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                         EMSE 225: Hazardous Waste Management
                                    Course Syllabus

Spring 2008, Wednesdays, 6:10 pm–8:40 pm (CRN 95699)             Jonathan P. Deason, Ph.D., P.E.
Room 106, 1776 G Street, N.W.                                    Room 131, 1776 G Street, N.W.
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Course Description

The objective of this course is to develop a working knowledge of the hazardous waste management
and cleanup processes used in the United States and around the world. It includes coverage of the
roles of the relevant federal, state and local government agencies and major hazardous waste laws
and regulations, including the National Contingency Plan. In addition, the planning, assessment,
investigation, design and construction phases of contaminated site remediation projects are studied.
Special attention is focused on the chemical, physical, biological and thermal treatment processes
currently available for such remediation projects. Also included are the important topics of
quantitative risk assessment, waste minimization, resource recovery, hazardous waste transportation
and facility siting.


       Case studies                   10%
       Mid-term exam                  30%
       Course project                 25%
       Final exam                     30%
       Class participation             5%


LaGrega, Michael D. Hazardous Waste Management. New York: McGraw-Hill Publishing
Company, 2001.

Class Logistics

I will alert each class member through the Blackboard message system if the class is cancelled due
to inclement weather or other reasons. If you are uncertain about class cancellation at any time,
please call me.
Course Syllabus
EMSE 225: Hazardous Waste Management
Spring 2008

                          SCHEDULE AND ASSIGNMENTS

  Session                         Topics                                Assignments

    1        Introduction to Hazardous Waste Management and      Read: Chapter 1
  Jan 16     Cleanup. Definition of Hazardous Waste; Overview
             of the Problem; Future Outlook

  2&3        Major Hazardous Waste Laws and Regulations.         Read: Chapter 2
  Jan 23     Legislative and Regulatory Processes Used to        Turn in: Project Proposals
  Jan 30     Develop Environmental Requirements; Overview of     (January 23)
             CERCLA (Superfund), RCRA and Other Major
             Hazardous Waste Laws

     4       Waste Characterization. Hazardous Waste             Skim: Chapters 3 & 4
   Feb 6     Characterization and Definable Properties           Read: Chapter 5

    5        Environmental Audits, Pollution Prevention and      Read: Chapters 6 & 7
  Feb 13     Waste Minimization. Executive Order 12088 and
             the Federal Recycling and Affirmative Procurement
             Council; Approaches to Hazardous Waste
             Reduction; Production Process Tracking Systems
Session                             Topics                           Assignments

  6       Facility Development, Hazardous Waste               Read: Chapter 8
Feb 20    Transportation and Emergency Response. Site
          Selection and Development; Overview of DOT and
          EPA Regulations; Containers and Transportation
          Modes; State and Local Regulations; National
          Response Team and Regional Response Teams;
          National Contingency Plan and Regional
          Contingency Plans; National Response Center;
          State, Local and Industry Response Systems

  7       Presentations and Review. Project Progress Report
Feb 27    Presentations; Review for Mid-term Examination

 8        Mid-Term Examination
Mar 5

  9       Hazardous Waste Treatment Processes. Overview of    Read: Chapters 9 - 12
Mar 12    Physical, Chemical, Biological and Thermal
          Treatment Processes

Mar 19    Spring Break (no class)

 10       Land Disposal of Hazardous Wastes. Declining        Read: Chapter 13
Mar 26    Landfill Capacities and Increasing Demands;
          Landfill Solutions; Underground Injection Wells;
          Other Types of Disposal Facilities

 11       Natural Resource Damage Assessment and
Apr 2     Restoration. Natural Resource Damage Assessment
          Laws and Regulations; Federal and State Trustee
          Agencies; Damage Assessment and Restoration
          Procedures; Groundwater Hydrology and
          Contamination Processes; Groundwater
          Contamination Detection, Analysis and Monitoring
Session                          Topics                               Assignments

 12       Site Remediation I. Overview of CERCLA               Read: Chapter 14 & 15
Apr 9     Remedial Action Process and RCRA Correction
          Action Program; Preliminary Assessments and Site
          Inspections; Hazard Ranking System; National
          Priorities List; State Priorities List; Remedial
          Investigations and Feasibility Studies; Records of
          Decision and the Administrative Process; Remedial
          Design; Remedial Action; NPL Deletion Process

 13       Site Remediation II. Superfund case study: Urban     Read: Chapter 16 & 17
Apr 16    River Restoration Program

 14       Presentations and Review. Final Report               Turn in: Project Final
Apr 23    Presentations; Review for Final Examination          Reports

 15       Presentations. Final Progress Presentations (if
Apr 30    needed)

 16       Final Examination
May 7

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