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									                                                                                                                                          March 2007 Issue

                         TrailBlazer                                                                                                        Vol. 32 / No.
                                                                                                                                       October 2005 3
                                                                                                                                      Volume 33, Issue 5

                         Southeast Wisconsin Council, Inc.
                         Boy Scouts of America

Gathering of Eagles                              Council Annual Dinner
Mark your calendars and call for reserva-        Save the evening of Saturday, March 10, 2007 and make plans to attend the 2007 Council
tions to attend this year’s Gathering of Ea-     Annual Dinner. The evening will include fun, fellowship and entertainment. This year’s
gles to be held at Festival Hall, 2 Fifth        guest speaker will include Fox 6’s Gus Gnorski!
Street, Racine, on Saturday, April 14, 2007.
Gathering is at 5:00 PM with dinner being        The Annual Dinner is also host to the announcement and presen-
served at 6:00 PM. The emcee for the eve-        tation of this year’s Silver Beaver recipients, the highest award a
ning is Kenosha’s own Gus Gnorski, a TV6         Council Scouting volunteer can receive. The Southeast Wiscon-
personality. Gus is an Eagle Scout and also      sin Council Silver Beaver Selection Committee is proud to an-
a Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta staffer.                      nounce this year’s Silver Beaver Recipients. Congratulations to
                                                 Roland Denman, Vaughn Martens, Michael Palecek, Norbert Paul
Highlight of the evening will be honoring        and Wesley Ricchio. Please join us in congratulating this year’s
Dr. R. Scott Pierce, Superintendent of           recipients and make plans to attend the Annual Dinner.
Kenosha Unified School District, with the
Distinguished Eagle Scout award. Addition-       Date:                 Saturday, March 10, 2007
ally, all Eagle Scouts from the class of 2006    Guest Speaker: Gus Gnorski (Channel 6 Milwaukee)
will be individually honored.
                                                 Time:                 Social Hour (Cash bar) 5:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Early Bird dinner cost is $50 if paid prior to                         Dinner & Program 6:00 p.m.
March 16, or $60 after that date. Anyone                               Closing Ceremony 9:00 p.m.
interested in sponsoring a table or sponsor-
ing a 2006 Eagle Scout please contact Tim        Where:                Cotton Exchange
Shea at 262-632-7241 for details. Dinner                               345 Hickory Hollow, Waterford, WI
reservations can be made at the Council                                (Corner of Hwy 20 & 83)
Service Center, 262-632-1655.                    Cost:                 $28.00 per person
                                                 Join us as we recognize and celebrate the:
Summer Camp Sign-up                              • 2006 Silver Beaver Recipients
It’s not too late to sign up for summer          • Training, Camping, Activities and Advancement Recognition
camp. We still have room in the following        • Other Recognition
sessions:                                        Sign up at the Council Service Center at 262-632-1655. Save yourself a trip to the office;
Parent and Pal                                   online registration now available at www.sewisbsa.com
Day Camp— Sessions 1, 4, 5
Webelos Resident—All Sessions
Webelos Long Term—All Sessions                                                         2007 Friends of Scouting
Boy Scout Long Term – All Sessions and
Provisional Session

Remember Webelos Cross-overs have                    90%

until May 1, 2007 to qualify for the Early           80%

Bird rate at R.S. Lyle!                              70%
                                                                                             Ser i es1

Friends of Scouting                                  60%
As of February 28, 2007, our Friends of
Scouting campaign has raised 42%                     40%                                           33%
of our $133,000 goal. If you have not al-            30%                        25%
ready done so, please be sure to contact             20%

your District Executive to schedule your
unit’s Friends of Scouting presentation.

Friends of Scouting Presenters – check out                  Council Division   Fox River          Gateway                Lighthouse   Campaign Totals
the new FOS presenter’s toolbox at                                                         C a mpa i gn D i v i s i on

                        Southeast Wisconsin Council, Inc., Boy Scouts of America
                                        2319 Northwestern Avenue, Racine, WI 53404
                       Racine: 262-632-1655 Kenosha & West I94: 800-773-1655 Fax: 262-632-3596
                                 Website: www.sewisbsa.com Email: bsahq@sewisbsa.com

