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					                N ORTHWEST N EWS
                        N ORTHWEST S UBURBAN C OUNCIL ’ S
                        M ONTHLY N EWSLETTER A PRIL 2008
                                                            ORDER OF THE ARROW 2008 SPRING FEL-
                                                                      CAMP NAPOWAN
                                                                              May 16 - 18, 2008
                                                                The annual Spring Fellowship at the Napowan
                                                            Adventure Base is co-hosted by the Order of the Ar-
   Effective with the June issue the Northwest              row and the Wilderness Engineers. Fellowship,
News will be published electronically. This will            Friendship, Fun and Cheerful Service are the watch-
result in a savings of approximately $3500.00 FOS           words for this event.
dollars monthly in printing and postage costs which             Check-in begins at 6 pm on Friday night and
can be put to better use providing improved program         checkout is after 10 a.m. on Sunday.
opportunities for the youth of the Council. It will also        New Ordeal Candidates may go through their Or-
help the Council “Go Green” by eliminating the print-       deal at this event. All Ordeal members are encour-
                                                            aged to complete their Brotherhood at this event
ing of approximately 8000 plus paper copies of the
                                                            also. The new Vigil call out ceremony will be Satur-
newsletter each month.                                      day Night at approximately 7 pm, after the Ordeal
   We want to know what you think! We ask that              Ceremony. All Vigil Honor members are requested to
you take a couple minutes and complete an on-line           attend.
survey at There are three               Register now by completing the form found on the
simple questions which will help us reformat the            Lodge web site,, or at the coun-
publication to make it what YOU want to see and             cil office. Registration fees vary with level of member-
                                                            ship. Talk to your Chapter Chief for more details. To
what will be most informative and useful for YOU!
                                                            avoid late fees register by May 9, 2008.

♦   What do you like best about the Northwest News?               It's time for council honors
♦   Are you satisfied with the content of the newsletter?       Mark down May 2 on your calendar, and then
                                                            visit the Volunteer Service Center today and
♦   What additions/changes would you recommend?             make reservations for the 2008 Annual Council
                                                            Recognition Dinner.
    In order to receive notice that a new edition of the       Once a year, a few top volunteer Scouters
Northwest News has been published, we ask that              are selected by the Silver Beaver Committee to
you sign-up for your free subscription online at            receive the highest national award that nay be Your address will be added             awarded at the council level.
to our secure database. Your information will not be             In addition to the Silver Beavers, Quality Dis-
sold or distributed for any other use.                      tricts, Distinguished Units and Officer recogni-
                                                            tions will be made.
   With the advent of the Northwest News going
electronic beginning with the June edition, we realize         This year's "Council Court of Honor" will be
that not all recipients of this newsletter either do not    held at the Meridian Banquet Hall, 1701 Algon-
have an e-mail address or do not want to receive the        quin Rd. in Rolling Meadows. A cash bar-social
newsletter electronically. Should a mailed edition of       hour will be begin at 6 PM, followed by dinner at
the Northwest News be preferred, simply send a              7 PM and the award ceremony. The per person
note to the Council Office marked to the attention of       cost is $30.00.
the Northwest News. A mailing list will be compiled            Make your reservations now and plan on
from responses received and the newsletter mailed.          celebrating the achievements of some great vol-
                                                            unteers and units.
P AGE 2                                                                                                         N ORTHWEST N EWS

Dear Friends:                                                              heat for about 20 minutes. Add 6 ears of yellow
   Based on the Northwest News survey being con-                           corn split in half. Cook for another 10 minutes. Add
ducted many of you are requesting that we have                             in 3 pounds of fresh or frozen shrimp and cook for
recipes that could be used easily by Scouts on a                           another 3 minutes. Stir it all up to blend all of the
campout. Here's my own recipe that has been a                              food elements and spices throughout the prepara-
real crowd pleaser at the office as well as many a                         tion and cooking time. Drain water. Dump food and
Southern Region Troop campout. It's called a "Low                          spices onto a picnic table covered with today's
Country Boil" --- very popular in the coastal areas                        newspaper into one large pile. Have saltine crack-
adjoining the Atlantic Ocean in Georgia and the                            ers and cocktail sauce available along with plenty of
Carolinas, but could just as easily become a Mid-                          sweet iced tea. Serves 8 to 10 people. For variety,
west favorite. It's also known as "Frogmore Stew."                         add some crab legs at the same time the shrimp is
                                                                           added. No utensils required --- it's all finger food
    Find the largest pot you have --- 30 quarts proba-                     plus an easy clean-up. It takes about an hour from
bly. Start with fresh water filling about half the pot                     start to finish, but well worth the time. Start peeling
and place on a medium heat. Add one bag of Old                             the shrimp and enjoy!
