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					                MUNICIPAL COUNCIL OF VIHIGA


                     HIV/AIDS WORKPLACE POLICY

                              Prepared by:
                           Vihiga Secretariat
                 P.O. Box 370, MARAGOLI – KENYA
                              TEL: 51209

     December 2008

Table of contents
1. Introduction and Background
2. Brief about Vihiga
3. Situational Analysis of HIV/AIDS in LG Work Place
3.1 Gaps and Barriers to HIV/AIDS interventions in work places
3.1.1. Openness/denial
3.1.2. Intefration of HIV/AIDS mainstreaming HIV/AIDS
3.1.3 Resource Mobilization and Allocation
3.1.4. Social – Cultural Practices
3.1.5. Poverty
3.1.6. Insurgency and Migration
4.0 HIV/AIDS Work place Program
4.1. Developing an HIV/AIDS Policy in Workplaces of Local
4.2 Integrating Work place HIV/AIDS Program in LG plans
4.2.1 Coordination and management
4.2.2. Awareness Raising and Prevention
4.2.3. Healthy and Safe Work Environment
4.2.4. Equal Treatment and Anti-Discrimination Measures
4.2.5 Care and Support
4.2.6 Medical Care and Associated Costs
4.2.7. Counselling Services
4.2.8. Creating an open and accepting environment
4.2.9. Confidentiality
4.3. Implementation of the Program
4.4 Getting Started
5.0 HIV/AIDS work place program and policy at Vihiga
5.1. Conclusion
Annex 1

2                                                                23

     AMICAALL Alliance of Mayor’s initiative for community Action on
     AIDS at the Local Level
     ART     Anti-Retroviral Therapy
     CBO’s          Community Based Organizations
     HIV/AIDS       Human Immune Deficiency Virus/Acquired immuno
     deficiency Syndrome
     NGO’S          Non Governmental Organization
     PMTCT Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (of HIV)
     VCT Voluntary Counselling and Testing
     WHO World Health Organization
     FPO HIV/AIDS Focal Point Officers
     LG Local Governments
     M&E Monitoring and Evaluation
     MoLG Ministry of Local Government
     PLWHA People living with AIDS
     PHA People having AIDS
     SCE Self Coordinating Entity
     MCV – Municipal Council of Vihiga
     MHAC Municipal HIV/AIDS Committee
     CPDA – Christian Partners Development Agency

Acknowledgement                                                          HIV/AIDS Workplace program and Policy at Municipal
Municipal Council of Vihiga would like to thank all organizations and    Council of Vihiga
individuals who contributed towards the development if this              Municipal Council of Vihiga policy at the Secretariat is as above in
document.                                                                most of the areas identified.
                                                                         However, Municipal Council of Vihiga has ensured the following:
We acknowledge the contribution of the Aphia II Western, CPDA,               Availability of condoms in the strategic areas
Public Health and Local Government leaders both political and                Appointed one staff member to be the focal person on
technical. We appreciate all those managers and workers in the                  HIV/AIDS activities
different workplaces for sharing their ideas with us and ensuring the        Attends HIV/AIDS related for a and programs
enrichment of the document with information that we may not have             Is the secretariat for the self coordinating entity, (SCE) of the
easily come across.                                                             decentralized response of HIV/AIDS
                                                                             Participates actively in HIV/AIDS national partnership
We however wish to thank, in a special way the Ministry of Health for           committee meetings.
providing the necessary technical assistance to support both the study
and the development of this document.                                    Conclusion
                                                                         Kenya has taken bold steps in the fight against HIV/AIDS, led by His
We also pay tribute to all our development partners in scaling up        Excellency the President. The Local Authority have supported the
HIV/AIDS response in Vihiga by supporting efforts in all manner          struggle in various ways. The significant contribution of Municipal
possible to fight the scourge. We will forever be grateful for their     Council of Vihiga is to coordinate the efforts of the council and to help
commitment to resource mobilization and strategic planning by Local      invigorate their interventions.
Government in the decentralized response to HIV/AIDS.                    Accelerating the decentralized response to HIV/AIDS is timely and is
                                                                         the logical step to ensure a sustainable response for HIV/AIDS
                                                                         prevention at the grassroots. Municipal Council of Vihiga
                                                                         commitment is to lead by example in the struggle.