Council Officers                                                      March Council Calendar
Council President              Wes Ricchio                    1        Lighthouse, Gateway and Fox River (BS)
Council Commissioner           Kenneth P. Specht                       Roundtables
Vice President                 Donald C. Squires                       Spring Popcorn Kick-off
Vice President                 William D. Coppernoll          3        Den Chief Training
Treasurer                      Mark Zlevor                             Gateway Recharter Day
Secretary                      Donald Van Winkle              7        Fox River Cub Scout Roundtable
                                                              8        Gateway and Fox River District Committee
Council Staff
                                                              10       Council Annual Dinner
Scout Executive, Donald Van Winkle          Ext. 17           11       OA LEC
       dvanwinkle@sewisbsa.com                                12       Executive Committee Meeting
                                                              17       Scouting for Food Bag Drop-off
Program Director, Seth Elder                Ext. 20                    St. Patrick’s Day
      selder@sewisbsa.com                                     20       Merit Badge Counselor & Youth Protection
Fox River District Executive, Katie Dembowski                          Training
       foxriver@sewisbsa.com              Ext. 22             24       Scouting for Food Bag Pick-up
                                                              26       Executive Board Meeting
Gateway District Executive, AJ Peterman     Ext. 21           28       Council Camping Committee Meeting
      gateway@sewisbsa.com                                    29       Council Training Committee Meeting
                                                              31       Council-wide Training
Lighthouse District Executive, Chip Bartel Ext. 19
Learning for Life Executive, Amy Smith      Ext. 23
Accounting Specialist , Anne Barrows        Ext. 11
Executive Secretary, Jeanne Simmons         Ext. 16           Looking ahead…
       jsimmons@sewisbsa.com                                                          April
Fundraising, Paula Heitmann                 Ext. 12
                                                              1        OA LEC
      pheitman@bsamail.org                                             Palm Sunday
Trading Post, Pat Majchrowitz               Ext. 13           3        Passover
       pmajchro@bsamail.org                                   4        Fox River Cub Scout Roundtable
                                                              5        Lighthouse, Gateway, Fox River (BS) Roundtable
Registrar, Lora Bingen                      Ext. 10
                                                              6        Good Friday, Service Center Closed
       lbingen@bsamail.org                                    8        Easter
Ranger , Norm Yeagle                                          9        Executive Committee Meeting
       ncyeagle@execpc.com                                    12       District Committee Meetings
                                                              13       Popcorn Take Orders Due On-line
Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta 262-539-2774
                                                              14       Gathering of Eagles
                                                              20-22    Scoutmaster Outdoor Training
                                                              21       Gateway Pinewood Derby
         Trading Post Hours:                                  23       Council and District Key 3 Meeting
                                                              24       Summer Camp Leaders Meeting
          Monday, Tuesday,                                    25       Council Camping Committee Meeting
                                                              26       Council Training Committee Meeting
      Thursday, Friday 9AM-5PM                                27       Popcorn Pick-up, Noon-5 PM
                                                              28       Popcorn Pick-up, 8-11 AM
          Wednesday 9AM-6PM                                            OWL/BALOO Training

