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									Lord of the Beasts
Author: Susan Krinard

Inherited from an otherworldly father, enchanted blood flows through Donal Fleming's veins. Yet though
his empathic ability for all creatures gives purpose to his calling as a veterinarian, life among his mother's
mortal kind has left him wary, and he secretly hungers for the freedom to live unrestrained by civilized
society. Until Cordelia...Cordelia Hardcastle has always played by society's rules, confined in a gilded
cage of propriety and convention. Until Donal Fleming introduces her to a passion she's never dreamed of,
and a world she's never imagined.But Donal's attraction to the remarkable Cordelia has unleashed his
most primal instincts. The time has come for him to challenge his destiny and face the consequences of
his impossible choice—between human love and the powers that, to him, are life itself...

An Excerpt From... by Susan Krinard London, 1847THE WOMAN WAS BEAUTIFUL as no earthly
creature could be, flawless in form and carriage, her hair cascading over her shoulders like Fane gold
spun by a master weaver. The world of men had names for her kind: Fairy and Daoine Sidhe and Fair
Folk among them—but no such description could begin to capture her radiant perfection. Her ivory face
shone with a stern radiance that no mortal could gaze upon without recognizing that he was nothing but a
low, wretched brute in the presence of divinity.Donal wasn't afraid, though Da had left him alone with the
Queen of Tir-na-Nog. The man known by humans as Hartley Shaw—the Forest Lord, stag-horned master
of the northern forests—had been cast out of the Blessed Land, driven away by his own mother because
he would not give up his love for the mortal Eden Fleming. But now Queen Titania gazed down at her
grandson and spoke, smothering the little spark of defiance Donal nursed in his six-year-old heart."Your
father has made his choice," she said, her voice sweeping over Donal like a blast of cold north wind. "But
you are young, and your blood may yet serve your people."Donal had heard those same words a hundred
times before, and always he gave the same answer. "I want to go home, with Da." "Home." Titania flicked
her slender fingers, and silver leaves shook loose from the stately tree beneath which she stood. "The vile
sty mortals have made of the good, green earth. That is what you return to, child."Though Donal knew
there were many bad things in the world, he knew it was not as terrible as his grandmother said. Animals
still ran free in the forest beyond the Gate. Ma and Da had seen to that. No matter what happened
anywhere else in the land called England, Hartsmere would always be safe."But not for you," Titania said.
"Never for you, grandson. You will find no peace at your mother's hearth. You will always be torn between
two worlds, and your father's choice will haunt you for as long as you live among mortals." Her lovely face
darkened as if a cloud had passed over the ever-shining sun of Tir-na-Nog. "Hear me, and remember. If
ever you should love as my son loves...if ever you fall into the snare of a mortal female's wiles...you will
lose the gift that lifts you above the People of Iron. The voices of the beasts will vanish, and you will be
alone. You will have nothing...nothing....Copyright © 2000-2005 Harlequin Enterprises Limited. All rights

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