Lesley Khayadi

4                                                                        21
     a) Monitoring and Review                                                1. Introduction and background
     Management shall establish a monitoring and evaluation                  This document gives the policy of the Municipal Council of Vihiga to
     mechanism of the program based on agreed indicators.                    enhance and expedite the intervention by Local Government in the
     There shall be a bi-annual review of implementation to address          fight against HIV/AIDS in Vihiga. It is intended to give the
     attainment of goals and objectives.                                     stakeholders insight into the role of Local Government in this regard
                                                                             and the mechanism for co-coordinating the Local Government within
     Getting started                                                         the mandate and structure of their Association. The key issue in this
     LA must seek to benefit from additional funding from Government         document is to address the challenges posed by HIV/AIDS at the
     and other agencies for example the global fund, President Bush          Association and to ensure a conducive HIV/AIDS work place program
     Initiative e.t.c.                                                       and policy both at LG and as developed by member LA
                                                                             2.Brief about LA
     1. Consultations with local government workers and key                  LA consists of all the Local Government of Vihiga and their affiliate
         stakeholders to build consensus based on local state of the         organizations and professional bodies.
     2. Establish a task force-committee to carry out situational            Council Profile
         analysis, on LA capacity and Finances e.t.c. Local Government
         to provide technical support.                                       PROFILE
     3. Conduct a situation and Impact analysis of HIV/AIDS in the           Municipal Council of Vihiga was formed by amalgamation of former
         locality                                                            Trading Centres i.e. Majengo, Mbale, Chavakali and Mudete which formed
     4. Assess the impact of HIV/AIDS on the functioning of the LA           the Vihiga Urban Council in 1981. It was elevated to a Town Council in
     5. Identify some preliminary priority areas e.g. Policy                 1986 and into a Full Municipality in 1991 vide gazette Notice No. 500/1990.
     6. Approval of policy framework by established committee and            The Municipality covers an area of 78 Sq. KM. It has 6 Electoral Wards
         management                                                          namely:-
     7. The Task Force Committee undertakes further research and             Chavakali, Lyaduywa, Izava, Wamuluma, Central Maragoli and North
                                                                             Maragoli. respectively.
         develops program goals and specific objectives, place for
         activities and a budget for identified/approved activities.         POPULATION
     8. Integration of program into existing organization and personnel      The 1999 census gave the total population as follows:
         policies (healthy policy, grievance, harassment, equal
         opportunities e.t.c) and revision of these policies to bring them   MUNICIPAL POPULATION BY LOCATION (1999)
         in line with HIV workplace program.                                     LOCATION                    MALES        FEMALES         TOTAL
     9. Establishment of monitoring indicators and systems
                                                                                 CENTRAL MARAGOLI 12,885                  14,562          27,447
     10. Implementation of awareness-raising and prevention
                                                                                 WAMULUMA         8,954                   10,508          19,462
         components of the program commences (at least at the level of
                                                                                 IZAVA NORTH                 6,305        7,368           13,673
         resource planning, training and budgeting)
                                                                                 LYADUYWA                    7,305        8,757           16,062
     11. Commence implementation of other parts of the program
                                                                                 NORTH MARAGOLI              10,160       11,934          22,094
     12. Review and revision of program as appropriate
                                                                                 CHAVAKALI                   7,963        8,732           16,695
     13. Adoption by the full council committee meeting.
