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Japeechen April 2003pub by accinent


									Official publication of Japeechen Lodge 341, Jersey Shore Council                                 April 2003

            Message from the Chief                              The Conclave Draws Near
                                                       Fellow Arrowmen,
         As we move forward with our tenth anniver-
sary year, I would like to take this opportunity to              I would like to bring to your attention that ...
ask for your help and support. Our Lodge has           Conclave is only 2 months away! Although the
made many successes recently, including earning        staff numbers for Conclave are at quota, I would
National Quality Lodge status for the second year      still like your help. I'd like you to work on the Con-
in a row. We have much work ahead of us this           clave staff or attend as a delegate from Japeechen
year, and we need everyone’s help and participa-       Lodge. For either, you must fill out a Conclave
tion.                                                  general registration form. Also, if you decide to
         I urge all Ordeal members to sign up to at-   work on staff, you need to fill out the Conclave
tend one of the Ordeal weekends this spring to         staff registration form. In either case, the cost to
complete your Brotherhood level membership.            attend or work at Conclave is $25.00. You may
You can find more information on the trail to Broth-   hand these forms in at the Jersey Shore Council
erhood on the Lodge website at                         Clayton Service Center. Money is due upon hand- and also at                ing in the registration forms. Please hand the For the upcoming Or-         forms and money in as soon as possible.
deals we need everyone’s help to be successful.                  The Lodge will provide certain items if you
We need more Elangomats and more brothers in-          come to Conclave. If you so choose to serve on
terested to help with the ceremonies teams.            staff for Conclave, you will receive a Conclave
Please send me an email at if          Host Staff Patch and a Conclave Staff T-Shirt
you can help with either of these.                     courtesy of Japeechen Lodge. If you plan to be a
         As I hope everyone knows we will also be      delegate, you will receive a Conclave Host Patch,
hosting the Section NE-2A Conclave this June 13-       also, courtesy of Japeechen Lodge. Now, how
15 at Citta Scout Reservation. We need as many         cool is that! Remember, Conclave is on June 13-
people as possible to attend on staff or as partici-   15, 2003 at Citta Scout Reservation. Hope to see
pants.                                                 you there!
         If you have any questions or are interested
in helping, please visit the website, email me, or              WWW,
call me (732-899-0051).                                        Justin Anderson
In Brotherhood and Service,                                    2003 Conclave Chairman

Patrick Ward
Lodge Chief

               Issue highlights

         Section NE-2A Conclave
        Dues, dues and more dues
                Ordeal Info
               And more…..
Japeechen Journal                                April 2003                                           Page 2
    The Passing of Brother John Ney                                   ORDEAL WEEKENDS
 On March 1 , Brother John Ney passed away.             This year there will once again be two weekends
John had been active in Atlantic Council/District for   to get together in fellowship and renew the reason
many years. As a Vigil Honor member of our              we are Brothers in the Order of the Arrow. Ask
Lodge, John will be sadly missed by all that knew       your self why you wear the pocket flap!
and that worked with him over the years. In John’s      Do you live up to what those who elected you into
honor the Na-Wa-Kwa March Chapter meeting               the Order expect of you?
was cancelled and our members were asked to             Do you give back to Scouting what it has given to
attend John’s viewing that night.                       you?
                                                        Do you remember the oath you took on your Or-
                                                        deal - brotherhood, cheerfulness, service?
                                                        This year the Lodge needs you help more than
                                                        ever. We are the Service Lodge for the Section
                                                        NE-2A Conclave that will be held on June 13-15.
                                                        We must make the camp ready for our Brothers of
                                                        the Section Lodges. Bring your tools and appe-

                                                         Join your brothers on May 9-11 and June 6-8 at
                                                        the Citta Scout Reservation. There is a sign up
                                                        form at the end of this newsletter.

