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									            Best summer vacation spots in 2010

Specialty of Kazantip:
 You all know summer spots means going to beach, parks, some cool place, hill
stations, etc., but why cant we do this summer vacations not in the beach and in hill
stations, etc., let us take a different approach because lots and lots of years we are
doing the same job if we go like this our generations will also do the same, so this
time we can go to a music festival. Can’t understand? Ya this is the new trend.
We can go to Kazantip. Kazantip is a place in which we can enjoy a summer music
feast. It is the right summer spot for us to enjoy with our fellow ships. Kazantip is
not like other tourists places it as a different and logical approach. Let us see what
it contains in the upcoming lines.

Special features of kazantip :
It has many features like:

      Non-stop music
      Discos
      More fun
      Love
      Freedom
      Enjoy the hot sun at the black sea
      One month of full enjoyment
      Liveliest
      Different in its approach
      Well known D J’s
      And lots and lot more features are available.
Like this we can’t say it in words just go and see it then you will
definitely say it is the place of heaven.
Peoples view on the last years festival:
      Is the hidden paradise
       Is not easy to achieve
       Is the most unusual techno
      Is a Trance
       Is a cult
      Is more lively
      Is a beguile
      Is the house of music events in the world
      Is frightful.

“Special visa for kazantip” what is that ?
The "Republic of Kazantip" is not really a separate country, but visiting here
requires "Special Visa", which is similar to an entrance ticket. By buying this visa,
you automatically become an official citizen of the Republic of Kazantip. This visa
is issued at the Visa Department. They will take your picture and put your
information in database of the citizens of the Republic of Kazantip. You will
receive the plastic card with your name and bar code on it. If you lose the card you
can always get it replaced – by and saying your first name and second name, and
paying a sort of fine. No one is allowed to use your visa except you. Once the
terminal scans your bar code, you are ready to rock and roll but be careful,
otherwise you might lose your money, passport, sun glasses, phone, underwear as
well as your head and mind.

Types of visas:
   1. One-Time visa gives you the right to enter the Republic of Kazantip. With
      this One-Time visa, you may cross the border of the Republic of Kazantip,
      breathing the air of freedom. Actually you can stay inside for a long time
      with your One-Time Visa as long as you don’t cross the border of Kazantip.
      The price for One-Time visa is $100 US.
   2. Multiple Visas are valid for the whole season and give you the right to enter
      and leave the "The Republic" as often as you wish. The price of multiple
      visa is $150 US. Obviously it's cheaper to buy a Multiple-Visa if you stay in
      Kazantip for more than two days.
If you purchase your visa on the day of your arrival, you may be charged more. If
you would like to attend Kazantip on the opening day, we advise to come a day
earlier, so that you can get your visa on the day before and avoid the long lines
(sometimes 5 hours long!).

            So folks come to kazantip I will catch you there.

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