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					This record has not yet been amended or accepted by a vote of the PASC fellowship
                            Portland Area Service Committee
                            Meeting of Narcotics Anonymous

Location: 17200 SE Stark Street Portland, OR
Date: December 19, 2009
Meeting called to order at 2:10pm and opened with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity
Prayer. Twelve Traditions and Twelve concepts were read.
Roll Call of Officers: 12
Roll Call of Groups: 41
Quorum: 20

New GSR/Alt GSR and new group recognition
   I. New GSRs
        Judy – Full Sircle
        Amy D – Higher empowered
        Annie H –Family Friend’s Faith Forever from the Dalles
        Tonya S – NERDS from the Dalles
        Katie C – Determined Danes
        Shelly – Freedom House
        Diane – Heart and Soul
        Linda (alt ) – In the book
   II. Returning GSRs
        Roosevelt – The Nooner
   III. New groups

   1. Mike R: Love and Joy is meeting again at 8 NW 8th on Tuesdays at 8pm.
   2. Teresa: Beverly Beach Ad hoc will be meeting on Dec 30th at 6pm at the Round Table on
   3. Melanie: The end of year dance will be on Dec 31st and includes a catered dinner, speaker
      meeting, and dance (live band). Tickets available until Dec 23rd, $25 dinner and dance or
      dance only $7 for one and $10 for couples. The event will be at 5811 SE 92nd.
   4. Tana: Activities has a survey available for NA members to fill out to let the
      subcommittee know about wanted changes. An email will be sent out with a link to the
      survey and members are encouraged to fill out this form online, however, paper surveys
      are also available. If you fill out a paper survey either return them to Tana or give to your
      GSR to bring to area next month.
   5. John: Unity in the Streets Ad Hoc will be meeting on January 20th at 6:30pm at 3134 SE
Administration Reports

This record has not yet been amended or accepted by a vote of the PASC fellowship
Secretary: Ana H.

   1. Motion to accept minutes as not read made by Linda R and Seconded by Shelley H from
      Freedom house. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer: Maggi G (see attached spread sheets)

Chair: Travis B
Welcome to all, and thank you for participating in the ASC business meeting. I would especially
like to thank the GSR’s, Alternate GSR’s, and Subcommittee Chairpersons for attending and
participating. As a GSR you have an important role in the service structure of Narcotics
Anonymous, you are the conduit between this body, and the groups you represent. I highly
recommend that GSR’s get a copy of “A Guide to Local Service”, and read it. It contains a lot of
useful information on how the service structure works.

I do not have much to report on this month insofar as my duties as Chair of the ASC. I am
grateful for the opportunity to be of service, and I would like to thank you for allowing me to do
so. I believe that every problem has many possible solutions, and that our task is to find the one
that is the most beneficial to Narcotics Anonymous, not our own will. I will continue to keep
this in focus as I move forward in service.

As an ASC we have come a long way from where we were a couple years ago. It has been a
wonderful process to be involved in, though it is taxing for all of us at times. I am personally
grateful to the Subcommittee Chairpersons for doing the work that was put in front of them when
they accepted their commitments, I know but a portion of the mess that was left to them, and I
am impressed with the results. Thank you for your service.

Vice Chair: Mike R – no report

Subcommittee Reports
I. Activities: Tana
        1.      End of the Year Dance will be held at 5811 SE 92nd Avenue at the Lents Masonic
                Temple. Dinner and Dance $25.00 per person. Children’s Dinner (12yrs and
                under) $5.00. Dance Tickets $7.00 per person $10.00 per couple. Please pre-
                purchase as many tickets as possible so that the planning committee can
                accurately estimate the amount of food to purchase for the event.
        2.      Past Events - Bowling had good attendance and plans to continue it’s monthly
                event through the winter.
        3.      Future Events - due to lack of an ad hoc committee and the rejection of an offer
                to combine our event with PNW the Sweet Heart event in February will be
The By-Law review committee will have a final draft by the January area meeting. At this time
the Activities Committee is conducting an inventory survey. We are asking you to complete the
survey forms passed out today and return them at the next area meeting to help us plan future
events. We hope to have the ability to complete this survey online.

This record has not yet been amended or accepted by a vote of the PASC fellowship

The Activities acting treasurer, Bea N, has stepped down from her position. Maggie (Area
Treasurer) will fill the position as Interim Treasurer until the next elections. Due to the ongoing
financial problems Activities financial records have been turned over to the Portland Area
Board of Directors for review. The accounting errors have yet to be reconciled.

