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For professionals in shipping, transport and logistics

2   Editorial

The Sustained Relationship…
                It is a paradox, albeit a heartwarming one,    You will also read of the continuing expan-
                that as globalisation increases, so does our   sion of our operations around the globe.
                need to build and sustain close business       Whether it is logistics business in the
                relationships. It seems the more global we     Philippines or Qatar or new bunker fuels
                become the more locally we connect.            outlets in Sri Lanka, the snapshot image
                   In GAC this is evident in the long-         is of a Group sharply focused on what our
                standing relationship with Johnson &           customers need and taking decisive steps
                Johnson which is extending from coun-          to deliver to those needs.
                tries in the Middle East through to South         The diversity of our enterprise is also
                East Asia. And in our Hub Agency busi-         highlighted in our reports on the ornamen-
                ness we find that relationships are grow-       tal fish export business out of Malaysia
                ing in depth and endurance both with our       and the boom in dry docking services in
                valued customers and with our partner          Singapore.
                agents around the world.                          We hope you enjoy this edition of GAC
                   The Hub concept in the ship agency          World and trust our combination of news,
                business is an outcome of globalisation.       insights and features is both useful and
                Starting in the mid-90s, it was the way the    enjoyable. Feel free to drop me a line any
                ship agency business answered the chal-        time regarding this publication.
                lenge of bringing cohesion to a distributed
                service offering - one agency, distributed
                in every port, indeed, wherever you go.
                   Now, after almost a decade of bedding
                down and then sharpening up the work-
                ing relationships, the software platforms,
                the procedures and proformas, the Hub
                agency is beginning to explore the full
                extent of what it can offer customers.                                  Lars Peter
                We bring readers an update on the Hub                                       Heisselberg,
                agency business in GAC in this edition of                                   Editor
                GAC World.                           
                                                                          GAC World No.2, 2005

                                                4                                               14
                                                A New Vision                                “People need to feel
                                                for Global Hub                              that they are part of a
                                                Services                                     good thing.”

                 Karunakar Poojary’s Guide to
                              his home town

                                                                                                Rugby star Jason Leonard in an exclusive
                                                                                                GAC World interview.

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4   Hub Agency Services

        GAC started in the Hub Agency business in the mid-
        1990s in response to key shipping clients’ determination
        to reduce costs by reducing the number of agents they
        dealt with.
          Since then, the Hub concept has developed and now
        caters for all shipping clients, wherever they go. New
        products have been added to the Global Hub offering,
        giving Principals greater choice and flexibility to create
        a service package that suits their specific needs.

              Hub Agency Services   5

 A New Vision
Global Hub Services
6        Hub Agency Services

Changing Role
of the Agent
The Hub Agency concept has                    Support                                       tions in operating costs at port level, as in
led to big changes in the kind                Either directly through GAC offices or “back office” operations.
of work an agent is expected                  through their team of network agents,            Initially GAC handled Hub contracts
to do for a shipping Principal.               GAC’s Hub Agency Centres draw together        through operations offices in Athens,
                                              knowledge of local ports and the peculi-      Dubai and Hong Kong. In 2002, with
“The service expectations are far more        arities of a country to support a custom-     its appointment as worldwide agent for
complex today than they were, say, twenty     er’s Operations Department in their daily     ChevronTexaco Shipping Ltd., new Hub
or thirty years ago,” says Capt. Matthias     decision-making process.                      Agency Centres were added and existing
Imrecke, GAC’s General Manager of                This was recently demonstrated when        ones repositioned.
Global Hub Services. “Of course, agents       GAC supported the round-Africa and               Today, GAC’s Hub Agency Centres
are still expected to clear the vessel and    Indian Ocean Island cruises of some small     cover the world as follows:
to deliver and handle its cargo documents.    yacht-type cruise ships with a select
They are still expected to collect people     number of passengers.                         • Houston – the Americas
from the airport or for a doctor’s appoint-     “Our appointment to handle these            • London – Europe, Mediterranean &
ment, and to deliver mail or the latest       cruises was largely based on the regional        Black Sea and North Africa
newspapers. As such, agents remain an         and local know-how of our network             • Dubai – West, South & East Africa,
extended arm of the master, guiding him       agents,” says Capt. Imrecke. “It was this        the Middle East and the Indian
through the jungle of local peculiarities.    important factor that gave the Principals        Subcontinent
    “However, in today’s world of instan-     the confidence that the cruises would go       • Singapore – Asia and Oceania
taneous communication and increas-            well, despite the diversity of local condi-
ing demand for information, agents are        tions.”                                       All financial transactions are handled
increasingly involved in security matters                                                   through GAC’s Global Disbursement
such as those required by the ISM and ISPS    Streamlined                                   Centre in Dubai.
codes. Plus there are increasing levels of    GAC emphasises streamlined processes             Now in place for nine years, the funda-
local port control.”                          and reduced points of contact, and reduc-     mentals of the GAC Hub concept remain
                                                                                                     Hub Agency Services                     7

                                                                                                 Tailor-made IT Solutions
                                                                                                 GAC’s global Hub agency operation
                                                                                                 is only possible because it is built
                                                                                                 on a strong IT platform – it is called
unchanged. However, it has evolved in             savings, operational and functional ben-       GACship.
practice, bringing Hub agents closer to           efits of our Hub concept.”
                                                                                                 GACship is an application developed
their customers and increasing their                 To meet the demands of all ship own-        by GAC to support all operational and
involvement in day-to-day operations.             ers and operators, GAC has extended the        administrative processes of the global
                                                  Hub product range, allowing Principals to      Hub service and connect the worldwide
                                                                                                 agency network to provide online infor-
Winning over the reluctant                        select and combine services “off the shelf”    mation related to port calls.
Not all ship owners are prepared to               to suit their needs.                              The system handles port call instruc-
appoint a Hub agent as the fear of losing                                                        tions, nominations, proforma disburse-
                                                                                                 ments, statements of facts, final dis-
control of a vessel’s call still persists, says   Secure funds management
                                                                                                 bursements, funds management and a
Capt. Imrecke.                                    For more than 30 years, GAC has offered        multitude of operational and financial
  “The shipping industry is conservative          its clients a Centralised Accounting &         management features.
                                                                                                    Customers can log on to get an up-to-
and adjusts to change – even positive             Billing Service (CABS), to simplify finan-
                                                                                                 date view on all financial and operational
change – reluctantly,” he says. “There is         cial transactions related to port calls.       aspects related to their port calls wher-
also the issue of trust with regard to finan-      Initially, CABS was limited to vessel calls    ever they are in the world. GACship can
                                                                                                 also be integrated with Principals’ own
cial transactions being handled by an inter-      attended by GAC agents to eliminate the
                                                                                                 systems enabling customised financial
mediary such as the Hub agent rather than         risk of defaulting agents. However, as GAC     and operational data.
a Principal’s own personnel.                      has built sound, long-term relationships
  “There is nothing wrong with a cau-             with national and regional agencies around     GACShipII
                                                                                                 A new version of GACship was released
tious approach – it is understandable in          the globe, it has extended the CABS con-       in January this year, offering greater
the current market – but it can also lead         cept and now offers it on a global basis.      functionality based on improved proc-
to reduced focus on cost savings.                    This gives Principals the freedom to        esses and input and feedback from cus-
                                                                                                 tomers, port agents and the entire Hub
  “Therefore, we consider it our mission to       select the agent for the port call – whether
                                                                                                 organisation. In a bid to further enhance
gain the trust of more reluctant potential        it be a GAC network agent or their agent       the usage of the system a 24/7 helpdesk
customers. We want to successfully com-           of choice. It also enables them to main-       is available.
bine the safeguards they require with the         tain operational supervision, while also >
8        Hub Agency Services