Page 2                                                                                                        TrailBlazer
 Scouting For Food                                                   Order of the Arrow Update
 This is the single largest one-day food drive in the state. All     We are coming up on a busy time of the year with re-charter and
 packs, troops, crews and posts are needed so that we can cover      elections, If you have not scheduled a date for your election,
 the entire community. Bags are distributed in neighborhoods one     you can contact your Chapter Chief or myself and we will get
 weekend and then collected, hopefully filled with food, the next.   that scheduled for you. After the election comes the call out and
 The food is taken to central collection points where it gets dis-   ordeal. Per national standard, no out-of-council Call-outs or
 tributed to the hungry in our area. We collected nearly 130,000     Ordeals will be performed. To accommodate those units who
 pounds of food in 2006.                                             choose to attend out of council camps, the following guidelines
                                                                     have been established:
 Bags Distributed: Saturday, March 17, 2007
 Bags Collected: Saturday, March 24, 2007                            •   For such a unit, the unit may elect to immediately recognize
                                                                         selected individuals directly following election proceedings,
 Bags will be available for pick up at the March Roundtable.             or opt to receive a formal recognition, by mail, at a later
 Please contact your District’s Scouting For Food Chairperson            date.
 with questions!                                                     •   The following opportunities for the call-out recognition and
 Lighthouse:       Tom Lefeber, (262) 598-9950                           Ordeal proceedings will be provided by the Lodge:
 Gateway:          Ralph Tollas, (262) 658-8219
                                                                          ◊ Annual Lodge Spring Fellowship.
 Fox River:        Tom Stenson, (262) 763-2907 and
                                                                          ◊ Any call-out and ordeal performed at Robert S. Lyle
                   Kristen Strother (262) 877-4346
                                                                              summer camp throughout Boy Scout Long Term (Wed-
 Central Collection Points:                                                   Thurs evening from July 11- Aug 9).
 Racine (Lighthouse District):                                            ◊ Should none of these prove possible to accommodate,
 Racine Food Bank, 2000 DeKoven Ave.                                          the candidate must submit, for approval, a written re-
                                                                              quest of consideration for a Fall Conclave Callout and
 Kenosha (Gateway District):                                                  Ordeal. This letter must be received by the Lodge Ex-
 Shalom Center, 1713 62nd St.                                                 ecutive Committee by June 1.
 West of I-94 (Fox River District):
                                                                     On another note, we applied for an OA Service Grant to fix up
 Units make the decision where to drop their food items. Past
                                                                     the archery range at Lyle. We did not receive the grant, but we
 collection points have included:
                                                                     still plan to get the job done. To do this, the Lodge is selling
 • Love, Inc. 480 South Pine St., Burlington, 262-763-6226           pocket peelers to raise funds. We are looking for help from any-
 • St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store, 140 Chestnut St., Burling-      one that would like to sell the pocket peelers. We have prizes to
      ton, 262-763-8057                                              give away including: iTunes cards, an iPod, a week at Lyle, and
 • Sharing Center, 307 East Lake St., Silver Lake, 262-862-          a PS3. So if you are interested in helping or have other questions
      7732                                                           about the Lodge contact Joe Metz at 262-994-6045.
 • Union Grove Area Food Bank, St. Robert Church, 3320 S.
      Colony Dr., Union Grove, 262-878-3476
 • Norway Lutheran in Wind Lake, 6321 Heg Park Rd., Wind             Tribute to a Friend
      Lake, 262-895-2281                                             Words too often inadequately express the sentiment we feel at the
 • Caldwell Food Pantry, Caldwell United Methodist Church,           loss of a friend or the joy we feel when a friend is honored with
      Cty. Hwy. O, Waterford, 262-662-2679                           special recognition. No finer tribute can be paid than to encourage
 • St. Thomas Aquinas Church Food Pantry, 305 South 1st St.,         a boy to live the life of a Scout and thus perpetuate the high princi-
      Waterford, 262-534-2265                                        ples you admire in your friend.
                                                                     A contribution to the Southeast Wisconsin Council Memorial/
                                                                     Tribute fund is the perfect tribute.
                   CONGRATULATIONS                                   In Memory of:_________________________________________
                    TO OUR NEWEST
                     EAGLE SCOUTS                                    Honored for:__________________________________________

   Brent Pankow              Troop 385                               Send Acknowledgement to:______________________________

   Chester Wrucke            Ship 5750                               Address/City/Zip Code:_________________________________
   Brian Frey                Troop 161                               Donor’s Name:________________________________________
   Daniel Durbin             Troop 203
                                                                     Donor’s Address/City/Zip:_______________________________

March 2007                                                                                                                         Page 3
 Have you submitted your
 camp staff application yet?                                               CAMP INFORMATION
 Summer Camp Staff                             Camp Leaders’ Meeting
 Positions Available                           A Leaders’ Meeting for summer camps will be held Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at 7:00 PM
                                               (location TBD). All units attending summer camp must have a representative at this meet-
 There are several                             ing. Breakout meetings will cover Parent and Pal, Cub Scout Day Camp, Webelos Resi-
 camp staff positions                          dent Camp, Webelos Long Term and Boy Scout Camp. Leader’s Guides and valuable in-
 available throughout                          formation regarding summer camp will be shared at this meeting, as well as program sign-
 the Southeast Wis-                            up for units attending Boy Scout Long Term summer camp at Robert S. Lyle Scout Reser-
 consin      Council.                          vation. Information at this meeting will help make your summer camp experience the best
 Spending your sum-                            possible.
 mer working at one
 of our two camps                              Help Wanted:
 will be a great adventure! A camp staff
 experience is filled with fun, learning,      Many positions are still available at Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta and R.S. Lyle this summer. Posi-
 creativity, and lifelong memories.            tions include: Waterfront Director, Health Officer, Business Manager, and program area
 The Southeast Wisconsin Council is in         These positions require added training. If you are interested in working at camp and feel
 need of quality staff members at Camp         that you have the skills for one of these positions, please complete a Camp Staff Applica-
 Oh-Da-Ko-Ta or Robert S. Lyle Scout           tion and return it to the Council Service Center. Interviews are currently in progress.
 Reservation. Positions are available for
 men and women, 15 years of age and
 older. There are opportunities in aquatics,
                                                Is your unit registered for 2007 Summer Camp? If not,
 scout skills, shooting sports, ecology and     here’s what to do!
 nature, commissioners and much more.
                                                Cub Scout Summer Camp:
 Anyone wishing to work at camp in 2007
 will need to submit a completed applica-       1. All reservations are first-come, first-served. The Council Service Center does its
 tion as well as interview with the Camp        best to accommodate each unit’s request. However, each session at Oh-Da-Ko-Ta has
 Directors.    Applications are available       limited capacity. Please have alternate dates ready. Packs may now choose a session
 online at www.sewisbsa.com or at the           date and secure Scouts’ reservations with a $10 deposit (per Scout) or full payment
 Council Service Center. If you have any        (per Scout).
 questions regarding the application process
 please contact Seth Elder (Lyle) or Amy        2. All camp reservations must be submitted on the official Transmittal Form, with
 Smith (Oh-Da-Ko-Ta) at 262-632-1655.           one unit check covering the cost.

