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									Sir John Templeton
Author: Robert L. Herrmann

Age Group: Adult

This biography puts a humble man in the spotlight. Known worldwide, Sir John Templeton is a forward-
thinking, incisive, and progressive investor, philanthropist, and author. A man dedicated to promoting the
moral and spiritual progress of humanity, Sir John believes that the limitless potential of religion needs to
be unlocked. Progress in religion is the great goal in his life.

Templeton’s commitment to increasing our knowledge of spiritual information inspired the Templeton
Prize for Progress in Religion, the Humility Theology Information Center, and the Center of Theological
Inquiry at Princeton Seminary. Across the world, Templeton has piloted and inspired the development of
foundations, centers, and publications dedicated to spiritual understanding.

Herrmann creates a verbal picture of Templeton: the barefoot Tennessee boy who "inherited some rather
creative genes," the Yale student and Oxford Rhodes Scholar, the southern gentleman, devoted husband
and father, the frugal business man. Readers will learn of Templeton's successful business ideas and
practices. Business people, theologians, and scientists will benefit from the Templeton challenge to look
beyond the walls created by human ego. This biography of the life of Sir John Templeton is an inspiration
for one's own search for meaning and spiritual expression.

Insightful view of the founder of Templeton Mutual Funds

Overview of Templeton's philanthropic directives

"John Templeton's life has been marked by an inspirational series of financial, business, and personal
successes. His most important legacy, however, is his firm conviction that we are all spiritual beings. Sir
John's life has embraced the idea that mind, body, and spirit are one."
—Laurance S. Rockefeller
Author Bio
Robert L. Herrmann
Robert L. Herrmann is adjunct professor of chemistry at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts. Dr.
Herrmann has authored numerous books in the field of science and religion, and is editor of the
newsletter Progress in Theology.

Sir John Templeton: From Wall Street to Humility Theology, by Robert R. Herrmann, is largely a
biography that over the course of 253 pages takes you from Templeton's birth in a small Tennessee town
to the worldwide charity he now dispenses from his longtime home in Nassau, Bahamas. His various
investment ventures over the years are described. . . . Listed highlights of a secular nature, besides his
big pay day in 1992, range from having been knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1987 to receiving MUTUAL
FUNDS' Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998.

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