    Safety and the Hub
                        “Safety requires close cooperation and
                         understanding between Principals,                  Safety tenets
                         agents, and the various port and                   Safety tenets that are applied by our customers and which are
                         maritime authorities,” says Matthias               also applied throughout the GAC global network include the
                         Imrecke, when asked how the Hubs                   following:
                         ensure standards are met and kept by
                         GAC and its partner agents.                        •   operate within design and environmental limits
                                                                            •   operate in a safe and controlled condition
 “We and our partners aim to hold up our end of the safety net and          •   ensure safety devices are in place and functioning
  ensure that our actions dovetail with those of our customers to           •   follow safe work practices and procedures and act to stop
  make thinking and doing safety as automatic as breathing.”                    unsafe conditions and actions
      Close cooperation with the oil industry inevitably involves GAC       •   meet or exceed the customer’s requirements
  and its partners in a continuous examination of safety procedures.        •   maintain integrity of dedicated systems
    “Because of the risks involved, the tanker business is a great          •   comply with all applicable rules and regulations
  teacher of safety disciplines. I particularly like ChevronTexaco          •   address abnormal conditions
  Shipping’s safety slogans ‘Do it safely or not at all’ and ‘There is      •   follow written procedures for high risk or unusual situations
  always time to do it right’. They put in a nutshell the kinds of disci-   •   involve the right people in decisions that
  plines needed to protect people and property.”                                affect procedures and equipment

continued from page 7

giving funds security as the Principal is          call and only applicable actual costs after       Thanks to its diverse range of services,
not required to make remittances to any            departure.                                        GAC can package global services accord-
agent’s bank but to a reputable intermedi-                                                           ing to customers’ explicit needs.
ary, the Hub agent.                                Stringent standards
    GAC’s Hub agent’s finance and account-          Principals want to work closer with their         Equal to the challenge
ing centre acts as a intermediary between          Hub agents, especially those that under-          The Hub concept offers significant ben-
the parties, handling the funds, confirm-           stand that the agent’s new role means             efits to customers throughout the shipping
ing that the port agent fulfills its duties,        adopting a fresh mindset and “thinking            industry, whether they be oil-majors, bulk or
ensuring that the PFDA and FDA are                 like a ship owner”. Therefore, it is vital that   cruise operators, charterers, traders or even
received in time and making sure that all          Hub agents and their agency partners set          navies. Capt. Imrecke says it represents an
balances are duly settled.                         and meet stringent standards.                     outsourcing opportunity for cost-conscious
                                                      At GAC, this means working through a           Principals seeking to focus their energy on
Independent intermediary                           proprietary agency network where possible;        revenue-earning tasks rather than on ticking
For Principals that prefer to retain funds         using a strong network of high class network      off line items on a disbursement account.
management control, but would like to use          agents where GAC is not represented; apply-          Setting up a Hub agency system requi-
the regional and local knowledge of the            ing an open-minded corporate culture and          res a huge financial investment and only a
Hub agent, GAC can act as an independent           demonstrating its willingness to invest in        handful of global players are equal to the
intermediary between the Principal and his         qualified support staff and IT solutions.          challenge.
agent of choice, by simply checking the PFD           GAC has the added advantage of being             “GAC is, and will remain, a leader in the
and FDA received from the agent.                   able to draw on the resources of other GAC        provision and development of innovative
    By checking documents and challenging         Group companies to offer a wide range of           global Hub services,” says Capt. Imrecke.
port expenses on behalf of the Principal,          additional integrated shipping, logistics and     “Throughout its history the GAC Group has
GAC draws on its knowledge of tariff               marine services such as warehousing and           evolved to meet the changing demands of
structures and port operations at indi-            distribution, global spares parts logistics,      the markets we serve – and that will con-
vidual ports, ensuring that the Principal          forwarding, bunker supplies, Ship-to-Ship         tinue to be the deciding factor in the future
pays only the minimum prior to the port            transfers and Ship Supply Services.               development of our global Hub services.”
                                                                                                                       GAC Wrap               9

GAC Acquires RUR
GAC has announced the friendly acquisition of Rice Unruh Reynolds
Co. (RUR), the prominent US East and Gulf Coast shipping agency.

Shared values                                  major ports on the US East and Gulf coasts,       and Gulf coasts gives us complete coverage at
RUR Chairman and CEO, John Reynolds, says      will benefit from the tighter connection to        all US ports and terminals.”
negotiations over the past six months had been GAC’s global network of operations.                   The two companies will continue to
driven by a recognition that the two companies                                                   operate separately for the forseeable future,
shared common service values and a strong      Mutual interests                                  whilst efficiencies will be gained by consoli-
commitment to developing long-term personal “The acquisition underlines GAC’s “Vision X-         dating marketing, accounting, and insurance
relationships among customers and staff.       Global Reach” strategy and demonstrates that      operations, sharing IT platforms and coop-
  “It’s a common sense move to bring GAC global expansion can be achieved through                erating with hub agency management. John
firmly into the RUR operation here in the US,” pursuing mutual business interests and does        Reynolds will remain with the company for
he says.“We have been a partners for the past not require aggressive takeover bids or under-     at least three years and RUR President Bob
three years and in that time it has become     mining tactics,” he adds.                         Bandos for at least 10 years, both in their
abundantly clear that closer ties can only       “GAC is proud to be associated with RUR         current posts.
add strength to RUR’s operations and deliver and its staff and we expect that both GAC               Mr. Säfverström says these long-term
added benefits to our customers.”               customers and RUR customers will benefit           arrangements send a clear message of stabil-
    GAC President, Lars Säfverström, says from the acquisition. GAC’s coverage of the            ity and long-term commitment to high serv-
RUR’s 14 offices and 50 staff, operating at US West coast and RUR’s strength on the East          ice standards.

