HELL direct laser for flexographic engraving to hit market soon

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                                                                                                                                          21st edition News Service · March 2006

                                                                  HELL direct laser for flexographic engraving to hit market soon
                                                                             The PremiumSetter 1600 from HELL Gravure Systems is a laser engra-
                                                                             ver for direct engraving of elastomer flexographic printing forms. For the
                                                                             first time, a high-resolution laser is being used in direct engraving. The
                                                                             extremely fine recording beam means plates and sleeves are engraved at
                                                                             an unheard-of level of quality. The PremiumSetter is part of an innovative
                                                                             process for producing flexographic printing forms for the high-end sec-
                                                                             tor. This only uses flexographic plates and sleeves based on cutting-edge
                                                                             elastomer materials. The PremiumSetter is controlled by a newly-deve-
                                                                             loped 3D-Rip, which enables each individual screen dot to be profiled
   The PremiumSetter 1600 with laser tech-
   nology for direct engraving in the high-end
                                                                             precisely in three dimensions. The potential of this high-resolution laser
   sector.                                                                   is thus used to the full. One leading foil manufacturer has already experi-
                                                                             enced the outstanding printability and excellent print quality in production.
                                                                             The PremiumSetter 1600 will shortly be starting beta operations in this

                                                                  Further improvements to XtremeEngraving
                                                                             Following assessments of numerous prints and extensive software enhan-
                                                                             cements, the performance of XtremeEngraving has been boosted once
                                                                             again while engraving times have been cut. The improvements relate
                                                                             mainly to XtremeScreening technology. The screen structure is now con-
                                                                             tour-based. Operation has also been greatly simplified. Cell wall widths
                                                                             and outlines can now be defined simply by using sliders. Up-to-date com-
                                                                             parisons of conventional engraving techniques with XtremeEngraving are
                                                                             available at:

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                                                               HelioKlischograph Compact now also available as XL
                                                                          The highly successful HelioKlischograph Compact now also comes in
                                                                          an extended version for printing widths up to 2,300mm (90.55 in). The
                                                                          HelioKlischograph Compact is a cost-effective gateway to HELL quality.
                                                                          The extensive features ensure fast and high-quality engraving results. The
                                                                          easy-to-operate and highly robust machine is particularly popular in China
                                                                          and India. In the XL version, the Compact now covers all printing widths
HelioKlischograph Compact now also avai-
                                                                          in packaging gravure. For more information visit our Website:
lable for large printing widths.                                

                                                               HelioSprint with Pisa engraving stylus produces high printing
                                                                          Users of the HelioSprint engraving system and 120° Pisa engraving
                                                                          stylus are more than happy with the printing densities produced. In
                                                                          contrast to conventional engraving systems, Pisa styli produce cells with
                                                                          highly symmetrical walls. This means large cross diagonals can be achieved
                                                                          without the cell walls breaking away. The K500 also features the “cell wall
                                                                          width control” function which offers the option of producing full-tone cells
                                                                          with a wall width of up to 2 µm under visual control. In practice, this results
                                                                          in cross diagonals that often are 5% longer, which equates to 10% greater
                                                                          volume. The 120° Pisa engraving stylus also delivers print results that are
                                                                          much superior to a 110° stylus. Particularly in view of the fact that 110° styli
                                                                          have a greatly reduced service life, the use of HelioSprint and Pisa engra-
                                                                          ving styli means it is not necessary to use more acute engraving styli.

                                                                          Greater print density with symmetrical cell walls.

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                                                               Opting for quality and automation at Burda Druck
                                                                          Burda Druck, one of Europe’s most experienced and high-perfor-
                                                                          mance gravure companies, has opted to invest in the latest generation
                                                                          of the HelioKlischograph K6. The first unit will be installed in the newly
                                                                          constructed plant in Offenburg in April 2006 where it will occupy pride
                                                                          of place in the fully automated AutoCon production line. This plant will
                                                                          produce impression cylinders for a 3.68 m (12.07 ft) KBA rotary gravure
                                                                          press. The decisive factor for choosing AutoCon and K6 were the high
                                                                          quality demands that Burda Druck places on production of its sophistica-
                                                                          ted product portfolio. The company was impressed by the high auto-
                                                                          mation level, excellent production quality, and low cylinder costs of the
                                                                          AutoCon production line, designed by Kaspar Walter, Bauer, and HELL.
                                                                          Burda Druck is particularly pleased with the quality enhancements achie-
                                                                          ved with CellGuard 3, the new calibration tool for K6 and K406 that
                                                                          calculates the cell volume of engraved cells and in doing so eliminates
                                                                          engraving-based deviations in the ribbon. This technology has solved a
                                                                          fundamental problem in multi-channel stylus engraving. In addition, the
                                                                          service life of the stylus has at least doubled, as stylus wear is taken into
                                                                          account in engraving, resulting in greater quality and further cost savings
                                                                          in form production. Burda Druck has been a committed user of this new
                                                                          HELL technology ever since extensive testing of a CellGuard 3 system on
                                                                          a K406 in mid-2005 delivered excellent results.

