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					Dear                                                                         May 2003

“So That”

Over the past six months I’ve enjoyed giving tours of the museum expansion construction area.
During these tours I find I use the same language over and over again as I explain each of the
construction details. Two of the words that I use inevitably throughout these tours are “so that”

For example if the tour starts outside I will explain that we are changing the exterior to make the
building more engaging and reflective of the value we place on our regional heritage, so that
visitors will feel welcomed and find that what is inside will be of interest and value to them.

One of the new spaces we are adding is a workshop to build exhibits and store non-collection
items so that these materials and activities are isolated from the collections and public areas, and
so that changing exhibits will be facilitated.

The classroom is also a new space so that we will be able to present a variety of public and
educational programs including lectures, classes, discussion groups and media presentations.

The restrooms have been enlarged, made fully handicapped accessible, and relocated, so that
we can better serve our visitors and provide access to the classroom after hours while the rest of
the museum is closed.

The break room is for those special event days when we have 20 volunteers working so that
they will have a place to hang their coats, have coffee, a sandwich and soup.

A new HVAC system is being installed so that the environment will meet museum standards for
our collections as well as make it comfortable for visitors.

This “so that” kind of approach is what the project has been about all along. As exciting as the
building project is, it is not the end in itself, but the means to some more important goals:
learning about our community, our history, preserving photographs, documents, objects, the
stories of the people of Cowlitz County.

The completion of construction will only be the beginning as we start to realize the “so thats.” .
These include our first special exhibit, Snippets of History: Historic and Contemporary Quilts
from our Community. The Big One, a traveling exhibit on earthquakes in the PNW, will join it in
September. After the first of the year the decoy collection will be reinstalled. (Hint: to remember
forthcoming exhibits think quilts, quakes, and quacks).

Programs are being planned for the new classroom. Winter Festival participants who have been
so crowded in recent years will appreciate having the space for crafts and enjoying storytelling.

Along with expansion project there have been numerous other accomplishments this year:

Quarterly meetings featured presentations on Lewis and Clark, dam building on the Lewis River
and the Monticello Convention. This latter program was attended by 240 people, many of them
descendants of the participants in the convention. This event also kicked off the Sesquicentennial
(150th anniversary) of Washington Territory.
The Cowlitz Historical Quarterly presented stories on the Monticello Convention and short
biographies of the signers. Other topics included baseball, a history of the AWPPW, and the
Longview Post Office.

The museum's collections continue to grow. One very nice addition is the gift of 75 glass plate
negatives of the Lewis River area circa 1900-1920.

 Our activities and accomplishments over the past year have been made possible in part by the
museum's annual fund drive. Soon we will be reopening the museum in a building that has gone
from 5000 to 9500 square feet. To provide the programs, special exhibits and care for the
collection we need to raise $30,000 in 2003.

So that the museum may continue to grow and thrive, please help by sending in a contribution

Thank you for your support. If you have questions about how your money will be used, please
call me at 577-3119.


                                     Dave Freece

 P.S. You may wonder about the difference between the annual fund drive and membership dues.
Membership dues help pay for printing the Cowlitz Historical Quarterly, producing the
newsletter and providing other membership services. However dues do not fully cover the cost of
these items. Nor do they cover the costs of expanding and preserving the Cowlitz County
Historical Museum's collections or presenting educational programs and special exhibits. We
need your annual contribution to help pay for the core of our programs. We encourage donors
who are not members of the Cowlitz County Historical Society to designate part of their annual
contribution for a membership, which will benefit you in several ways, one of them being a
subscription to the Cowlitz Historical Quarterly.
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