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									               Waverly Gardens – Liberty Training Room Facts

               Waverly Gardens Location:                              Contact:
               5919 Centerville Road                                  Brandi Barthel
               North Oaks, MN 55127                                   Care Center Administrator
               Phone: 651-765-4000                                    651-765-4063
               Fax: 651-765-4001                                      bbarthel@preshomes.org

Brandi or an appointed designee will be available on the day that classes are held to meet, greet and direct
instructors and staff in locating the classroom and answering any questions.

 Location of Waverly Gardens:
Waverly Gardens is located at the intersection of County Road J and Centerville Road in North Oaks, MN.
The campus is about one half mile west of Highway 35 E.

 Education Room:
The classes are scheduled to be held in the Waverly Gardens Club Room, located on the main floor of the
building, on the left after entering.

 Parking:
Parking for Liberty training is located in the lower lot on the north side of the building (continue on
Wilkenson Lane in front of Tria). The entrance is marked “Care Center”.

 Punching In:
Staff should use their badge to swipe in their employee number to punch in at the training site. The time
clock is located on the ground level in the employee break room. The receptionist or other staff members
may assist you in the location of the time clock. Should staff have questions regarding their paid time they
should speak their own site Human Resources Representative.

 Lunch and Snacks:
We will provide coffee and water on the days of education. Lunch and snacks will not be provided. We
have vending machines for both drinks and snacks located in the employee break room. Be sur e to bring
small bills/change. You may bring your own snacks, lunches, etc., or purchase something from our Bistro.
Restaurants are located on the corner of Highway 96 and Centerville Road (Culvers, Subway, Arby’s,
MacDonald’s). Breaks are periodic throughout the session based on instructor and student need. One hour
will be allotted for lunch/supper unless the instructor and class determine otherwise.

 Room Set-Up:
All rooms will be set up or have available a LCD projector, Flip Chart and Markers, Television and DVD
player, and any other materials as needed. A laptop computer will be provided with the necessary
PowerPoint saved on the hard-drive and a hard copy of the PowerPoint will be in the classroom. You will
have to log into the computer and the login is on the bottom left of the keyboard of the laptop. (MCTC then

If you are concerned about your ability to successfully utilize the computer or DVD player please email
Kathy at kyechout@preshomes.org ahead of time so she can make sure there is additional assistance
The Handouts for Resident Assistants for each session will be put in the rooms prior to the start of those
sessions. Binders had been given to students attending the Vital Involvement classes. If students did not
attend any VI classes they will not have binders.

 Class Attendance, MCTC Registration and Evaluations:
The “Class Attendance Sign-In Sheet” is with class materials in the classroom, and is to be signed by each
attendee and the instructor and returned to Brandi who will fax to Kathy at 651-631-6122. In case an
attendance sheet for your specific class is not available, print page 3 of these training facts and use it in its
place, or one may be obtained from the site contact. Once all the classes at the site have been completed,
Brandi will send the original attendance sheets by courier to Kathy at Hamline.
 MCTC Registration forms are to be completed by all students attending classes. The form should be given
to students who haven’t previously completed one as it only needs to be done once per student when they
first start attending the classes. The registration forms will be left in the classrooms for the Campus Contact
to send to Kathy at Hamline.
 Class evaluation forms are provided in the handouts on the last page, and are to be completed by students
and given to the instructor for their review. The college instructors will leave the evaluations to be sent back
to Kathy Yechout with the MCTC registrations. When PHS instructors teach, they may take attendance
sheet, evaluations and MCTC registrations back to Kathy Yechout.

 Security:
Instructors and students should safeguard their personal valuables. It is acceptable to leave the technology
equipment in the room during breaks and leave the room unlocked.

 Contacts for Instructors:
If you have further questions about the setup or in the event of a personal emergency please contact: Kathy
Yechout, PHS Liberty Coordinator, Cell 651-216-0194.

If you have any questions regarding the scheduled room or have questions during the session please contact
Brandi at the phone number or email listed above.
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