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                            FORMULA JUNIOR NEWSLETTER

Newsletter 142                                                                     December 2007

Golden Jubilee Year

It‟s almost here! – The mammoth Calendar is attached, and a provisional list of races, by category, is
set out below.

There are still some major resolutions yet to be made, especially in the context of the FIA Lurani
Trophy rounds.

However, already the container of European cars is on its way to New Zealand and Australia (with
many many thanks to Col Bob Birrell and Frank & Judy Lyons). There is still time for any more
cars from USA to enter and be flown over for the four scheduled stand alone Formula Junior races in
Australasia.[For entry details contact Nigel Russell for NZ – and Kelvin Prior
{AFJA]for Australia-

Duncan and Mair will be going after all; Colin Waite is kindly lending Duncan his Cooper-Imp Mk
8-27-54 to run as an invitation car in New Zealand, whilst in Australia, Duncan will share the NOTA
038 with Philip Venables, as well as having a non competitive run in Graeme Noonans‟ Cooper
Norton „500‟ Mk 7/3/53 [ ex-Bernie Allen], at Philip Island.

Almost all our hopes have been fulfilled, with a telephone call from Roger Etcells confirming that
the 2008 Silverstone Classic will include 2 Formula Junior races and a practice, and every hope that
the Goodwood Revival meeting will include both a Formula Junior and a 500cc F3 race. Only
Macao has dropped out of the plans, at least for 2008, as the FIA WTCC have confirmed their
participation again for ‟08, and, as the Macanese have decided not to hold a separate historic
weekend, this leaves no room for the Juniors. However a race in Dubai or elsewhere in the Gulf
remains a possibility.
FJHRA Magazine # 141

The excellent 64 page magazine was distributed to those who attended the AGM and Lunch and the
rest are in the post. If you receive this newsletter and don‟t receive a magazine by January 10 th,
please email us, with confirmation of your postal address, and we will check our records, and if
necessary post you another copy.


This years AGM at Whatley Hall Banbury, was attended by over 150 people, with many thanks to
Grant & Penny Wilson for organising the Lunch and venue.

This year‟s award winners were;

The Norman Hillwood Monoposto Trophy for Front Engined Formula Junior Cars
To the highest placed front engined Formula Junior Car
Derek Walker Terrier T4

The Monoposto Register Award
To the highest placed rear-engined Formula Junior Car
Andrew Robertson Crossle 4F

The Clock Trophy
For the best prepared and most original self-prepared Formula Junior Car
Tim Bishop Sauter-DKW

The Monoposto Racing Club; The Persistence Trophy
For the driver with a high number of starts but not having won any other trophies
BJ Colaric Elva 100

The Alf Bottom‟s Memorial Trophy
To the highest placed 500cc car
JB Jones Cousy-JAP

The Bernie Garwood Memorial Award
To the best and most original self-prepared 500cc car
Mark Woodhouse – Dolphin

The Griffin Helmet Trophy
To the winner of the UK Formula Junior Championship
Sir John Chisholm Gemini Mk II and Mk IIIA

The Griffin Helmet Manque
To the fastest post 1960 Formula Junior Car( with Drum brakes) (FJ2)
Sir John Chisholm Gemini Mk IIIA

Trofeo Lorenzo Bandini
To the winner of the ‘Italian’ Class in the Formula Junior Championship
Peter Mullen OSCA

The Alan Putt Trophy
To the winner of the FJ2 Disc Braked Class in the Formula Junior Championship
Andrew Hibberd Lotus 22

FJHRA Chairman‟s Cups

Reijo Heurlin   Fin   RV Special
Peter Jackson   UK    Cooper T 56
Peter Knöfel    D     Emeryson
Paul Smeeth     GB    Lotus 22 and Elva 100

FJHRA Endeavour Trophy

Brian Arculus         Emeryson

FJHRA „Pit Stop‟ Trophy
For the man (or woman) who always has ‘that bit’ that gets someone back on the track.
Iain Rowley

“Millers Oils” Spirit of Formula Junior Award
For any supreme or selfless action during the year
Sue Spence

„Race Car Livery‟ Trophy
For the best presented FJ Car
Roger Dexter Elva-DKW 100

FJHRA Ladies Cup

Sue Spence Elva 200

Silver Spanner “Mechanics” Trophy

Dave Abbott

Front Engined Series

   1. Gordon Wright Stanguellini
   2. Clive Wilson Lola Mk 2
   3. Peter Mullen OSCA

Formula Junior Golden Jubilee World Series

Round Month Date       Circuit                                                   Country