Bay seasoning, 2 lemons cut in half with cloves
spiked into the lemons, some black pepper, a Bay                               You will have provided your Scouts with a real
leaf or two, and a dash of Tabasco sauce --- maybe                         treat for a meal, gotten them all involved watching a
a little cayenne pepper for those who are more ad-                         great one pot meal, and introduced them to some-
venturesome on spices. Turn up the heat and get                            thing they have probably never had before, but
the water to a boil. Then add 12 golden or red pota-                       could replicate at home with their parents. Isn't that
toes (cut into halves or not larger than half the size                     what Scouting's about? Trying new experiences,
of your fist), add kielbasa sausage cut into four inch                     learning something, and sharing with others...
long pieces, a bag of baby carrots, and then add                              Best regards, Stephen J. Taylor, CFRE
four Vidalia onions cut in half. Cook on medium

                      April                            Top Hands …………………………….. 28               Council Executive Board …….….…. 28
Council Executive Board Mtg. ……….…                2                    May                      SH Merit Badge Clinic ………..……… 31
BH Cub Leader Specifics Trng. ….…….               2    BSA Endowment Tour ………..………… 1                           June
L-F-L On-line Auction ……………....               4 -13    NWSC Annual Dinner (Silver Beaver        Pro Staff Mtg. ……………..…………… 2
                                                       Awards) ……………………………….... 2
Pro Staff Meeting ………………………… 7                                                                  Sporting Clays ……………..…………… 7
                                                       IOLS (Camp Lakota)…….……….... 2 – 4
Wilderness 1st Aid (Lakota)…….. . 11 - 13                                                       CPR/1st Aid ………………..…………... 7
                                                       SH Cub Olympics ………….……….…… 3
Pathfinder Dist. Camp-O-Ree ……. 11 - 13                                                         Webelos Weekend …….....…… 13 – 15
                                                       BH Cub Spring Hike ……….……………. 4
Signal Hill Dist. Pinewood Derby ….…            12                                              Contingent Crew to BWCAW …. 17 - 27
                                                       Pro Staff Mtg……………….……………. 5
Napowan Leader Meeting ……….….… 12                                                               Kodiak …………………..…….…. 14 – 20
                                                       L-F-L "Thank you" Reception …..…….. 6
Council Executive Committee …….….               16                                              Napowan Week #1 ……………          14 – 20
                                                       CPR/1st Aid ……………………...……. 10
OA Lodge Mtg. ……………………...…. 16                                                                  Natn'l Youth Leadership Trng ..….15 –20
                                                       MOTHER'S DAY ………………. …… 11
PF Cub Leader Specifics Trng. ………. 16                                                           Field Staff Mtg. ……………..…….…        16
                                                       Council Exec. Committee …………….. 14
North Woods Dist. Camp-O-Ree               18 - 20                                              Golf Outing ………………..…….…... 16
                                                       OA Lodge Meeting ………………….... 14
Blackhawk Dist. Camp-0-Ree .…              18 – 20                                              Council Executive Committee ….….. 18
                                                       OA Spring Fellowship (Camp Napowan)
BALOO Trng……………………..…...                        19     ………………………………………..16 - 18                 OA Lodge Mtg. ………………..…….           18
Passover …………………………..….… 20                                                                     OA Summer Fellowship …...….. 20 – 22
                                                       Climbing Instruction Trng….……….16 - 17
Pro Staff Meeting ………………..…..… 21                                                               Napowan Week #2 ……………. 22 – 28
                                                       PF Cub Olympics ……………..………... 17
FOS Report Mtg .........................…........ 22                                            Lakota Day Camp ………….…... 22 – 26
                                                       Pro Staff Mtg…………………..…..…… 19
Intro. to Outdoor Ldr. Skills (Patrol Mtg) . 23 National BSA Annual Mtg…….…. . 21 - 23          Top Hands …………………...……….. 23
Signal Hill Cub Scout Leader Specifics ...23 Family Camping (Camp Napowan) …..                  Resident Camp for Beginners … 27 – 29
Signal Hill Camp-O-Ree …….…….. 25 - 27                 ……………………………………….23 – 26                  Napowan Week #3 ………… 29 – 5 July
North Woods Dist. Pinewood Derby ..… 26                Memorial Day (Office Closed) ………   26
                                                                                                               P AGE 3

  Lakota Cabin Construction Begins                             Learning for Life 2008 Online Auction
   The sounds you may hear at Camp Lakota over the                 Learning for Life is a non-traditional Scouting pro-
next few weeks may well be the sounds of construction          gram that impacts the lives of more than 6,100 youth
equipment in action. Construction on a new Cabin for           in the northwest suburbs. We are a character educa-
year around camping at Camp Lakota started on Leap             tion and career development program that partners
Day (February 29th) with the sounds of excavation on the
site of the new cabin. For information on the progress of
                                                               with local schools and businesses to facilitate posi-
construction please view the pictures on the Council web-      tive growth for today’s youth.