GAC Agency Partners
Share Insights
It was a first not only for GAC but probably for the entire global ship-
ping industry. At GAC’s Shipping Marketing Forum in Houston in
January, GAC sat down with its Global Network Agency partners from
around the world to strengthen alliances and plot a course for closer
cooperation in the future.
The importance of this meeting was evident “We have put a lot of time and energy into
by the presence of GAC’s Executive Chairman, locating and securing strong agencies around
Björn Engblom, GAC President, Lars Säfver- the globe to ensure we can serve our Principals
ström, and Shipping Vice President, Lars      wherever they go,” says Lars Peter.
Peter Heisselberg. They joined with GAC’s       “Being able to offer a truly global service to
Marketing Team to host the occasion.          Principals is fundamental to success now and
   Their partners came from the Ultramar in the foreseeable future. It’s one thing to talk
Group, Wilson Sons, and Vensport from about being a global team but we are actually
South America, Wilford & McKay from Central giving real substance to that claim.”
America, Rice Unruh Reynolds from the US,
Kudrat Maritime from Malaysia, Adsteam from   Diverse Group
Australia and Oceania and Unipros from Korea. Alberto Gil, from Venezuela’s Vensport agency,
Seaforth agency, which covers Kenya and says it is a first in the industry to have such a         Alexei Oduber of GAC-Wilford & McKay, Panama,
Tanzania, was unable to make the meeting.     diverse group of agents sitting down together      was one of many Global Network Agency repre-
                                                                                                 sentatives to address the forum.
                                              to share ideas and practices.
Strong Commitment                               “We are normally just concentrating on
Lars Peter Heisselberg says the meeting our own patch but through the GAC Global                   GAC has been developing a “one world
proved there is strong commitment among       Network Alliance we get to learn new ways           – one agent” approach since the mid 1990s
GAC network agents to embrace a global        from each other and also to see how we can           but began creating Network Alliances in
vision of service delivery to the shipping contribute to the success of the larger group,”         2002 as part of its VisionX-Global Reach
industry.                                     he says.
 10        GAC Wrap

GTS Rises
to West African Demand
 Increasing demand for lightering                 Since September 2004, Capt. Lionel Cooper             Serving FSOs off the West
 operations in West African waters                has been coordinating GTS operations off the          African coast
 has led GAC’s specialised ship-to-ship           coasts of Nigeria and neighbouring countries.         In Nigeria, GTS focuses on STS and sur-
 (STS) transfer company, Gulf Transfer                STS transfers are usually performed when a        vey, superintendency, mooring and loading
 Services (GTS), to place a permanent             vessel cannot enter the port to load/discharge        operations at the many Floating, Storage and
 representative in Lagos.                         its cargo, due to draft restrictions.                 Offloading units (FSOs) positioned in the off-
                                                      This means that a cargo transfer has to be        shore oilfields.
                                                  made at sea between two vessels at anchor.               The company also offers a range of addi-
                                                  These delicate operations demand expert sea-          tional services, including:
                                                  manship and careful attention to all safety
                                                  considerations by Mooring Masters.                    • Superintendency and Marine related
                                                      All GTS operations comply with guidelines           work for FSOs
                                                  produced by the Oil Companies International           • Setting up of New Terminal Operations
                                                  Marine Forum (a voluntary organisation of               and procedures and supplying operation
                                                  oil companies with shipment/terminalling                manuals and terminal guidelines
 Gulf Transfer Services' STS base in Lagos.
                                                  interests) and the International Chamber of           • Recruitment and training of new
                                                  Shipping, which is made up of national ship-            Mooring Masters of all nationalities
                                                  owner associations representing more than             • Marine Inspections, Condition Surveys,
                                                  half of the world’s merchant tonnage.                   Vetting and P&I Investigative Inspections
                                                      GTS is an accredited ISO 9001-2000 com-           • Superintendency and Management of all
                                                  pany for the provision of Ship-to-Ship trans-           types of Marine Related Projects
                                                  fer services.

                                                  GTS also has STS bases in Fujairah, UAE – covering the entire Middle East Gulf – as well as Suez in
                                                  Egypt, Malta and Van Phong Bay in Vietnam.
 GTS provides its own STS equipment, including
 Yokohama fenders and cargo transfer hoses.       For more information about the company and its activities go to

 Bunker Service Opens in Sri Lanka
 GAC Bunker Fuels (GACBF) is now
 serving ships calling at Colombo and
 Galle in Sri Lanka.                              The new bunker office provides dedicated               sees an increasing number of ships calling at
                                                  bunker supplies to ships calling at Colombo           Sri Lankan ports in 2005,” he adds.
 Lars Peter Heisselberg, GAC Group Vice Presi-    and Galle, and to those plying the busy east-            “Last year, GAC handled some 650 vessels
 dent, Shipping Services, says the opening of     west shipping lanes off the island’s southern         for ship supplies and crew changes alone, so
 the Sri Lanka bunker office in Colombo was        tip.                                                  it makes sense to offer bunkers too. Deliveries
 a natural expansion for the Group, as GAC is         Sri Lanka is the sixth GACBF office in a net-      will be co-coordinated locally, ensuring quality
 one of the country’s foremost shipping agents,   work of offices – in the U.K., U.A.E, Singapore,       of fuel and on-time delivery.”
 logistics providers and offshore marine serv-    South Africa and Egypt – which co-ordinates
 ices contractors.                                global bunker requirements.                             Contact details for GAC Bunker Fuels in
                                                                                                          Sri Lanka are as follows:

