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Asheville pilots get Kilpatrick by liwenting


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     COMMUNITY                                                                                                                                         “A grown-up newspaper
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                                                                 December 24, – December 30, 2009 Vol. 8 • No. 52

 Asheville pilots get Kilpatrick
and family home for Christmas
  ASHEVILLE, Dec. 21, 2009 – It        Christmas.                        exchange student when she was

                                                                                                                   White Christmas
was the most beautiful reception you      What had been an educational   viciously attacked by a cab driver.
could imagine. Tyler Kilpatrick, a     trip to live with a host family inShe fought back ferociously but was
UNCA student and Hendersonville        Cuernavaca, Mexico, turned into   stabbed more than a dozen times,
High graduate, made it home for        a tragic experience for the young suffering life-threatening injuries.
                                                                                 Her l i fe wa s saved by
                                                                                 Mexican paramedics and
                                                                                 more than two weeks of
                                                                                 surgery and intensive care
                                                                                 in a Cuernavaca hospital.
                                                                                    While her life hung in
                                                                                 the balance, no one could
                                                                                 guess that she might be
                                                                                 home for Christmas. But
                                                                                 thanks to two local pilots,
                                                                                 she and her father, J.J.
                                                                                 Kilpatrick, arrived at the
                                                                                 Asheville Odyssey Aviation
                                                                                 Center Monday evening. It
                                                                                 will be a joyous Christmas
                                                                                 for the Kilpatrick family.
                                                                                    D e s p it e it a l l , M r.
                                                                                 K ilpatrick had nothing
                                                                                 but positive things to say
                                                                                 about Cuernavaca, and his         A lake in Flat Rock is half-frozen. just after a snow blizzard struck
                                                                                 daughter’s host family.           Friday and lingered in recent days. The blizzard dumped up to
                                                                                    “Cuernavaca is the most        a foot of snow in some local areas, led to wrecks and power
                                                                                 beautiful place I have ever       outages. Slightly more snow or sleet is forecast for Christmas
                                                                                  been,” K i lpat rick sa id       Eve, then rain on Christmas Day as the temperature reaches the
Pilot Mike Summey, co-pilot Jason Summey, Tyler Kilpatrick and Dr. Robert Wells
                                                                                    Continued on page 4            mid-40s. Photo by Pete Zamplas.
after their landing in Asheville Monday night.

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                                                                              LOCAL NEWS

     Asheville pilots get Kilpatrick family home for Christmas
     Continued from page 1            Maybe that’s not the reaction       prepared for the long flight home.        The return flight carried them      I thought about it and realized
                                    you’d expect from a man whose            “We have been blessed with the       500 miles from Cuernavaca back        he was right. We contacted Mr.
from Mexico as he prepared to       daughter was assaulted, stabbed       most wonderful host family you          to Brownsville for refueling and      Kilpatrick and I’ve been on the
bring his daughter, Tyler, back     and almost killed in this highland    could imagine,” Kilpatrick said.        U.S. Customs inspection, then a       telephone just about constantly
to Hendersonv i l le. “We have      town of some 350,000 residents        “The experience Tyler had to go         long 1,100 mile hop directly back     for the past two weeks, making
been blessed to be with our host    just 53 miles South of Mexico City.   through was terrible, but through       to Asheville.                         the arrangements and getting the
family, the nicest people you can   But that was the message Kilpatrick   it all we have had the support of her
imagine.”                           wanted to convey as he and Tyler      host family who are really part of
                                                                          our family now, just as they made

        No Job Too Small
                                                                          us part of theirs.”
                                                                             Ty l e r K i l p a t r i c k i s a
                                                                          Hendersonville High graduate

          or Too Big!
                                                                          and a student at UNC-Asheville.
                                                                          She was in Cuernavaca on a student
                                                                          exchange program to learn more
                                                                          about Mexico and to improve

                                                                          her Spanish. Unfortunately, she
                                                                          was assaulted by a taxi driver,
                                                                          receiving more than a dozen stab

              Fully Insured                                               wounds that did serious internal
                                                                          damage. She was treated in one
                                                                          local hospital then transferred to
              30 Years Experience                                         another for improved care.
                                                                             And thanks to local businessman
                                                                          Mike Summey and his son, Jason,
              Free Estimates                                              the Kilpatricks made it home for
                                                                             The Kilpatricks flew back to a
                                                                                                                  Tyler Kilpatrick after landing in Asheville. Photo by Bill Fishburne.
                      Tim Howard
                                                                          warm and moving reception at
                                                                          the Asheville airport late Monday

        Painting & PressureWashing                                        afternoon after a grueling 1,500
                                                                          mile flight from Cuernavaca. The
                                                                                                                    Summey said the trip was his
                                                                                                                  son’s idea, one with which he
                                                                                                                                                        paperwork in order.”
                                                                                                                                                          They were accompanied by Dr.

