ASSESSMENT PLAN


            ■ Structured Interview with    ■ Demonstrated          ■ Policy         21 Aug. ‘03   If the learner is unable
1     1.1
            Relevant parties.              understanding of the    documents.                     to attend the structured
            ■ Job descriptions.            Legislative                                            interview on the fore-
            ■ Job specifications.          Requirements            ■ Relevant                     mentioned date, a
            ■ Required job profile.        (depending on           Stakeholders                   follow-up date will be
                                           policies).              /line managers                 scheduled.
                                           ■ Demonstrated          individual
                                           understanding of the    currently
                                           Company’s specific      occupying
                                           procedures.             advertised
                                           ■ Propper gathering     position
                                           of information
                                           pertaining to
                                           vacant position
            Depending on the level of      ■ Direct Evidence:      ■ Observation/                 ■ If any of the following
            the individual, 4 or more of   Demonstrating           Simulation                     restraining factors are
            the following psychometric     understanding of        Exercises                      present; physical
            batteries can be used:         assessment levels                                      disabilities, literacy
            ■ Group Exercise.              and batteries to be                                    problems, language
            ■ Roll Play                    used                                                   difficulties; alternative
            ■ Oral Presentation                                                                   exercises and batteries
                                           ■ Indirect Evidence:    ■ Psychometric                 will be used.
            ■ Self- evaluation             Indicating previous     Batteries
            Questionnaire.                 experience with                                        ■ Should the candidate
            ■ Personality Questionnaires   regards to                                             not be able to attend a
            (16PF/Disc).                   assessment centre                                      one-day assessment,
            ■ In-Basket Exercise.          procedures eg.                                         instruments and
            ■ Problem Analysis.            Performance                                            batteries can be
            ■ Scheduling Exercise.         appraisals and other                                   completed over a
            ■ Fact-finding Exercise.       documented                                             period of 2 consecutive
                                           evidence of learner’s                                  dates, OR, some
            Additional information can     competence                                             batteries can be done
            be submitted for our                                                                  via e-mail, prior to
            perusal:                                                                              assessment date.
            ■ Performance Appraisals.      ■ Supplementary         ■ Documents
            ■ 360º Analysis.               Evidence.               provided by                    ■ Candidate may
            ■ Candidate’s CV.                                      candidate /                    submit supplementary
                                           ■ The learner must      company                        evidence prior to
            Once the above-mentioned       be able to select an                                   assessment date.
            is completed, the following    appropriate
            procedure applies:             procedure for vacant                                   ■ Report and feedback
            ■ Comprehensive Report is      position. This                                         can be done
            compiled.                      procedure must be       ■ Selection /                  telephonically, via fax
            ■ Management Feedback          aligned with legal      Assessment                     or e-mail, or in
            indicating the strengths,      and organisational      Policy                         person.
            development opportunities,     requirements.
            individual rating.
            Once above-mentioned is
            finalised, a Short-List can
            be compiled, depending on
            the number of candidates
            evaluated as well as the
            requirements of the
            company. A practical
            application assessment is
            thus appropriate
      A practical application           ■ Demonstration of       ■ Psychometric                  ■ If any assessment
      assessment of the learner’s       the establishing a       tests’                          tool cannot be
      ability to indicate that the      developmental            standardised                    validated, alternative
                                        procedure, a             and validation                  tools must be
      ■ Psychometric assessment         standardised             manuals.                        implemented.
      batteries are standardised,       validation process
      therefore valid and reliable.     and it being                                             ■ Should a second
                                        approved.                                                registered
      Structured interview to                                                                    psychometrist or
      determine reasons for             ■ Demonstrated           ■ Observation                   psychologist not be
                                        understanding of         records and                     available, a video
      ■ Direct observation of which     reasons for two          embedded                        recording of oral
      the input at least 2 registered   separate and             knowledge.                      communications /
      psychometrists or                 objective observation                                    presentations can be
      psychologists is given.           records.                                                 made to be evaluated
                                                                                                 the other consultant at
                                                                                                 a later stage.
      Structured interview to           ■ Direct observation:    The               To be         If the cost implications
      determine reason for the          Selection of             psychometric      determined    exceed the client’s
      use of:                           Assessment               tests and         prior to      budget, alternative
      ■ Psychometric batteries          batteries according      batteries used    21 Aug.’03.   arrangements can be
      ■ Supplementary evidence          to assessment            in our                          made, for example,
      ■ Computerised                    criteria.                assessment                      making use of generic
       tests/ batteries                                          centers are                     tools instead of
      ■ Customised assessment           ■ Indirect               cost effective                  customised tools.
      tools                             observation: The         and generic
      ■ Observation records             ability to create        pertaining
      ■ Assessment checklist            checking and             management
      ■ Assessment material             packing lists as well    skills and
      packing list                      as customizing           competencies.
                                        material to meet         The cost
      Behavioural observation of        specific job related     implication is
      selecting and preparing           requirements.            therefore
      resources indicated above                                  limited, except
                                                                 is required,
      Behavioural observation of        Demonstrating an         ■ HR policy       Prior to      Should current
      learner conducting an             ability to aligning      ■ Assessment      21 Aug.’03    procedures not be in
      ■ Interview with relevant         selection criteria and   and selection                   line with client’s
      stakeholders to determine the     control procedures of    policy.                         requirements, a
      client’s organisational and       own company and          ■ Relevant                      procedure needs to be
      legal requirements.               client’s company.        Stakeholders                    mutually agreed upon.