1       Jan    25/27   Pukekohe                                                  NZ
2       March 7/10     Philip Island                                             Australia
3       June 7/8       Monza [2 grids; Front/Rear]                               Italy
4       June 28/29     Brands Hatch Superprix [3 grids; Front, R.drum, R.disc]   G.B
5       Aug 9/10       Nurburgring [2 grids; Front/Rear (TBC)]                   Germany
6       Aug 15/18      Laguna Seca „Monterey‟ [3grids; Front, R.drum, R.disc]    USA-West Coast
7       Aug 29/31      Lime Rock                                                 USA-East Coast
8 [?]   Nov            Dubai (TBC)                                               Asia
9       Feb 2009       Killarney                                                 R.S.A

Formula Junior Golden Jubilee Tasman Series

Round Month Date                 Circuit                                  Country

1       Jan    25/27             Pukekohe                                 NZ
2       Feb    1/3               Taupo                                    NZ
3       Feb 29–Mar 2             Calder Park                              Australia
4       Feb    7/10              Philip Island                            Australia

Formula Junior Golden Jubilee U.S. Series

Round Month Date                 Circuit                                  Country

1       Aug    9/10              Laguna Seca „Prehistorics‟               USA – West Coast
2       Aug    15/18             Laguna Seca „Monterey‟ [3 grids]         USA – West Coast
3       Aug    23/24             “ (TBC)                                  USA – Midwest
4       Aug    29/31             Lime Rock                                USA – East Coast
5       Sept   5/7               Watkins Glen [2 grids]                   USA – East Coast

CSRG Formula Junior Golden Jubilee races [ USA]

Date                             Circuit

April 4/6                        Infineon Raceway                   Sears Point, CA
May 16/18                     Thunder Hill                       Willows, CA
Oct 10/11                     Infineon Raceway                   Sears Point, CA
Oct 31/Nov 2                  Thunder Hill                       Willows, CA

FIA Lurani Trophy

Round Month Date              Circuit                                 Country

1       Apr     5/6           Mugello                                 Italy
2       Apr     24/27         Hockenheim                              Germany
3       June    7/8           Monza [2 grids F/R]                     Italy
4 ALT   July                  Silverstone                             GB
5       Aug     9/10          Old Timer GP – Nurburgring              Germany
4 ALT   Aug     16/17         Brands Hatch [BRSCC]                    GB
6       Oct     4/5           Donington Park [HSCC]                   GB
7       Oct     11/12         Dijon-Prenois                           France
8       Oct     25/26         Jarama                                  Spain
8 ALT   Nov     1/ 2          Paul Ricard [full 5.8km circuit]        France

Major Non-Championship Formula Junior Races

Month Date      Circuit                                               Country

May     9/11    Monaco G.P Historique [front & 1958/59 rear]          MC
May     10/11   HSCC Silverstone International [2 grids]              GB
May     17/18   Misano [TBC]                                          Italy
May     24/25   Pau GP Historique                                     Italy
July    24/27   Silverstone Classic [2 races]                         GB
Aug     2/3     Copenhagen GP                                         Denmark
Aug     2/3     Schloss Dyck Classic Car Festival                     Germany
Aug     17      John Taylor Trophy – VSCC Mallory Park                GB
Aug     30/31   Villa Real [TBC]                                      Portugal
Sept    5/7     Villa Real [TBC]                                      Portugal
Sept    13/14   Angouleme [TBC]                                       France
Sept    19/21   Goodwood Revival Meeting [Rear Disc only]             GB

Historic City Challenge

Month Date      Circuit                                               Country

May     24/25   Pau GP Historique                                     France
Aug     2/3     Copenhagen GP                                         Denmark
Aug     30/31   Villa Real [TBC]                                      Portugal
Sept    5/7     Villa Real [TBC]                                      Portugal
Sept    13/14   Angouleme [TBC]                                       France
Other Major Dates in 2008

Month Date              Event                                              Location

Feb     9               FIA Seminar & Prizegiving                          Athens
Mar     14/16           International Historic Motor Show [“Race Retro”]   Stoneleigh
Apr     17              VSCC Test Day                                      Donington Park
Apr     30              Silverstone Classic Media Day                      Silverstone
Jul     11/13           Goodwood Festival of Speed                         Goodwood
Aug     2/3             Schloss Dyck Classic Car Festival                  Germany

