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                                                                    Media Statement
1 June 2007

Piano teacher charges were a catalyst for change

The Department for Child Protection is providing support services for the teenager at the
centre of this week’s court case involving a piano teacher facing charges of indecent dealings
and sexual penetration incidents from 2004.

A/ Director of Metropolitan Services Cheryl Barnett said the lengthy process had been very
difficult for the boy involved.

“The entire process has been very difficult for the boy who was 14 at the time and we will be
providing what ever support we can to help him to begin to find some closure to the ordeal he
has been through,” she said.

Mrs Barnett said the case had been the catalyst for the Department to significantly strengthen
its systems for anyone working with children in care.

“The Department now has a three way process in place so that anyone providing a service
for children in care is required to have a police check, Departmental check and a working
with children check,” she said.

“This case is a very good reminder that everyone needs to be vigilant about ensuring people
working with their children have the appropriate checks in place.”

Media contact: Jean Stewart, telephone 9222 2834 or 0418 951 460.

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