                                                                                 TOTAL                       53,572       61,861          115,433
Water And Sanitation                                                            Access to benefits shall not be pegged to declaration of one’s
The Municipality falls under the Lake Victoria North Water Services              status.
Board, and water provision is undertaken by the Amatsi Water                    Management shall assist staff, who feel so, to disclose his/her
Company which serves Chavakali and Mbale towns only.                             status in the presence of a counselor or a doctor. The
                                                                                 information shall be kept confidential.
Water is sourced from River Lunyerere. However the supply is
inadequate as the company uses a single pumping unit with a capacity    Implementation of the program
of 900M3, whereas demand is pegged at 2000M3. The company                    b) HIV/AIDS Task Force Committees: Council HIV/AIDS
requires additional pumps and upgrading of the KPLC transformer to              Committee and Locational HIV/AIDS Committee right upto the
increase pumping capacity                                                       lower level shall be established.
                                                                             c) Shared Responsibility: Responsibility for implementation of the
Waste Management                                                                different elements of the program will be shared across the
A) Solid Waste Management                                                       staff, and the community including CBOs, NGOs.
The council has one tractor which it uses to serve major market areas        d) Training /Capacity Building
by collecting solid waste deposited at designated dumping sites.             - Staff shall be trained in the implementation of the program
However this is not 100% effective and we require garbage trucks, and        - Training on the general needs of people living with HIV/AIDS
dustbins. We operate a dumping site at Lunyerere area that requires             and their caregivers shall be carried out
upgrading and provision of waste recycling facilities.                       - Information and training shall be provided to all irrespective of
                                                                                gender, race, nature of employment and sexual orientation.
We hope to be able to incorporate sorting of waste into plastics                Such information and training shall be integrated into existing
(recyclable, non-recyclable), organic, paper, e.t.c. as an Income               education and human resources policies and program as well as
Generating Activity for the youth.                                              occupational safety and anti-discrimination strategies.
                                                                             - Staff training on HIV/AIDS shall take place during paid
B) Liquid Waste Management                                                      working hours and attendance by all staff including senior staff
                                                                                shall be treated as part of work obligations.
This poses a major challenge to the municipality as most households
use pit-latrines. The municipality requires a Sewage Treatment Works
                                                                             e) Resource Mobilization
as a matter of urgency.
                                                                             Management shall be encouraged to develop resource mobilization
                                                                             plans and activities e.g. identify opportunities for volunteers to off
Currently a number of premises use septic tanks which require
                                                                             set costs, e.g.: introduction of a volunteer/trainee of internship
frequent emptying. There is the added danger of polluting water
                                                                             program as back-up support and delegation
sources as the residents rely on springs and shallow wells.
                                                                             Management shall hold donor conferences with development
                                                                             partners with a view to mobilize resources
                                                                             Management shall ensure that the HIV/AIDS strategic plan is
                                                                             integrated into the core function of the council and that there is an
                                                                             annual budget line for HIV/AIDS activities.