 Expected growth                                  Reconstruction                                          GAC Bunker Fuels (Sri Lanka)
“Current economic forecasts show that Sri         Paul Horan, General Manager of GAC Bunker               284 Vauxhall Street,
                                                                                                          Colombo 2, Sri Lanka
 Lanka expects GDP growth of around 4% this       Fuels, says, “The addition of the Sri Lanka             Tel +94-11-479 7900, Fax: +94-11-479 7910
 year. This means more cargo handled, which       bunker office will facilitate even more com-             Email:
 will have a positive effect on the number of     petitive pricing for our Principals.                    Web:
 vessels calling at the country’s ports,” says      “With more reconstruction activities coming
                                                                                                          GAC Bunker Fuels is BVQI ISO 9002 accredited.
 Lars Peter.                                      on-stream following the recent tsunami, GAC
                                                                                                                      Wherever You Go                     11

Gulf Manning
– Providing Qualified
Nigerian Crew                                      The Gulf Manning Services, Nigeria, team are (left to right): Julius Odhegba, Ingemar Porathe, Shade
                                                   Olowu, Capt. Björn Svanholm, Uche Egbon and Bisi Bello.

Gulf Manning Services (GMS), started
life in 1999 as GAC Nigeria’s Manning              Comprehensive package                                 transports crew to and from their desti-
Department and later was registered                The company’s comprehensive crew man-                 nations, along with essential supplies for
as a separate company – one of eight               agement package includes:                             vessels and offshore installations.
manning/crewing agents registered                  • Initial interview and selection                        Onshore, the company also runs a guest
in the country by the Joint Maritime               • Pre-employment medical examination                  house to cater for seafarers waiting to sign
Industrial Council.                                • Standard insurance policy                           on as well as those who have completed
                                                   • Visa applications and travel arrange-               their period of service.
Today, GMS is a key element in the expan-     ments for seafarers
sion of GAC’s business in Nigeria, provid- • Monitoring of crew appraisal reports
ing vital support for the country’s growing • Crew training
maritime and offshore sectors.              • Payment of crew allotments, salaries                         GMS provides qualified Nigerian crew in
   Thanks to its contacts with national                                                                    accordance with the requirements of the
                                                       and wages
                                                                                                           following organisations:
training bodies, GMS is able to connect            Its seafarers hold all the necessary certifi-            • IMO (International Maritime
prospective employers with recognised pro-         cates and qualifications to comply with                      Organisation)
fessionals trained as officers, mooring mas-        STCW95, IMO and other requirements.                     • ILO (International Labour
ters and crew for a broad range of vessels as
                                                                                                           • STCW (Convention on Standards of
well as terminals and Floating Storage and         Manning support                                             Training, Certification and
Offloading (FSO) and Floating Production            Additional manning support is provided                      Watchkeeping of Seafarers)
                                                                                                           • and ISO quality standards.
Storage and Offloading (FPSO) units.                with the crew boat “GAC Tiger” which

London Teams Pass Swedish Navy Test
The GAC London Hub and Bunker Fuels                 port destination, everything was “ship-shape”        the Italian and French navies, was a chance to
teams have been praised by the Royal               – thanks to GAC.                                      test the ships, the crews and their materials in
Swedish Navy for their handling of two                 According to the Swedish Navy’s Lt. Anders        a new environment.
Corvettes on their recent round trip                Lütz the professionalism of the London team             The success of the tour bodes well for fur-
from Sweden to the Mediterranean.                   coordinating the trip guaranteed satisfaction.       ther cooperation between Sweden’s navy
                                                      “We are very pleased with GAC’s agency             and GAC.
Running on a tight schedule, the Swedish            attendance and bunker fuels supply through-
Navy Corvettes “HMS Malmö” and “HMS                 out the whole trip,” he says.
Sundsvall” made two canal passages and 19          HMS Malmö & HMS Sundsvall
port calls each in just over a month, as part of   in the Med
the Treva Expedition.                              The two Royal Swedish Navy Corvettes were
                                                   built for service in the Baltic Sea and off the
Ship-shape                                         Swedish West Coast.
Despite weather delays, frequent changes in           However, their recent trip to the Mediter-
bunker requirements and sudden changes of          ranean to participate in joint exercises with
12    Asian Shipyards


     Riding the Far East
     Dry Docking Wave

                                                                                                    Photo: Sembawang Shipyard

                          China                                          Middle East

     Who Does             Mostly new-building of large vessels such
                          as VLCCs, Capesize and container carriers.
                                                                         Repairs and conversions but relatively little
                          Little repair work.

     What?                Korea
                          New-building of large vessels (as above) but
                                                                         Newbuilding of speciality vessels: small/
                                                                         medium container vessels, chemical tank-
                          increasingly turning towards speciality work   ers to high specification, cruise ships, survey

     – Shipyards Around   such as gas tankers.                           vessels, offshore vessels. Interest is turning
                                                                         back to yards in locations such as Turkey and
     the World            Japan
                          New-buildings as well as speciality work.
                                                                         Croatia, due to increasing costs and a lack of
                                                                         space in Asia.
                          Some conversions but few repairs.
                          Singapore                                      Very little dry-docking is done in the States,
                          Mostly repairs and conversions – little new-   apart from Navy and Coast Guard vessels,
                          building of large tonnage.                     as production costs are almost three times
                                                                         higher than the rest of the world.
                                                                                                             Asian Shipyards             13

                                                      The Far East is experiencing a
                                                      surge in demand for dry dock-
                                                      ing work with many yards in the
                                                      region working at full capac-
                                                      ity. GAC Singapore’s Managing
                                                      Director, Peter Bengtsson, takes
                                                      a look at this trend and an
                                                      agent’s role in the business.