I regret that I am unable to attend this meeting in person due to a family holiday commitment.
Any questions pertaining to the Activities Committee please contact Gene L.

II. H&I: Lawrence J
    Possible commitments: 46
    Missed commitments: 4
    Cancelled: 2
    Total addicts seen: 639
   1.) Two elected positions opened up. Literature person and Alpha house panel chair.
       Lynda A. was elected to Literature and Bryan C. was elected to Alpha house panel chair.
       Congratulations and thank you to your committed service to Narcotics Anonymous.
   2.) Bryan C.’s home group, “Doin’ Life” voted to donate 2 books a month to H&I.
   3.) Both Vice Chair and Chair will be in Mexico next month. Maurice L., panel chair for
       Hooper Detox, will step in to fill chair position for January and facilitate the monthly
       business meeting.
   4.) Linda R. who has taken over for Vi S. as panel chair for Coffee Creek is doing a great job
       so far! Thanks Linda!

III. Phoneline: David G (chair)
The phoneline committee met Dec 13th. At that time we discussed the current pone service,
which we consider to be unsatisfactory. Two months ago I appointed Vera K. to research other
phone services that might better serve our needs while still fitting within our economic limits.
She has done this and will be presenting her findings in her report. She will also be reporting on
Tualatin Valley/Greater Willamette’s pone service. We voted on and selected a new phone
service based on Vera’s recommendation. We are pleased with Vera’s findings and grateful for
all the time and effort she put into this. Thank you, Vera.

We currently have two open shifts, Fridays from 5pm to 2am and Saturdays from 5am to 1pm.
If you are interested, have 90 days clean and a working phone and have the time available
please come to the next phoneline meeting at 4pm on January 24th at 3915 SE Steele. You need
to go through an orientation. Our yearly orientation for all shift workers will be: 6:30 to 7:45pm
December 29th and 1 to 3pm January 10th at Portland Public Library on the corner of SE 78th
and Holgate.

We are also continuing to work on guideline changes and hope to present them at next month’s
area circus. We continue to work closely with PR and are enjoying coexisting with the other

This record has not yet been amended or accepted by a vote of the PASC fellowship
subcommittees. We are hoping to work more closely with Outreach as we have been
discovering that some meetings have folded or moved and we need to maintain more current
meeting information form Outreach so that phoneline does not send an addict to a meeting
that is not there. We are looking forward to a fun and exciting New Year serving the Portland

IV. Public Relations: Vera K
Public Relations had another busy month. This month we were asked to attend a booth sitting
event at David Douglas High School. We had to order some literature for the event at the last
minute and we were able to get it overnight mailed thanks to Michael McD. We now have a
pretty good stock pile of Literature for future events. The event was enjoyable and interesting,
with the students having a scavenger hunt with questions about each booth represented. They
asked the Narcotics Anonymous booth questions like: What is one of the 12th Steps? And what
is the difference between NA and AA? I think they mostly liked to get free key tags from other
countries with different languages. I think it was great positive exposure for Narcotics
Anonymous, and Nathan (TVA) and I enjoyed it very much.

TVA has decided to stay with the metro and to create an 1800 Metro phoneline number. So
what this means is there is duplicating services for our Areas. This doesn’t change how we do
services. We must continue to try to work together with sharing information with TVA and
GWVA so we can continue with our primary purpose, which is to help the suffering addict
through our schedule and phoneline. We also must try to remember that the public doesn’t
understand our own internal conflicts nor do they care - they just want our help. The fact is
that their decision to not share services with the phoneline and get their own 1800 number and
to have their own schedule has the potential to confuse the community. I’m choosing to look
for something positive in all of this. Our NA message is just more accessible. The only way that I
see things changing, and to alleviate duplicating services, is for us to look for ways in our Area
that we can work with the Metro and share the services. I think it’s important to look at all
sides now and practice the spiritual principles that NA teaches us. I choose to lead by example
and choose not to be resentful and perpetuate the problem any further. I choose to move
towards finding a positive solution if possible.