site.                                                               Our most recent project is a life skills and career
    Located in the campsite formerly know as Coons Run,        development program that provides interactive cur-
the cabin will be ready for use during the summer              riculum and resources, career speakers, and career
months. Look for announcements in Northwest News               trek opportunities for students with special needs in-
and the on the Council website for the rental availability     cluding behavioral disorders, emotional disorders,
by Scouting units. Reservations will be accepted on a          and learning disorders. Through the Learning for
first come, first serve basis following the announcement       Life program, at-risk youth are more likely to gradu-
of availability.                                               ate from high school, enroll in college, and proceed
   After many years of planning, designing and collecting      to have productive careers.
capital contributions the start of the Lakota cabin con-
struction signals just the beginning of capital improve-
                                                                   You can help support this worthwhile program
ments at the Northwest Suburban Council’s two camps.           by participating in the 2008 Learning for Life
There are three other capital building projects in the plan-   Online Auction. There are some AWESOME auc-
ning, development, design and permitting phases that the       tion items including professional sports tickets,
Council anticipates initiating during the course of this       tickets to theatre and music events, restaurant
year. Future issues of the Northwest News will provide         gift certificates, and musical items signed by
additional information on these projects.                      Grammy winners !!! The auction will be begin on
   The Council Capital Campaign Committee would like           Friday, April 4, 2008 and will run through midnight
to thank those donors who through their commitment to          on Sunday, April 14, 2008. Come check out our
the Scouting program have made the significant contribu-       website and participate in the FUN!!!
tions that will make this cabin a reality. Please contact
Peggy Thompson, Capital Campaign Coordinator, at the
Council Office if you would like to add your name to those
who are supporting Scouting with a Capital contribution.
View pictures of the progress on the front page of

                                                                   2008 Learning for Life/Exploring
 The District Award of Merit
                                                                           Thank You Reception
 The District Award of Merit is a council award pre-
 sented by districts to individuals who have ren-
 dered noteworthy service to youth in Scouting,                On May 6th, Learning for Life will hold its second an-
 outside Scouting, or both. The nature and value               nual Thank You Reception. It will gather volunteers
 of “noteworthy service to youth” may consist of a             and youth from the 8 different Learning for Life pro-
 single plan or decisions that contributed vitally to          grams. The reception will begin at 7:00PM in the
 the lives of large numbers of youth or it may have            warehouse at the Council Office and will include light
 been given to a small group over an extended pe-              appetizers and refreshments. Learning for Life Ex-
 riod of time.                                                 ecutive, Erin Bass, will give a brief overview of the
                                                               many successes that LFL has achieved in the 2007-
 Below are the recipients of this years District               2008 school year. In addition, they will hear from
 Award of Merit. Thank you and congratulations.                Explorer Uzair Hashmi, from Post 9707, US Customs
 Blackhawk - Ted Begley, Mark Gotthelf, Sharon                 and Border Protection, on how Exploring has im-
 Lawson                                                        pacted his life. To conclude the evening, Ms. Bass
 Northwoods – Mary Sabol, Marlin Simon, Bruce                  will be giving away 10 Leadership Awards to indi-
 Hoffman, Russ Talbot                                          viduals who have demonstrated a level of excellence
 Pathfinder - Laura Camiliere, Tom Wertz                       in service, commitment to character development,
 Signal Hill - John Campbell, Aline Denges, Lisa               and dedication to the mission of Learning for Life.