The fact that during 2004, GAC Singapore       GAC Singapore’s role in the dry docking          kers can also be arranged for departing
witnessed a 50% rise in dry dock calls han-    business has grown in parallel with the          ships through GAC Bunker Fuels.
dled and a record of 10 calls in November      demand for the city-state’s facilities, lev-        The GAC combination of shipping and
alone, is a clear indication of the current    eraging our reputation for successfully          logistics capabilities is unique. While our
demand for dry docking in the Far East.        managing complex jobs on time and on             shipping contacts and expertise bring the
   Cost is the driving factor, as yards in     budget.                                          jobs to us, we also provide logistics serv-
the region are significantly cheaper for non-      The company coordinates many aspects          ices that ensure that necessary spares
specialised tonnage – large tankers, bulkers   of dry docking calls, including obtaining        arrive at the yards safe and sound – and
and container vessels – than, say, European    the initial cost estimates for bringing a ves-   on time. Alternatively, we have the facili-
yards. There is, however, still a market in    sel into the yard, technical aspects such as     ties to hold them in storage until they are
Europe for demanding projects like cruise      ensuring the ships are “gas free”, and mak-      required.
vessels, chemical or gas tankers and certain   ing the necessary arrangements for pilot-
types of expensive special craft.              age and any tugs that are required. We           Trend to continue
                                               also take care of crew transportation and        With the order books full, the increase
Quality & technical demands                    Customs issues when additional crew are          in demand for dry docking in Singapore
Here in Singapore, local yards have the        brought in and we repatriate them once           – and the Far East in general – looks set to
advantage of being fully equipped to meet      they have signed off.                            continue. Indeed, the shortage of dry dock
the high quality and technical demands                                                          space in the region could even lead to now-
of rebuilding, conversions and repair jobs.    Bunkers and Spares                               dormant repair docks in other parts of the
This leaves China concentrating on less        The GAC Group’s service breadth offers an        world re-opening.
technical projects such as VLCCs, while        additional advantage. Spare parts can be            With GAC’s global reach we can play a
Japanese and Korean yards focus mainly         ordered and delivered using GAC Marine           key role in ensuring our dry docking cus-
on new buildings of large and speciality       Logistics (GML) – the Group’s specialised        tomers get the best possible service whether
vessels.                                       ship spares’ logistics company – and bun-        in the Far East or ‘wherever you go’.
14        GAC Fellow-player

Rugby Strongman
Lends His Strength to GAC
Jason Leonard, the world’s most capped international
rugby player, delighted local fans recently at the Dubai
Rugby Sevens 2004, as a guest of GAC Logistics.

One of the rugby world’s most recognised        A Special Touch
personalities, Jason helped England win         “Jason’s visit added a special touch to what
the World Rugby Cup in Sydney in 2003.          is already one of the UAE’s biggest sport-
He is now heavily involved with sports pro-     ing events,” says Bill Hill, Group Vice
grammes in the UK to encourage children         President, GAC Logistics.                      About Jason Leonard
to get active and stay fit.                         “We also hope to bring Jason closer to
     During his trip to Dubai, the rugby leg-   our customers and business associates at       At the age of 35, the prop forward broke
end hosted a special coaching session for       the other Rugby Sevens locations in the        legendary French centre Philippe Sella’s
                                                                                               record of 111 caps after featuring against
young enthusiasts at the Jumeirah English       New Year.”
                                                                                               France as a replacement during the 2003
Speaking School.                                   On the rugby field where bulk combines       World Cup semi-final – a remarkable
  And GAC’s clients at the company’s            with speed, tenacity and strategic thinking    achievement, considering the front row is
                                                                                               the most brutal of places to operate.
Rugby Sevens’ hospitality tent literally        for success, Jason Leonard was a stand-out
                                                                                                   Leonard announced his exit from the
got to rub shoulders with him. Copies of        success – indeed a legend in the game.         international arena at the end of 2004
Jason’s autobiography “Full Time” and auto-        In an exclusive interview with GAC          Rugby Sevens Six Nations championship,
graphed memorabilia were distributed at         World, he explains that business is akin to    following a glittering career which has seen
                                                                                               him make 114 appearance for England and
the GAC tent during the event.                  a team sport like rugby. The ingredients       become the world’s most capped player.
                                                for success include loyalty, team spirit,          Jason was born on August 14, 1968, in
                                                unity, and a common goal. Business peo-        Barking. He made his Test debut in 1990
                                                                                               against Argentina, played in two World
                                                ple, like rugby players, need challenge,
                                                                                               Cups, three British Lions tours and 54 Six
                                                drive, and motivation to take them to the      Nations matches.
                                                highest level.                                     He has written three books on his rugby
                                                                                               life and his rise to international greatness
                                                                                               and is currently involved in developing sport
                                                                                               programmes for youth and commentating
                                                                                               on international rugby events.
                                                                                                                                 GAC Wrap              15

                                                                                                                              GAC usive
                                                                                                                           inte     Wo
                                                                                                                                rvie rld
                                                                                                                               Jaso with
                                                                                                                             Leo n
                                               Jason in a scrum of fans from Jumeirah English Speaking School in Dubai.
GAC World: Every rugby fan knows Jason              But, obviously, the first time you play for your      comes a point when
Leonard and your world record of 114                country it is very, very special and the first        you just have to say
Test caps, over a span of 20 years. What            time was extra memorable because it was              enough is enough, really. The
about telling us what really inspired you           a match between England and Argentina.               game is physical and does take a toll on the
to become a rugby player?                           The environment was hostile as we were the           body and I want to be able to walk and lead a
                                                    first British team to enter Argentina after the       normal, active life. If I kept playing, this goal
Jason Leonard: It all started at school when        Falklands War! They really wanted to beat us         might not be possible!
I was 10, and strangely enough at a school – on the rugby pitch, that is. But it’s a great                   No matter what, rugby is still a big part
known for soccer, not rugby. Rugby is a game        place to play rugby and it was a great learning      of me. I’ve been going back to my roots,
for lads of all shapes and sizes. All the tall kids curve for me and still, to this day, is one of my    going back to construction, which I was
at school went in the second row, all the fast favourite places to tour.                                 doing before rugby and going professional in
kids on the wing, and all the short, wide, stout        The most defining moment in my career,            England. I have been traveling, working with
kids – like me – in the front row. I’ve stayed      the icing on my rugby cake so to speak, was          many companies – GAC included – in events
at the front ever since as I only got wider, not winning the World Cup in 2003 in Australia.             revolving around rugby. I’ve also been doing
any taller!                                         I was the only player still around from the          lots of coaching, like the session I just had with
    Funnily enough, when I started play- 1991 team where England lost to Australia                       the kids here in Dubai.
ing rugby it wasn’t because of the sport            in the final. Who would have imagined that
itself. Rugby was a great excuse to get out 12 years down the road, there I was playing                  Can you relate excelling in the inter-
of classes. And of course, the girls! Girls at against Australia, in Australia and defeating             national rugby world to succeeding in
school didn’t come for soccer matches, but Australia! I couldn’t have asked for anything                 today’s corporate business world?
they always turned up in big groups to cheer better than that.
the rugby players!                                                                                       Business is like rugby or any other team sport.
                                                    You’ve had such a victorious history. Then           There is a constant need for team spirit, you
Girls aside, which are the most defining earlier this year, you announced your                            need to challenge people, and motivate them
moments in your career?                             plans to end your international career at            to achieve those attributes. Lessons can be
                                                    the end of the Six Nations championship.             learnt from both. Like anything else, people
Playing for England feels like an addiction. All    Do you see leaving as the beginning to               need to feel that they are part of a good thing,
other sports guys I meet say representing your something even more exciting?                             whether it’s a team, a company or family. I feel
country is the best thing you can achieve. So                                                            that GAC is a company that welcomes people
once you play for England, you want to do it After 14 years of playing for England at top                to work for them and provides that sense of
again and again.                                    level and 16 years at Premiership level, there       community. This is very important.
16       GAC Wrap