           Japeechen Lodge 341                                           You are needed!
             Award Recipients
                  Mauer Award                                       Elangomats needed
      Justin Anderson        Anthony Marano                        for the Spring Ordeals
      Mr. George Botts       Rev. John Case
                                                                Serving as an Elangomat, or "friend" in the
                  Lutton Award                          language of the Lenni Lenape, is also rewarding
                 Andrew Clark                           and challenging. As an Elangomat, you go
     Mr. Angel Camilo   Mr. Dale Messina                through the tests of the Ordeal along with the other
                                                        candidates. Your example is a better teacher of
                  Vigil Tap-outs                        Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service that any
    Brian Furgione        Mr. Aaron Shugarts            words spoken. By learning more about the Order.
   Andrew Clark           Mrs. Sue Weisgerber           Dedication to the ideals of the Order is the hall-
    Pat Ward               Mr. Ned McDowell             mark of a good Elangomat.
    Paul Masur             Mr. Frank Antonino                   Each Elangomat generally leads a patrol-
  Pat Ippollito          Mr. Justin Abrahamsen          sized group of youth and adult candidates, called a
                                                        "clan." Throughout the Ordeal, each clan is inde-
                                                        pendent from the others. Since an Elangomat
                Founders Award
   Bryson Palmer          Mr. James Palmer, Jr.         shares the test of silence and cannot easily ask
                                                                                            (Continued on page 3)

                                                                   Japeechen Journal Staff
                                                                    Paul Masur, Chairman,
                                                                Mr. Rob Stawicki, Sr. , Adviser,
                                                                    Comments and articles
                                                                     are always welcome.
Japeechen Journal                                 April 2003                                          Page 3

          High Adventure Information                                   NESA Information
         Brothers, do you want an opportunity to         2003 J.S.C. N.E.S.A. Scholarship Book Update
attend a national high adventure base. There are         Chair Jeff Goldsmith
two special programs available only for Arrowmen.
The first is the OA Trail Crew at Philmont Scout         The Scholarship and Form Book, a project of Jer-
Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico. You will spend            sey Shore Council's National Eagle Scout Asso-
two weeks out in the wilderness at Philmont. The         ciation Chapter, has been revised for February
first week is spent working on building and repair-      2003 and will be available at the Council of-
ing trails. After that, you and the rest of the Arrow-   fice. The Scholarship and Form Book is intended
men in your crew plan a custom week-long hike            to alert new Eagle Scouts of the significant bene-
through Philmont. The second program is based            fits to the 2 percent who attain this rank. Those
at the Boy Scouts’ Northern Teir Canoe base in           benefits include scholarships, awards, grants and
Ely, Minnesota.        In this program you canoe         loans.
through the Boundary Waters between the U.S.
and Canada. The first week is spent working on
portage trails and the second is spent on a group-       NESA Work Day, Saturday, 5/31/03 at Citta SR
planned canoe trek, in which you won’t see any-          Chair Paul Werksman
one except your fellow crew members. Both pro-
grams are available only to Arrowmen between the         Performing Service projects at CSR
ages of 16 and 21 for their entire trek. The cost for
both programs is only $100, plus your cost of            We are hoping for a full work day, with alternate
transportation to the high adventure base. Forms         projects in case of inclement weather.
and more information can be found on the National
Website, You can also call or            Times and Projects to be performed-TBA
email Lodge Chief Pat Ward (,
732-899-0051) and he will mail you a form.               Look for Flyers at the Council Office ASAP

