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									Parents in Training
Unexpectedly Expecting!

Author: Barbara McMahon

Discovering she's pregnant fills Annalise with joy! She doesn't have a clue about babies, but with her
husband by her side, she's confident they can learn the ropes together....But Dominic feels shell-shocked
by the news. The truth is he's still reeling from an unhappy experience of parenthood from his past--a fact
he's kept secret from everyone, even his beloved Annalise. So even while he longs to share her
excitement, the fear that history might repeat itself is keeping him from the one person he loves most--his
wife.Now it's up to her to prove that Dominic really can be a daddy in a million!
Author Bio
Barbara McMahon
Barbara McMahon grew up in northern Virginia, moving to California to attend the University of California
at Berkeley. Upon graduation, she remained in California, making the San Francisco Bay Area her home
base while she worked as a flight attendant for an international airline. What fun that job proved--flying to
different cities all over the world. On most trips, McMahon had layovers lasting a day or two--enough time
to see some of the local sights--and shops--and then it was on to the next country! She kept a journal
while flying and today delights in being able to use some of the descriptions she jotted down to add
authenticity to settings for some of her books.When McMahon's flying days ended, she began to work in
the computer industry, rising to a vice presidency in a software development firm. In her "spare time," she
decided to give in to a long cherished desire to try her hand at writing. One of the first things she
discovered was that writing was one thing, but getting a book written is difficult to do when things like
real-life interfere. But finally she finished a book, submitted it to a publisher, and Harlequin Mills & Boon
bought it! Come into the Sun (1983) was the first of over three dozen books sold to Harlequin Mills &
Boon and Silhouette.After that first sale, a new dream arose--to write for a living and leave the hectic pace
of the San Francisco Bay Area behind. Once her younger daughter graduated from high school, she did
just that--quitting her "day job" to move to the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. "It's been wonderful!"
reports McMahon. "I love every minute of living here!"To date, over five-and-a-half-million copies of her
books have sold in thirty-five different countries in nineteen different languages. McMahon's books
routinely appear on the Waldenbooks bestseller list, the Ingram's Top 50 Requested Romances, and's bestselling lists. Bride of a Thousand Days made the USA Today bestseller list.With her
recent nomination

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