 Earley, Mike Gutschick.
 P AGE 4                                                                                                    N ORTHWEST N EWS

Eagle Scout Brian Chapp awarded annual
    The desire to
help others in need
led to his Eagle pro-
ject and the result-
ing character and
scope of Brian
Chapp's Eagle pro-
ject, in turn, led to
his being awarded                                                            NWSC 2009 Philmont Contingent
the annual Joseph                                                       The Philmont Experience is a life changing event on the
DiLullo Scholarship.                                                journey of a Scout. It is at Philmont that you have the op-
    On March 3, at      Mario DiLullo presents the annual Joseph    portunity to realize all of the skills that you have learned in
the Volunteer Ser-      DiLullo Scholarship Award of $500 to        Scouting. Scale mountains that are 9500 to 12441 feet
vice Center, Mario      Eagle Scout Brian Chapp, Troop 25, for
                                                                    high … see more stars than you can imagine; watch an
and Margaret Di-        his outstanding Eagle project, a humani-
                        tarian effort aiding tsunami victims.       afternoon thunderstorm build … see what the weather-
Lullo presented a
                                                                    caster means by “virga”.
check for $500 to
Brian for his work in supplying clothing items to survi-                Applications for Philmont 2009 Contingent are available
vors of the horrendous December 26, 2004 tsunami.                   on-line through the Events button on the home page or at
    In memory of their son, Joseph, who died unexpect-     Boy Scouts and
edly on Dec. 29, 1988, the DiLullos established a col-              Venturing Scouts are welcome to trek as part of the Phil-
lege fund for Eagle Scouts. The award to Chapp marks                mont Contingent. Scouts must be at least 14 or may be 13
the 18th year such a grant has been made.                           and have completed 8th grade by January 1, 2009. Units
    While considering his Eagle service project, Chapp              can start reserving an unlimited number of spots;
decided that he "wanted the project to benefit persons              maximum crew size is 12.
who had a real need of help."
    The disastrous tsunami was still in the news. The                   Please refer to the NWSC website or the Council Of-fice
undersea earthquake caused tidal waves that inun-                   for an application. If you have questions, please con-tact
dated coastal communities of the Indian Ocean, killing              Randy Toland at the Council Office.
over 225,000 persons in 11 countries. A need was evi-
dent. Chapp contacted foreign embassies to see how                   Please visit the training page at for
he might be of service
even in the smallest way.                                            more information on any of the training pro-
Additional contacts with                                                grams you are interested in attending.
two religious-based or-
ganizations, Samaritans                                              INTRODUCTION TO OUTDOOR LEADERSHIP SKILLS
First and the United Meth-                                          IOLS is a fun-filled program of hands -on skills training in the
odist Committee on Relief,                                          outdoors, designed to help you master basic camp skills re-
set him on his quest to                                             quired for Tenderfoot to First Class.
collect specific items.
    Chapp and his brother
Scouts from Troop 25 in                                                 BASIC ADULT LEADER OUTDOOR ORIENTATION
Des Plaines set about                                               This training is required for any adult who is in charge of plan-
distributing collection                                             ning a pack campout, and it is recommended that one adult
boxes in numerous                                                   per pack complete BALOO training. Tour permits now require
churches, fire stations and                                         that a leader have completed BALOO Training before taking
the public library. Within a                                        Cub Scouts camping.
3 month period, over
3,000 items were col-
                                Tsunami survivors open cloth-
lected, boxed and               ing boxes distributed by charita-      CLIMBING/RAPPELLING INSTRUCTOR TRAINING
shipped to the above            ble organizations throughout
mentioned charitable or-        affected areas. Over 3,000          This course is for volunteers that have some climbing and rap-
ganizations for subse-          Items were collected by Brian       pelling experience and would like to become BSA certified
quent distribution in the       Chapp and brother scouts from       instructors to lead a climbing/rappelling experience in their unit
                                Troop 25 as part of Chapp's         or will be active with council sponsored climbing/rappelling
affected countries.
                                Eagle project.                      activities.