FJHRA / HSCC “Millers Oils” UK Historic Formula Junior Championship

Round Month             Date    Circuit                             Organiser

1       Mar             9       Mallory Park                        750 MC
2       Mar             22/24   Thruxton - 40th Anniversary         BARC/HSCC
3       Mar             30      Donington Park                      HSCC
4       Apr             13      Cadwell Park                        HSCC
5       May             17      Brands Hatch                        AMOC
6/7     May/Jun         31/1    Snetterton                          HSCC
8/9     Jun             14/15   Spa Francorchamps                   ROADBOOK – BELGIUM
10      Jun             21      Silverstone „Martini Trophy‟        AMOC
11/12   Jul             12/13   Pembrey                             HSCC
13/14   Jul             19/20   Anglesey                            BRSCC
15      Aug             24/25   Oulton Park Gold Cup [2 grids]      HSCC
16      Sept            13      Brands Hatch                        HSCC
17      Oct             18      Silverstone                         HSCC

Formula Junior Front Engine Series

Month           Date            Circuit                             Organiser
Apr             12/13           Silverstone                         BRSCC
May/Jun         31/1            Donington Park                      VSCC
Jun             14              Oulton Park [TBC]                   VSCC
Aug             17              John Taylor Trophy – Mallory Park   VSCC
FJHRA / CSCC “Junior Junior” Historic Formula Junior Series

Round   Month   Date      Circuit                               Organiser
1       Apr     5/6       Snetterton                            CSCC
2       Apr     26/27     Brands Hatch                          CSCC
3       May     25/26     Mallory Park                          CSCC
4       Jun     7/8       Rockingham                            CSCC
5       Jun     21        Cadwell Park [TBC]                    BRSCC
6       July    5/6       Cadwell Park [TBC]                    750 MC
7       Aug     9         Oulton Park [GP]                      CSCC
8       Sept    5/7       Cadwell Park                          CSCC

FIA European Historic Hillclimb Championship
[Front & Rear Engined FJ Championship classes]

Month           Date             Event                                  Country

May             17/18            Petrol Sevnica 2008                    Slovenia
May             23/25            “Ustecka 21”                           CZ
May/Jun         30/1             Ecce Homo Stemberk                     CZ
Jun             28/29            58# Trento Bondone                     Italy
Jul             12/13            Cabar 2008                             Croatia
Jul             19/20            Slovakia Matador 2008                  Slovakia
Jul             25/27            Petrol Ferrari Ilirska Bistrica 2008   Slovenia
Aug             2/3              Valassky Klobuk                        CZ
Aug             30/31            Piancammuno-Montecampione              Italy
Sept            6/7              Pedavena Croce d‟Aune                  Italy
Sept            20/21            Buzetski dani 2008                     Croatia

500 Owners Association – 500cc F3 races

Month           Date      Circuit/Event                                 Organiser

Mar             24        Don Truman Trophy – Mallory Park              BRSCC
Apr             5/6       John Cooper Trophy – Snetterton               CSCC
Apr             19/20     Brands Hatch – 750 Trophy                     750 MC
May             10        Wiscombe Hill Climb                           500 OA
May/Jun         31/1      Snetterton                                    HSCC
Jun             21/22     Brands Hatch – 750 Trophy                     750 MC
Jul             5/6       Cadwell Park – 750 Trophy                     750 MC
Jul             25/27     Croix – en- Ternois                           BRSCC / CSCC
Aug             31        Cadwell Park                                  VSCC
Sept            19/20     Goodwood Revival Meeting [TBC]
Oct             11/12     Donington Park                                BRSCC
Oct   ALT       12        Mallory Park – 750 Trophy                     750 MC
European F3 1000cc Series

Month Date            Circuit                               Organiser

Apr    5/6            Mugello                               FJHRA
May    3 /4           Hockenheim                            German O
May    24/25          Pau GP Historique                     FJHRA / GPAO
Jun    14/15          Spa-Francorchamps                     FJHRA
Jul    5/6            Cadwell Park                          750 MC
Aug    24/25          Oulton Park Gold Cup                  HSCC / FJRHA
Sept   27/28          Nurburgring                           German O
Oct    11/12          Dijon Prenois                         GPAO

Car Movements

The golden coloured Lotus 22-J- 18 of Keith Wintraub, originally raced by one time Mexican BRM
Formula One Driver Moises Solana has been sold, and we await contact from the buyer. While two
other Lotus 22‟s may have been sold, the grey 22 that was Munster owned, but for sale through Jan
Luehn in Holland and said to be the ex-George Dudley, and the car of the first Lurani Champion
Sergio Leoni, in Italy ,although he never again ventured onto the tracks after his Lurani triumph with
the white Stanguellini no. 00185 , that Jason Wright now races.