  J&J Appoints GAC in the Philippines
       GAC to acquire warehouse assets and hire additional staff

       International healthcare products          Solid relationship                                     Integrated
        manufacturer Johnson & Johnson “We were chosen for our creativity, transpar-                     Arturo Tano, Operations Director J&J Phils Inc,
        (Philippines), Inc. has appointed GAC ency and value-added approach to J&J’s busi-               says, “By outsourcing our logistics function
        Logistics to manage distribution centre   ness in the Philippines,” says GAC Logistics           to GAC, not only are we able to concentrate
         activities in the country.               (Philippines) General Manager Kaare Thuesen.           on our core responsibility – to develop quality
            The agreement includes GAC’s            “GAC’s solid and long-standing relation-             products for customers – we believe the part-
         purchase of J&J’s existing warehouse ship with J&J in other countries also helped               nership will result in an improved customer
         assets, including forklift and offi ce    to demonstrate our commitment to the J&J               service level and operational efficiency.”
        equipment, and the hiring of 50 new       business.”                                                The initial stages of the partnership will see
        staff in addition to the current 190 to      GAC currently has long term contracts with          GAC tasked with improving inventory accuracy
        assist in handling a yearly throughput of J&J in the Middle East and Indonesia.                  and reducing lead times to ensure that J&J’s
      12 – 15 million cases.                        “We are confident that we can enhance                 leading brands such as Modess, Neutrogena,
          The appointment was the result of J&J’s supply chain in the Philippines by apply-              and Clean & Clear are always within the reach
      a competitive bidding process between       ing our proven methods in warehouse man-               of consumers in the Philippines.
     GAC and 5 other leading logistics service agement to add value to J&J’s overall busi-
     providers.                                   ness,” adds Kaare.

Topping the League                                                                                       Local Knowledge,
GAC Logistics’ English Football Debut                                                                    Global Links
                           Crystal Palace’s Andy Johnson celebrates his goal in front of the home fans   The value of dialogue between GAC
                            and the GAC Logistics advertisement at the Crystal Palace v Fulham game.     staff around the world proved its
                                                                                                         worth for a leading fertilizer company

                                                                                                         Qatar Fertilizer Company (QAFCO), one of the
                                                                                                         world’s largest producers of urea, was looking
                                                                                                         for a way to transport a 55 ton synthesis gas
                                                                                                         interchanger from Mumbai to Doha for a plan-
                                                                                                         ned factory shut-down in March this year.
                                                                                                             Three leading logistics providers were
                                                                                                         asked to quote for the job but GAC India
                                                                                                         beat the competition, thanks to the wealth of
                                                                                                         local knowledge about Middle East break bulk
GAC Logistics is scoring big in the                week, such advertising offers the chance to           shipping schedules at their disposal through
profile stakes thanks to its new pitch-             reach one of the highest numbers of view-             the GAC global network.
side advertisments at English Premier              ers today.                                                Colleagues in the Middle East knew there
League football matches.                                                                                 were no scheduled break bulk vessels oper-
                                                   Capturing attention                                   ating between Mumbai and Doha, so they
This season, for the first time, fans watching “This is all about building brand recognition              proposed re-routing the shipment via Dubai
games at the Middlesborough and Crystal and capturing the attention of our target                        to ensure the shortest possible transit time at
Palace home grounds have seen the GAC audience while they are relaxing and watch-                        the most competitive price.
Logistics name and logo prominently dis- ing their favourite sport on TV,” says Bill.                        The project was coordinated by David
played.                                           Over the past few months, customers and                D’Souza, formerly of GAC Qatar, who joined
    It is the latest development in the compa- business associates have expressed surprise               the GAC Mumbai logistics team in January
ny’s branding programme as a global logistics and interest from catching a glimpse of the                this year.
and shipping services provider, says Bill Hill, GAC brand at the English Premier League.                     He says “This was my first job as a mem-
Group Vice President, Logistics.                  Following the success of its pitch-side                ber of the GAC Mumbai team, and I look
    With more than 500 million people across debut, GAC Logistics is now eyeing more                     forward to using my old GAC contacts to
Africa, the Middle East and Asia tuning into clubs and exploring other forms of creative                 further develop the logistics business here
live broadcasts of Premier League games every advertising in the sports arena.                           in India.”
                                                                                                                   GAC Wrap            17

GAC                                            News Beat
                                               New Look:
Logistics                                      For, GAC’s free sub-
                                               scriber-based, customisable website. The
                                               new design offers users greater function-

Sponsors                                       ality and enhanced navigation, making it
                                               easier to access information and build a tai-
                                               lor-made home page. MyGAC features the
                                               daily Hot Port News bulletin and a selection

Rising                                         of maritime news, as well as detailed infor-
                                               mation about the GAC global network.
                                                   To join the MyGAC community, simply go to and sign on!