 Looking for something to do this summer?
 Apply to work at the Robert S. Lyle Scout
 Reservation or Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta as a
 Counselor-in-Training. Applications are
                                                 Boy Scout Summer Camp:
 available at www.sewisbsa.com. Inter-           1. Make sure your Troop or Crew has made a campsite reservation at the Robert S.
 views will be conducted on a first-come,        Lyle Scout Reservation.
 first-served basis.
                                                 2. Contact your Troop’s Summer Camp Chair to arrange payment details.
 Becoming a Counselor-in-Training is a
 great way to get your foot in the door, and     (Webelos cross-overs will have until May 1, 2007 to qualify for the early bird rate).
 find out if camp staff is the right job for     If your Troop is not attending the Robert S. Lyle Scout Reservation, you can still come
 you! C.I.T. applicants should use the stan-     as a provisional camper. The rates and payment deadlines are the same, but we will
                     dard camp staff appli-      provide the leadership! Contact Seth Elder at the Council Service Center for details.
                     cation, but mark the        Provisional slots are available each week of Boy Scout Long Term.
                     “C.I.T.” box near the
                     end of the application.
                                                 For more information regarding summer camp sign-up, dates, fees, camperships, and
                     Questions can be di-        refund requests, please contact your District Executive or Seth Elder at the Council
                     rected to Seth Elder        Service Center if you missed out! The “How to Register for Cub Scout Summer
                     (Lyle) or Amy Smith         Camps” sheet, as well as the 2007 Summer Camp Schedule, and the 2007 Summer
                     (Oh-Da-Ko-Ta) at            Camp Fees fact sheets are also available at http://www.sewisbsa.com/Camps/
                     262-632-1655.               Camps.htm under either Cub Scout or Boy Scout Camp Documents.

Page 4                                                                                                                         TrailBlazer
                                                                                              Fox River District Calendar
     District Committee                      March 2007
                                             1      Boy Scout Roundtable, Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta, 7:00 pm gathering,
District Chair, Glen Bordak                         7:30 pm Roundtable
262-835-9804                                 7      Cub Scout Roundtable, Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta, 7:00 pm
District Commissioner, Bob Meade             8      District Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm
262-308-2796                                 10     Council Annual Dinner, Cotton Exchange, Gathering 5:00 pm, Dinner at 6:00 pm
                                             17     Scouting for Food Bag Drop Off
District Executive, Katie Dembowski          24     Scouting for Food Bag Pick Up
800-773-1655, ext. 22                        31     Fox River Pinewood Derby, Riverview Elementary

                                             Fox River Annual Dinner
                                             On February 1, 2007 over 75 volunteers from the Fox River District shared fun and fellow-
                                             ship at St Roberts in Union Grove. Special thanks to Michael Davenport and Tom Stenson
                                             for such a great District Dinner. Thank you to Bob Meade, Glen Bordak, and Carol Voss for
                                             all their help with the dinner, especially for doing such
                                             a nice job of setting and cleaning up. Thank you to
                                             Ron Vogt for the wonderful ceremony he gave for the
                                             District Award of Merit recipients. We would also like
Scouting for Food                            to thank the awards committee for reviewing all the
It’s that time of year again! Here is our    nominations and making the decision on who should be
chance to help out our communities.          honored this year. Congratulations to Denis Druker
Scouting for Food bags will be distrib-      and Jim Winder for receiving the District Award of
                      uted to all units at   Merit. Thanks so much for all you give to Scouting.
                      the March Roundta-     We would also like to say congratulations to the fol-
                      ble.    We will be     lowing volunteers, Greg Dietz and Art Koenig for the
                      dropping off Scout-    Spark Plug Award, Rich Hulsether and Mike Kruesel
                      ing for Food bags in   for the Lean On Me Award, Vern Lahti, Scott Slauson and Tom Breuer for the Silver Dollar
                      our community on                                                         Award and Tim Maiter, Tom Rossmiller,
                      March 17, 2007 and                                                       and Melody Walseth for the Midas Touch
                      picking them back                                                        Award. Congratulations to Katie Dem-
up with donations on March 24, 2007. If                                                        bowski and Amy Smith for completing their
your unit would like to participate in                                                         Wood Badge Tickets and for receiving their
Scouting for Food, please contact Tom                                                          Wood Badge Beads at the dinner! Thanks
Stenson at 262- 763-2907 or Kristen                                                            again to Michael and Tom for such an awe-
Strother at 262-877-4346. Thank you for                                                        some 2007 Fox River District Dinner!!
all your help!

