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									The Highest Bidder
Dynasties: The Ashtons

Author: Roxanne St. Claire

GOING ONCESocialite Paige Ashton had never expected to enter the charity auction she had organized.
But when a bachelorette went missing, she found herself standing on stage, the sudden "property" of the
most undeniably handsome man in the room.GOING TWICEWalker Camberlane had decided to rescue
Paige from her uncomfortable situation with the highest bid. But he was also interested in the Ashton
beauty for an altogether different reason.SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDERPaying $10,000 for her didn't
give Walker the right to make demands. Yet Paige found herself succumbing to his magnetism and on
the verge of doing anything he asked. Anything.
Author Bio
Roxanne St. Claire
Roxanne started writing stories during eighth grade algebra class to escape x. She didn't know what x
equaled. She didn't believe x actually equaled anything. Letters belong in words and words belong in
sentences and sentences belong in the most magnificent place of all...books.Books have been her
passion since she galloped through Black Beauty at nine, breezed through Gone with the Wind at 11,
soared with The Moonspinners at 13, and then wallowed in the Valley of the Dolls right around the time
her braces came off and she discovered...boys.Although she reads anything and everything — including
four newspapers a day — Roxanne has never left the comfort of romance novels for very long. While
attending UCLA, she worked at a Los Angeles TV station where the news producer convinced her to
legally change her last name from Zink to St. Claire so he could do a segment on how to change your
name, complete with cameras in the courtroom when the decree was pronounced official. Only in L.A.!
After graduating with a degree in mass communications, Roxanne appeared on the sitcoms Laverne &
Shirley and Bosom Buddies and hosted a talk show called Between the Piers. Since it soon became
evident she didn't have a future as Loni Anderson or Jane Pauley, she took her glamorous, legal name
into the world of public relations and immediately found her niche. By day she promoted products and
people, but at night...she still read and scribbled tales of love and adventure.For the next 18 years as an
executive with the world's largest PR firm, Roxanne's exposure to a wide range of businesses, clients and
crisis situations fed her imagination with characters and storylines. During that time, she wrote lengthy
business proposals, press kits and speeches for CEOs. When she would finish a particularly stirring
marketing strategy, she would sigh and think...what a waste. I should be writing romance novels. Her
need to touch a reader's emotions was evident when she once sent a product rollout plan t

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