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                                                          D i s t r i c
                                                C r e e k     t e r
                            C o y o t e         s   L e t
                             N e w
                                                                                        JUNE 2009

                                                                                           IMPORTANT DATES
                                                                                           Roundtable             Jun 11

                                                                                                                  Jun 16
                                                By: Steve Kahermanes, Commissioner,       Extravaganza
                                                         Bill Landucci, Commissioner,
                                                      Marcia Morrow, Cub Scouting,        Family Camp             Jun 20
                                                        Michael Olsen, Boy Scouting,
                                                          Eric Wilhelmsen, Venturing     Sheriff & Deputy
                                                                                                                  Jun 27
                                                                                         Camp Hi-Sierra           Jun 27
  Just for June and July, we will meet at the LDS building located at
                                                                                         National Scout           Jul 26 -
              4977 San Felipe Road in San Jose, CA 95135
                                                                                          Jamboree                Aug 4
From 101: exit Yerba Buena head east
to San Felipe, turn right, ½ mile on the   July Roundtable                                 Labor Day
                                                                                                                  Sep 5-7
right. From White Road: White be-                                                         Family Camp
comes San Felipe at Aborn Road, 2 ½        Thurs, July   12th   @ 7:30 PM
miles on right.
                                           This is our eagerly awaited
June Roundtable                                      Pot Luck!
                                           Please bring a dish to share
Thurs, June 11th @ 7:30 PM
                                           and for those of you who wish
            We are having a sweet          to Dutch Oven your contribu-
            touch to our “Annual           tion, the patio will open for
            Program        Kick-Off”.      cooking at 6:30 PM. Steve will
            After you receive your         be making his famous Dutch
            packet and have all            Oven Pizza and who knows
            your   questions   an-         what other delicacies will be
            swered, please join us         offered.                                         Please send articles for the
                                                                                                next newsletter to:
            for an ICE CREAM
                                                                                                    Judy Davis
SOCIAL. Make sure everyone from
your unit involved in planning, and
                                                                                             Be sure to include basic
those who aren’t as well, show up                                                            storyline, names, dates
to review the Program Kick-off ma-                                                             and pictures (when
terials and ask questions of our es-
teemed panel of experts.
JUNE 2009                                                                            PAGE 2

                                               The NEW
                                               Camp Chesebrough
                                                                          By: Eric Tarbox
                                                         Assistant Scout Executive/COO
                                                        Santa Clara County Council, BSA

                                               The newly renovated Camp
                                               Chesebrough, with its new
                                               Dining Hall, new professional
                                               kitchen, new Administration
                                               Building, climbing wall, and
                                               other renovated amenities, is
                                               simply stunning:.

                                               Luckily, we have space for
                                               your Cubs and Webelos to
                                               enjoy this gorgeous BSA prop-
                                               erty, and experience the fun
                                               of sleeping in our Redwoods,
                                               eating hot meals and singing
                                               in our fantastic Dining Hall,
                                               performing at our Campfire,
                                               climbing, building, and earn-
                                               ing Cub and Webelos Ad-

   For more info: http://contests.boyslife.org/engine/Welcome.aspx?contestid=5843
 JUNE 2009                                                         PAGE 3

 2009 Cub Scout Resident Camps
    June 18-21- Webelos Resident Camp
               at Camp Chesebrough
    June 25-28 - Webelos Resident Camp
               at Camp Chesebrough
    July 17-19- Cub Adventure Resident Camp
               at Camp Chesebrough

                                      From: Eric Tarbox
                        Assistant Scout Executive/COO
                       Santa Clara County Council, BSA

 As your Assistant Scout Executive, I am pleased
 to personally serve and camp with you at We-
 belos Camp, with the spirited
 and enthusiastic leadership of
 Jim Fritz, Program Director, and
 his staff of adults and Boy
 Scouts. Joining me is our new
 Council Professional Program
 Director Gary Varano, who is
 also an Eagle Scout with signifi-
 cant camping administration
                                            Camp in the Redwoods
 Our Cub Adventure Camp, under
 the excellent leadership of David Scharberg, is
 scheduled for July 17-19, also at Camp Chese-
 Here is what we’ll do at Camp this summer:

                                  Sign-up today!
JUNE 2009                                                                      PAGE 4