The current phoneline service was down yet again twice this month. A few months ago I was
appointed by the Phoneline chairperson to look into a better system that would alleviate this
issue. I have done a great deal of research and I found a company that would not only remove
human error completely but it will save our Area a great deal of money. I presented the
information to the Phoneline subcommittee this past Sunday and the committee voted to
change companies. The new system that I recommended will allow Phoneline to better manage
the volunteer shift workers by eliminating the volunteers from transferring the calls
themselves. Our Area currently pays $67 for the system we use now, and the new system will
cost $25 per month. Also we won’t have to change our phone number either. I did some
research and investigating and was in contact with the FCC. The FCC said all numbers by law
are portable except for pager numbers. We will probably have to pay a one-time fee to
Answernet but we will be able to keep our number. The Phoneline number is now listed in the

This record has not yet been amended or accepted by a vote of the PASC fellowship
Dex and so is Watershed Treatment Center. Please know I did try to have this removed but was
not successful. I guess you can’t win them all.

Our new web host Paula D. is working hard getting our web site updated. I’m personally asking
everyone for their patience in regards to the web site. We are very sorry about any
inconvenience with things not being updated but please know that we are in transition and we
are very aware of the situation and we are working on it. Paula has asked for some help and
will be receiving it - that will resolve some issues that she was having. The (AAAG) Activities at
a Glance will be updated. We also voted to have a link to the Convention web page added to
our website for the up-coming PNWCNA next year.

BA has been working on a PSA placement in the Willamette Week. The paper will run our PSA
when there is an opening. He is also working on PSA’s with other papers such as: Just Out,
Portland Observer, and the Nickel Ads. A possible new member who joined the committee is
interested in doing some media work with the colleges. We will keep everyone apprised of the
happenings of the media. I will also be working with our flyers coordinator on developing
training for flyer distribution.

The schedule is our Area’s biggest expense and I think it is important to say that schedules are
not free. Because NA has grown so much in recent years we have gone to a two page schedule,
which means the price of the schedule was increased. We are kindly asking groups to keep this
in mind when they are grabbing schedules. Please do not take more than you really need. Our
Area may be forced at some point to have to charge for schedules, or they may be bundled up
for each group.

I will be spending the next month or so assisting with the Audit of our mailings, checking in with
the community to make sure that we are providing the information that they may want or
need. Our goal is to perhaps go to an email system that would decrease the every other month
cost for sending out our mailings, since most of the information is available on our web site. It’s
another $30 to $50 dollars that we can save our area.

Public Relations is looking into the possible idea of bringing back the news letter “Portland
Reach”. This would be a great way to promote unity with subcommittees, and to talk about the
positive things that are going on in our Area. We are submitting a flyer to Area today to look
for some people who might be interested in doing this. This would be a perfect thing for
someone who is new to service and wants to be involved with a very fun and creative project.
Please contact us if you might be interested.
In closing I would like to say thank you to everyone who has been supportive with Public
Relations and Phoneline this year. We know there have been a lot of changes, and with change
there are growing pains. See you all next year and have a great holiday in whatever way you

V. Literature: Carolyn
Financial: $2184 in sales. Total in bank $4858

This record has not yet been amended or accepted by a vote of the PASC fellowship
We are proposing a $2000 donation to area and will discuss this and vote on it with the full
committee next month. The financial audit is still in process and has been extremely confusing
since we have had to deal with money being stolen from the bank, water damage, and deposits
not being made in the correct amount. We will try to work this all out with the tax audit. We
are drawing a line under what we have now and moving forward. We will have literature
numbers for you next month.

VI. Outreach: Troy J
We held our meeting today and discussed our bylaws update and will be presenting them at
next month’s ASC so they can be sent back to the groups for ratification. We attended two
business meetings last month; New Journey and Clean Freaks. We are happy to report that
there are no problems at New Journey but unfortunately Clean Freaks is going to close its doors
on December 30th. We are moving forward with what we were directed to do by the PASC.

Meeting reopened with a moment of silence at 3:20pm.

RCM Report: Michael McD – no report

Alternate RCM Report: Steve
I would like to welcome the GSRs from The Dalles. I heard that over 30 people attended the
activities subcommittee meeting this month and would like to remind everyone that we can
always use new ideas. I did not attend any subcommittee meetings this month. I would also like
to reiterate that regional activities is looking for a regional campout site that would hopefully
be centrally located. Please let me know if you have any ideas.

