Ladder), Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, Germany. Camera: Hajo Kruda; Edit: Michael Morris
and Vincent Trasov.
1983-    Five Poems without Words, Image Bank Video Editions, Berlin, Germany. Camera and Edit: Michael Morris and Vincent
1975-    Performance, May 27, Incontri Internazionali d'Arte, Rome, Distributed by Centro/Nova s.n.c., Padova, Italy.
1972-    Equinox, Performance with Stephen Varble at Jones Beach and Apple 161 West 23rd Street, New York, NY. Camera:
Takahiko Iimura. March 23.
1971-    Body/Hair, May 15, Apple 161 West 23rd Street, New York, NY, Camera: Mike Minicino and Jerry Dorost; Edit: Kevin Kelly


2003-     Geoffrey Hendricks: Eleven Headstands,” ,edit: Lydia Grey (2003
          ”Between Earth & Sky”, Confederation Center Art Gallery Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, “Skowhegan
          Faculty, Institute of Contemporary Art Maine College of Art, Portland, ME, “Between Earth & Sky”, Winnipeg Art Gallery,
          Manitoba, Canada
1999- Body/Hair, Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival at the American Museum of Natural History, November 12-20.
1996-     A Danish Wedding June 26, 1993 Odense, Denmark, Edit: Kevin Kelly (1996). In exhibition Nowhere, Louisiana Museum,
Humlebœk, Denmark, April - June.
     -    Body/Hair, Edit: Kevin Kelly (1995) in Endurance: The Video Program, Traveling Exhibition of Exit Art, New York in
collaboration with Video Data Bank, Chicago.
    -     Body/Hair, Edit: Kevin Kelly (1995) in exhibition Body as Membrane Kunsthallen Brandts Klœdefabrik, Odense, Denmark.
January 12 - March 17.
1995- Headstands for Santa Barbara in exhibition “Endurance” Exit Art, New York, NY, March 4 - April 15.

RADIO & TELEVISION (Readings & performance by the artist):

2005       NY1 news on Faggot Monument, covering EXIT Art show, “Homomuseum”
2003       CBC Radio Broadcast, Charltown, PEI, during the exhibition Between Earth & Sky (in   knowing one, one will know the
2001-      Swiss TV evening News, August 25, 2001 (coverage of performance & dialogue at Arrau, Switzerland)
1975-      "Performance", Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland, June 21, Swiss and Italian T.V. coverage of the Fair.
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(Master‟s essay: Roman Baroque Church Ceiling Painting)


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1987      Canada Council, Visiting Foreign Artist Grant, the Banff Centre, School of Fine Arts, Banff, Alberta, and the Western
         Front Art Centre in collaboration with Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia.
1985-86 Rutgers Research Council, (Creative Research).
         Barkenhoff-Stiftung (Foundation) Worpswede, Germany, studio residency.
1984     D.A.A.D. (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) Two months Residency
         (September and October) in Berlin.
1983     D.A.A.D. (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) Berlin Artist's Program,
         January 1 to June 30. with residency continuation to December 31.
         Studio Residency, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, January 1 to December 31.
          1980-81 Rutgers Research Council, (Creative Research).
1977     National Endowment for the Arts, Individual Artist's Grant.
1975-76 Rutgers Research Council, (Creative Research).
1955     MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, New Hampshire, Summer, Fellowship.


Professor, Visual Art Department, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ
Graduate Director, 1998-99, 1990-93, 1980-83
Professor Emeritus, 2002

1989/ 1992/ 2000/ 2004
Professor, International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg, Austria,

Summer 2002
Professor, Skowhegan School, Skowhegan, Maine


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