                               By: Judy Davis
The evening began with a ceremony pre-
sided by Indian Chief Michael Lawson in-
specting and awarding the Scouts’ their Ar-
row of Light while the Scouts sat around the

                                                CHRIS GOLDEN CROSSES OVER FROM
                                                PACK 140 TO TROOP 264
                                                                      By: Jill Landucci

The entire Pack was proud to watch each
boy cross over the bridge where Boy Scouts

from Troop 264 welcomed them. The Scouts
who crossed over were: Xavier Castelblanco,
Andrew Fragala, Andrew Lam, Kalvin Lam,
Shay Lari-Hosain, Benjamin Lawson, Kevin Le,
Jordan Mageras, and James Nguyen.
JUNE 2009                                                         PAGE 5

                                 JOIN THE
                            COYOTE CREEK GROUP!

                      Become part of the action!

            Join the Coyote Creek District’s Yahoo group to
             receive announcements about events, activi-
                          ties, and meetings.
               If the link above doesn’t work, send an e-mail to:
                  Please include your name, position, and unit.
JUNE 2009                                                                                                     PAGE 6

                                                                                                     By: Victoria Tran
                                                                       Girl Scout Troup 60703, Lien Doan Rang Dong

On Saturday, May 16, 2009, my friends and I, Vietnamese Girl Scouts
from Troop 60703 of Lien Doan Rang Dong, arrived at Vasona Park at
6:00 A.M. sharp giving up their few extra hours of sleep to help with
the annual 5K Run titled "Girls on the Run" that morning. "Girls on the
Run" is a non-profit, life-changing learning program for girls in grades
3 through 8. The program encourages pre-teen girls to develop self-
respect and healthy lifestyles through running. It combines training
for a 5K (3.1 miles) race with self-esteem building and life-skills exer-
cises to enhance not only physical health, but also social, mental,
and emotional well-being. Social responsibility is also addressed
through community service.

Upon arriving we received catchy pink volunteer shirts to wear while helping. Shortly after, we were assigned
                                                                 to different spots along the running
                                                                 course. They excitedly participated at dif-
                                                                 ferent stations. At the first station, we used
                                                                 teamwork, to fill hundreds of cups with
                                                                 water to replenish the runners. Then, we
                                                                 took responsibility at an area on the
                                                                 course where we directed routes and
                                                                 cheered our hearts out to motivate the
                                                                 runners. We enjoyed helping out at the
                                                                 race so much. In the end, we all agreed
                                                                 that serving the community can be a
                                                                 great way to have fun together! We are
                                                                 planning to volunteer for another service
                                                                 together with our brothers in Boy Scout
                                                                 Troop 654 soon since the more the merrier.

                      History of Scouting in the Silicon Valley
  A publication will be produced which will provide a history of Scouting in the Silicon
  Valley since the first Scout troop was formed in the 1910’s. A committee has been
  formed for each decade. Giving overall leadership to the publication is Bill High-
  lander. He has an active committee who are currently soliciting information for the

  If you would like to share photo's or stories about your
  experience with Scouts in the past 20 years, please
  contact Shannon Shaffer now as submission deadline is
  July 15th!
  For more information on the publication, please contact staff adviser Shannon
  Shaffer by email (Shannon@scccbsa.org) or by phone: 408-280-2154 x 31.
PAGE 7                                                                                                      JUNE 2009

What’s Happening At The Tindeuchen Chapter
                                                                                                     By: Timothy Lequang
                                                                                               Tindeuchen Chapter Chief

During the weekend of May 29-31, the Miwok Lodge held a Spring Ordeal. Once elected to join the Order of
the Arrow, the candidate must go through an Ordeal to become a member. At the Ordeal, our chapter
gained fifteen new members. Not only did the candidates have a great time, but the staff did also. Our
chapter was represented by ten arrowmen at the Ordeal. We had a great turn out, and we encourage all
of the other candidates to go through the Ordeal. We are excited to have them in our chapter and can’t wait
until the fun begins!
               New Arrowmen:
                                                                            1.    Steven Liaw
               1.   Christopher Ching   9.     Cedric Reed                  2.    Larry Litchford
               2.   Stephen Ching       10.    Nick Sohm                    3.    Craig Morrow
               3.   Riley Frizzell      11.    Derek Tanaka                 4.    Justin Pal-Freeman
               4.   Patrick Kraznick    12.    Allan Tang                   5.    Kenton Stutz
               5.   Keith Lalu          13.    Bryn Worden                  6.    Dexter Tahara
               6.   Jeremy Nguyen       14.    Ryan Kroetch                 7.    Kevin Tahara
               7.   Tu Nguyen           15.    Nelson Carmona               8.    Brian Tseng
               8.   Dennis Pang                                             9.    Tina Urata
                                                                            10.   Timothy Lequang

