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Affection in Islam


									Affection in Islam
                                    Events bloody clash that often occurs is a very sad
                                    human tragedy. Why not, each of the groups involved
                                    are competing to damage the opponent, without the
                                    slightest look of shame and compassion. Rather, it
                                    seems the anger and hatred that is very profound.

                                    The core teachings of Islam is to spread peace and
                                    compassion. Rasulullah SAW said, one of the keys to
                                    get into heaven is to spread salaam (peace and safety).
                                    From Ibn Tabari, Ibn Umar, the Prophet SAW said,
                                    ‘primarily Islamic faith and Muslims when someone
                                    else is saved from verbal diatribe and violence and
                                    roughness of his hands.''

Prophet also said, if we want to win the love of Allah and his angels, the scatter of
affection and love to all mankind and other creatures that exist on this earth (irhamu man
fil ardi, yarhamkum man fissamaa`).
From the foregoing, it can be known that there is no faith, Islam, and spread the religion
without compassion, love and peace to others. Therefore, efforts to sharpen the instincts
of affection and love for this to be done constantly.

Firstly, communication, dialogue, and deliberation should be the main reference in
solving various problems, so there were no miscommunications among different parties
who are having problems.

SAW apostle declared,’ No one likes losers will istikharah (best ask Allah SWT) and will
never be sad people who promote deliberation.''

The second, conducted in a fair settlement on the basis of law and the applicable laws are
accompanied by instructions from the Koran and the sunna Prophet SAW (Sura Al-
Hujurat: 8-9).

Third, keep the attitude of arrogance of power and fanaticism of the group who gave birth
without violence based on clear thinking and rational.

Fourth, all parties should promote honesty and fairness in resolving various issues.

In addition, the guidance and role models from the officials, leaders, and community
leaders became a necessity, at once a necessity.

                                                                            By: yeni19

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