Unfinished Business:
   I. Motion 17-09
          a. Motion submitted by Activities and seconded by What It Is: raise the line account
              for Unity in the Streets from $2000 to $3000.
          b. Vote: Yes – 17           No –7         Abstain – 3
          c. Motion Passes
   II. Motion 18-09
          a. Motion submitted by Activities and seconded by SE Serenity: raise the line
              account for Fort Stevens from $1000 to $2500.
          b. Vote: Yes - 22           No - 4        Abstain – 5
          c. Motion Passes
   III. Motion 19-09
          a. Motion submitted by activities and seconded by Walk Your Talk: raise line
              account for the end of the year dance from $1000 to $1500.

This record has not yet been amended or accepted by a vote of the PASC fellowship
         b. Vote: Yes - 24         No - 3          Abstain – 4
         c. Motion Passes
   IV. Motion 20-09:
         a. Motion submitted by Maggi G, Chair of the Insurance ad hoc committee and
             seconded by Towanda: accept the Carolina Casualty Insurance and the
             Philadelphia Insurances policies to provide coverage for the ASC, BOD, activities
             and Portland ASC meetings.
         b. Vote: Yes - 26         No- 0           Abstain – 1
         c. Motion Passes

New Business -
(Please discuss the motions (in red) they will be voted on at next month’s PASC.)

   I. Vote of confidence
      a. An accounting error was made on the part of activities resulting in $2000 being
          given to area that should have stayed in the activities account. The Executive
          committee would like a vote of confidence to give activities back the $2000.
      b. In favor of action: Unanimous

Open Forum
1. Paula: Would like to begin the dialog about sponsorship for people who are incarcerated.
   There are many people on inside that would like a sponsor. If you are interested in working on
   this issue please fill out the signup sheet with your name, email and phone number or contact
   Paula D. You will be contacted with more information. This is just to get the ball rolling and
   there are still many issues to be worked out such as; how would we get information to the
   inmates? How is sponsorship in an incarcerated environment different? How do we deal with
   communication i.e. only access is collect calls?

Close the Meeting
Motion to close was made by Wes from Harold Street blues, seconded by Teresa from Southeast
Serenity, motion passed and the meeting closed at 3:36 pm.

This record has not yet been amended or accepted by a vote of the PASC fellowship
                               PASC Board of Directors Meeting

Date: December 21, 2009
Present: Travis B, Mike R, Ana H, David G, Maggi G, Linda S, Lawrence, Linda R, Troy J,
Mike R, Vera K, Tana, Michael McD, Carolyn G-E

Meeting opened with a moment of silence and the serenity prayer at 12:00pm.

Subcommittee Check In:
   I. Outreach:
   II. Activities:
           a. Due to an accounting error, a sum $2000 was given to Area that should have
               stayed in the activities account. The activities subcommittee is, therefore,
               requesting that the executive committee direct the Area treasurer to write
               activities a check for that sum. In order for activities to continue with its work the
               money needs to be returned. Maggi will be taking over as teasurer.
           b. A long discussion ensued about the state of affairs with activities. Concerns were
               raised about how this error occurred and how to avoid similar errors in the future.
               The subcommittee representatives expressed optimism about coming changes in
               leadership as well as frustration with how the subcommittee has been handling
               business. Changes have already started to take place such as setting the meeting
               up in a circle and they have seen a change in the tone of the meeting but change
               will take time. In addition, the issue of selecting people to leadership positions
               who have leadership qualities and skills was discussed, as well as the process by
               which to remove someone who is not fulfilling their duties. The subcommittee
               will be asking for service resumes from all who are interested in serving in a
               leadership position.
           c. Discussed how to go about returning the money.
           d. Decision: 1) explain the error to the ASC and state that the executive
               committee directed the treasure to write a check to activities for $2000; 2)
               request a vote of confidence.
   III. PR:
           a. Voted to combine with phoneline. Our current phone system does not function
               well. Vera researched other options and found a different company with equal
               cost. She will move forward with changing to a new system.
           b. PR is requesting assistance from the board of directors about how to address the
               problem of not having a way to track Portland area meetings which results in
               sending people who call phoneline to meetings that are no longer in service. The
               problem is validity of the schedule and we cannot remove a meeting from the
               schedule until we have verification that the meeting is not there. This affects the
               whole fellowship and it is imperative that we have accurate and up to date
                    i. The task of meeting follow up will no longer be under the purview of the
                        Outreach Subcommittee
                            1. Need copy of new outreach bylaws