Spring Popcorn
Is your unit looking                         Fox River Pinewood Derby
for a way to earn some
extra cash? Do you                           Mark your calendars for this year’s District Pinewood Derby. It will be held Saturday,
need to participate in                       March 31, 2007 at Riverview Elementary School 300 E. Prosser Street, Silver Lake, WI.
one more council                             (Just off Hwy B between Hwy 50 and Hwy C). The race is for the TOP 5 finishers in each
fundraiser to become a                       unit. Please register your unit’s top five racers at the council office by March 28, 2007. The
Gold Card unit?                              cost will be $5.00 per racer. Weigh-in of the cars will start at 11:15 AM- 12:15 PM with the
Well, here is your                           race starting at 12:30 PM. Please make sure you arrive
chance. We will be                           early enough to weigh-in your car so the race can start
kicking off popcorn sales at the March       on time! There will also be an Open Division for all
Roundtables. Your units will have from       immediate family members (dads, moms, siblings) of
March 1, 2007 to April 13, 2007 to sell      Scouts who qualified for the district race. Top finishers
popcorn. Please remember all orders are      in each division are eligible for awards. If you have
due online by noon on April 13, 2007.        any questions please contact Bob Orre 262-862-7263 or
If you have questions please contact         Joseph Castle at 262-862-7342. We can’t wait to see
Amy Smith at (262) 632-1655 ext. 23.         you there! It’s going to be a racing good time!
Thank you and happy selling!!

March 2007                                                                                                                          Page 5
 Lighthouse District                                                 LIGHTHOUSE DISTRICT
 March 2007                                                                                             District Committee
 1      7PM, Roundtable, First Presbyterian Church, 716 College Ave, Racine
 10     5PM, Council Annual Dinner, Cotton Exchange, 345 Hickory Hollow Dr.,                       District Chairman: Dan Wrench
        Waterford WI                                                                               262-554-1922
 17     Scouting For Food Bag Drop Off                                                             danwrensch@sbcglobal.net
 24     Scouting For Food Bag Pick Up, Drop at Racine County Food Bank,
        2000 DeKoven Ave., Racine                                                                  District Commissioner: Mike Palecek
 31     9AM, District Pinewood Derby Races, St. Ritas Elementary School,                           262-886-5547
        4433 Douglas Ave., Racine                                                                  mike.palecek@smartchoiceav.com