      Role-play/Simulation of the

      ■ Checklist                       The learner must be      ■ Co-             Prior to      If the plan is not
      ■ Observation record              able to draw up a        assessor’s        21 Aug.’03.   authorised, it needs to
                                        checklist to ensure      acceptance                      be altered in order to be
                                        that the specific        ■ Designated                    aligned with the client’s
                                        assessment plan is       personnel’s                     needs.
                                        accepted                 acceptance
                                                                 ■ Acceptance
                                                                 letter of plan
          Simulation/ Case Study of      Documented              Printed or        On or before ■ If the candidate does
2   2.1
          learner compiling an           evidence of             electronic        assessment not have relevant proof
          ■ Advertisement for print or   competence with         advertisements    date.        of competence, a
          electronic media               regards to the          as done by                     simulation exercise
                                         placement of            learner.                       must be done to
                                         advertisements.                                        determine skills and

                                                                                                  ■ If the desired target
                                                                                                  market does not
    2.2   Structured interview           The learner displays    ■ Checklist       On or before
          determining whether learner    the ability to adhere   ■ Management      assessment
          adheres to control             to control procedures   ratings           date.
          procedures by making           and deals with          ■ Assessment
          effective use of               responses               Policy
          ■ Checklist                    appropriately
          ■ Management ratings
    2.3   Structured interview where     The learner will        ■ Job             Assessment ■ If there is not
          the learner will discuss the   demonstrate an          specifications    date       sufficient candidates
          use and suitability of the     understanding and                                    meeting the required
          ■ Grading and short listing    ability to screen       ■ Assessment                 specifications,
          scale                          applicants by using     criteria                     extension on cut-off
                                         the grading and                                      date needs to be
                                         short listing scale.    ■ Management                 implemented and
                                                                 Rating Scale                 assessment of this
                                                                                              criteria to be