This record has not yet been amended or accepted by a vote of the PASC fellowship
                  ii. Set up an Ad hoc committee to develop short and long term solutions to
                      verify meeting information (volunteers to check on meeting locations,
                      data log)
                                 a. Report to Travis
                                 b. Ana will send Excel spreadsheets to Vera
   IV. Literature:
           a. This year has been very chaotic with changes in positions and bank account issues
               and because of this the literature bank account has still not been reconciled. We
               are asking for leniency from this body as we continue to move forward to
               complete our inventory and accounting tasks. We hope to have this completed by
               the end of the year.
           b. The executive body will perform an audit once we have all the records in hand.
               Literature is directed to bring all the correct accounting information to next
               month’s ASC.
   V. H&I: No issues
   VI. Phoneline:
           a. Voted to merge with PR
           b. Issue of sending addicts to meeting that don’t exist or are not there – see
               discussion above under PR.

Subcommittee motions: none

Quarterly BOD meetings: need to amend bylaws so that we are no longer meeting at the same
time and in the same room as GSR orientation. Have three months to come up with a motion.

Admin committee meeting: discussion of whether or not to continue to meet informally prior to
ASC. Most were in favor of continuing to meet. However, some feel that more meetings don’t
make us more productive and that this is generally a waste of time. If we do continue than they
need to be more focused and solutions oriented. If these meetings are not going to be listed so
that everyone can have access than Ana does not feel comfortable participating in them.

Motion to close make by David seconded by Michael McD, closed at 2pm.

This record has not yet been amended or accepted by a vote of the PASC fellowship

                           Portland Area Service Committee of NA
                                Report: DECEMBER 19, 2009
                                Income and Expenses Report
BEGINNING BALANCE 11/21/2009 (per previous report)                $     9,047.60
Back to Basics                                                             67.95
Burnside Blues                                                              7.50
Doing Life                                                                 20.00
Find the Way                                                               42.11
Free To Be Me                                                              32.00
Full Sircle                                                                53.00
Harold Street Blues                                                        50.00
Heart & Soul                                                               11.90
Here and Now                                                               20.00
Higher Empowered                                                           48.25
Late Night Recovery                                                       100.00
Learning to Live                                                          120.00
Minute by Minute                                                          100.00
Multi-Culture                                                               9.00
New Journey                                                               125.00
Rise and Shine                                                             70.00
Rush Hour                                                                 100.00
SE Serenity                                                                25.00
Unchained                                                                  50.00
Walk Your Talk                                                             28.00
What It Is                                                                 50.00
                                   TOTAL GROUP DONATIONS          $     1,129.71
                                            TOTAL INCOME          $     1,129.71
                             EXPENSES                                                PD BY CK #
PASC - Rent to the URS Club                                              150.00         1479
Activities - storage                                                         40.00      1480
H&I rent - All Saints Episcopal Church                                       50.00      1481
H&I copies - Vicki B.                                                        15.00      1482
Phoneline / PR rent - Trinity UMC                                            25.00      1483
Answernet - Hotline                                                       70.68         1484
OfficeMax - schedules & copies                                             127.10       1485
RCM travel expenses - Michael McD.                                         190.52       1486
PR postage - Gretchen H.                                                     26.01      1487
Treasurer postage - Maggi G.                                                 17.60      1488
PALSC - H&I, Outreach                                                     199.75        1489
                                            TOTAL EXPENSES         $      911.66
ENDING BANK BALANCE - 12/19/2009                                   $    9,265.65
  ACTIVITIES SUBCOMMITTEE BANK ACCOUNT BALANCE                     $    1,128.91
  LITERATURE SUBCOMMITTEE BANK ACCOUNT BALANCE                     $    4,858.92
  TOTAL PASC FUNDS AS OF 12/19/2009                                $   15,253.48
Holds, Reserves and Not Yet Processed
Prudent reserve - 2 months' estimated expenses                          2,400.00
CAR @ $20 per Month (through December)                                    480.00
Estimated November expenses                                             1,200.00
Reserve for PCRSC ($600 + $1880 + $205)                                 2,685.00
Hold for possible insurance premium                                     2,500.00
                                 TOTAL HOLDS AND RESERVES               9,265.00
                                         AVAILABLE FUNDS                             $     0.65

