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									Rosetta Stone are an award winning company providing Spanish language courses.

The Spanish language course will help you develop a deeper understanding of Spanish.
Their multi-cd packages are perfect for your stereo, iPod or
other devices. Speech recognition is available in the Rosetta Stone software to help you
say the words correctly.
The CD-Rom products come with a 6 month returns guarantee, so for any reason you
are not happy with the product you can return it.
The course has 5 levels now in total. You can study Spanish one level at a time or
purchase as combinations saving money.

Buy from Amazon, Free super delivery and cheaper than buying direct from

             Contents of the box are:

              Personal Edition CD-ROM software for whichever levels you choose
              compatible with (Windows/Mac)
              A Headset with microphone
              The User manual
              Audio Companion, which is a multi-CD package to play or download and
transfer to your iPod or portable mp player

Rosetta stone Spanish Language course will teach you to:

Develop your Spanish vocabulary
and language skills Read, write, speak and understand Spanish (Spain)
Retain the Spanish (Spain) knowledge you’ve gained
Practice conversing freely in Spanish (Spain)
Discuss complex situations confidently and accurately in Spanish (Spain)

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Rosetta stone Spanish language courses

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