Golf Star                                      Appointed Part I :
                                               Andhika GAC has been appointed co-correspondent for the Japan P & I Club in Jakarta,
                                               with effect from February 2005. This is the first P&I correspondent appointment for the GAC
GAC Logistics has signed up two-year           Group in Indonesia and South East Asia.
sponsorship deal with Richard Sterne,
a promising professional golfer who is         Appointed Part II :
making his mark on the European Tour.          GAC Qatar to handle logistics for the 5th Doha International Oil and Gas Exhibition. The
                                               exhibition is run by Qatar Expo and Qatar Petroleum under the patronage of His Highness
Since clinching the Madrid Open title in       the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani.
October 2004, Sterne has also won the
Nashua Masters Tournament, South Africa,       Spotlighted:
and the Sunshine Tour.                         GAC Dubai’s role as co-sponsor of the inaugural Dubai International Maritime Awards in
                                               December last year. A gala event attracting more than 200 shipping professionals and another
Brand Ambassador                               indication of Dubai’s place as a key centre of global shipping.
The 23-year old South African will wear the
GAC cap and T-shirt at all the European Tour   Turning 30 :
events. His caddy will also sport a GAC cap.
   As GAC’s brand ambassador, Sterne will                                                               GAC Hong Kong had good rea-
attend and support GAC Golf days and tour-                                                              son to celebrate its 30th anniver-
naments around the world, starting with the                                                             sary. Last year was a record-break-
Dubai Desert Classic on March 2.                                                                        ing one which saw a big increase in
                                                                                                        air exports to the USA and Europe,
                                                                                                        a record number of port calls in
                                                                                                        both Hong Kong and mainland
                                                                                                        China, averaging almost 100 calls
                                                                                                        a month, and a rise in sales.

                                               GAC Thailand’s newest branch office, at Laem Chabang, the country’s biggest container
                                               port. The GAC Laem Chabang team provides both shipping and logistics services, serv-
                                               ing mainly automotive and electronics customers based on the Eastern side of the Malay
                                               Peninsula. The contact details for the new office are:
                                                   GAC Thailand Laem Chabang office
                                                   53/66 Moo 10, Tungsukhla, Sriracha, Chonburi 20230, Thailand.
                                                   Tel & Fax: +66-38-495 080
                                               (All communications should be sent via the GAC Thailand head office in Bangkok.)

                                               GAC Cargo Systems, Shanghai to new offices at:
                                                 GAC Cargo Systems (Singapore) Pte Ltd.
                                                 Shanghai Representative Office
                                                 Unit 1109A-1110, Pidemco Tower, 318 Fuzhou Road, Shanghai, 200001,
                                                 People’s Republic of China
                                                 Tel: +8621 6391 2777
                                                 Fax: + 8621 6391 2208
18        GAC Wrap

Moves and Appointments
Dubai                                                Singapore                                        Globally
Wendy Patricia Weiss has been appointed IT                               Capt. Peter Bengtsson,       Damien O’Donoghue has been appointed
                       Project Manager, Global                           formerly GAC Singapore’s     to lead the Group’s Customer Relationship
                       Hub Services, based in                             Business Manager Ship-      Management (CRM) programme.
                       Dubai. Patricia brings to                          ping Services, has been        The programme, which started in February,
                       her new role the experi-                          appointed as the compa-                           is using a range of online
                       ence of an international                           ny’s Managing Director.                          and workshop training
                       career, including work                            This will enable former                           sessions to bring about a
                       for a global logistics com-   Managing Director, Christer Sjodoff, to devote                        broad cultural change in
pany in Germany, and studies in the UK. She          himself to his duties as Regional Director of                         customer relationships in
will assist the global Hub team to identify new      the Asia-Pacific-Indian Subcontinent region.                           GAC’s 200 offices world-
IT-related needs, design and ensure timely                                                                                 wide.
completion of projects.                              Gene Lee has joined the GAC Singapore Hub           An Australian, Damien holds an MBA from
                                                                        Agency Centre team as         Australia’s International Graduate School of
Indonesia                                                               Assistant Manager. With       Management and post-graduate qualifi-
                     Dag Bore, formerly                                 more than ten years of        cations in Supply Chain Management and
                     General Manager Logist-                            experience in the com-        Education.
                     ics of GAC Dubai, has                              pany’s shipping depart-
                     been appointed General                             ment – most recently as       In Marketing
                     Manager of PT GAC Samu-                            Supervisor at the Pulau       Alan Mehew has moved from Thailand to
                     dera Logistics in Jakarta,      Bukom office – Gene has been closely involved                         Singapore in his new role
                     Indonesia.                      with operations, combined with leadership                            as Regional Marketing
                                                     and commercial responsibilities.                                     Manager, responsible
Malaysia                                                                                                                  for a wide geographical
                      Dag        replaces                                 Philip Kong has been                            area covering Australia,
                      Gurumurthi Shankar,                                appointed Sales Manager,                         Brunei, Cambodia, Indo -
                      who has moved to Kuala                              Logistics Ser vices for                         nesia, DPR of Korea, Laos,
                      Lumpur, Malaysia, to                               GAC Cargo Systems (S)        Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines,
                      take over as Regional                               Pte Ltd. Philip joined      North East Russia, Singapore, Thailand and
                      Development Manager,                               GAC Singapore in 2002        Vietnam.
                      3PL Services.                                      as Business Development
                                                     Manager, and has more than a decade of           Dale Hart, formerly Operations Manager at
                                                     experience in the logistics industry.            GAC Cape Town, has been appointed GAC’s
                                                                                                                           Marketing Manager for
                                                                                                                           the Middle East and
                                                                                                                           Indian Subcontinent,
                                                                                                                           based in Dubai, UAE.
                                                                                                                           He takes over from Ken
                                                                                                                           Dinnadge who was
                                                                                                                           Marketing Manager for
                                                                                                      the same region for the previous 3 years, in
                                                                                                      parallel with his duties as Business Manager,
                                                                                                      Dry Cargo for GAC Dubai. Ken will now
                                                                                                      devote himself exclusively to his duties in the
                                                                                                      Dry Cargo sector.

                                                                                                          Tell Us What You Want

                                                                                                          GAC World exists to provide

                                                                                                          useful information for all our

                                                                                                          customers. If there are topics or

                                                                                                          issues you’d like to see covered,

                                                                                                          drop us an e-mail at:

                     – Did you click on a “Buy Yak Herd” on the web?                                      We’ll be happy to oblige.
                                                                                                                                   My Town             19

     City of
     Dreams                                                                                       Karunakar Poojary’s
                                                                                                  Guide to

