; Sexual Assault Response Coordinator _SARC_
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Sexual Assault Response Coordinator _SARC_


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									                                 Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)
                                          & Victim Advocates (VA)
                                            Idaho National Guard
                                                                          as of 19 April 2007

UNIT                          POSITION           NAME                     PHONE

JFHQ-ID                       JFHQ SARC          MAJ Dawana Edwards       272-4210

124th WING *                  SARC               Lt Col Neal Murphy       422-6162
                              VA                 Vacant position(s)
* Includes ASOS

266th RANS                    SARC & VA           Mt Home AFB SARC       828-7272
                              VA                  SSgt Michael Axelton   828-6840
                                               (trained by Mt Home AFB) Cell 724-1525

JFHQ-ID (Det 1)               VA                 SFC Terry Rhodes         272-7652
                              VA                 SGT Becky Moodie         272-4563

Installation Support Unit     VA                 SFC Traci Colton         272-4479

1-183 AV                      VA                 SSG Becky Leatherbury 272-474

Additional trained personnel - CW4 Judy Groner, CH Tish, 1SG Frandsen (mob trained in Afghanistan)
204th RTI
HQ                          DSARC          SFC Cammie Hyde         272-4867
1st BN (AR)                 VA             SFC Roger Hare          272-4850
2d BN (OD)                  VA             SFC Rondi Miller        272-4885
3d BN                       VA             MSG Gena Rupp           272-4471

116th Brigade Combat Team

HQ                          DSARC          CPT Heidi Munro (Mob Training)
                            Alt DSARC/VA   SFC Sid Skene (MobTng) 272-3776
145th BSB                   DSARC          MAJ Dan Johnson        272-7460
                            VA             TBA (SGT Meghan Curtis?)

116th BSTB                  VA             1LT Douglas Uphoff
                            VA             SFC Corinna Andrews

1-148th FA                  VA             SSG Jonathon Cowen      272-7140
                            VA             SSG Daniel Arzola

2-116th ARS                 VA             TBD
                            VA             TBD

A Co, 168 AV                VA             CW2 Jacquelyn (Jackie) Keel; Unit # 272-4717
                                       Mob to Kuwait 01 May 07/Needs training during mob
Blue = NGB trained
                          Sexual Assault Response Coordinators and Victim Advocates

Reference: AR 600-20 (Army Command Policy), Chapter 8 (SAPR Program)
Selection Criteria for DSARC & UVA: see AR 600-20, Para 8-6

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)
One JFHQ SARC assigned for each state or territory; serves as the point of contact with NGB-J1 Sexual Assault
Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program Coordinator; oversees the SAPR Program for both the IDARNG and

Deployable Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (DSARC)
DSARC – one at deployable brigade/unit of action level and higher echelon; designated and trained to assume SARC
duties during deployment; minimum rank/grade requirements:
      Officer:     MAJ/CW3 or higher
      NCO:         SFC or higher
      DA Civilian: GS-11 or higher; may require consult with Union/Collective Bargaining Agreement

Victim Advocate (VA)
VA – two* per battalion level and equivalent units; trained to perform collateral duties in support of victims of
sexual assault, particularly in deployed environments; minimum rank/grade requirements:
      - * in Small populated BN, first COL in chain of command may approve appointing only 1 VA
      - * in Large/Dispersed BN, any Cdr may appoint more than 2 VAs if needed due to geographic area or size
      Officer:      1LT/CW2 or higher
      NCO:          SSG or higher
      DA Civilian: GS-09 or higher; may require consult with Union/Collective Bargaining Agreement
                         Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program

Each commander should ensure the following are posted on the unit bulletin board, as well as other locations
deemed appropriate (such as the break room, rest room/locker room areas, medical facility or chapel).

-   IDNG 26, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Policy
-   Command endorsement to the IDNG
-   Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Resources Sheet, listing POCs and contact numbers for
    those who can assist victims

Unit Training Requirements; See AR 600-20, Army Command Policy, Ch 8 SAPR Program, paragraph 7

- Initial training requirement; see NGB training program – copies are being made to distribute to units and
the program is also available at http://www.idarng.org/sexual_prevention.asp
- Annual unit level refresher training, see Para 8-7 b.; options may include: NGB refresher, VA may develop
own training, use DSARC or JFHQ-ID SARC training plan
- Commanders to annotate Sexual Assault training on unit training schedules
- Clarify the difference between Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault
- Critical points to stress in training are listed in AR 600-20, Para 8-7 b. (3) a-j
- Pre-deployment training, see Para 8-7 c.
- Post-deployment training, see Para 8-7 d.

Contact MAJ Dawana Edwards, JFHQ-ID SARC, with questions or comments – (208) 272-4210

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