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					                                       CHRISTMAS TREE
An undecorated tree sits on the stage with small lights hung on it, but they are not switched on. The
children enter one at a time, (or in pairs dependant on numbers), recite their verse, place their decoration
on the tree and then sit behind the tree.

1st Child: (pointing to the tree)                      8th Child: (carrying a coloured ball)
         This poor old tree, forlorn and sad,                  This ball stands for all the earth,
         Is really much the same,                              For not only in this place,
         As was the town of Bethlehem,                         Did Jesus come to bring sweet peace,
         The night baby Jesus came.                            He came for every race.

2nd Child: (carrying a decoration)                     9th Child: (carrying a Bible)
        Let’s decorate this Christmas tree,                    This little Bible, God’s own Word,
        And make it bright and gay,                            I’ll place beside the tree,
        The way we feel when we recall,                        It tells of what our Saviour’s birth,
        The first glad Christmas day.                          Can mean for you and me.

3rd Child:   (carrying an angel for the top of the     10th Child: (carrying a candle)
tree)                                                          This Christmas candle that I bring,
        The shepherds and their sheep that night,              To place beside the tree,
        Saw angels from above,                                 Brings light to the heart of every girl,
        This angel brings to all of us,                        Wherever she may be.
        The songs of peace and love
                                                       11th Child: (carrying tinsel streamers)
4th Child: (carrying a star)                                    The snow lay on the ground outside,
        Across the lonely desert lands,                         So cold and pure and white,
        Came wise-men from afar,                                This streamer helps to bring to mind,
        They sought to worship God’s own Son,                   The snow that fell that night.
        While guided by His star.
                                                       12th Child: (carrying a gift)
5th Child: (carrying a gold ball)                              I bring this gift which speaks to me,
        These wise-men brought the richest gifts,              Of what God has done,
        All wondrous to behold,                                By giving us the greatest gift,
        There’s myrrh and frankincense, and this               His precious only son.
        Will represent their gold.
                                                       13th Child: (lights are switched on as she speaks)
6th Child: (carrying a bell)                                   The light that shone in Bethlehem,
        This bell speaks the joy I feel,                       On that first Christmas eve,
        And rings o’er all the earth,                          Shall shine forever in the hearts,
        Telling the news the angels brought,                   Of all whom Christ receives.
        The night of Jesus birth.

7th Child: (carrying a paper chain)                      Finish with all the girls grouped round the tree,
        An endless chain of blessings,                              singing a Christmas carol.
        Is what Jesus gives to me,
        There’s clothes and food and parents dear,
        And much more, you will agree.