 Scouting for Food                                     Lighthouse District                         District Executive: Chip Bartel
                                                                                                   262-632-1655, ext. 19
 “Service to Others” and “Do a Good Turn               Pinewood Derby                              lighthouse@sewisbsa.com
 Daily”, are just a couple of the phrases that are
 associated with Scouting. We need every Pack        The district Pinewood Derby will take
 and Troop to help out with the annual Scouting      place on March 31, 2007. The Top five         District Dinner
 for Food campaign by helping collect food for       finishers from each pack (or 10% beyond       The Lighthouse District Awards Dinner
 the needy. Packs and troops will be dropping        that) will be invited to the District Pine-   was held on February 3. Thanks go to
 off Scouting for Food bags throughout the           wood Derby Finals to be held at St. Rita’s    the many Lighthouse District Volunteers
 Racine area on Saturday March 17, 2006. Lo-         School. Make plans to arrive around 9am       who put so much work into this year’s
 cal residents will contribute to Scouting for       to register your car. There is a $5.50 reg-   dinner. Cliff Hoffman (Pack 249) did a
 Food by placing food in the bags during the         istration fee to be paid by March 30 at the   great job catering the event! On top of
 course of the following week. On Saturday,          council office. Please let your Cubmaster     great fellowship and fun, units and lead-
 March 24 your Packs and Troops will return to       know if you will be able to attend. If you    ers were recognized for their achieve-
 collect the food-filled bags and drop them off at   have any questions, contact Cari Ker-         ments in 2006. Our three newest District
 the Racine County Food Bank, 2000 DeKoven           scher, your District Pinewood Derby           Award of Merit recipients are Tim
 Ave., Racine. If you need to sign up, or have       Chairperson, at 639-8984. We hope that        Husch (Troop 222) and Dan Wrensch
 any questions on which area your unit will be       you will proudly represent your Pack. Be      (Troop 142). A special thanks to Dinner
 covering, contact Tom Lefeber (262) 598-9950,       sure to follow the revised copy of the        Chair Persons Cari Kersher and Kathy
 T.E.Lefeber@na.modine.com.                          rules for the Lighthouse District Pine-       Andersen for making the 2006 District
                                                     wood Derby.                                   Awards Dinner a success!
 Friends of Scouting Report
                                                     Spring Popcorn Sale                           PS-I told you it was a tasty dinner!
 Friends of Scouting is Southeast Wisconsin
 Council’s annual fundraiser which is used to-       Time to kick off our spring popcorn sales! Spring popcorn packets were available at
 wards individual scout camping fees, maintain-      our February roundtable. Spring sales are an excellent opportunity to earn money for
 ing the grounds of our camping facilities, put-     your unit as well as raise money which helps to improve our camps, facilities, and pro-
 ting on special events, supplying program ma-       gram. A Spring Popcorn Sale also fulfills a Gold Card requirement as one of our coun-
 terials, training our leaders, and providing        cil product sales for the year! Get out there and start selling!
 Scouters with the necessary materials they need
 to actively participate in BSA programs.            Mike Fink Winter Challenge
                                                     This years MIKE FINK Winter Challenge XI was about having fun. We had over 230
 The Lighthouse District is currently at about
                                                     Cub Scouts and adults that did exactly that ...Had Fun. We want to thank the Packs for
 50% of its 2007 campaign goal, thanks to eve-
                                                     participating and their leadership that came out: P108, P129, P141, P142, P146, P161,
 ryone who has helped get us to this
                                                     P206, P228 and P249.
 point. We’re half way there!
                                                     The Cub Scouts this year met with the Legendary Mike Fink, they were treated to
 Thanks to the following units for raising over      some old and some new challenges and dined on the famous Mountain Soup and Hot
 $1000 in this years campaign!                       Dog meal, with plenty of Hot Cocoa for everybody to help stay warm. The overall
 Pack: 161                                           winner’s in the challenge are 1st Place - Pack 129, 2nd Place – Pack 228, and 3rd Place
 Troop: 146, 161, 225 & 228                          – Pack 146.
 Thanks to the following units for significant       We want to thank the Troops that help make this event happen – Troop 199, Troop
 contributions to the campaign!                      222, Troop 101, Troop 105, and Troop 146.
 Pack: 141, 142, 146, & 206
 Troop: 101, 105, 142, 146, 199, 248 & 274           A special thanks to our kitchen staff: Brandyn Kerscher and Ryan Lamberton (T161),
                                                     Skylar Varnes (T146), Cari Kerscher (P108), Jill Dickert, Mike Palecek and Sandy
 Kevin Mattes, Finance Chair: 262-497-1236,          Wiedemann. Also a special thanks to Master of Ceremonies Chris Knitter (T146) and
 kpmsm@yahoo.com                                     of course Mike "Mike Fink" Dickert.

Page 6                                                                                                                           TrailBlazer
                                                                                            Gateway District Calendar
      District Committee                      March 2007
                                              1      Gateway Roundtable, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, 7:00pm
 District Chair: Ruth Walls                   3      Gateway Recharter, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, 9:00-12:00 noon
 262-694-8627                                 8      Gateway District Committee, Stocker Elementary, 7:00pm

