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									Capitol Punishment II - Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?
Round 5

1.    In 1975, CBS attempted an American version of this show, called
Beacon Hill, and set it in 1920s Boston -- it flopped. Dour Scottish
butler Hudson oversaw the staff at 165 Eaton Place (*) over the 20
years from 1910 to 1930. The cook Mrs Hodges eventually married him.
Lady Marjorie Bellamy, a Prime Minister's daughter, owned the house,
and helped her husband Lord Richard in politics. They had two children,
Elizabeth and James. For 10 points, what was this 1970s British TV show
that centered around parlour maid Sarah and housemaid Rose?

2.    This girl has been quite popular in music. In 1957, the
Hilltoppers has a hit, urging this girl to "leave your fat old Nanna
home" (*) so "we can have a bamboo hut and brandy in the tea." Frankie
Valli and the Four Seasons were begging her to "c'mon" and forgive "his
cheatin' years." For 10 points, who is this girl, most famous for being
in More Than A Feeling, the girl Boston can see walking away?

3.    Many ABC affiliates refused to air this series, which fortunately
for them did not affect their scheduling for a great length of time.
This show from the creators of Laugh-In (*) was more offensive and much
less successful, and consisted of short, under 10-second comedy bits.
For 10 points, 5 February 1969 was the only episode of what television
series which was cancelled a day later for being too offensive?

4.    They describe themselves the "Industy leader in colocation
services", and, given the unique location of their showcase data haven
(*) they may just be right. However, it’s not the scenery that draws
customers in, but the fact that the location of this industry is in
international waters, and has liberal laws governing data traffic. For
ten points, name this company who's showcase data center is 3
milliseconds from London, via fiber optics, and 6 miles from the
British shores as the crow flies, on a little nation called Sealand.
ANSWER: HavenCo Limited

5.    Universal Pictures released this poignant film in 1998.     It is
partially inspired by the classic novel, A Prayer for Owen Meany. (*)
The film is written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson and features
Ashley Judd in a supporting role.     For ten points, name this movie
about a boy who is born so small the doctor who delivers him can barely
see him, and who cannot die until he performs his one miracle.

6.    In his debut for Chicago, he gave the Bulls everything they had
hoped for-and then some, as he scored 22 points, grabbed 14 rebounds,
dished for 13 assists, and blocked 12 shots. (*) This came after eleven
years with the Warriors, with whom he set a record by getting 18
rebounds in one quarter, even though the media paid more attention to
the flashier centers, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain.      For
ten points, name this San Francisco and Golden State Warrior who
recorded the first quadruple-double in NBA history on October 18, 1974.
Answer: Nate _Thurmond_

All questions written 2000 by the George Mason University Academic Trivia Team.
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Capitol Punishment II - Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?
Round 5

7.    He set penned such books as "Supernatural Aid" and "The meeting
with the Goddess". His compilation on mythology (*) has influenced the
famed Wachowski Brothers Matrix script. However, both the Wachowski's
and George Lucas take issue with "Women as the temptress", seeing many
temptations in which women aren't portrayed as the villain. For ten
points, name this author of The Hero with a Thousand Faces.
ANSWER: Joseph Campbell

8.    She was but eleven years old for her first film role, Andrea
White in the made for tv movie "The Ryan White Story." (*) From her
first tv role as "Little Iola Boyland" in 1987, to Blossom in 1990, to
Terminator 2, she's steadily risen in the television ranks, to the
point where she appeared on "The Norm Show" 13 times last season. For
ten points, name this actress who stars on the Fox sitcom "Unhappily
Ever After" as Tiffany Malloy.

9.    At age 20, she married Dan Donovan from Big Audio Dynamite. That
lasted three years. Then in 1992, she married ex-Simple Minds frontman
Jim Kerr. (*) In 1995, while still married to Kerr, she met her current
husband, who she married in 1996. On the screen, her roles include a
role in Lethal Weapon 2, and turning down a would-be role as Ross' wife
on Friends, as she didn’t want to be away from her third husband.
However, they are selling their London home and may be breaking up. For
10 points, who is this woman, the possible ex-wife of Liam Gallagher?