Dr Mark Green‟s package of ex-Howard Banaszak Formula Juniors is about to arrive at Redhill,
with the RAM 040 and Tojeiro TN-7-60 ready to race and destined for chosen drivers, but either
could be for sale. Both the near race ready Cooper T52 and the front engined PM.Poggi, built by the
Tec Mec Formula one concern, where most of whose people were ex-Maserati, in Italy, have
interested purchasers sniffing around, but no deals have yet been concluded – These are some
fabulously interesting cars, so don‟t delay in contacting Mark if you are after something unusual.

It seems that the first two RAM Formula Juniors were front engined, quite American in appearance,
in the vogue of the first Apache that Franco Beolchi races in Italy, rather “mini-Indianapolis
Roadster” and both still exist, the first , ali bodied, one in Washington State and the second,
fibreglass, owned by Al Allin in Dallas, TX. FJHRA have no contact with them, so if anyone can
supply details we will be pleased to add them to the contact list – hopefully in time for Watkins
Glen! And talking of Apaches, designer Milt Brown (who was also the man behind the Apollo GT)
is searching for one of the four missing Apache FJ‟s, to rebuild himself, maybe even in time for
Monaco. He has been advertising in US magazines, and we look forward to the results of his
Grant Wilson nipped over to Switzerland and picked up the front engined Condor S II with Ford
engine from Mrs Delia Burgermeister, following husband Alfred‟s death last year, and Duncan
helped him clinch the deal by adding Scorpion 500S/2, also with Ford engine and both up and
running and in an incredibly original state, to the package. When sent photographs, 1964 co-owner
John Wood expressed almost incredulity that even the leather strap over the bonnet was still in place,
43 years later! There have been negotiations to try to buy the second Condor SII from Ken Johnson
in CA, USA, but these have currently foundered, so it may still be for sale, however the Zetter Mk II
of Nigel Moffett with DKW motor is destined for Tim Bishop, to join the Sauter and Essenkay down
at Connaught Engineering at Llanelli, and its hoped that this will see Josie back on the tracks.late
news is that the ex-Oskar Christen T52 Cooper-BMC, currently stored by John Streets in USA will
soon be on its way to London solicitor, Jeremy Deeley , for a full season next year

Also from USA, there are still hopes of tracing the remains of the Hillwood FIAT front engined FJ,
while back in UK Peter Green is searching hard for another front engined car that Duncan located nr
Beaconsfield some 10 years ago, and which might be a Junior, although latterly a Jaguar engine
seems to have been squeezed in the front; if he is unsuccessful, he and son-in-law Andrew Taylor
might perhaps bring to life the remains of a second Britannia that was located on Ebay a year or two

David Watts has acquired the residual collection and garage contents of Geoff Wragg including his
Elva 100/42 and his Allard Sports Car, the latter being for sale with MOT, though needing some
final work.

On the 500 front, two front engined cars are for sale, which are of course eligible for the Formula
Junior front engined series, the Bond C-type of James Conyers, owned by James for over 50 years,
which may be heading north to near Edinburgh, and the Mezzolitre of Jon Scott Worthington, the
twin of the car that the MAC at Shelsley Walsh sold at Auction a few years ago, and which is now
owned by Martin Round

March 2008
Hello Duncan

Thank you to so many Elva people who have so enthusiastically responded to the 50th Anniversary
meeting at Sebring in March 2008.

Provisional details from the SVRA are attached to this email as a PDF (Acrobat file).

Obviously there have been questions and some are difficult to answer until nearer the time because it
requires ALL those even 50/50 interested to make contact with the SVRA so that we can be more
clear of numbers. At the moment it seems we have in excess of 20 cars 'promised' and it may be that
this number will double. I am hopeful that there will be cars from the UK and mainland Europe and
it is important that those even gently interested in shipping a car make contact with me so that we
will have a good idea of a consolidated shipment price.

