E911 Fund Contingency Plan by taoyni


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E911 Fund Contingency Plan
• E9-1-1 staff has been requested by the State to review the job
descriptions and break them down to functions. This is covered
under 62A-46(C) (1). The three functions are as follows:
1.	Maintenance
2.	Data Base Provisioning
3.	Addressing
• The functions will be broken out into elements and then a cost will be
assigned to each of the elements under the function.
First Option
® This will be written like a contract for services, which is acceptable by the
State for use of E911 funds.
® This will hopefully cover all three of the salaries. However, the
terminology of "salary" cannot be used.
® Presently, staff believes that all salaries will be covered 100%, but it could
possibly be reduced to between 50 to 75%.
Second Option
® The second option would be to review other support/administrative staff to
combine duties under other job titles or reassign Communications (non-
E911) support staff positions to cover shortfalls in the E911 funds.
Third Option
® The third option is to use vacant positions in the Emergency Services
department to cover what the State will not cover if only 50 to 75% is
covered. Not the best option, but with the economy such as it is, this is a

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