                                                                                                          which also offers breathtaking views of the
                                                                                                          entire city.
                                                                                                             Other landmarks include the Gateway of
                                                                                                          India, the General Post Office, the Town Hall
                       Karunakar Poojary,                                                                 (now the Asiatic Library) and the Prince of
                       GAC Mumbai’s                                                                       Wales Museum.
                       Commercial Manager             Doing business in Bombay                               The Jehangir Art Gallery and The National
                      – Shipping Services, has
                       lived in the bustling          Floods, riots, strikes – nothing has succeeded      Gallery of Modern Art exhibit the works of
                       city of Mumbai for a           in breaking the backbone of Bombay’s work-          established and aspiring artists alike.
                       quarter of a century.          force which is determined to make it to work,
                       Here, he offers his
                       tips for visitors to this      no matter what. A strong sense of profes-           Mixing business with pleasure
                       colourful Indian west          sionalism prevails and people know they             If you’re planning a business lunch, you’re
                       coast port city formerly       must deliver the goods if they want to stay in      going to have to make some tough decisions.
                       known as Bombay.
                                                      business. The competition is just too fierce to      Indian or Continental? Chinese or Thai?
                                                      allow for anything less.                            Mexican or Malvani?
Teeming metropolis                                                                                            The commercial area, between Nariman
Mumbai is a teeming metropolis of 16 million          Getting around                                      Point to Flora Fountain, offers a wide range
– and that’s a conservative estimate! People          Overwhelming is probably the best way to            of fare to suit every pocket and every palate.
from all over the country pour into the city. It      describe the traffic in Bombay – you have
is to India what New York is to the USA – its         been warned!                                        After hours
cultural capital, financial hub, home of mov-              Many commuters use the railways but it          After a hard day’s work and before a night out
ers and shakers!                                      is definitely not something recommended for          on town, you could sample some of the city’s
    It is also a bit like Los Angeles, as it is the   the faint of heart. Buses are a little easier to    famous street food.
home of the Indian film industry – Bollywood           board, but the crowds can be just as intimi-            Bombay has its very own signature dishes.
– the world’s most profilic movie centre,             dating.                                             Bhel Puri, a mixture of puffed rice, potatoes and
which has a huge influence on audiences                    The best choice is probably to take a taxi. A   onions tossed in a piquant hot ‘n’ sweet chut-
worldwide.                                            nifty “black-n-yellow” driven by a chatty cab-      ney and Pav Bhaji - vegetables mashed in spices
                                                      bie can be one of the best guides to the city.      with loads of butter, served piping hot with
Character                                             There are also air-conditioned “Cool Cabs”,         warm bread – are just two popular local speci-
A city of contrasts, Bombay boasts some mag-          for those who are prepared to pay a little extra    alities. If you feel nervous about eating off the
nificent buildings like the Victoria Terminus          to shut out the heat and dust. Most business-       street stalls, sanitised versions of these dishes
Station, the Rajabai Tower, the Town Hall and         men prefer to hire private cabs.                    are available at most hotel coffee shops.
Asiatic Library, but it also has the dubious dis-                                                             There is also a plethora of restaurants wait-
tinction of being home to Asia’s largest shanty       What to see                                         ing to introduce you to South Indian speciali-
town, Dharavi.                                        If you want to hit the tourist trail, Bombay has    ties like the ‘idli’, ‘dosa’ and ‘uttapa’.
    The common thread that links all things           a lot to offer. At the top of the “must” list is        Bars are very much a part of Bombay’s
“Bombay” is energy, tremendous energy,                a trip to Marine Drive to see “The Queen’s          nightlife. When there’s a live band in the
a non-stop buzz, that keeps the city hum-             Necklace”, a sweeping promenade that glit-          house to rev things up, the combination can
ming. It can sweep up the most casual pas-            ters with the light from hundreds of street         be even more heady! Head for The Library Bar
ser-by and fling him into a vortex of frenetic         lamps as it follows the natural curve of the        at the Hotel President, Starters & More or Not
activity.                                             coast. The best place to see it is Malabar Hill     Just Jazz by the Bay, both at Churchgate.
“Service expectations are far more complex today.”
 Read more of what Capt. Matthias Imrecke has to say about the changing role of shipping agents on page 6.

                                                                                                                                    GAC Wrap

 Fishy Business in Malaysia
 GAC is up to fishy business in Kuala Lumpur – and is proud of it!

                                                     for Europe, and a large number of goldfish
                                                     being imported from China for Lunar New
                                                     Year celebrations.
                                                        About 80% of the fish go to European
                                                     markets, but GAC also sends its scaly cargo
                                                     to South America, Africa, Canada, the USA
                                                     and Australia. Every week, the company
                                                     moves between 500 kg and one ton of fish
                                                     to Singapore alone!

                                                     It is a delicate and demanding business. Not
                                                     only does GAC take care of the highly spe-
 Malaysia is the world’s No.1 producer of orna-      cialised demands involved in transporting live
 mental fish for export. Close to 390 million         fish, it also handles the necessary quarantine
 fish of 200 different species are bred in the        documentation, airline requirements, coordi-
 country every year for export, earning the          nation with local authorities and all Customs
 nation 81 million ringgit (more than USD 20         formalities.
 million) in foreign exchange.
    It is big business, especially for premium
                                                          For certain species, such as Arowanas or
                                                     corals, breeding for commercial purposes
                                                                                                       GAC World
 species such as the prized Arowana, which
 costs on average USD 1,000-4,000 - but
 prime specimens can fetch as much as USD
                                                     must be registered with the Convention on
                                                     International Trade in Endangered Species.
                                                     Here again, GAC guides clients and import-
 180,000.                                            ers through the approval process.

 Top fish forwarder                                   The Fengshui factor
 GAC Malaysia has established itself as the top      Vela says business growth stems from the
 international forwarder of live fish in the Far      increasing popularity of rearing tropical and
 East. It secured a niche position in the business   ornamental fish as a hobby. And the global
 more than three years ago when it acquired          success of the movie “Finding Nemo” has
 Benair Freight Malaysia and has seen steady         made marine fish and products a new “in”
 growth since then.                                  thing.
    Vela Ramsamy, GAC Malaysia’s Commercial             Another factor is growing worldwide
 Manager, says the company moved about 240           interest in Fengshui, an oriental lifestyle and
 tons of ornamental fish back in 2002, and that       decoration philosophy which considers certain
 figure grew by 50% the following year. 2004          types of fish to bring good fortune.
 saw the same consistent rate of growth in this        “Whether you believe in the benefi cial
                                                                                                       GAC World can be downloaded
 highly specialised business.                        effects of Fengshui or not, there is no deny-
                                                                                                       as a pdf file from the GAC website,
    Breeds handled include Koi, goldfish and          ing that having these beautiful fish in your
                                                                                             , where you can
 Arowana. Demand is seasonal, with the sum-          home or office makes for a much more serene
                                                                                                       also find previous issues of the magazine.
 mer seeing a predominance of Koi headed             environment,” he adds.

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