10.   He was born April 14, 1966, Cincinnati, Ohio. He was selected by
the Atlanta Braves in the fourth round of the 1985 free-agent draft (*)
and was traded by the Braves with Marquis Grissom to the Cleveland
Indians for Kenny Lofton and Alan Embry on March 25, 1997.       For ten
points, name this long-time Brave, who is perhaps best remembered for
his homerun in Game Six of the 1996 World Series against the Indians.
Answer: David _Justice_

11.   According to the tagline, "She's 10 miles of Bad Road for every
hood in town!" Notorious drug lord Mommy is furious at this movie's
title character for burning her Turkish (*) poppy fields. So Mommy,
while trying to deal with her pushers such as Doodlebug, uses bad cops
to harass the title character. For 10 points, this is a brief
description of what movie named for a United States Special Agent
assigned to crack down on drug trafficking, played by Tamara Dobson?

12.   A lonely mother gazes out of her window, and thinks about her son
who is constantly getting in trouble and is making money the best way he
knows how. (*) His health is fading, but he doesn't know why, and three
letters will take him to his final resting place. Then, the singer
criticises, among other things, people who are tootin' cain in their own
veins, shooting and aiming for someone else's brain, and claiming
victimhood. For 10 points, this is a brief synopsis of what R & B
classic where the chorus chides the young man for "moving too fast?"

All questions written 2000 by the George Mason University Academic Trivia Team.
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Capitol Punishment II - Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?
Round 5

13.   After two outstanding seasons with the Quebec Remparts of the
Quebec Junior League, one of which saw him score 209 points, (*) he
embarked with the Montreal Canadiens in 1971. He was the first player
in hockey history to score 50 or more goals in six consecutive seasons.
He was the youngest to score 400 career NHL goals and the youngest to
achieve 1,000 points. Name, for ten points, this man who returned to
professional hockey in 1988 to play for the New York Rangers, before
retiring for good in 1991.
Answer: Guy _LaFLEUR_

14.   Abby was an unsure young intern and Roxanne was the motherly
receptionist. (*) Victor was brought in to meet racial quotas -- and he
knew it. Arnie was a divorce lawyer who caused divorces with his
womanising. Stuart was a tax attorney with the hots for Ann, an
idealistic attorney. Kuzak and Brackman were the junior partners.
Chaney died at his desk in the opening episode. McKenzie was the senior
partner. For 10 points, this was the initial cast of what TV show that
closed out NBC's invincible Thursday night schedule in the 1980s?

15.   Their lead guitarist is not to be confused with a man of the same
name from the Clash and Big Audio Dynamite. (*) Their lead singer is not
related to the senior Senator from Texas. They are not the singer of the
lines "I've got a fever at a quarter to three." For 10 points, who is
this band WAS known for songs such as "Dirty White Boy", "That Was
Yesterday", "I Don't Want To Live Without You", "Feels Like the First
Time" and "Waiting For a Girl Like You?"

16.   She married her husband, Walter, in 1950. She began writing soon
after her marriage but it was not until his death in 1964 that she
began writing in earnest. (*) Aspire to the Heavens, her first book,
was a biographical novel about George Washington. She turned to
suspense, writing Where Are the Children? an instant best-seller in
1975. Since then she has written other books including All Around the
Town, The Lottery Winner, Moonlight Becomes You and Silent Night. For
10 points, who is this author of The Cradle Will Fall?
ANSWER: Mary Higgins _CLARK_

17.   They have had only 10 managers in their 101-year existence, have
never been relegated, and have never finished lower than sixth. (*)
Their team logo has a red lion superimposed over a white soccer ball,
and the word "Ready" below it. Their stadium at Ibrox was the site of a
tragic stand collapse on 2 January 1971. Between 1988-89 and 1996-97,
they won nine straight Scottish Premier League championships, and won
this year's SPL championship. For 10 points, what is this football club
whose Glasgow rivals are Celtic?