6                                                                       19
         The LA shall provide information to all staff on where HIV-       In 2007 Municipal Council of Vihiga carried out a study and came up
         related advice,                                                   with the following findings:
        counseling and referral could be found outside the work                Institutional capacity to address HIV/AIDS
         environment                                                            Leadership in all departments is committed to the fight against
        LA shall identify a suitable staff member from whom staff can            HIV/AIDS
         seek confidential advice, counseling and referral on HIV –             There is established Municipal HIV/AIDS Committees
         related matters. Adequate time and training shall be provided            (MHAC). These are good implementation structures for
         to that individual to enable her/him to fulfill these functions          responses considered effective in the fight against HIV?AIDS
         adequately.                                                              through the partnership structure, a system of health service
Creating an open and accepting environment                                        institutions and CBOs. However, coverage of services for
                                                                                  surveillance, treatment of Ols, STI and TB management, IEC,
        Extended sick leave and/or compassionate leave: existing                 condom promotion, VCT and others is still limited. Many are
         provisions shall be reviewed and revised as necessary to take            yet to benefit from PMTCT and ARV therapy.
         account of the situation of staff infected and/or affected by          There are Municipal HIV/AIDS Focal Persons who coordinate
         HIV/AIDS.                                                                all HIV/AIDS related activities. These are technical persons
        Shall include flexible working hours and time off for                    under the office of the Town Clerk.
         counseling and medical appointments, part-time and return to           Duplication of activities is very common and at times the local
         work arrangements.                                                       administration through relevant departments in some locations
        HIV/AIDS Status shall not, under any circumstances, be used              does not actively supervise the work of lower structures, nor
         as a basis for termination of employment. Staff with HIV-                coordinate programs of CBOs and other organizations involved
         related illness shall be enabled to continue in employment so            in HIV/AIDS work at the grass roots.
         long as they are fit for available, appropriate work.
        In case of termination of employment due to extended illness,     Sensitization in the HIV/AIDS response
         staff with HIV/AIDS shall be accorded similar benefits and        Most of the people are aware of preventive measures through ongoing
         conditions to termination due to other serious illness.           IEC strategies in all communities.
                                                                           Sensitization about HIV/AIDS has become multi-sectoral;
Confidentiality                                                            implemented by all departments of Municipal council, NGOs and
        All employees shall have a right to confidentiality on their      CBOs, too have taken up the task of sensitizing communities including
         medical information.                                              LA officials in their areas of operation.
        A staff member’s HIV status shall always be treated as            The most common source from which people receive information and
         confidential                                                      sensitization about HIV/AIDS include the mass media, mainly radio,
        An employee who divulges information about the HIV status         formal assemblies by local community leaders and other officially
         of a staff member, without that member’s consent shall be         designated persons, visits by agents of government and NGOs.
         subject to disciplinary action. The relevant part of the          Actors in HIV/AIDS work have found FM stations to be an effective
         disciplinary procedures under the existing personnel policy       medium of communication in form of short adverts and talk shows. It
         shall be amended accordingly.                                     is almost impossible to ignore the messages since they are played on
                                                                           each station quite frequently.
18                                                                         7
Media houses are very active in as far as dissemination of HIV/AID               Local governments shall provide health packages that can
messages on mainly prevention and control as well as treatment is                 prolong/improve lives of PHA.
concerned                                                                        The workplace management in collaboaration with mininstry
A common approach for scaling up sensitization in different social                of Local Government shall review their health policies to
demographic and special population groups is the setting up of a                  ensure that all critical/terminal illnesses are adequately covered
network of peer educators.                                                        in order to uphold the principle of equity and non-
Drama groups have been formed within the communities to further the               discrimination and avoid a situation whereby people with
work of sensitization about HIV/AIDS.                                             HIV/AIDS become subject to resentment and increased stigma
The process of learning and sharing is reinforced by grapevine                    on the grounds of ‘favoritism’ within the health policy.
communication channels already existing in almost every community
                                                                         Counselling Services
HIV/AIDS POLICY IN LA                                                    - Management shall create an open and accepting environment for
That a clear workplace policy on HIV/AIDS was conspicuously              counseling affected and infected at work.
lacking in most local government and where there are a few on            - Management shall ensure provision of an effective and suitable
provision of drugs , the implementation was poor.                        counseling service to accompany the treatment.