(Elangomats Continued from page 2)                       JSC NESA Family Day at the BlueClaws
questions, the Lodge trains him in advance. Dur-         August 21, 2003 (7:05PM game).
ing the Ordeal the Lodge provides the Elangomat          Chair James Kirchhof
with close support to meet any needs.
         A successful Ordeal also has many behind-       150 centerfield seat tickets
the-scenes accomplishments. Brothers cook food,
prepare sashes and supplies, complete records,           The tickets on sale NOW through the Council for
issue membership cards, build and extinguish             $5 each on a first come, first served basis.
fires, and so on. Many Brothers help to plan and
carry out a successful Ordeal.                           No food will be included.
         Every member should be an Elangomat at
times. We have grown in understanding since our          Look for Flyers at the Council Office ASAP
Ordeals. We recognize the significance of the
tests more than the first. Thus, when near candi-
dates, we share the tests wholeheartedly. A spirit
of seriousness and commitment, seen by the can-
didates in each member, shows them that the
tests are not a joke or harassment but an impor-
tant pointer to a valuable way of life.
         Anyone wishing to fulfill their Brotherhood
requirement or would like to be an Elangomat
please contact your Chapter Chief or one of the
lodge officers. Please help to make the Ordeals
successful by showing the candidates what is
means to be a member.
Japeechen Journal                                     April 2003                                             Page 4
     Loweneau Kewe Chapter News                                      Na-Wa-Kwa Chapter 5 News
2003 promises to be a year of opportunity for the
                                                              With the approach of the Spring Ordeals and the
members of Loweneau Kewe, Chapter 2. The
                                                              Section Conclave in June, it seems that the past
new youth leadership team of Bill, Tony, and Ken
                                                              few meetings have been filled with discussions on
bring a large measure of energy to their new posi-
                                                              these up and coming events. Additionally there
tions. What they lack in experience, they over-
                                                              have been a few changes within the Chapter.
come with effort.
                                                              Please note the following:
We are excited to be a part of this year's Conclave
                                                              Up and Coming Chapter Meetings and Locations
at our own council camp, and many of the mem-
bers from our Chapter are on various committees
                                                              April 2nd – Egg Harbor Township Branch of the At-
to assure its success. We applaud Justin Ander-
                                                              lantic County Library
son for all his hard work and pledge to do what we
                                                              April 30th – Central Methodist Church
can to make this year's Conclave the best ever.
                                                                                 (May meeting)
                                                              June – Chapter Picnic
Brotherhood conversion will be another push for
                                                                      location and date to be announced
our Chapter as we approach our Spring Or-
                                                              Please note that all future meetings will be held at
deals. If you made Ordeal last year, or the year
                                                              the Egg Harbor Township Branch of the Atlantic
before, or even before that, we will be contacting
                                                              County Library.
you about further sealing your membership in
Japeechen Lodge by making Brotherhood. Elan-
                                                               New Chapter Committee Chairman’s/Vacancies
gomats are always needed, and we will be happy
                                      (Continued on page 5)
                                                              OA Representative Chairman – Matt Strenger
                                                              Chapter Brotherhood Chairman – vacant
           National Lodge Advisor
                                                                   Up and Coming Chapter Meeting Themes
             Training Seminar
During the weekend of March 28-30, 2003, 43                   April – NOAC Presentation
adult Arrowmen from the Northeast Region partici-             May – Chapter Picnic Planning Session/Native
pated in the National Lodge Advisor Training                  American Cooking
Seminar (NLATS) held at Camp Alpine, Alpine,                  June – Chapter Picnic
NJ. Participants represented the states of Penn-              September – OA Patch Trading/Collecting/Design
sylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut,                  October – The History of the Order of the Arrow
New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont with                  November – Local Trail Medals/Hiking Trails
the further miles driven by an advisor from the               December – Holiday Party/Elections
New York/Canadian border.            Herman Schmit
Jongbloed, Ken Seymour, and Jay Stephens rep-                          2003 Chapter Brotherhood Goals
resented Japeechen Lodge. 2003 National Chief,
Nick Digirolamo was joined by our Regional Chief,             Once again, we are planning to lead the Lodge in
Ian Pinnavaia, 2002 Regional Chief Brian Favat                the highest percentage of brothers converted to
along with nine other national and regional staff             Brotherhood this coming year. The Brotherhood
members in conducting this “jam packed” all en-               Chapter Chairman will be contacting the OA Rep-
cumbering course. NLATS is a conference focus-                resentatives and Scoutmasters within the District
ing on the skills of effective advisors. It is intended       within the next few weeks. Currently our records
primarily to enhance an advisor’s knowledge of                indicate that there are 60 eligible brothers for con-
and connectivity with the Order’s strategic plan,             version in 2003. If we are going to reach our cur-
program and resources while emphasizing the per-              rent Chapter goal of 80%, then we will need to
sonal skills that are necessary for the Lodge deliv-          convert a total of 48 brothers this coming year.
erance of service to the council program. Among               Last year we were just shy of the 60% mark and
these are effective communications, planning and              with the help and commitment of the following
counseling.                                                   Troops we will more than make our annual goal:
                                                                                                   (Continued on page 5)
                                      (Continued on page 5)
Japeechen Journal                                  April 2003                                         Page 5
(Loweneau Kewe Continued from page 4)                     (NLS-NLATS Continued from page 4)
to supply you with study materials for this impor-        Although Camp Alpine is only 8 miles north of the
tant step in helping our Lodge and our Chapter            George Washington Bridge directly alongside the
reach quality status level. Please contact Phil           Palisades Parkway, participants were greeted with
Murray, for further              an isolated rugged terrain camp similar to ones
info.                                                     found in upstate New York. Throughout the camp-
                                                          sites are multiple rustic, heated cabins with mini-
In closing, I am appealing to the SPL's in our dis-       mal furnishings and no plumbing. While the three
trict to forward the name and phone number of             Japeechen delegates were hiking to their assigned
your unit's OA rep to Anthony Marano,                     20-bed cabin, four white tail deer darted across the This data is crucial in estab-        trail startling all. All NLATS classes were held
lishing our chapter's communication net-                  downstairs in the Reeves Lodge Conference Cen-
work. Don't miss out on opportunities and fun ac-         ter while at the same time; approximately eighty
tivities because we couldn't get in touch with            Arrowmen participated in their National Leadership
you. If you don't have an OA rep, APPOINT                 Seminar (NLS) seminar in the upstairs class. Both
ONE! You'll be glad you did.                              NLATS and NLS members joined together in
                                                          meals and “cracker barrel” fellowship in the beauti-
Mr. Ken Pate                                              ful dining hall located a short hike down the hill.
Chapter Adviser
                                                           NLATS participants were asked to develop a se-
(Na-Wa-Kwa Continued from page 4)                         ries of planned actions that they bring back to their
                                                          respective Lodge prior to Sunday’s “graduation”
Troop 316 – 9 eligible members                            ceremony. Upon returning home from the week-
Troop 032 – 8 eligible members                            end, all participants must review their planned ac-
Troop 076 – 8 eligible members                            tions with their Scout Executive with the focus to
Troop 099 – 7 eligible members                            leave a legacy of leadership in service.
Troop 012 – 6 eligible members
Troop 254 – 4 eligible members                             Both NLS and NLATS participants again gathered
Troop 094 – 4 eligible members                            in the dining hall for Sunday’s lunch. A nice treat
Troop 054 – 3 eligible members                            was being served lunch by the NLS staff, a tradi-
Troop 023 – 2 eligible members                            tion found similar during Wood badge training.
                                                          After lunch, the NLATS graduates were invited to
Total Number: 51 eligible members                         view the NLS graduation ceremony. In looking
                                                          around, it was nice to reflect on how many
Additionally, there are 9 other brothers that are the     Japeechen members, both young and old were
only member of their troop that are eligible for          able to take advantage of this experience. After
Brotherhood. Likewise, the Chapter Brotherhood            farewells and amongst sleet, the majority of us got
Committee will be contacting these individuals to         back to Ocean County around 2 pm. What a
see if they are interested in sealing their ties within   weekend. In reflecting back to the Lodge execu-
the Order this coming year.                               tive board meeting the following Thursday, the fel-
                                                          lowship spark was still ablaze with participants re-
Yours in Brotherhood,                                     lating their individual experience. A noted point of
Randy Clark                                               interest is that another NLATS course has been
Na-Wa-Kwa Chapter Chief                                   added to the 2003 calendar for the weekend of
                                                          September 19 – 21, same date as the NLS course.
                                                          If you haven’t experienced either course yet, defi-
                                                          nitely put them on your “things to accomplish list”
                                                          to assist Japeechen Lodge in its growth.