18.   A failed scriptwriter pulls into a mansion to escape repo men.
The mansion is owned by former silent-screen star (*) Norma Desmond,
who wants to make a comeback with her script Salome. He becomes Norma's
boy toy, but Betty Schaefer, a script reader who originally rejected
him, wants to work with him now. The writer attempts to leave Norma,
but she shoots him as he walks by the pool. For 10 points, what is this
1950 movie with William Holden starring as Joe Gillis?

All questions written 2000 by the George Mason University Academic Trivia Team.
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Capitol Punishment II - Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?
Round 5

19. He was cut by the Steelers in 1955 (*) and signed as a free agent
the following year with the Colts. A pathetic one-year stint at the end
of his career with the Chargers has not taken away his lustre. He threw
at least one TD pass in 47 straight games, and led the Colts to NFL
crowns in 1958 and 1959. For ten points name the man who did not start
in the super bowl against Joe Namath.
Answer: Johnny _Unitas_

20.   They never disagree. They always care. They never turn you down.
(*) When all the others turn you away, they're around. They're alwasy
there when you need satisfaction guaranteed. For 10 points, what are
these creations of the Atlanta Rhythm Section, perfect for when
ordinary lovers don't feel what you feel and real-life situations lose
their thrill?

21.   An actor is desperate; he can't find a job. That is, until he
gets a role in a soap opera and becomes very famous. (*) After a while,
he falls in love with the leading actress of the series, and here is
the big problem: how can he express his feelings, since she thinks that
he, Michael Dorsey, is actually Dorothy? For ten points, what is this
movie whose claim to fame is essentially Dustin Hoffman dressing as a
woman for large portions of the movie.

All questions written 2000 by the George Mason University Academic Trivia Team.
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Capitol Punishment II - Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?
Round 5

1.    Identify the five members of the family Mr Belvedere looked
after, and the name of that family, for 5 points each.
name: _OWENS_
2.    With this many questions, "it's not unusual" to have a Tom Jones
bonus. However, your bonus will NOT concern Tom Jones. Name the one-
hit wonder from songs, ten points apiece.


"Walking on Sunshine"

"More Than Words Can Say"
3. Given an actor in a 1979 apocalyptic movie, name the character on a
5-10-15 basis.

5: Mel Gibson.
ANSWER: _MAX_ Rockatansky

10: Joanne Samuel played what wife of Mad Max?
ANSWER: _JESSIE_ Rockatansky

15: Hugh Keays-Byrne played what villain of the piece?
4.    Identify the Peanuts characters for 10 points each.

This character was a baby briefly, and when Charlie Brown met him, he
remarked, "I always feel so uncomfortable around children."

This girl commented, "After all that, what can we say?" when Peppermint
Patty spent three of the four panels introducing herself.

This character can quote the Old Testament as effectively as Linus, and
plays center-field for Charlie Brown's great rivals. Charlie Brown met
him at the beach when he found a lost beach ball.

All questions written 2000 by the George Mason University Academic Trivia Team.
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Capitol Punishment II - Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?
Round 5

5. Name the following NBA players, given a key stat about them, for 10
points each.

He is currently the shortest player in the NBA, at 5’3”.
Answer: Muggsy _Bogues_

The tallest American ever to play in the NBA.
Answer: Shawn_Bradley_

The tallest basketball player ever, in the NBA
Answer: Manute _Bol_ or Gheorge _Muresan_
6.    Identify the characters from Party of Five for 10 points each.

She is Charlie's daughter.
ANSWER: _DIANA_ Salinger

He was sent to military           school   after   stealing     money   from   the

She practically disowned her parents after they pressed drunk driving
charges against Bailey.
7.    Given a role in The Maltese Falcon, name the actor or actress on
a 5-10-20-30 basis.

Joel Cairo.

Sam Shade.

Brigid O'Shaugnessy.

Iva George.
8.    On a 5-10-20-30        basis,    identify    what   the    following     file
extensions mean:

ANSWER: shared object

ANSWER: portable document format or acrobat document

ANSWER: windows short-cut

ANSWER: dynamic link library

All questions written 2000 by the George Mason University Academic Trivia Team.
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Capitol Punishment II - Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?
Round 5

9.    Identify these Roy Orbison songs from lyrics for 10 points each.

"Well I got a woman as mean as she can be."

