522 Subpart D—Contingency Plan and Emergency Procedures

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					                                § 265.34                                                                40 CFR Ch. I (7–1–05 Edition)

                                spill control equipment, and decon-                       emergency, agreements designating
                                tamination equipment, where required,                     primary emergency authority to a spe-
                                must be tested and maintained as nec-                     cific police and a specific fire depart-
                                essary to assure its proper operation in                  ment, and agreements with any others
                                time of emergency.                                        to provide support to the primary
                                                                                          emergency authority;
                                § 265.34 Access to communications or                        (3) Agreements with State emergency
                                    alarm system.
                                                                                          response teams, emergency response
                                  (a) Whenever hazardous waste is                         contractors, and equipment suppliers;
                                being poured, mixed, spread, or other-                    and
                                wise handled, all personnel involved in                     (4) Arrangements to familiarize local
                                the operation must have immediate ac-                     hospitals with the properties of haz-
                                cess to an internal alarm or emergency                    ardous waste handled at the facility
                                communication device, either directly                     and the types of injuries or illnesses
                                or through visual or voice contact with                   which could result from fires, explo-
                                another employee, unless such a device                    sions, or releases at the facility.
                                is not required under § 265.32.                             (b) Where State or local authorities
                                  (b) If there is ever just one employee                  decline to enter into such arrange-
                                on the premises while the facility is op-                 ments, the owner or operator must doc-
                                erating, he must have immediate ac-                       ument the refusal in the operating
                                cess to a device, such as a telephone                     record.
                                (immediately available at the scene of
                                operation) or a hand-held two-way
                                radio, capable of summoning external                      Subpart D—Contingency Plan and
                                emergency assistance, unless such a de-                       Emergency Procedures
                                vice is not required under § 265.32.
                                                                                          § 265.50    Applicability.
                                § 265.35     Required aisle space.                          The regulations in this subpart apply
                                  The owner or operator must main-                        to owners and operators of all haz-
                                tain aisle space to allow the unob-                       ardous waste facilities, except as § 265.1
                                structed movement of personnel, fire                      provides otherwise.
                                protection equipment, spill control
                                equipment,    and    decontamination                      § 265.51 Purpose and implementation
                                equipment to any area of facility oper-                       of contingency plan.
                                ation in an emergency, unless aisle                         (a) Each owner or operator must have
                                space is not needed for any of these                      a contingency plan for his facility. The
                                purposes.                                                 contingency plan must be designed to
                                                                                          minimize hazards to human health or
                                § 265.36     [Reserved]                                   the environment from fires, explosions,
                                                                                          or any unplanned sudden or non-sudden
                                § 265.37 Arrangements with local au-
                                    thorities.                                            release of hazardous waste or haz-
                                                                                          ardous waste constituents to air, soil,
                                  (a) The owner or operator must at-                      or surface water.
                                tempt to make the following arrange-                        (b) The provisions of the plan must
                                ments, as appropriate for the type of                     be carried out immediately whenever
                                waste handled at his facility and the                     there is a fire, explosion, or release of
                                potential need for the services of these                  hazardous waste or hazardous waste
                                organizations:                                            constituents which could threaten
                                  (1) Arrangements to familiarize po-                     human health or the environment.
                                lice, fire departments, and emergency
                                response teams with the layout of the                     [45 FR 33232, May 19, 1980, as amended at 50
                                facility, properties of hazardous waste                   FR 4514, Jan. 31, 1985]
                                handled at the facility and associated
                                hazards, places where facility per-                       § 265.52    Content of contingency plan.
                                sonnel would normally be working, en-                       (a) The contingency plan must de-
                                trances to roads inside the facility, and                 scribe the actions facility personnel
                                possible evacuation routes;                               must take to comply with §§ 265.51 and
                                  (2) Where more than one police and                      265.56 in response to fires, explosions,
                                fire department might respond to an                       or any unplanned sudden or non-sudden


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                                Environmental Protection Agency                                                                     § 265.55