The SVRA expects to have Entry Forms ready soon. There is a $100.00 reduction for all US based
Elva entries, and complementary entries for non US Elva entries. There is no requirement for FIA
paperwork or special licenses. For those travelling extra long distances, do keep in mind that there
are additional racing opportunities both before and after the Elva event and details are available from
the organising groups HSR and SVRA websites. There is also the Amelia Island Concours the
previous weekend.

Accommodation is at a premium as already announced on the Elva website so do get something
booked soonest. It could be worth considering an RV to avoid too much driving and possible traffic
delays. There will be special Elva events within the Sebring meeting and all details will be advised
over the coming weeks. Race schedules will be confirmed in early January, but again do PLEASE
make contact with the SVRA to help them plan this event to best advantage.

Some contact info:
and for UK shipping email Gordon Palmer or David of Autofreight

Finally, do please spread the word to other Elva owners or enthusiasts as we cannot reach everyone
by email. Thank you

With very best regards.

Roger A. Dunbar
ELVA Racing UK


                                Jim Clark
                                Film Festival
                            February 23rd 2008

              First-ever Jim Clark Film Festival
A film festival which celebrates the life of the twice World Champion racing driver, Jim Clark, will
take place at Eynsham Hall, near Witney, Oxfordshire on February 23 rd 2008.

Clark scored his last race victory almost 40 years ago to the day of the event.

The programme will include film shows and talks by people who knew Clark well or worked with

The film shows will cover Clark’s exploits at Indianapolis, including his race-winning year of 1965,
his races in the Tasman series which took place in Australia and New Zealand and other rare,
never-seen-before footage, as well as some of his more famous European exploits.

The talk session will feature special guests Bob Dance, Jim Endruweit and Dick Scammell - all
former mechanics who worked with Clark at Team Lotus - and Ian Scott Watson, who was a big
influence on Clark’s early career.

Peter Darley, who was the official Team Lotus photographer during Clark’s time there, will be
showing some slides of Clark during the talk session.

The day will finish with a three-course dinner at Eynsham Hall, where guests will be able to mingle
and dine with the speakers and like-minded enthusiasts.
For more information, please see or contact the organiser, Michael
Oliver on 01993 200331.

Monaco Medal For Marcus Mussa []

Every year on National Day in Monaco. there are non-stop ceremonies where the Prince awards
medals to his loyal subjects, a bit like the Birthday honours in the UK, and this year I was very
honoured to receive a Silver medal for my “success in Sport”, presented by the Prince in person on
Saturday. There were some 60 sports awards, including 12 silver medals. Another driver also got a
silver medal, he is an 18 year old (Stephano Coletti) who will do F3 next year and has been selected
by Red Bull. Prince Albert suggested I transmit some of my experience to him, however I said I
thought he would probably go off the road if he followed my instructions!.. From Marcus

USA Formula Junior News

Recently, Steve Earle announced that General Racing, Ltd. plans a huge celebration at the Monterey
Historics scheduled for August 15-17 at Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca. With a sufficient entry,
GR will feature three races for front engine, early mid engine and late Formula Junior cars. Formula
Junior will also feature at the GR Lime Rock Vintage Festival Races August 29-September 1.
Formula Junior races at the Wine Country Classic and the Coronado Speed Festival are also being
considered. Contact:

For 2008, CSRG will recognize the Jubilee with Formula Junior grids in each of its four scheduled
events as listed below. The Formula Junior group has plans are underway to establish individual
recognition in each of three groups (similar to GR above), with points based on participation,
consistency and presentation. Additional information can be found on the CSRG website: , or by contacting any of the Formula Junior Group representatives below.

April 4-6      Infineon Raceway      Sears Point, CA        Annual First Event

May 16-18      Thunder Hill          Willows, CA            Rolling Thunder

Oct 10-12      Infineon Raceway      Sears Point, CA        Charity Challenge

Oct 31-Nov 2 Thunder Hill            Willows, CA            Season Finale

With 50 years in the making, The Formula Junior Group encourages all Formula Junior car owners
to consider the exciting array of opportunities. No Formula Junior race car should be left behind!

Formula Junior Group contacts:

Marc Nichols 530 272-3882
Chris Locke 415 954-4486

John Anderson 707 939-7462

NZ Formula Junior news

The Historic Racing and Sports Car Club's annual Taupo TT event was another cracker weekend
(appropriate with Christmas approaching). Superb weather, plenty of races, and the hallmark of HRSCC
meetings - a complete lack of bureaucracy and officialdom. One of the highlights of Sunday was the after-
match get-together and prizegiving with MSNZ Steward Alan Curry presenting lemons to those who screwed
up. For the record NZFJR members all-but scooped the prizes with Nigel taking the Classic Cover Trophy for
the feature race; Wayne Carter getting the presentation and sportsmanship award; and John Rapley the Ian
Ivers Memorial.