                                                                                               ■ Should it be an
                                                                                               internal post that needs
                                                                                               to be filled, the
                                                                                               screening and short
                                                                                               listing procedure may
                                                                                               not always be
                                                                                               necessary, thus
                                                                                               interview to be
                                                                                               reformatted to
                                                                                               accommodate specific
                                                                                               KPA of learner.
    2.4   Structured interview/          Demonstrating an        ■ Job             Assessment Should it be an internal
          questionnaire demanding        ability and             specifications    date        post that needs to be
          written response where the     understanding of        ■ Management                  filled, the short listing
          learner discuss the way a      how to draw up a        ratings                       procedure may not
          shortlist is compiled          short list                                            always be necessary
                                                                                               then a case study
                                                                                               needs to be compiled to
                                                                                               evaluate the ability to
                                                                                               draw up this short list.
          Computerised data base         ■ The ability to use    ■ Computer-       Day of      ■ If a database is not in
                                         and demonstrating       ised database     assessment. place, an appropriate
                                         understanding of        ■ Develop-                    database needs to be
                                         existing database.      mental reports.               created.
                                         ■ Ability to compile    ■ Assessment                  ■ If the candidate does
                                         report distribution     policy                        not display sufficient
                                         lists and a future      documents                     knowledge of the
                                         development matrix.                                   assessment policy,
                                         ■ Maintaining                                         he/she needs to be
                                         database according                                    given sufficient time to
                                         company’s specific                                    study the content
                                         assessment policies.                                  thereof. A re-
                                                                                               assessment can be
          Questioning pertaining the       Demonstrate an          ■ Assessment        Assessment ■ If a verification
3   3.1
          use of background checks         understanding of        policy of           date.      checklist does not
          and validation procedures        ■ Existing              company.                       already exist, one
          using company specific           verification methods    ■ Verification                 needs to be compiled.
          ■ Evaluation tool (checklist)    used.                   checklist.                     ■ If the candidate is
                                                                                                  unfamiliar with
          Case study/Simulation/Role       Performing at least                                    verification methods,
          Play to determine learners       two techniques                                         time should be allowed
          ability to validate and verify   during verification                                    for the candidate to
          authenticity of documents        process.                                               familiarise him/herself
                                                                                                  with it.
          Questioning to determine         Demonstrating an        ■ Assessment        Assessment If the candidate is not
          ■ the use of checklists for      understanding of the    material.           date.      able to process
          assessment centre.               benefits of using and   ■ Report and                   information and compile
          ■ candidate’s ability to         compiling               profile.                       a developmental report
          evaluate, interpret and          ■ Completed             ■ Job                          on the assessment date
          integrate assessed               checklists.             description and                due to time
          information into a                                       required profile.              considerations,
          comprehensive development        ■ Demonstrated                                         alternative
          report and profile.              ability to create a                                    arrangements needs to
                                           conducive                                              be made.
          Direct observation of            environment.
          conduct during assessment        ■ Demonstrated
          procedure and report             ability to compile a
          writing.                         development report
                                           and profile.
          Direct observation of            ■ Transcribed           ■ Video tapes.      Prior to or■ If transcribed
          interview.                       interview.              ■ Transcribed       on assess- documents or video
                                           ■ Video recording of    documents.          ment date. recordings of previous
                                           previous interviews.    ■ Direct                       interviews are not
                                                                   observation.                   available, damaged or
                                                                                                  outdated, a date needs
                                                                                                  to be scheduled for
                                                                                                  direct, on-the-job
    3.4   Questioning pertaining short     Ability and             ■ Screening         Assessment If insufficient
          list results                     understanding of        methods.            date.      information is available
                                           how to draw up a        ■ Job                          to compile a fair and
                                           short list reflecting   specifications.                objective short list,
                                           assessment results.     ■ Assessment                   more information
                                                                   results.                       should first be
                                                                   ■ Management                   gathered.
                                                                   ■ Candidate’s
                                                                   report and
    3.5   Questioning pertaining           ■ Demonstrate a         ■ Short list.       Assessment If legislative
          ■ Assessment and selection       knowledge of the        ■ Screening         date.      requirements are not
          checklist/strategy.              legislative             methods.                       met during selection
          ■ How to meet legislative        requirements and        ■ Develop-                     procedure, the strategy
          requirements when making         assessment              mental report                  needs to be revised.
          selections using profiles and    strategies.             and profile.
          job specifications               ■ The ability to        ■ Policies and
                                           determine best          legal
                                           match between           requirements
                                           required profile and
                                           ■ An understanding
                                           of the need to
                                           comply to the above.
3.6   Direct observation/ Role Play     Ability to provide the     ■ Feedback         Prior to or   Should candidates not
      indicating learner’s ability to   candidate with             form.              on assess-    be available for oral
      give feedback to successful       proper written and/or      ■ Video            ment date.    feedback, electronic
      and unsuccessful candidates       oral feedback in a         recording.                       feedback should be
                                        tactful manner.            ■ Case study                     given or role play used.
                                                                   (written / oral)
3.7   ■ Observation of the use of       ■ Ability to effectively   ■ Relevant         Assessment If a database is not in
      existing database                 record and                 stakeholders.      date.      place, an appropriate
                                        document all               ■ Database.                   database needs to be
      ■ Structured interview where      information                ■ Reports.                    created.
      the learner will discuss the      pertaining the
      process of documenting            assessment.
      results, agreements reached,      ■ Finalised report
      and how results are forwarded     authorised by and
      to designated personnel           forwarded to
3.8   Role-play where                   The ability to             ■ Alternative      Assessment
      unpredictable situation is        implement                  plans put into     date
      played out and learner            contingency plans          place.
      needs to adapt to it by using     and adapt to               ■ Simulation
      ■ Check lists and                 changing situation/        exercises
      ■ Contingency plans               environment.

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