DATE                             Nov 2008            Dec 2008            Jan 2009            Feb 2009            Mar 2009            Apr 2009            May 2009            Jun 2009            Jul 2009            Aug 2009            Sep 2009            Oct 2009            Nov 2009        TOTAL 2009    TOTAL 12 MONTHS       don. last 12mo.
Activities                                               421.04                                                                         $283.69                                                                                             $308.33           $4,367.69                             4,959.71   $       5,380.75
Literature                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               -     $            -
                             $        33.15                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              -     $            -
Back to Basics                       $60.32                                  $78.60              $84.20                                                      $99.43              $19.53              $27.80              $19.96              $22.01                                  $67.95           419.48   $        419.48                         8
Burnside Blues                       $42.50              100.00                                  $36.17              $34.00              $35.00              $30.75               $8.00              $12.00                                  $16.85                                   $7.50           180.27   $        280.27                         9
Clean Freaks                                                                                     $20.00                                                                                                                                                                                                20.00   $         20.00                         1
Determined Dames                                                                                                                                                                                     $20.00                                                                                            20.00   $         20.00                         1
Diversity Group                                                                                                                                               $8.80               $3.00                                  $25.93              $10.00                                                    47.73   $         47.73                         4
DOING LIFE                                                                                                                                                                       $75.00                                                                                              $20.00            95.00   $         95.00                         2
EARLY RISER                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     $100.00                               100.00   $        100.00                         1
FIND THE WAY                         $61.60                7.47             $205.61              $47.74              $43.38              $85.70              $44.00              $15.82               $6.01             $111.62              $18.91              $46.33              $42.11           667.23   $        674.70                     12
FIRESIDE MEN'S                                                              $100.00                                                                                             $500.00                                                                                                               600.00   $        600.00                         2
FREE TO BE ME                                                                                                                                                                    $70.00                                  $29.00              $37.00                                  $32.00           168.00   $        168.00                         4
FREEDOM FIGHTERS                     $25.00                                                                                               $5.00               $0.50                                                                                                                                     5.50   $           5.50                        2
FREEDOM IN THE FLATS                 $30.00                                                      $50.00                                                                                                                                      $20.00                                                    70.00   $         70.00                         2
FULL SIRCLE                          $23.27               19.72              $45.00                                                                                              $51.00            $107.12               $28.25              $75.00              $50.00              $53.00           409.37   $        429.09                         8
HAROLD ST.BLUES                                                             $100.00                                  $25.00              $36.00              $35.00              $50.00                                                      $50.00                                  $50.00           346.00   $        346.00                         7
HEART & SOUL                         $34.69                                  $20.00                                                      $16.50              $20.00                                                                          $50.00                                  $11.90           118.40   $        118.40                         5
HERE AND NOW                         $31.40               40.00                                                      $50.00                                  $25.00              $25.00              $25.00              $25.00              $40.00              $20.00              $20.00           230.00   $        270.00                         9
HIGHER EMPOWERED                     $11.00                                                       $1.48              $13.67                                                      $37.00              $18.15                                  $54.56                                  $48.25           173.11   $        173.11                         6
IT WORKS HOW & WHY                                        10.00                                  $10.00                                  $10.00                                                                                                                                                        20.00   $         30.00                         3
Late Night Recovery                  $75.00                                  $50.00                                 $125.00             $100.00                                  $50.00              $50.00              $50.00                                                     $100.00           525.00   $        525.00                         7
LEARNING TO LIVE                    $100.00               50.00              $50.00             $100.00             $150.00             $160.00             $120.00              $60.00                                 $168.72             $150.00             $100.00             $120.00         1,178.72   $       1,228.72                    11
Lost & Found                                                                                                                                                 $13.00              $10.00              $10.00                                  $10.13              $16.70                                59.83   $         59.83                         5
Men of Spiritual Walkers                                                                        $200.00                                                                                                                                                                                               200.00   $        200.00                         1
MINUTE BY MINUTE                                                             $30.00              $50.00              $50.00              $50.00              $59.40              $50.00              $50.00              $25.00              $50.00              $50.00             $100.00           564.40   $        564.40                     11
MULTICULTURE                         $23.00                                                      $30.00                                                                          $40.00                                                                                               $9.00            79.00   $         79.00                         3
NEW JOURNEY                         $100.00              100.00             $250.00              $75.00              $75.00             $150.00             $150.00             $125.00            $100.00              $100.00              $50.00             $100.00             $125.00         1,300.00   $       1,400.00                    12
Off the Hook                                              10.30              $17.15              $20.30                                  $50.00                                                      $20.00              $20.00                                                                       127.45   $        137.75                         6
One Promise Many Gifts                                                                           $78.00              $64.64              $39.46                                                                                                                 $139.81                               321.91   $        321.91                         4
RECOVERY TODAY                       $65.00                                                      $50.00                                  $50.00              $55.00                                $103.00                                   $43.50                                                   301.50   $        301.50                         5
RISE AND SHINE                       $46.00               64.33             $191.44              $46.45             $103.00              $79.00              $58.28              $60.88              $63.89              $90.67             $138.00              $76.00              $70.00           977.61   $       1,041.94                    12
ROCKWOOD NOONER                                                                                                                          $20.00              $20.00                                                                                                                                    40.00   $         40.00                         2
RUSH HOUR                           $184.83                                                      $50.00              $75.00                                                                                                                  $75.00                                 $100.00           300.00   $        300.00                         4
SAY THAT                                                                                                             $20.00                                                                                                                                                                            20.00   $         20.00                         1
SOUTHEAST SERENITY                   $23.50                                  $73.50              $23.00              $44.80              $21.00              $41.00              $25.00                                                                                              $25.00           253.30   $        253.30                         7
Step on It                           $89.15                                  $39.55                                                                          $35.00                                  $50.00                                                                                           124.55   $        124.55                         3
Thursday Night Podium                                                                                                $15.00              $15.00              $10.00              $10.00              $10.00              $10.00              $10.00              $10.00                                90.00   $         90.00                         8
Towanda                                                                       $5.00                                   $5.00                                                                                                                                      $75.00                                85.00   $         85.00                         3
U+ME=WE                              $40.00                                  $50.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                    50.00   $         50.00                         1
UNCHAINED                                                                    $50.00                                                                                                                                                                                                  $50.00           100.00   $        100.00                         2
Victory                                                                      $36.00              $50.00                                                      $60.00              $33.25              $17.00              $30.00                                                                       226.25   $        226.25                         6
WALK YOUR TALK                                                               $50.00                                                                                                                                                                              $54.00              $28.00           132.00   $        132.00                         3
WHAT IT IS                           $50.00                                  $90.00                                  $80.00                                  $53.50              $27.00                                                                          $40.00              $50.00           340.50   $        340.50                         6
Women of Spiritual Walkers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      $100.00                               100.00   $        100.00                         1
YETS                                $139.75                1.00              $10.60                                   $1.10                                                      $32.30                                  $35.35                                                                        79.35   $         80.35                         5
Donations                                                 $0.10                                                                                                                                       $0.40                                                                                             0.40   $           0.50
Total Group Donations        $     1,356.01      $       402.92      $     1,542.45      $     1,022.34      $       974.59      $       922.66      $       938.66      $     1,377.78      $       690.37      $       769.50      $       920.96      $       977.84      $     1,129.71      $ 16,226.57   $      17,050.53