                                                                                                                           P AGE 5

                      SCOUTS GO "HI TECH" IN TREASURE HUNT
    It looks like searching for paper           ceiver and various kinds of caches,        even more challenging possibilities
clues under rocks and in tree stumps            the class logged on to                     for hidden treasure. Check the Ser-
may be a thing of the past for mod-    to find nearby          vice Center for additional details.
ern day treasure hunters. "Hi Tech"             cache locations. They then pro-
is taking over.                                 grammed their geographic locations
                                                into their GPS units and were ready
   Seventy-seven NWSC Cubs. Boy
                                                to start the hunt.
Scouts, Leaders and parents spent a
recent Saturday at the Volunteer                    Tony and other experienced
Service Center learning about a new             cachers led the group to a nearby
(and additive) hobby ---                        park where the fun started. With
"Geocaching."                                   minimal information, the students
                                                were able to locate nine temporary
    It's pronounced geo-cashing.
                                                caches, placed specifically for the
    It's a national, 8-year-old game            class, and one permanent cache.
that uses the internet, a Global Posi-          The ‘treasures,' as large as a fruit
tioning System (GPS) the natural                jar and as tiny as a child's thumb,
Scouting love of the outdoors, and              were found by the hi-tech hunters in
Scouting curiosity to wander in un-             bushes, under park benches, in tree
known areas in hopes of finding                 stumps and from tree branches.              Following the 1st Geocaching Class
"treasure."                                         What a new and wonderful idea           indoors, Boy Scouts Daniel Skiroock, at
                                                                                            left, and Daniel Simac from Troop 297
    Troop 297 ASM and long-time                 for weekend camping trips and               (Schaumburg/Hoffman Estates) take to
geocaching enthusiast Tony Ski-                 hikes. No doubt this "Hi Tech" out-         the field with their GPS unit to discover
roock conducted the first council               door game will be "caching on" with         hidden "treasure" --- a canister contain-
class. After a morning session of               Scout units.                                ing a log sheet and Scout trading
                                                                                            items. The new "Hi Tech" game is
learning about the game's history,                                                          "caching" on. The next class is April 5
                                                   Another class is scheduled for
the basic operation of a GPS re-                                                            at Camp Lakota
                                                April 5 at Camp Lakota that will offer

 Wood Badge for the 21st Century                                      2008 Popcorn Announcement
           C-23-08                                     Calling all Scouting units! It’s now time to be assertive in securing your
Dear Potential Participant,                         2008 Popcorn Chairperson. Before you know it, our very important 2008
                                                    Popcorn Kick-Off (orientation) will be here. This note is to help you “be
   I would like to invite you to join the Wood
Badge experience. This is the next step in          prepared”.
your training to provide the best program for           This year’s sale will have several new and improved dynamics that
today’s youth.                                      you’ll need to become well-informed about, by attending the Popcorn Kick-
   This training consists of two, three day         Off. It is highly important that your Popcorn Chairperson enters the follow-
long weekends with presentations covering           ing date in their calendar today so they attend the Popcorn Kick-Off and
Communications, Managing Conflict, and              there is no communication break down regarding some of the new steps to
Listening to Learn among others. Scouters           our 2008 sale.
of all levels, Boy Scout, Cub Scout, Ventur-
ing, and Varsity will benefit from this training,      Popcorn Sale Kick-Off Meeting Wednesday August 27, 2008 7:00
as well as helping in their personal and pro-       p.m. at the Northwest Suburban Council office 600 Wheeling Rd. Mt.
fessional lives.                                    Prospect IL 60056 .
   Please consider this request to participate
in one of the most satisfying and fun training          If your unit already knows who your Popcorn Chairperson is, please
experiences you will have in your scouting          contact NWSC Finance Assistant Sue Domzalski by calling 847-759-2999
career.                                             or email We will need to record your Popcorn
   An excellent staff has been assembled            Chairperson’s name, phone number and email address please. This also
from the premier trainers in our council.           informs the Council office that your unit is officially selling popcorn in 2008.
They stand ready to present an outstanding
course so come join us and let’s have some              We would also like to extend an open invitation to each and every unit
fun.                                                in our Council to attend the Popcorn Kick -Off to “search and discover” the
   Yours in Scouting                                great opportunities in selling a product that will literally secure enough fund-
   Bill Kaisling Course Director                    ing for your unit’s treasury to financially provide all of your programming for
   847-826-1312                the entire year!