 District Commissioner: Jim Rohde
 262-697-9222                                Scouting for Food                             2007 FOS Campaign
 edgesbyrohde@wi.rr.com                      If your unit will be participating in this    Unit Friends of Scouting presentation dates
                                             year's Scouting for Food Campaign,            are now being taken for 2007 campaign year.
 District Executive: AJ Peterman             please contact event coordinator, Ralph       If you know the date that you would like your
 262-632-1655 ext. 21                        Tollas at (262)658-8219 for bag pick-up       presentation scheduled, please contact Robert
 gateway@sewisbsa.com                        and collection drop-off details. The cam-     Hughes or AJ Peterman, Gateway District
                                             paign is a great community service pro-       Executive (262) 632-1655, ext. 21. District
                                             ject for Scouting                             presenters are also being sought. You can still
 2007 District Officers                      units and the food                            get the information you need to be a trained
 District Chair: Ruth Walls                  donations help out                            presenter by contacting AJ Peterman.
 District Commissioner: Jim Rohde            many local Kenosha
 District Vice-Commissioner:                 residents.     Your
 Jim Zeszutek                                help is greatly                               Boy Scout Winter Event
 Activities Chair: Robin Dile-Jakubowski     needed and appreci-
                                                                                           This year's Boy Scout
 Camping Chair: Tim Aikens                   ated!
                                                                                           Winter Event was held
 Training Chair: Angie Andersson                                                           January 27-28 at Camp
 Advancement Chair: Brian Mifflin            Gateway District Dinner                       Oh-Da-Ko-Ta. Over
 Advancement Co-Chair: Mike Mowry                                                          150 Scouters partici-
 Membership Chair: Todd Jacobs               The Annual District Dinner was an inspir-     pated in this years Win-
 Finance Chair/Friends of Scouting           ing night filled with many awards in recog-   ter Event. Scouts and
 Campaign Manager: Robert Hughes             nition of our special volunteers for their    Leaders from Troop's 440, 448, 505, 507,
 Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner:          year-long support of our youth and BSA        512, 520, 522, 525, 533, 544, 551, 583, Ven-
 Roger Heffron                               programs. Gateway is very proud and           ture Crew 512, and the Order of the Arrow
 Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner:          grateful to Cindy Kerkman and Kirk            were in attendance. Troops competed in
 Cindy Kerkman                               Sandine who were recognized with the          many Wilderness Survival stations, including
                                             District Award of Merit. Congratulations      first aid, how to start fires without matches,
 Boy Scout Recruiting                        to Ruth Walls, Robin Jakubowski and           find and purify water, demonstrate what to
 A steady flow of youth into a Boy Scout     Roger Heffron on receiving the Commis-        do in emergency situations, and what to do
 Troop is essential to maintain the          sioner’s Key and to Cindy Kerkman, Tim        when lost. The most impressive competition
 Troop's health. New Scouts bring en-        Helgesen, Connie Stout, and Don Hill for      was when all of the Troops designed and
 ergy and enthusiasm to the Troop pro-       receiving the Distinguished Commissioner      built their own shelters and slept in them
 gram. To avoid the pitfall of shrinking     Awards. We can constantly count on these      overnight. Thanks to this year's host, Troop
 membership, a Troop should add at least     individuals to go above and beyond when       520, chartered by St. Therese Holy Name
 10 new Scouts every year. Having a          called upon. The Improvables! gave the        Society, for their hard-work and dedication in
 year-round growth plan in place will        dinner some added excitement. Special         making this event a great success. Also,
 help attract new Scouts.                    thanks also goes to Cindy Kerkman for her     thanks to Troop 505 for cooking the food! It
                                             time and efforts in making this year's Dis-   was tasty!
 A year-round plan would include all         trict Dinner an enjoyable event for all.
 three of the following recruiting meth-
 ods:                                                                                      Spring Popcorn Sale
 • Attract and graduate Webelos                                                            It’s that time again! Our March Round Ta-
      Scouts into your Boy Scout Troop                                                     ble meeting will kickoff the 2007 Spring
 • Host a Troop open house                                                                 Popcorn Sale. This is your chance to earn
 • Encourage Boy-to-Boy recruiting                                                                          money for your unit. Spring
                                                                                                            Popcorn Sales also fulfills a
 The Recruiter Patch is available for any                                                                   Gold Card requirement!
 Boy Scout who recruits another youth to                                                                    Let’s get 100% Gateway
 join a Troop. The Council Service Cen-                                                                     participation! Please contact
 ter has many resources available to re-     AJ Peterman, Ruth Walls, Bob McDow-                            AJ Peterman at (262)632-
 cruit Boy Scouts. Visit or call the Coun-                                                                  1655 ext. 21 with any ques-
                                                 ell, and Seth Elder at Five Star.
 cil Office for details!                                                                                    tions.