For all those candidates who could not attend the Spring Ordeal, there is another chance before your can-
didacy expires. The Miwok Lodge will be hosting a Fall Ordeal in September. More information will be sent
out sometime next month. I highly encourage all candidates to attend the Ordeal and fully join the Order of
the Arrow.
              1.    Alejandro Acosta          9.    Kalin Khemka                  17.   Victor Nguyen
              2.    Andrew Chandler           10.   Joshua Merkley                18.   Stephen Palani
              3.    Gareth Chen               11.   Christopher Mundwyler         19.   Daniel Peoples
              4.    Ross Frizzell             12.   Lap Kim Nam                   20.   Michael Power
              5.    Ryan Frizzell             13.   Baotuan Nguyen                21.   Jonathan Purcell
              6.    Ben Gardner               14.   Kyle Nguyen                   22.   Micah Randolf
              7.    Giang Ha                  15.   Toai-Nguyen T Nguyen          23.   Clayton Sanchez
              8.    Paul Ho                   16.   Tuan Nguyen
JUNE 2009                                                                                            PAGE 8

Summer Cub camps
                            By: Gary Varano
                                              Camp Chesebrough Overnight Camps
             2009 Summer Cub Camps
                                              June 20      – Tiger Twilight Roar (Tiger cubs and parents)
             registration is now open.
                                              June 27      – Sheriff and Deputy (Cub scouts and parents)
             Online registration has
             been revised to be fast          Cub Summer Camps
             and easy. You may sign           June 15-19   – Lake Cunningham Park
up to 12 people per registration session,                  – Soccer Twilight @ Lake Cunningham Park
and no online medial questions!               June 18-21   – Webelos Resident Camp
                                              June 22-26   – Los Gatos Creek Park
Visit our council        Web    site at
                                                           – Los Gatos Creek Park Twilight
www.scccbsa.org/cubcamp for com-
plete registration information and a list     July 13-17   – Los Gatos Creek Park

of camps being offered throughout the                      – Lake Cunningham Park
county.                                       June 25-28   – Webelos Resident Camp
                                              July 6-10    – Gilroy Garden Twilight
Don’t forget our Webelos Adventure                         – Lake Cunningham Park Twilight
Camps and Cub Adventure Camps at              July 17-19   – Cub Adventure Resident Camp
Camp Chesebrough this summer.
                                              July 20-24   – San Jose History Park
Come check out newly completed fa-
                                                           – Soccer Twilight @ SJ History Park
                                              July 27-31   – San Jose History Park
Summer camps are the highlight of your                     – Stevens Creek Park
pack summer time programs, let us                           – Stevens Creek Park Twilight
know when one of our promotion team           Aug. 3-7     – Stevens Creek Park
members can come visit your pack by
                                              Sept 5-7     – The Great Escape @ Camp Chesebrough
emailing us at cubamp@scccbsa.org.
JUNE 2009                                                                                                PAGE 9

  Now in Print!

  “So, You Want to be a Doctor, When You Grow Up? A Children’s
  Career Book Series.”
  Dr. Lam Do, Den Leader of Cub Scout Pack 222, has published his first book — a colorful children’s book
  that illustrates the journey towards achieving a medical career.