Number groups attending                     36                  15                  43                  41                  43                  39                  31                  38                  36                  33                  33                  35                  41
Number groups donating                      22                  10                  21                  19                  18                  17                  20                  23                  17                  15                  19                  15                  21                                  43
Average group donation       $        61.64      $        40.29      $        73.45      $        53.81      $        54.14      $        54.27      $        46.93      $        59.90      $        40.61      $        51.30      $        48.47      $        65.19      $        53.80                    $        271.38
Monthly group average        $     1,163.86      $     1,101.18      $     1,135.74      $     1,106.45      $     1,114.70      $     1,097.06      $     1,054.03      $     1,063.01      $     1,054.33      $     1,038.43      $     1,008.22      $       991.34      $       972.48
Largest group donation       $       184.83      $       100.00      $       250.00      $       200.00      $       150.00      $       160.00      $       150.00      $       500.00      $       107.12      $       168.72      $       150.00      $       139.81      $       125.00                    $       1,400.00
Smallest group donation      $        11.00      $         1.00      $         5.00      $         1.48      $         1.10      $         5.00      $         0.50      $         3.00      $         6.01      $        10.00      $        10.00      $        10.00      $         7.50

Groups donating/attending              61%                 67%                 49%                 46%                 42%                 44%                 65%                 61%                  47%                45%                 58%                 43%                 51%

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