                                                               CellGuard 3 extends stylus service life
                                                                          Users of K6 and K406 HelioKlischograph systems fitted with the Cell-
                                                                          Guard 3 camera system report increases in stylus service life of 2 to 3
                                                                          times. In practice, various print products are engraved using different
                                                                          numbers of ribbons. Thus HelioKlischograph engraving styli wear out at
                                                                          different rates. To eliminate problems with ribbon deviations, all the styli of
                                                                          engraving machines are frequently changed before engraving high-quality
                                                                          products. Depending on the product structure, this results in stylus ser-
                                                                          vice lives of 60 to 100 hours. In conjunction with SprintEasy 2, the engra-
                                                                          ving stylus measuring station, CellGuard 3 calculates the volume of testcut
                                                                          cells by using a large number of measurement values from the cross-sec-
                                                                          tional image of the cells and the actual stylus geometry (see e-topics 15 /
                                                                          October 2004). As current practice shows, this measuring process even
                                                                          compensates for the varying stylus wear in the ribbons that could not pre-
Cost savings for HelioKlischograph systems
with CellGuard 3.
                                                                          viously be tolerated. Engraving styli now only need to be replaced after a
                                                                          service life 2 to 3 times as long. In practice, this means considerable cost
                                                                          savings for HelioKlischograph systems equipped with the CellGuard 3.

                                                                                                                                                      e·topics No. 21 · 2006
HELL Gravure Systems GmbH · 24148 Kiel · Philipp-Reis-Weg 5 · Tel.: + 49 (431) 2377-0 · Fax: + 49 (431) 2377-1235 · · info @
                                                              K6 boom boosts engraving head production
                                                                          The enormous demand for the HelioKlischograph K6 means rapid
                                                                          growth in engraving head production at HELL. As the K6 is fitted with
                                                                          up to 18 engraving systems, the demand for these systems is high.
                                                                          Production is running at full capacity, with the 2000th HelioSprint engra-
                                                                          ving system recently being delivered.

                                                                          2000 HelioSprint engraving systems already shipped.

                                                               Engraving oil now also available as a concentrate
                                                                          There are a whole host of reasons for applying a special engraving oil
                                                                          before engraving. Key here are enhanced lubrication and cutting proper-
                                                                          ties for the engraving system and the cleansing and protective effect on
                                                                          the cylinder surface. Using less suitable oils involves risks such as forma-
                                                                          tion of lumps from copper shavings, damage to extraction ducts, and
                                                                          shortened service life for degreasing baths. With “HELL Engraving Oil“,
                                                                          HELL offers an engraving oil that has proven its worth in practice. As well
                                                                          as this standard engraving oil, HELL is now offering an engraving oil
                                                                          concentrate that is mixed on site ready to use in a ratio of 1:9. In additi-
                                                                          on to saving weight, the engraving oil concentrate is not hazardous and is
                                                                          therefore easier to transport and store. Overseas customers can therefore
                                                                          be supplied much more easily. Further information is available at:

                                                                                                                                                      e·topics No. 21 · 2006
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                                                              HELL and Wirth celebrate “PuJiang night”
                                                                          HELL’s sales partner in China, Wirth Graphics Technologies, recently held
                                                                          a “PuJiang night” in Shanghai. Wirth and HELL celebrated the excellent
                                                                          and highly successful collaboration of the last 8 years on a nighttime boat
                                                                          trip on the HuangPu. The 300th HelioKlischograph was recently sold
                                                                          to the JiaTian Group in China. Renxiao Liu, Managing Director of Wirth
                                                                          Graphic Technologies, and Ulrich Knehans, Head of Sales and Marketing
                                                                          at HELL, took this opportunity to present a gift to the Group’s managing
                                                                          director Cai JingZhu.
Success in China, with 300 HelioKlischo-
graph systems in operation.

                                                                          Nighttime boat trip with view of Pudong.

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