                                                          Jay L. Stephens
                                                          Mni Oya’te Kin Chapter Advisor
     Japeechen Journal                                     April 2003                                                Page 6
                             Brotherhood News “The 2003 Chapter Challenge”
          As spring approaches, so begins the annual push to convert new Brotherhood members into the Lodge. While com-
 piling the Chapter lists of eligible members this past month, it became apparent to the Lodge’s Brotherhood Committee that
 we had a huge job before us this coming year. With over 320 brothers currently eligible for Brotherhood membership, we will
 need to convert a minimum of 96 brothers, if we are to make our annual goal once again this year.
          In reviewing the endless list of names, it became evident that we would have to break each Chapter down into
 workable groups, if we were to be successful in this challenging task in the coming year. Our current situation reminded us of
 the old adage, “How do you eat a 500 lb. elephant? One piece at a time.” Thus each Chapter has been divided into a specific
 number of targeted troops. In most cases we were able to break the Chapters down into approximately 8 targeted troops.
 The troops that were selected were done so solely based on the number of eligible members that they currently had on the
 Lodge’s roles for Brotherhood conversion. In some cases, troops had as many as 16 Brotherhood candidates on the roster.
 In an attempt to achieve our annual goal, we will be targeting these troops through both the OA Representative Program and
 through personal contact at the Chapter level. If we are successful in our effort it is truly possible that the Lodge could con-
 vert as many as 200 new brothers to Brotherhood membership this coming year.
          Currently, it is our plan to get this information out at the Chapter level as soon as possible. At that point, each Chap-
 ter Brotherhood Chairman and Advisor will be asked to begin making personal contact with either the Troop OA Representa-
 tive or the unit’s Scoutmaster. It is our hope that once contact has been made, that we will be able to get a better handle on
 why candidates have not been coming forward from these units or what information we still need to get into their hands to
 make this process a bit easier in the future. Additionally, we will be trying to get the prospective candidates to commit to a
 specific OA weekend, at which time they will be able to complete their Brotherhood membership. With this new approach in
 place, it is our Committee’s hope that the Lodge will be able to make its annual goal with flying colors and that we will be
 able to close the gap on future Brotherhood conversions.
          In closing we would ask that each Ordeal member seriously consider sealing their membership within the Lodge this
 coming year. For when you first became a member in our Order, you were challenged to continue your service to others and
 the Lodge. What better way to continue your service to the Lodge, but by becoming a Brotherhood member this year. If you
 a ready for the challenge, we would ask that you contact either your Chapter Brotherhood Chairman or a member of the
 Lodge Brotherhood Committee. If you require additional information on Brotherhood conversions, we would suggest that you
 visit the Lodge’s website at At this site you will be able to obtain a copy of the “Trail to Brother-
 hood Guide” for your reference, under the section listed as “Brotherhood Bound”. Please, remember that every candidate
 counts and that in the end each brother must do their part if we are to make our annual goal.