The feature event was for front-engined Formula Juniors and this was contrived in an effort to be the first in
the world to run a race to highlight Formula Junior's Golden Anniversary - it might have been a month early
for the 2008 celebrations but we reckon we can lay claim to being the first !

We had a really good entry, 12 cars, which is an all-time record for NZFJR (congratulations Gentlemen !) . . .
 there were a couple of deletions during the weekend but we will ignore these so as to only report the
positive. It was great to have Walter Findlay running with us in the wonderfully unique Elva-DKW, nice to
welcome David Fenton back from the US and racing in his Lotus 18 Ford, and to have Graham Main guesting
in Bruce Carter's Elfin Catalina (Carterlina ?). Bruce has been a bit crook of late so we all wish him a speedy
recovery and a hasty return to our grid.

The MG Car Club's Manfeild event was a late entry to our "championship" and John Rapley was the only
Junior able to get there so he scored max.

Total points scored : Brabham BT2 Ford J. Rapley 56; Cooper T76 BMC W. Carter 25; Brabham BT9 Ford
A. Woolf 24; Taraschi Fiat R. Herrick 28; Lotus 18 Ford J. Holmes 22; Cooper T56 BMC I. Garmey 22;
Emeryson BMC P. Benbrook 21; Gemini Mk3a J. Barclay 17; Lotus 18 Ford C. Abbott 12; Elva 100 BMC R.
Williams 11; Lotus 18 Ford D. Fenton 11; Elva 100 DKW W. Findlay 4.

Next events are the big ones, the Historic Racing Club's Formula 5000 GP and Formula Junior 50th
Anniversary at Pukekohe, 26-27 January 2008 and HRC Tasman Revival and Round 2 of FJ Golden Jubilee
series, Taupo 2 and 3 February. Forget those Christmas holidays at the beach, have a look at that locking
brake, that niggling clutch snick and shove some grease in the wheel bearings. On the serious side, it was
reported at Taupo last weekend that race gas will only be available from BP Tauhora on Saturday mornings
so it may pay to get a couple of extra 20 litre buckets and fill them before you leave home. We have
discussed approaching one of the mini tanker companies in the hope of getting a small tanker or trailer of
leaded 105 octane at the circuit. More on that as it develops.

We are now down to the final arrangements for the 11 cars going to Melbourne in February organising marine
insurance and import carnets. There is still one space available and it is not too late to jump in to it, but you
had better be quick ! On the home front we still need a couple of sponsors to take up some track-side
advertising, it is exceptionally good value with guaranteed television exposure. If you think you may know of
a company, or individual, who can help please give Nigel a call on 09 418-0676 or e-mail
Compliments of the Season to you and yours

Ian Garmey []
Sent: 08 December 2007 09:36

Correspondence From: Sandy Skinner []
Dear Duncan

I met James Gray + Comet at Prescott. As you know, I was delighted when you got the car and used it: I can't
think of a better man to take it over. I was almost childishly happy to see my little rescue job of many years
ago in beautiful, businesslike order being driven hard and well by someone so clearly enjoying themselves.
Again, thank you for making this possible.

Very best wishes, Sandy [ Former owner of the Comet 500]


        I am giving serious thought to making available for sale my T-59 Cooper – you saw it at Grattan with
son driving. It is Ford-powered, which I believe is correct.

       The car was restored by Peter Denty in 1982-1983 for Cologne-based Claus Broders and I acquired it
from Claus. Chassis is FJ/16/62 and listed as sold by Cooper to German Fibs Meub equipped with a
Cosworth 46249 engine, a Ford, I presume, (Nye, p. 336, “Cooper Cars”). We have 1987 RAC FIA papers
done by Alan Putt, of the Formula Junior Register.

        Over here the T-79 gets little use – unfortunately. It has a new fuel cell and belts, little engine time
and is race-ready. Would need FIA Passport papers.

        Thanks and best wishes,

        Bob Woodward


MASTER CYLINDER NON INTEGRAL ALL BORE SIZES                                                  £32:00
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MASTER CYLINDER ALI CAP LARGE                                                                  £ 5:50
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LIGHT                                                           £100 PER AXLE SET

mobile: 07831 136802, home 01633 400535


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