                                                     An interview with Dr. Lam Do:
                                                     Q: Why did you decide to write a book?
                                                     A: “I have always wanted to write a book. It’s one of
                                                     those things that I want to do before I die kind of
                                                     Q: Why a children’s book and why a career book?
                                                     A: “I have two children, my son is in Cub Scouts and my
                                                     daughter is in Girl Scouts. I wanted to write a book that
                                                     my children would enjoy and that would inspire other
                                                     children. A children’s book is simpler to write, not so
                                                     many words … and a medical career book because it
                                                     my profession.”
                                                     Q: What message are you trying to relay in the book?
                                                     A: “First, children should have career goals (‘dreams’)
                                                     and they should pursue them. Second, some dreams
                                                     takes a long time to accomplish, but it’s like a ‘recipe’.
                                                     You have ingredients and you follow each step. And,
                                                     once you have achieved one’s dream you should not
                                                     stop, but ‘have more dreams and build more lad-
                                                     ders’ .”
                                                     Q: Tell us about the photo on the inside back cover.
  A: “Yes, it is a picture of my son and his bone marrow donor. My son had leukemia when he was 18
  months old and this individual saved my son’s life. I wanted to share a little of my son’s story and how
  other people may register with the national marrow donor program to be potential lifesaver.”
  Q: Did you do the illustrations?   A: “No, my talented sister did the illustrations.”
  Q: Is there a preview of your book on-line? A: “Yes, the web site for my book is www.lamdomd.com.
  There, you can see the text and all the illustrations.”

  Currently available for purchase at www.lamdomd.com (indicate “Boy Scouts” in the
  “directions to seller” field and Dr. Do will make a donation of $3.50 for each book to the Boy
  Scouts) or pick up a copy at Dr. Do’s office at 1642 East Capitol Expressway, San Jose, CA
  95121 and be sure to mention the Boy Scouts when you do!

  FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITY!! Any Boy Scout unit (or other non-profit group) can use the
  book for raising funds. Receive $3.50 for each book sold. Contact Dr. Do for further information
  at lamdomd@me.com or call (408) 270-0112.

                “The book is great and has further inspired my son to be a doctor
                      when he grows up. Keep writing GREAT kids books!!!”
                                                                            - Mr. M. Brown of New York
     PAGE 10                                                                                                      JUNE 2009

                                                                                                        By: Cecil W. Lawson
                                                                                Chairman Coyote Creek District, Santa Clara BSA
                                                                                       Executive Board Member, Santa Clara BSA
                                                       Member at Large, City of San Jose Council District 8 Community Roundtable
                                                                                                                  (408) 839-0039

                               Eagle Scouts, McDonalds, Disneyland and the Big Screen
                                I was given a small part in a beautifully orchestrated Eagle Court of Honor cere-
                               mony a few weeks ago. The ceremony mixed older military and European aristoc-
                               racy traditions with a few newer scouting traditions. My part was to read an impres-
     sive list of congratulatory letters from various dignitaries to the audience. This
     list of dignitaries was impressive and began with a letter from the President
     and First Lady.
     Also included were letters from congressmen, governors, US senators, CEOs
     of Fortune 500 companies and the Mayor of San Jose. In most cases the let-
     ters congratulates the achievement, encourages additional achievements,
     and set the expectation for greater future achievements from the newly
     minted Eagles. Reading these letters word-for-word did not do justice to the
     importance of this tradition so I decided to spice things up by adding some
     wisdom from a movie review I read that morning.
     It was a review of the new Disney/Pixar movie “Up” – it received four stars
     (****). The movie advertisement showed the picture of Carl the elderly
       widower and Russell a hyper Boy Scout that sports a zillion merit badges, a
       fully loaded backpack and a bugle. Oh, and there is also a flying house and
                                  a talking dog. Although the storyline is much more
                                  complex; these two characters experience their ad-
Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2.lnk venture shortly after Russell attempts to earn the -
                                  Assisting the Elderly badge- by helping Carl in any way possible.
     The movie referred to Russell as a Wilderness Explorer, although     we know his character is really a strange mix
     of Cub Scout and Boy Scout uniforms based on his uni-                 form and knowledge. The reason we know
     Russell is a Boy Scout is the same        way we know                 the big yellow means McDonald’s and
     mouse ears represent the Walt             Disney     Com-             pany.