 Yours in Brotherhood,
 Andrew Clark                                     Mr. Joseph Clark
 Lodge Brotherhood Chairman                Lodge Brotherhood Advisor

            The Lodge recently participated in the Northeast Region (NER) National Leadership Seminar (NLS) in Alpine New
Jersey. Our Lodge sent a large amount of people this year (more than most other Lodges). We sent 7 youth and 2 adults to the
seminar this year. Everyone who participated has given great reviews and highly recommends the course to anyone and eve-
ryone. At the course you do many things, like training in many areas to OA Jeopardy! It was defiantly a lot of fun. Alpine Scout
Reservation has a lot to offer, including the Reeves Training Center, which is just like a normal conference center, with lots of
facilities. We slept in heated cabins with electricity. But it wasn’t just the camp. Without the help of the great staff NLS would
not be possible. Staff included Nick Digirolamo-2003 OA National Chief, Randy Cline- Region Chairman, Carey Miller- Associ-
ate Director of the OA, Ian Pinnavaia- 2003 Northeast Region Chief, our very own Pat Ward- Lodge Chief and Section Secre-
tary, and many more. Each staff member taught one or more training sessions, which are essential to Leadership. We did role-
playing, games, and watched movie clips. The staff was very polite and sat with you at meals, and answered just about every
question that a Scout could have. Another advantage of NLS is getting to meet new friends; we met people from New York,
New Jersey, even Europe! Just about ever Lodge sent someone to the seminar. Overall I believe that everyone who was in
attendance would highly recommend NLS. If you have any questions ask anyone who went:
Randy Clark                       Dan Delcher                Mrs. Marian Jordan              Mike Knopp
Anthony Marano                    Paul Masur                 Mrs. Sue Weisgerber

Any of them will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Truly an experience that many Arrowmen should get!
-Anthony Marano
Lodge Secretary
Japeechen Journal                  April 2003                        Page 7



Name:                                                   Troop


Email Address:

Telephone #:

Weekend date that you have selected  May 9-11        June 6-8
                                          (circle one)
The fee for the weekend of May 9-11 is $10.00 if paid by Friday May 2nd &
$15.00 if paid after or at the door.

The fee for the weekend of June 6-8 is $10.00 if paid by Friday May 30th &
$15.00 if paid after or at the door.

