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									Mr. Darcy, Vampyre
Author: Amanda Grange

Sourcebooks Landmark, the leading publisher of Jane Austen-related fiction, is excited to announce a
major release: Mr. Darcy, Vampyre by international bestselling author Amanda Grange. Amanda Grange,
bestselling author of Mr. Darcy's Diary, gives us something completely new-a delightfully thrilling,
paranormal Pride and Prejudice sequel, full of danger, darkness and deep romantic love... Amanda
Grange's style and wit bring readers back to Jane Austen's timeless storytelling, but always from a very
unique and unusual perspective, and now Grange is back with an exciting and completely new take on
Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. Mr. Darcy, Vampyre starts where Pride and Prejudice ends and
introduces a dark family curse so perfectly that the result is a delightfully thrilling, spine-chilling,
breathtaking read. A dark, poignant and visionary continuation of Austen's beloved story, this tale is full of
danger, darkness and immortal love.

PROLOGUE | December 1802My dearest Jane,My hand is trembling as I write this letter. My nerves are
in tatters and I am so altered that I believe you would not recognise me. The past two months have been
a nightmarish whirl of strange and disturbing circumstances, and the future…Jane, I am afraid.If anything
happens to me, remember that I love you and that my spirit will always be with you, though we may never
see each other again. The world is a cold and frightening place where nothing is as it seems.It was all so
different a few short months ago. When I awoke on my wedding morning, I thought myself the happiest
woman alive…CHAPTER 1 | October 1802Elizabeth Bennet's wedding morning was one of soft mists and
mellow sunshine. She drew back her bedroom curtains to see the dreaming English landscape lying
serene and beautiful beneath a soft white quilt. The mist was at its thickest by the river, lying
voluptuously over the water, then thinning out as it spread...
Author Bio
Amanda Grange
Amanda Grange is a popular author of historical fiction in the U.K. She specializes in creative
interpretations of classic novels and historic events, including Jane Austen's novels and the Titanic
shipwreck. Her novels include Lord Deverill's Secret, Mr. Knightley's Diary and Titanic Affair. She lives in

"Our author has given us a treasure of culture to please even the most delicate palate, a delicious
romance of times gone by and a fantasy world that will surely make you quake in your boots."

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