March 2007                                                                                                                         Page 7
                                                                          COUNCIL TRAINING
  Lord Baden-Powell                                                    Trainers Development Conference
  University of Scouting                                                                   Every leader in Scouting is a trainer—you
                                                                                           train your den, your troop, and the adult
  March 16-18, 2007                                                                        leaders in the council. So this course is for
  Salvation Army Wonderland Camp, Camp Lake, WI                                            EVERYONE!!!
  LBPU is the only BSA, Central Region sanctioned Scouting                                 On April 14, 2007 we will be helping lead-
  University, run by a consortium of volunteers from six coun-         ers learn great teaching techniques—how to hold your audi-
  cils. The university offers nearly 75 different courses this year    ence's attention, what methods to use, how to communicate, and
  and six levels of achievement. Download a copy of the course         how to use props and Power Point to get your points across.
  catalog and registration materials at: http://www.lbpuniv.org.
                                                                       Come join us at Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta Dining Hall. Registration
  Merit Badge Counselor Training                                       begins at 8:30 AM, with training beginning promptly at 9 AM.
  Do you have a career or hobby that would be of interest to           We should be done approx 4:30 PM. The cost for non-NYLT
  Scouts? Have you ever thought it would be fun to share your          and camp staff members is $10 including lots of handouts, take-
  knowledge with Scouts? If so, become a Merit Badge Coun-             homes, and lunch.
  selor. It is not difficult. We will even train you on what you
                                                                       Please sign up at the Scout Office. Sign up deadline is April 2.
  need to know to be one. Join us at 7:00 PM on Tuesday,
  March 20, 2007 at Gateway Technical College in Racine. We
                                                                       Den Chief Training
  will meet in the Superior Room (102) of the Racine Build-
  ing. There is no charge for this training but sign up at the         If you missed the December opportunity to be a trained Den
  Council Office so that we have enough materials available. If        Chief just mark your calendar for March 3, 2007. Registration
  you have any questions please contact Kathy Andersen at              will start at 8:15 AM and the training will begin at 9:00AM.
  (262) 898-9917.                                                      You will be done by 12:30 PM. Look for fliers at the Roundta-
  Scoutmaster Fundamentals Training
                                                                       Centennial Quality Award Program
  Scoutmaster Fundamentals will be held this spring. The indoor
  session will be held on March 31 at Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta Din-            The Centennial Quality Award is de-
  ing Hall. Registration at 8 AM, course ending approximately          signed to recognize units, districts, and
  4:30 PM.                                                             the council in achieving excellence in
                                                                       providing a quality program to youth at
  The outdoor session is April 20-22 at Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta.              all levels of the Boy Scouts of America.
  You must attend the indoor portion first. Check-in will be at 6      This recognition replaces the current
  PM on Friday and you will complete training about noon on            Quality Unit program in 2007 through 2010. Please look for
  Sunday.                                                              details at Roundtables or contact your District Executive at 262-
  Please sign up at the Scout Office so we know how many par-          632-1655. More information is available at:
  ticipants we will have. See the flyers for more details.              www.scouting.org/nav/enter.jsp?s=xx&c=cn.

     Council-wide Training
     On Saturday, March 31, 2007 the council will be offering several training opportunities. Training will be at St. Robert’s
     Catholic Church in Union Grove. See fliers for more information.

     New Leader Essentials:
     Do you have leaders in your pack who will be changing positions? Going from Tiger to Wolf Leader, Bear to Webelos
     Leader, Den Leader to Committee Member? Now is the time to get the training done for their new position so they are ready
     to go next fall.

     We will be holding New Leader Essentials from 8:30 to 10:00 AM, Cub Scout Leader Specific (all positions except Tiger
     Leader) from approximately 10:15 AM to 12:15 PM, and if needed Youth Protection from 12:45 to 2:00 PM.

     Troop Committee Training:
     The training will run from 10 AM to approximately 12:45 PM. The cost is $10 and includes the Troop Committee Handbook.

     Please sign up at the Council Service Center ahead of time. Call the office at 262-632-1655 and get on the list.

Page 8                                                                                                                           TrailBlazer
                            Milwaukee Brewers
                            Here is your opportunity to see the
                                   Milwaukee Brewers!
Game #1:
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Chicago Cubs
Saturday, April 7, 2007, 1:05 P.M.
We have a limited supply of tickets in section 110. These are Field outfield box seats. Cost is $58 per ticket.
This is a Marquee pricing game.

                    Game #2:
                    Milwaukee Brewers vs. Pittsburg Pirates
                    Sunday, May 6, 2007, 1:05 P.M.
                   We have 250 tickets in sections 228 and 229. These are
Loge Outfield box seats. They normally retail for $24, we will sell the tickets
for $20. This game also features $1 hot dogs and sodas.

Call the Council Service Center to purchase tickets. Tickets will be available
for pick up at the Council Service Center prior to each game.

                   2007 Robert S. Lyle Scout Reservation Sign-up
                   Rotary    Kiwanis   Thompson   Lakeside   Cody R   Cody       Gifford   Gifford   Porter   Chippe
                                                                       L            R         L               -cotton
Week    July 8 –
1       14, 2007
                   373        544       105        222       448      161         161       161      350 385
Week    July 15
2       – 21,
                   336       274        508       334        146      533         372      199
        2007                           Canceled
Week    July 22
3       – 28,
                   505       435        551       385        332      332         142      142       228
        2007                           Canceled
Week    July 29
4       – Aug 4,
                   538       512        101        328       440      440         581      242
Week    Aug 5 –
5       11,
                   522        525       248        310       129      583 455

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