                                                                          Summey’s left Asheville Sunday          readily agreed.                       Robert Wells of A sheville, an
                                                                          morning ma k ing a layover in             “Jason came by the house after      Internist who practices at Mission
                                                                          Brownsville, Texas. They flew into      the news broke about Tyler being      Hospit a l s. Pr ior to t he t r ip,
                                                                          Cuernavaca Monday morning to            attacked. He said, ‘Dad, we could
                                                                          pick up the Kilpatricks.                bring them home for Christmas.’              Continued on page 5

4 THE TRIBUNE – December 24, – December 30, 2009                                                                                                        
                                                                                       LOCAL NEWS

      Asheville pilots get Kilpatrick family home for Christmas
       Continued from page 4               “I had to go into EAPIS on-line        Kilpatrick fund, care of CIBO,             Mexico before, “but not since 9/11.     with Roger Dawson, Summey has
Dr. Wells consulted with Tyler             to learn how to use it, then to        P.O. Box 3215, A sheville, NC              Everything has changed. It’s a lot      produced four best-selling books
Kilpatrick’s Mexican physicians.           fill out f light manifests in both     28802. Questions can be directed           tougher to get in and out now.”         in the Weekend Millionaire series.
   Part of the paperwork Summey            directions.”                           to Mike Plemmons or Patty Beaver              Summey’s Beechcraft King Air         Earlier this year he was honored
re f er re d to i nvolve d g e t t i n g      Summey said he had no real idea     at CIBO, 828-254-2426.                     is a six-passenger, pressurized high-   with a personal profile in Aircraft
clearances to take his aircraft into       how much the trip would cost but          Summey a lso noted that                 performance turbo-prop capable          Owners and Pilots Association’s
Mexico. “I was working for two             fuel alone would be in excess of       Jeppesen, an aeronautical chart            of cruising at 225 knots at 24,000      “Pilot” magazine.
days just to get the clearances,”          $6,000. Part of the expense is being   maker, had donated all the charts          feet. He is an experienced pilot and
Summey said. “We had to talk to            borne by the Buncombe County           he and Jason needed to navigate            a successful businessman. Writing
the Mexican government, the U.S.           Council of Independent Business        the route.
Embassy in Mexico, Congressman             Owners (CIBO) organization.               More than $2,000 in
Shuler’s office, and some other               “They’ve never done anything        contributions for medical and
folks. I also had to get a customs         like this before,” Summey said,        other expenses were also raised in
decal to go on the airplane.”              “but they sent out an appeal to the    Henderson County by Chuck Hill,
                                                                                                   a golfer, professional
                                                                                                   photog r apher,
                                                                                                   a nd Henderson
                                                                                                   C o u n t y ’s m o s t
                                                                                                   popular radio
                                                                                                   persona lit y. Hi l l
                                                                                                   is on the air 3:30
                                                                                                   p.m. until 6 p.m.
                                                                                                   weekdays on
                                                                                                   WHKP-AM 1450.
                                                                                                      “ T o m m y
                                                                                                   L au g ht e r pu l le d
                                                                                                   together a bunch of
                                                                                                   money from golfers
                                                                                                   at the Crooked
                                                                                                   Creek Golf Club,”
                                                                                                   Summey said. “It’s
  Another requirement was that             membership to pitch in. If they        all going to be needed, and not just        Open Christmas Day offering regular menu and Holiday Specials.
Summey register all the people             have anything left over it’ll go       for fuel for the airplane. This young
who would be on the flight each            toward Tyler’s medical care.”          lady was very seriously injured. Her
way with the border patrol, using            Contributions may be made            recovery is going to take awhile,
the Electronic Advance Passenger           by sending a check to the Tyler        and it’s going to be expensive.”
Information System (E A PIS).                                                          Summey said he has flown into

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