  P AGE 6                                                                                                 N ORTHWEST N EWS

Summer Camp Update                           13, 17 – 20, and 24 - 27                      Educate our Scout parents on what our
                                                                                           Scouts can do, and they’ll be more
    There are many changes in our                Resident Camp is a great multi night      likely to encourage their own boys to
camp programs this year. Here is a           camping opportunity for Cub Scouts.           attend our camps.
quick summary of each camp, which            Scouts will have all of Lakota’s facilities
doesn’t do the programs justice.             available to them including the climbing      Napowan Summer Camp
Please see your Pack or Troop Camp-          wall, BB guns, archery, crafts, nature,
ing Chair or Committee for registration      swimming (subject to availability), off       June 15 – August 2
details. Details are also available at the   site fishing, and a great campfire pro-    Each summer, the Camp Napowan
Service Center or by visiting the Coun-      gram. Delicious meals are served in the offers myriad different opportunities to
cil website at                 dining tent and the enthusiastic camp   meet your summer needs whether its
                                             staff makes the weekend fun for every-  going for a plunge in Hill’s Lake, reliving
Cub Scout Day Camp                           body.                                   the 1800’s in the Flintlock Historical Vil-
                                                                                     lage or by experiencing one of five Older
Adventures in the Wild West                  Resident Camp For Beginners             Scout programs including hiking the Por-
Monday – Thursday, June 23 –                                                         cupine Mountains, SCUBA diving, rock
                                             Camping for the Rest of Us              climbing, canoeing the Flambeau River
June 26                                                                              or biking/kayaking.
                                             Friday – Sunday, June 27 - 29
    Day Camp is once again at our own                                                   Along with their troop and patrol
Camp Lakota. Day Camp is a great                 This special Resident Camp session scouts will be see the magic of Scouting
opportunity to get boys outdoors, learn-     is geared towards first time and reluc- come alive in daily living. With a knowl-
ing and most importantly, having fun.        tant campers. It is a Friday to Sunday edgeable and well trained staff, Camp
Only offered as one, four day session        program that features a skilled staff Napowan stands with open arms for all
this year, daily program starts when         member to help each group of campers campers to experience the best summer
the participants board a Metra Union         set up their tents and camp, answer yet!
Pacific Northwest Line train to take         questions, and basically give extra at-       Special Napowan Opportunity
them to Harvard, where a bus will            tention to people new or uncomfortable            In an effort to offer a summer camp-
transport them to Lakota. There will         in the camping experience. Program is         ing experience to boys who may not be
only be one train for the campers to         focused on teaching camping skills in-        able to attend Napowan with their unit, or
ride on and stations/times have yet to       termixed with themed Resident Camp            whose units don’t plan to go to Napowan
be announced. The day ends when              activities.                                   this summer, or to offer an additional
they get off the train to go home. Activi-                                                 week to boys all ready planning to attend
ties will include nature study, crafts,      Webelos Weekends                              at some point with their unit, NWSC is
team/individual sports, BB guns, swim-                                                     working up something special during the
                                             Camp Napowan: June 13 - 15
ming (subject to availability), archery                                                    June 29 - July 5 Summer Camp Session.
and more. Boys will be separated into        Camp Lakota: August 8 - 10                        The Napowan Staff will be available to
dens by rank, so they can participate in                                                    be campsite leaders so boys can attend
                                                   All sessions are three day, two night
activities appropriate to the age and
                                             weekends open to both Webelos I and II a week of Napowan without their unit
skill level of each Scout. This will also    Scouts. The Napowan session, as always, leaders. This week is usually the quietest
provide the bonus of Scouts meeting          is a great introduction to Boy Scout sum- session during the summer, so there will
other Scouts from around the Council.        mer camp, and Lakota will offer a great be ample opportunities for Scouts to:
                                             Webelos camping experience without the -Earn more merit badges.
One Day Out West                             four hour drive. Both Camps will feature
Choose Your Own Adventure!                   the climbing wall, BB guns, archery, crafts, -Get more practice time at shooting
                                             nature, swimming (Lakota subject to avail- sports.
July 1, 2, and 3                             ability) and a great campfire program.
                                                                                            -Do more projects at Flint Lock.