That although the Decentralization Policy empowers local
governments at the various levels to enact and enforce by-laws and       Medical Care and Associated Costs
ordinances to ensure development in their areas, and now to enforce              The benefits shall include but will not be limited to access to
HIV/AIDS interventions e.g. in limiting events and circumstances that             ARV treatment, as well as the costs of treating opportunistic
are unsafe, especially to the youth, LA have not been sufficiently                infections.
empowered to/have not taken the initiative to enact these laws.                  LA shall enlist the services of professional medical personnel
                                                                                  in the administration of ARVs and provide information to staff
HIV/AIDS has resulted into:                                                       on possible access points for ARVs within the different
  1. A risk of reduced productivity, with possible decline on returns             program and operational areas.
     to investment, which may negatively impact on investor                      Proper sensitization and education about the use of and dangers
     confidence.                                                                  of misuse of the drugs shall be provided. Employees shall take
  2. Loss of revenue from such would be investments                               full responsibility for ensuring adherence to medial direction.
  3. Loss of skilled workers. Absenteeism together with the entry
     into the labor market of orphaned children, who have to
                                                                         Counselling Services
     support themselves, may lower both the average working age
                                                                                 LA shall encourage voluntary confidential counseling and
     and the skill level.
  4. Conflicts at workplaces that result from stigmatization and
                                                                                 Counselling shall include, pre and post-test counseling to equip
     discrimination of PLWAs can lead to declining morale and
                                                                                  recipients with problem solving tips and skills.
     hence consequent collapse.
                                                                                 Staff shall be given the option to choose where to access
  5. Threat of social stability. Aggravating social inequality
                                                                                  counseling services, within the workplace management or other
  6. Impoverishment
                                                                                  counseling service providers.
  7. Threat to productivity due to absenteeism, loss of skills, higher
     employment benefits
      Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for staff exposed to the risk of       8. Hiring replacement workers
       HIV infection, through accident or sexual assault, whether in          9. High costs of treatment and funerals
       the workplace or elsewhere.                                            10. Retraining of workers
      Provision of counseling and reasonable paid time off for staff         11. Provision of family pensions.
       following occupational or other exposure
      STI Management                                                     The workplace represents an ideal form for tackling the epidemic
      Encouragement of healthy lifestyles e.g. dietary information.      because it is a place where diverse groups of people come together on
                                                                          regular basis and have existing structures and facilities that can used
                                                                          for prevention, care and support programs.
Equal Treatment and Ant-Discrimination Measures
LA shall ensure:                                                          In response to the above findings, Municipal Council Vihiga has
   Nurturing of positive attitudes within the workplace through          decided to carry out the following activities:
      training and awareness rising.
   That Pre-employment medical tests should not include an               Facilitate LA to enact clearly defined non-discriminatory HIV/AIDS
      HIV/AIDS test                                                       policies/by-laws and ordinances to protect the rights of all individuals.
   That indirect screening questions in verbal or written form are       Advocate for and conduct training and equipping of work place peer
      not included in interviews.                                         educators with all the relevant skills to sensitize, counsel and make
   That an individuals HIV status does not affect recruitment            referrals so as to increase awareness levels about HIV/AIDS at the
      choices and/or promotion prospects and/or other work                workplaces.
      opportunities, such as transfers, training and travel (unless       Encourage mobilization of resources locally through establishment of
      there are clear health grounds for doing so).                       budget lines for HIV/AIDS activities to cater for treatment and care
   That discrimination and/or harassment of staff on the grounds         needs of PLWA
      of their HIV status will be treated as a disciplinary matter and    Ensure provision of correct information about HIV/AIDS, home based
      the relevant part of the existing personnel policy will be          care, VCT, PMTCT and ART, care for orphans and PLWAs from the
      amended accordingly.                                                workplaces both in the formal and informal sector.
   On Disclosure, a person should be encouraged to inform                Oversee the development of a mechanism to facilitate the
      his/her supervisor about his/her HIV/AIDS status when no            establishment and coordination of workplace HIV/AIDS
      longer able to perform assigned duties, or where he/she so          programs/policies in the council.
   On benefits: HIV/AIDS person is entitled to equal benefits            Objective, expected outputs and outcomes
      with the uninfected employee.                                       Enhance the capacity of local governments and local actors to
                                                                          coordinate HIV/AIDS issues at the decentralized level and to address
Care and Support                                                          policy and other interventions.

