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                                                one of the Sipadan hostages who
                                                survived a 4-month ordeal in the hands
                                                of ruthless terrorists. She tells a real life
                                                story, which made international
                                                headlines – and changed the lives of all

More and more people are globally exposed to terrorism and dealing with the aftermath
of terrorist attacks. Some have not survived these ordeals; others have been lucky and
now live to tell their stories…

Are you looking for an inspirational speaker for your next conference or team building

Someone who has a real life story to tell…

Someone who has faced adversity…

Someone who has seen death…

Someone who has survived against all odds…

Someone who has come back and are using the lessons learnt to change the lives of

Monique Strydom is one of the lucky survivors and her story has captivated people across
the world. She was nominated as one of the Greatest Women of the Century by the
American Biographical Institute, BBC/National Geographic recently filmed a documentary
about her ordeal and she boasts with a personal reference by Nelson Mandela.
                                      Monique Strydom is known as one of the 21 hostages who was held
Monique Strydom
                                      hostage by Abu Sayyaf rebels for 127 days in the jungle on the
                                      Philippine island of Jolo in 2000.

                                      Their group was in the hands of murderous terrorists, under
                                      continuous attack by the military, had to run for their lives through
                                      unforgiving territory, had very little food and water and were
                                      subject to many other dangers.        The fact that not one of the
                                      hostages was killed is seen as a miracle.

For Monique, her experience on Jolo was an extraordinary, life-changing one.            Together with her
husband, Callie, she made a decision to stay positive and draw lessons from her adversity. On her return
Monique decided to dedicate her life to the people of South Africa, to thank South Africans for their
support and love and as a way of returning this kindness. She closed down her own business and set up
the Callie and Monique Charity Trust. The Strydoms donated all the money they received with media
interviews, appearances and their book, Shooting the Moon, to this trust.

In the last 7 years the trust has assisted various charities and causes and more than R 3 million has been
donated back to the people of South Africa. In 2002 Monique was asked to assist with addressing the
high rates of child abuse and rape in South Africa and the trust developed Project Matla a Bana - A
voice against child abuse. Apart from running the Trust and Matla A Bana, Monique was also the
presenter of her own TV inspirational programs, "Footprints" and "Monique" on MNET.

Monique Strydom has become a sought after inspirational speaker, nationally and internationally, and
their book – “Shooting the moon” is a best seller.

Callie and Monique Strydom have received the love and respect, not only from the people of South
Africa, but also from people like Nelson Mandela and President Thabo Mbeki. They have also rubbed
shoulders with many superstars and world leaders. The Strydoms are the recipients of the numerous
awards including the prestigious Newsmaker of the Year Award and the Rotrary International Paul Harris
Award (Callie Strydom).

Callie and Monique are the proud parents of Luc (6) who was born a year after their release. They reside
in Johannesburg, South Africa.
                                              Nelson Mandela
                                              said about them

We commend Callie and Monique Strydom for the courage they displayed under the
most testing circumstances and wish them to know how proud they made all of us as
South Africans for the manner in which they conducted themselves.

One outstanding feature of that episode that will remain in our memory is the way in which
South Africans rallied around this couple. Their story was followed with an intense interest
and concern by the whole nation as if they were relatives of all of us. It took this moment
of personal suffering and danger to starkly remind us again that we are one people with a
common destiny and common responsibility to care for and about each other.              The
national mood of a common patriotism was vividly captured in the pictures of the Minister
of Foreign Affairs chaperoning the couple back and the President officially receiving and
welcoming them.

Monique and Callie we are happy to have you back amongst us, and let it go well with
                                                                 Nelson Mandela Nov 2000
Her talk

     In this 1 hour 15 minute presentation, Monique recounts details of their ordeal and the lessons learnt.

     The talk is divided into various sections:

     The first encounter with the terrorists (the capture)
     Loosing freedom – and other things (coping with loosing freedom)
     Dealing with fear
     Breaking the hostages (conditions they were kept in and what were done to the hostages)
     Facing death (describing a military attack)

     How they survived trauma and the lessons learnt in dealing with extreme trauma
     The pain of suffering and what it does to you
     The invaluable knowledge gained on interpersonal relationships, the power of a positive attitude, and

     The support structures that kept them positive and alive.

     During this one hour talk, Monique – relives the miracles she witnessed during her captivity. The
     lessons from the Bible, direct messages from God and how they were protected during dark hours of
     seeing death. This is an extremely powerful testimony, presented at many religious gathering across
     South Africa.


     Travel & accommodation arrangement
     Distribution of her “goodie” bag before the talk (this is used as part of the talk)
     Sales of their book “Shooting the moon” (Of which all proceeds are donated to the charity)
     No filming of the talk
     She will gladly allow for questions or discussion time
Where she has talked before

        More than 100 000 people have attended her talks in South Africa, Africa and the USA and major
        clients include:

        Crystal Cathedral (California), Young Presidents Organisation (Nigeria, Kenya, Cape Town and
        Durban Chapters), American International Ladies Club, Atlanta Toastmasters (included in this
        group high profile CDC directors), Mar De Jade Holistic Centre (Mexico), Lady of Lourdes Catholic
        Church (Atlanta), Australian Financial Services Group

        FINANCIAL :
        Swedish Business Association, Absa Bank (Barclays Bank), Absa Private Bank, Standard Bank,
        First National Bank , Investec, Price Waterhouse Coopers, African Life Insurance, J P Morgan,
        SA Risk Managers, African Bank

        Softline, Dimension Data, MTN Cellular, Nashua Mobile

        Sasol, BP, Escom (SA Electricity Supply Commission), BMW, Chamber of Mines, ABB South
        Africa, Merry Pebbles Nuclear

        Caxton Group (Biggest publisher of local newspapers), Nasionale Pers – Sarie, Finesse Magazine
        (Biggest publisher of magazines in South Africa), Media 24 (Biggest media group in South

        Metro Cash & Carry, Pick ‘n Pay Group (Biggest Retail Group in South Africa), Spar, Friendly
        Grocer, Woolworths Group

        Rotary Johannesburg, Suretravel, Sandton Mediclinic, Estee Lauder, Hospice, Cansa, South
        African Government (Department of Foreign Affairs)

US $ 10 000

For churches - no charge, but a donation towards her charity child abuse project, Matla A Bana –
A voice against child abuse, or Project Jesus Lives (a missionary project) will be greatly

Travel to/from Johannesburg (South Africa)
Local travel (airport transfers & venue)
Meals for duration of stay or meal allowance

Book sales:
Sales of “Shooting the Moon” (full story) after her talk. Book sells for $20 per book and proceeds
are donated to the Strydom Charity Trust, established to help charitable causes.

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