                                             Napowan also features a waterfront and
   One Day Out West is a one-day             the unique feature of Flintlock village. Deli- -Take the BSA Lifeguard Certification
event showcasing all that is great           cious meals are served in the dining tent course.
about Camp Lakota. Each day will a           and the enthusiastic camp staff makes the
different theme. (Pioneers, Gold Min-                                                       All the normal camp activities will be in
                                             weekend fun for everybody.
ers, and Mountain Men) It is a great                                                        place so everyone will get the full pro-
opportunity to participate in Day Camp Family Camping                                      gram.
activities but only for one day, or all                                                    The fee structure is the same for the
                                        Camp Napowan: May 24 – 26
three!                                                                                     other weeks, EXCEPT for boys who will
                                           Share our camps with your entire                be attending with their unit during an-
Cub Scout Resident Camp                 family! Everybody gets to enjoy all of             other session. The fee for these Scouts
                                        our great camp facilities on Memorial              enjoying a second week will be dis-
Traveling Through Time                                                                     counted to $175.00. Details are still be
                                        Day and Labor Day weekends. Bring
Thursday – Sunday, July 10 – your own gear and food, and be ready                          worked out, but please make this offer
                                        for a fun, family camping experience.              known to all of your Scouts.
                                                                                                            P AGE 7

                     Leadership: Walking the Talk By Jim Tierney
     At the Council Annual Meeting on January 23rd, I       that your personal brand resonates with those peo-
outlined two essential tenets of Leadership. The first is   ple with whom you want to build strong relation-
about an approach that I refer to as BNG. The second        ships. When your behaviors are inconsistent and
tenet is the notion of being committed, or attached, to a   your values seem to shift based on what's conven-
cause rather than only being attracted to it.               ient, your personal brand has failed. But when your
                                                            behaviors are consistent and your values are
   BNG stands for “Where have you Been, Where are
                                                            strong, you are on the road to developing and com-
you Now, and Where are you Going”? Translation:
                                                            municating who you are through your personal
    Whether we are leading a one Scout, a pack, patrol,
or troop, leaders need to understand what has been
accomplished since the last activity or time we met,        Wilderness First Aid Training
where does that get us toward our goals, and what will
be done between now and when we visit or meet                 Nearly everyone in Scouting has taken some sort of
again. This works for individuals as well as organiza-      First Aid or CPR training, but how prepared are you
tions. Essentially, it keeps us focused on what we said     once you get away from the comforts of home, the 911
we are going to do. And as kids, accountability is what     call zone and full-fledged hospitals and ambulance
                                                            crews? That’s where the Wilderness First Aid course
earns badges. As adults, accountability is what makes       (April 12-13) at Camp Lakota can help you and your
our programs and Council successful, and what our           unit.
kids expect.
                                                              Why take this course?
    Some of the places I have been include the Market-
ing Committee (as I call them, our Public Relations de-       Any adults and youths planning to tackle Philmont or
partment), Council Executive Meetings and a planning        another High Adventure destination know they will
retreat, a new parent leader training, Council Commis-      generally be more than 4 hours from help at some
sioner retreat, Fund Management Committee, Home-            point. And starting this year, Philmont is requiring Wil-
                                                            derness First Aid certification for each crew, so don’t
town Scouting / FOS breakfast, and ongoing contact          wait for the course to fill up and miss your chance.
with our Capital Campaign and Camping Leaders.
                                                              This 16-hour course begins with check-in at 8 a.m.
    What’s been accomplished so far? As a result of the     on Saturday, April 12, and concludes at approximately
outstanding people working in Marketing we have ex-         4 p.m. on Sunday, April 13.
panded the Northwest News, shared more important
information across all Districts and improved our calen-       Many First Aid courses are taught in a lecture and
dar. Exciting news at Camp Lakota is revealed at our        practice format, but the Wilderness First Aid course
                                                            utilizes a scenario format set in the outdoors. These
web site ( as we have broke ground on the          accident scenes recreate life-like injuries that your
new cabin and we plan to break ground on the pool           “patrol” must manage and treat. Judges and instructors
and shower house this Spring. Progress is also being        provide feedback at the conclusion of each scenario,
made in the development of the planned Napawan din-         which promotes an excellent learning experience and
ing pavilion. Our Hometown Scouting / FOS breakfast         discussion.