Medical care and associated costs
    The benefits shall include access to ARV treatment, as well as
      the costs of treating opportunistic infections
Expected Outputs:                                                                 Carrying out of impact assessments as need be so as to inform
      Institutional capacity for leadership and coalition building to             strategic planning and establish cost of the epidemic on LA
       respond to HIV/AIDS strengthened at national and                            resources.
       decentralized levels.                                                      Constant review of employee benefits, and a skills succession
      Coordination, partnership and networking for HIV/AIDS                       plan as part of HR Development.
       response at various levels enhanced                                        Regular review and monitoring of the policy/Program
      Information generation and dissemination among various                     Data Collection and analysis to monitor trends
       stakeholders at various levels improved.                                   Communication of any information on amendments, e.t.c. to
      Resource mobilization and utilization for HIV/AIDS response                 workers
      Policy and by-laws/ordinances on OVC and for the work place        Awareness Raising and Prevention
       produced                                                           LA shall ensure:
      A Monitoring and Evaluation Plan and Reports produced              Awareness raising through ongoing continuous, regularly updated
       jointly by the implementing agencies.                              information dissemination, and education about HIV/AIDS, basic facts
      Reports from meetings, policy and planning sessions,               on transmission, prevalence rates, national/international policies,
       workshops, policies, newsletter, bronchures, fliers and a          employment rights and current, treatment, care and support options
       documentary produced.                                              Distribution of media materials e.g. brochures, leaflets e.t.c. to all staff
                                                                          members and their families. Dissemination materials shall be
Expected Outcomes                                                         adapted/translated as appropriate to reflect diversity in terms of staff
      Strengthen coalition among the organizations i.e. NGOs,            position culture, religion e.t.c.
       ministry of local Government e.t.c.                                Peer education within areas of work by trained educators
                                                                          Drivers should be provided with a minimum First Aid Kit
      To empower local leaders on HIV/AIDS programming,                  Involvement of PLWHA in the design and provision of awareness
       workplace policy, dissemination of information on the              raising as a means of combating stigma.
       interventions on OVC e.t.c.                                        Involvement of cultural and religious leaders in fighting stigma and
                                                                          raising awareness on HIV/AIDS. LA shall regulate activities of
GAPS AND BARRIERS TO HIV/AIDS INTERVENTIONS IN                            traditional healers in the management and treatment of HIV/AIDS.
Openness/Denial                                                           Healthy and Safe Work Environment
The national response to HIV/AIDS has been a policy of openness and       LA shall ensure:
political commitment. Although wrong attitudes like prejudice, stigma,            Access to barrier methods which provides protection against
denial and discrimination are still mildly prevalent and may hinder                infection. eg. Free access to male and female condoms and
openness about HIV/AIDS among workers, a lot has been attained.                    updated information on storage, use and disposal.
This encourages the leadership to address any issues of apathy and                Provision of first aid kits with protective gear in case of
suppress this. The most affected are the elite or senior staff who fear            accidents e.g. gloves, syringes and needless, and helmets for
exposure and still fear to speak out unlike in the rural setting where             motorcycle riders.
many now go for VCT services.
10                                                                        15
There is also insufficient treatment facilities for AIDS related          Integrating Workplace HIV/AIDS Program in Council plans
infections and this too is a major hindrance to openness. The lack of     A Workplace HIV/AIDS program outlines how all the different
free (or subsidized) treatment largely contributes to unwillingness to    elements within the policy will be translated into practice at the
attend VCT services by majority of the urban workforce.                   workplace. Key elements of an HIV/AIDS workplace program
INTEGRATION OF HIV/AIDS /MAINSTREAMING HIV/AIDS                           include:
IN DEPARTMENTS                                                                 An impact assessment of HIV and AIDS on the organization
The existence of HIV/AIDS strategic plans does not mean that they              HIV/AIDS awareness programs
have been integrated into District Development Plans (DDP)                     Voluntary HIV testing and counseling programs
Organizations carrying out health related work have made attempts to           HIV/AIDS education and training
include HIV/AIDS strategies in their programs, including caring for            Condom availability and distribution
the sick, provision of medical care and nutritional support. There is          Encouraging health treatment for STDs
need to integrate HIV/AIDS at the workplace in all aspects of local            Universal infection control procedures including post exposure
government operations.                                                            prophylaxis
Mainstreaming has been steadily taking root as many now understand             Creating an open and accepting environment
how this can be implemented.                                                   Treatment of opportunistic infections for all PLHA staff
                                                                               Counseling and other forms of psycho-social support for
RESOURCE MOBILIZATION AND ALLOCATION                                              affected stakeholders and their families
LA have taken the initiative to mobilize resources for HIV/AIDS and            ART and referral of patients/Clients for further management