     With 100 years of Scouting behind us, we know what Scouting is all about. Other institutions often change
     direction so you can’t always be sure what you are getting. More to my point…
     When Ray Kroc purchased the McDonald’s franchise in 1961 from Dick and Mac McDonald, it was perfectly
     staged to meet the growing demand for fast, inexpensive food that was traditionally made by homemakers,
     now entering into the paid workforce in mass. The franchise now represents an industry that is blamed for
     much of what is wrong with our eating habits and an epidemic of related health issues. It is reframing its im-
     age to include healthier choices and a positive public image.
     Walt and Roy Disney founded their first animated studio in Burbank, California around 1923. The Disney name
     has become synonymous with imagination, innovation and family fun. Disneyland, located in Anaheim,
     California opened in 1955 followed by Disneyworld, located in Orlando, Florida in 1971. All was well until the
     corporation began make acquisitions and investments that did not match Walt Disney’s original goals. The
     image was lost as the company was financially failing. Luckily, things have turned around and the name
     “Disney” continues to be a positive part of the American lexicon.
     Scouting celebrates its first 100 years of existence in 2010. Unlike other well known institutions such as McDon-
     ald's, Disney, and many others, this institution has not faltered, swayed, or otherwise veered off its original
     mission. When you see the Scout uniform or symbols or Scouting traditions anywhere (even the movie thea-
     ter) you already know what it is and what Scouting represents even if the movie makers decide to call it
     something else. I don’t even think there is such a thing as a Wilderness Explorer?
PAGE 11                                                                                                        JUNE 2009

Important 2009 Events:
                                    Coyote Creek RoundTable training at 7:30pm
Jun 11, Jul 9,
Aug 13, Sep        RoundTable       (2nd Thursday of every month)
     10                             Latter Day Saints Church, 3060 Patt Ave in San Jose

                                    Family Camp at Camp Chesebrough. Enjoy Nature, Climbing, Archery, Shooting
                                    Sports (BB guns), Campfire Program, and much more!
   Jun 20           Tiger Cub
                                    For more info, visit:

                                  For Cub Scouts and adults at Camp Chesebrough. Get ready for roaring, howling,
                                  and growling! Fun day of archery, BB guns, climbing wall, crafts, games, and much
                 Sheriff & Deputy
   Jun 27                         more! Jun 27 from 3-8pm.
                                  For more info, visit:

                                  Camp Hi-Sierra will be celebrating its 60th Anniversary every week this summer. On
                 Camp Hi-Sierra’s Sat, Jun 27, a special 60th Anniversary event starts at 12pm, includes Open Program
   Jun 27
                 60th Anniversary Areas and Tours, Dedication, 60th Anniversary Banquet, and Campfire. Contact
                                  Laura Rose-Buron at 408-280-2154 x33 or laura@scccbsa.org

                                    2010 National Scout Jamboree held Mon, July 26 thru Wed, Aug 4, at
July 26 - Aug    National Scout     Fort A.P. Hill, Caroline County, VA.
      4           Jamboree          For more info, visit http://www.scccbsa.org/html/program/activities.html

                                    Family Camping at Camp Chesebrough. Enjoy the California redwoods of Santa
                                    Cruz & Santa Clara Counties mountains. Registration Deadline is Aug 21. Register by
                    The Great
  Sep 5 - 7                         Aug 7 and SAVE $5 per person!!
                                    For more info, visit:

                   Trail Blazer     At Camp Chesebrough. For more info, visit:
   Oct 3                            http://www.scccbsa.org/html/program/camping/2009CSRYearRound.html
                   Camp Day

                                    At Camp Chesebrough. For more info, visit:
   Oct 3           Tiger Safari     http://www.scccbsa.org/html/program/camping/2009CSRYearRound.html

                                    2009 Coyote Creek Cycling Classic. An annual family fun ride for youth and adults of
                 Coyote Creek       all ages along the Coyote Creek bicycle trails. Each participant receives an event t-
   Oct 10
                 Cycling Classic    shirt and patch along with a barbeque lunch! Open to the public.
                                    For more info, visit http://www.scccbsa.org/html/program/activities.html

   Nov 7          District Dinner   Coyote Creek District Dinner

                                                     The National Council launches new look
                                                      to website with new features, including
                                                     Scout Source, “a one-stop shop for all of
                                                       the resources available to you in your
                                                                 Scouting efforts”

JUNE 2009                                                                                 PAGE 12

                   Every boy deserves a trained leader.
            View our training schedule and signup. The classes are fun and informative.

2009 Training Schedule:

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