was a big success with $150,000 pledged over the next          If you are a planning any outdoor adventures that will
five years. FOS for 2008 exceeded its February target       take you more than 15 minutes from professional
of $200,000 and two FOS luncheons in mid March              medical services, you should take this course. You
bring Hometown Scouting to Downtown Chicago for             should have a solid understanding of basic first aid
those who were unable to attend our local February          (bandaging, splinting, bleeding control, CPR, etc.) be-
                                                            fore taking this course. That training is not part of the
breakfast.                                                  course. Instead, you will learn about accident scene
    In regard to being attached, this means being pas-      management and assessment, triage, preparing vic-
                                                            tims for transport, and when and how to transport
sionate and committed to specific assignments,              safely.
groups, or activities. On the other hand, being attracted
means to like something or to be around it, but not en-        The cost of this training is $100 and includes all
gaged in its success.                                       meals, camping fees and course materials. Registra-
                                                            tion is available at the NWSC office. For more informa-
   If you want to be a strong leader, you must know         tion, please contact Kevin Chapman at madpi-
what personal brand you've created. You must ensure
  Scouter of the Month - Terry Aldridge                                                                  Our Newest Eagles

   Charles "Terry" Aldridge was a                                      selor; Unit Commissioner;          Michael Hansen Troop 24
naval officer and traveled on sub-                                     OA Vigil honor; he visited his
marines before deciding that trav-                                     grandson a number of days
                                                                                                          Frank Romano Troop 22
eling to summer camp and the                                           at the 2005 National Jambo-       Henry Dauphinee Troop 50
Boundary Waters was a better                                           ree; has earned the Boy
way to go. Terry lives in Lake                                         Scout Leader Training
                                                                                                          Eric Poczatek Troop 496
Zurich, with his wife Sue, who just                                    Award; is a member of the           Steven Fornoff Troop 6
so happens to be incredibly sup-                                       Wilderness Engineers; is an
portive of Terry’s dedication to                                       Adviser in OA’s Lakota             Craig Gilsinger Troop 140
Scouting. Terry works full-time as                                     Lodge; attended NOAC in            William Tatom Troop 193
a Project Manager for KHB Me-                                          2006; Assistant Scoutmas-
chanical Group, in Willowbrook.                                        ter of the year in 2006; Dis-       Mark Harker Troop 1
Though he travels to an Air Force                                      trict Committee member of            Bryan Lee Troop 392
base hospital just about every                                         the year 2007;       BWCAW
week, he makes every effort to plan his sched-    Crew Adviser 2007; a member at large for              Brenton Schroeder Troop 132
ule so that he is home for Scout related meet-    NWSC Council Committee;           NWSC Camping            Kent O'Neill Troop 159
ings and campouts.                                Committee member; Signal Hill District Camping
   When Terry’s grandson, Josh, bridged into      Committee; and right around the corner, he’s          Nicholas Nowotarski Troop 235
Troop 964 in 2003, Terry dove in as an ASM        returning to Boundary Waters in June of 2008 as       Michael Gruzynski Troop 495
and never looked back. Terry has taken just       a NWSC Contingent Crew Adviser.
about every training course offered, from BA-         Terry’s Scouting interests revolve around the      Brian Toczyski Troop 964
LOO to Okpik to Wood Badge.           Likewise,   basic requirements and he has been extremely            Steven Midday Troop 93
Terry’s been on staff for many courses, includ-   instrumental in advancing the new Scouts
ing SMS, NLE, IOLS, Okpik, TDC, and NYLT,         through the ranks. He has been to summer camp         Andrew Beierwaltes Troop 175
and is quick to lend a hand whenever called       each of the last five years and spends many
                                                                                                          Wesley Durham Troop 50
upon.                                             hours on the waterfront as a Life Saving merit
   To list all of Terry’s Scouting accomplish-    badge counselor and chasing the Adventure Pa-           Brian Burkhardt Troop 198
ments would be impossible, so we’ll touch on      trol from one session to the next. Please join
                                                                                                          Andrew Bohm Troop 496
some of his favorites: Terry is a Wood Badge      Signal Hill in recognizing the unselfish devotion
Beaver; Eagle Scout; he’s a merit badge coun-     Terry extends in his everyday life.                     Thomas Caudill Troop 964

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