"Tender nights before they fly / Send falling stars that seem to cry /
Your baby doesn't want you anymore, (BLANK)"

"Just (BLANK) each place we go / So afraid that he might show / Yeah,
(BLANK) what would I do / If he came back and wanted you"
10.   Identify the following divers for the stated number of points.

5:    American. Double gold medal in 1984.

15:   This American was the only man to medal in diving at the 1996
Atlanta Games, winning the bronze in the springboard.

10:   This Chinese woman swept the springboard and platform in 1996,
winning golds in both.
ANSWER: _FU_ Mingxia
11.   Identify the Michael Bolton song from a plot description for 10
points each.

Michael is, in so many poetical-sounding words, trying to get his girl
to "give it up", by letting him "reach the deepest part of you."

The feelings Michael feels are so strong that the mere word love cannot
even begin to describe their totality.

Michael is proposing a cure for what his beloved is going through,
namely three ingredients.
12.   Given an actor in the movie Platoon, identify the role he played
on a 5-10-20-30 basis.

Tom Berenger.

Forest Whitaker.

John C. McGinley.

Charlie Sheen.

All questions written 2000 by the George Mason University Academic Trivia Team.
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Capitol Punishment II - Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?
Round 5

13.   Name the artists of these disco tracks, 5-10-20-30.

Keep It Comin' Love.

If I Can't Have You.

Bad Girls.

Le Freak.
14.   On a 5-10-20-30 basis, identify these teams by their mascots.
Warning: some mascots are no longer around.

Philadelphia Phillies.
Answer: _Phillie Fanatic_

Milwaukee Brewers.
Answer: _Bernie Brewer_

Cincinnati Reds.
Answer: _Mr. Red_

Atlanta Braves
Answer: _Chief Nokahoma_
15.   Answer these questions about Leave It To Beaver for 10 points

What was Chester Rutherford's nickname?

Leave It To Beaver was the first US TV series where what common
household appliance was used? It is used, typically, about 3 to 8 times
daily, per person.

Gwen Rutherford was played by what actress better known to science
fiction fans?
16.   Identify the following Wonders of the World from Civilization II,
given their descriptions, 10 points each.

This Wonder allows you to select any type of Government.

This Wonder functions as a Research Lab in every city.

This Wonder makes all of your units veteran when built, and expires
with the development of the Automobile.

All questions written 2000 by the George Mason University Academic Trivia Team.
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Capitol Punishment II - Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?
Round 5

17.   ID the movies from clues or quotes, 30-20-10.

30: "That beats any meat injection. That beats any fucking cock in the
20: "choose life. choose a job. choose a career. choose a family.
choose a fucking big television, choose washing machines, cars, compact
disc players, and electrical tin openers."
10: Among the characters are rent-boy, spud and sick-boy.
18.   Identify the Mariah Carey song from lyrics for 10 points each.

'I need a lover to give me / The kind of love / That will last always'

'Oh, when you walk by every night / Talking sweet and looking fine / I
get kinda hectic inside'

'But I know you'll soon discover / You're never satisfied with any
19. Name the college or university the athlete played at, ten points

10: Indy Colts RB Edgerrin James, TB Bucs Warren Sapp.
Answer: _Miami (Florida)_

10: Denver Broncos WR Travis McGriff.
Answer: U. of _Florida_

10: Redskins QB Brad Johnson.
20.   The show What's Happening and its sequel What's Happening Now
focused on the lives of three black teenagers. For 10 points each, give
the first names or nicknames of the three main characters (in any
order), played by Ernest Thomas, Fred Berry and Haywood Nelson.
21. Answer the following questions about game five of the 2000 Stanley
Cup Finals for 10 points each.

What was the score of that game?

Who scored for the Stars?

How many minutes did the game last? You will get 5 points for being
within five.
ANSWER: _106_ (101-111)

All questions written 2000 by the George Mason University Academic Trivia Team.
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