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									Contingency Plan – 3rd Grade
In the event of a school closure please follow these plans at home
with your third grade student.
Pick a chapter book to read. This book should take you more than
one day to complete but be at your “just right” level. Please name
the title of the book in all of your answers.

Day 1
   In a paragraph or more, describe the setting where the story
   mostly takes place. Include what you think the characters hear,
   see, smell, touch, and in some cases, taste.

Day 2
   Complete a Character Web. Give evidence/justify your web.

Day 3
   Write a paragraph that describes the main character of the
   story. What are some of the actions and things he says?

Day 4
   Make a connection to the story you are reading. Give as many
   details and examples as you can.

Day 5
   Describe the main events of the story. You may use a timeline.

This week in your writing journal, collect small moment stories. If
you are having trouble thinking of a story, remember to think of a
person, a place, or an object. Pick one of these stories to relive
and write in detail, step-by-step.

Every day for 15 minutes, practice unit words using these
websites: and

Day 1
 Write three math story problems using math mountains.
 Work on memorizing your multiplication tables.
Day 2
 Measure five items in your house in your house with a non-
 standard unit of measure like a paperclip, eraser, pencil, fork,
 crayon, etc. Then measure the same items in inches or
 centimeters with a ruler, if available.
 Work on addition facts.
Day 3
 Find examples of perpendicular lines and write them down.
 Work on subtraction facts.
Day 4
 Cook something that requires you to measure. Eat what you
 Work on math facts (your choice!).
Day 5
  Play the place value game.
  Test yourself on math facts.

Use the following web sites for additional activities and practice.

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