the allocation made towards HIV/AIDS intervention has been                     Management evaluation and review of the program.
minimal, if at all. Availability of funds would support the
establishment of policies, awareness raising programs, treatment and      The Municipal Council of Vihiga Workplace Program shall focus on
care and putting in place facilities like information bronchures,         the following:
condoms and gloves. The resource envelop is limited but LA is trying
her best to commit even more resources to HIV/AIDS, in close              Coordination and Management
collaboration with other NGOs.                                            LA shall ensure:
                                                                                  Existence of an HIV/AIDS Focal Point Person, (FPO) with
SOCIAL CULTURAL PRACTICES                                                          clearly defined roles and duties
LA should have a clear policy on the above. Cultural practices may be             Establishment of the HIV/AIDS Task Forces and Partnership
positive; while others are risky and can increase or encourage HIV                 Committees at the District, (DAT), Locational level, sub-
infection to an individual. A database on these cultural practices                 locational and village levels e.t.c. for implementation and
should be made. Cultural practices that predispose or increase the risk            coordination of programs.
of infection with HIV in urban (as well as rural) areas include:                  Provision of regular progress reports to Executive Committees
                                                                                   and Top Management
        Infidelity among married persons (if it does happen)                     That pledge by LA on commitment to demonstrate its role in
        Boyfriend-girlfriend affairs;                                             fight against HIV/AIDS is made and implemented
        Sexual harassment (sex demanded as a precondition to                     Commitment on conducting annual review of implementation
         recruitment and promotion)                                                of the policy and the changing needs as per epidemic.
        Denial                                                           14
                                                                               6. promotion of increase in household incomes
        Circumcision – sharing a knife                                        7. Reduction of violence against women and children.
        Widow inheritance
        Unsafe sex and                                                     Developing an HIV/AIDS Policy in Workplaces of
        Prostitution as form of earning income.
                                                                            Municipal Council of Vihiga.
HIV/AIDS Workplace Program
Communities are in dire need for strong Local Authority response to         An HIV/AIDS Policy is a written document that sets out an
the struggle against HIV/AIDS, especially at the community level.           organization’s position and practices as they relate to HIV/AIDS.
LA should set an example of best practice and caring for its members.
LAs should express their determination in supporting the fight against      Core Principles that cannot be omitted in an HIV/AIDS policy
HIV/AIDS in all its functioning, with emphasis on mainstreaming.            include:
Key stages of developing an HIV/AIDS strategy in guiding Local                    None discrimination in employment related to HIV status e.g.
Authority (Municipal Council of Vihiga).                                           career opportunities
                                                                                  Principles of equality and equity must be adhered to
Discussing and analyzing the HIV/AIDS problem                                     Continuation of employment regardless of HIV status
        Identification of core values and guiding principles for LA              Confidentiality
         (council)                                                                Responsibility
        Identification of priority areas for action as well as roles and         Inclusion and human dignity
         responsibilities                                                         Healthy and safe work environment
        Compilation of indicators to monitor success                             Gender equality as the basis of interventions for prevention and
        Resource identification, mobilization, allocation and                     coping.
         utilization.                                                             VCT and non screening for employment or recruitment or
Key future areas of strategic policy interventions by Municipal                   Recognition of the importance of social dialogue, consultation
Council of Vihiga.                                                                 with employees and their representatives in developing and
                                                                                   implementing policy
     1. Provision of foster care or childcare institutions for orphans            Recognition of the need for programs of prevention, care and
        and other vulnerable children                                              support as the basis for addressing the epidemic in the
     2. Review of social welfare policies with a view to address issues            workplace
        raised by HIV/AIDS e.g. age to access grants                              Accessing employees to ART (Free where possible)
     3. Care for PHA and the terminally ill, at home or in institutions
     4. Decreasing locally raised revenue, and ability to afford LA         The Commitment of the Council should be demonstrated by the
        services e.g. water, sanitation, refuse.                            commitments of both financial and human resources to develop,
     5. Poor school attendance due to failure to pay school fees and        implement and sustain the program.
        children becoming care takers of the ill, and emergence of           FPO should be established and their roles clearly outlined.
        child providers                                                     The policy must be translated into practice.
12                                                                          13
The Municipal Council of Vihiga has six elected councilors and two
nominated ones.
Council establishment stands at 65 staff.
The CEO of the council is in town Clerk, who handled administrative
issues of the council.

The Civic wing is headed by the Mayor. This is the arm that makes
the policy of the council.

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