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					Is Xango A Scam Probably Not Unless
By: Chris Gustafson

Okay let's get straight to the point in this article. Is Xango a scam, rip-off, or con? Of
course not, because with Xango like other MLM companies you can make money in
them and thousands of people do every year.

However, the reason why many people fail at a business like Xango, and think it is a
scam, is because they simply are either unwilling or unable to do what is required to be
successful. So instead of putting the blame on themselves where it belongs, they come
out and tell all their family and friends that Xango is a scam and the whole MLM
industry is crap. This is simply not true!

So instead of giving you reasons why Xango is not a scam, I am going to try and prevent
people from thinking this by telling you how to be successful in Xango (because as we
already discussed above, if you know what to do very few MLM companies are scams).

So without further ado, here are three success tips for succeeding in Xango. When you
apply the success tips listed above you will become part of the 2% that succeeds in this
awesome industry. Instead, you will be one of the industry all stars who receives award
after award at company functions and laughs at the people who call Xango or MLM a

Xango Success Tip#1: Tell The World! Don't be a hermit, instead make sure that you are
out socializing with your circle of influence and telling people about it. Be excited and
beaming with pride that you decided to make a change for the better in your life. Now, I
know what you are thinking at this point......You want me to do harass all my family and
friends until they join or hate me. NO! However, there is nothing wrong with simply
telling them about the opportunity once and having them see a professional presentation.
If they say no once, then leave them alone.

Xango Success Tip#2: Develop An Abundance Mentality! What do I mean by this? One
of the most important things you can do to succeed in Xango or any other MLM company
is have an abundance mentality. In other words, you can not get emotionally attached to
whether or not someone joins your Xango business. One of the reasons people in MLM
get a bad reputation is because they get so emotionally attached to whether or not there
family and friends join the business that they appear desperate. This is a VERY EASY
way to kill your business. You must have an attitude of - "this may or may not be for you,
either way I am moving forward". As the great Mike Dillard says "The person who cares
the least, has the power". Always keep this in mind when talking to prospects.

Xango Success Tip#3: Persist Without Exception! You could really use this tip for any
number of things in your life. However, it is particularly crucial for MLM. The #1 reason
most people fail in MLM is because they quit before they become successful. You must
develop a mindset of, it doesn't matter how long this takes or how much money it costs I
am going to be successful in this and NEVER GIVE UP. You will have moments where
you want to quit. Don't give in, because the reward in Xango or any other MLM company
is so great that it is worth any struggles you may go through.

There you have it, the three steps crucial for your success in Xango. By following the
three success tips listed above, you will no longer be one of those idiots who tells
everyone about how MLM sucks. Instead, you will laughing at those people in your
dream car.

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