If you attend both Ordeals, the second weekend is no charge

Amount Paid:        $

Please send your completed form and payment to:

Jersey Shore Council, BSA
Japeechen Lodge 341
1518 Ridgeway Road
Toms River, NJ 08755-4072
                                            ORDER OF THE ARROW
                                           JAPEECHEN LODGE # 341
                                         JERSEY SHORE COUNCIL, BSA

                                 2003 BROTHERHOOD REGISTRATION FORM

 Dear Brother,

        If it has been more than 10 months since you first wore the sash of our Order, you are eligible to take the
next step towards becoming a Brotherhood member in our Lodge. We trust that during the past 10 months you have
remained active in your unit and have continued to faithfully serve your fellow man. If you feel that you are ready
to continue down the trail towards Brotherhood, you should be capable of meeting the following requirements:

                                      10 months as an active Ordeal member
                                  Remain actively registered in a scouting unit
                         Remain actively registered as a member of the Order of the Arrow
Complete the Reflection requirements as outlined in the “Trail to Brotherhood Guide”

          At you’re the time of your Ordeal you were sent to seek a vision of yourself and your purpose in the Order.
The challenge of Brotherhood membership was part of that vision. Your brothers are here to assist you in reaching
this goal. Plan now to seal your membership at an upcoming Brotherhood ceremony which have been scheduled on
the following dates at the Citta Scout Reservation:

                                      May Ordeal Weekend – May 9 th – 11th, 2003
                                     June Ordeal Weekend – June 6 th – 8th, 2003
                               Fall Fellowship Weekend – September 12th – 14th, 2003

        If you are able to join us on one of the dates indicated above, please complete the attached registration
form and submit it to the Council office. Additionally, if you are unable to stay for the entire weekend, arrange-
ments can be made as outlined in the “Trail to Brotherhood Guide” by contacting either the Lodge Brotherhood
Chairman or Advisor. The Brotherhood reflection period is scheduled to begin on Saturday at 2:00 PM on each

         The fee for Brotherhood conversion has been set at $20.00, if paid in advance of the weekend and $25.00,
if paid on the day of the event. All checks should be made payable to the Jersey Shore Council, BSA. The fee shall
include the cost of the Brotherhood sash, membership card and food for the weekend. Additional information can
be obtained through either, or

                                                ORDER OF THE ARROW
                                               JAPEECHEN LODGE # 341
                                             JERSEY SHORE COUNCIL, BSA
                                       2003 BROTHERHOOD REGISTRATION FORM

         Name:                                                     Email Address:

         Address:                                                  Telephone #:

                                                                   District:               Troop/Unit #:

         The date that you selected for your Brotherhood Ceremony:        May 10 th       June 7 th     Sept. 13th

         Are you planning to stay for the entire weekend?                      Yes        No

         If no, what time should we expect your arrival in camp?

         Amount Paid: $

           Please send your completed forms and payments to the Jersey Shore Council, BSA, 1518 Ridgeway Road,
                              Toms River, NJ 08755-4072 Telephone # (732) 349.1037
                                              ORDER OF THE ARROW
                                             JAPEECHEN LODGE # 341

                                             2003 LODGE DUES FORM


              First                      Middle Initial                        Last


Town/City                                    State                      Zip

Unit Type                       Unit #                       District         D-

Telephone #                                  Email Address

Membership Level       Ordeal                     Brotherhood                  Vigil
                                         (circle one)

Amount of Dues Paid:            $ 10.00         /   $20.00                     / $
                        2003          2002 and 2003                           Other
                                       (circle one)

Please send this portion of the completed form and your payment to the Jersey Shore Council, BSA,
518 Ridgeway Road, Toms River, NJ 08755-4072, Telephone # (732) 349-1037



                                              ORDER OF THE ARROW
                                             JAPEECHEN LODGE # 341


              First                      Middle Initial                        Last


Town/City                                    State                      Zip

Amount of Dues Paid:            $10.00 /        $20.00             /         $
                       2003        2002 and 2003                         Other
                                       (circle one)

Date Dues Paid:                 /        /
 Jersey Shore Council, BSA   NON-PROFIT ORG.
   Japeechen Lodge #341        U.S.POSTAGE
    1518 Ridgeway Road            PAID
                             TOMS RIVER, NJ
Toms River, NJ 08755-4072      PERMIT #3

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