                                release of hazardous waste or haz-                        § 265.53 Copies of contingency plan.
                                ardous waste constituents to air, soil,                      A copy of the contingency plan and
                                or surface water at the facility.                         all revisions to the plan must be:
                                   (b) If the owner or operator has al-                      (a) Maintained at the facility; and
                                ready prepared a Spill Prevention, Con-                      (b) Submitted to all local police de-
                                trol, and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan                     partments, fire departments, hospitals,
                                in accordance with part 112 of this                       and State and local emergency re-
                                chapter, or part 1510 of chapter V, or                    sponse teams that may be called upon
                                some other emergency or contingency                       to provide emergency services.
                                plan, he need only amend that plan to                     [45 FR 33232, May 19, 1980, as amended at 50
                                incorporate hazardous waste manage-                       FR 4514, Jan. 31, 1985]
                                ment provisions that are sufficient to
                                comply with the requirements of this                      § 265.54 Amendment of contingency
                                part.                                                          plan.
                                   (c) The plan must describe arrange-                       The contingency plan must be re-
                                ments agreed to by local police depart-                   viewed, and immediately amended, if
                                ments, fire departments, hospitals,                       necessary, whenever:
                                contractors, and State and local emer-                       (a) Applicable regulations are re-
                                gency response teams to coordinate                        vised;
                                emergency      services,   pursuant    to                    (b) The plan fails in an emergency;
                                § 265.37.                                                    (c) The facility changes—in its de-
                                                                                          sign, construction, operation, mainte-
                                   (d) The plan must list names, ad-
                                                                                          nance, or other circumstances—in a
                                dresses, and phone numbers (office and
                                                                                          way that materially increases the po-
                                home) of all persons qualified to act as                  tential for fires, explosions, or releases
                                emergency coordinator (see § 265.55),                     of hazardous waste or hazardous waste
                                and this list must be kept up to date.                    constituents, or changes the response
                                Where more than one person is listed,                     necessary in an emergency;
                                one must be named as primary emer-                           (d) The list of emergency coordina-
                                gency coordinator and others must be                      tors changes; or
                                listed in the order in which they will                       (e) The list of emergency equipment
                                assume responsibility as alternates.                      changes.
                                   (e) The plan must include a list of all                [45 FR 33232, May 19, 1980, as amended at 50
                                emergency equipment at the facility                       FR 4514, Jan. 31, 1985]
                                (such as fire extinguishing systems,
                                spill control equipment, communica-                       § 265.55 Emergency coordinator.
                                tions and alarm systems (internal and                        At all times, there must be at least
                                external), and decontamination equip-                     one employee either on the facility
                                ment), where this equipment is re-                        premises or on call (i.e., available to
                                quired. This list must be kept up to                      respond to an emergency by reaching
                                date. In addition, the plan must in-                      the facility within a short period of
                                clude the location and a physical de-                     time) with the responsibility for co-
                                scription of each item on the list, and                   ordinating all emergency response
                                a brief outline of its capabilities.                      measures. This emergency coordinator
                                   (f) The plan must include an evacu-                    must be thoroughly familiar with all
                                ation plan for facility personnel where                   aspects of the facility’s contingency
                                there is a possibility that evacuation                    plan, all operations and activities at
                                could be necessary. This plan must de-                    the facility, the location and charac-
                                scribe signal(s) to be used to begin                      teristics of waste handled, the location
                                evacuation, evacuation routes, and al-                    of all records within the facility, and
                                                                                          the facility layout. In addition, this
                                ternate evacuation routes (in cases
                                                                                          person must have the authority to
                                where the primary routes could be
                                                                                          commit the resources needed to carry
                                blocked by releases of hazardous waste                    out the contingency plan.
                                or fires).
                                                                                          [ Comment: The emergency coordinator’s re-
                                [45 FR 33232, May 19, 1980, as amended at 46              sponsibilities are more fully spelled out in
                                FR 27480, May 20, 1981; 50 FR 4514, Jan. 31,              § 265.56. Applicable responsibilities for the
                                1985]                                                     emergency coordinator vary, depending on


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