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									Revisiting Music Theory
Author: Alfred Blatter

Edition: 1

Revisiting Music Theory teaches the basics of music theory plus the vocabulary to use in harmonic and
formal analysis. The book begins with no assumption of music reading skills, and progresses to include
all the basic materials of music from J. S. Bach to John Cage. Based on Blatterâ??s own three decades 
of teaching freshmen and sophomore music theory at Drexel University, this book is aimed at a one or
two year introductory course in music theory, can serve for individual study, or as a review for graduate
students returning to school. Drawing examples from well-known classical works, as well as folk and
popular music, the book shows how theory is applied to practice. Blatterâ??s approach is clear, 
methodical, and, above all, practical. Topics covered include: music notation, modes and scales, scale
degrees, melodic form; vocal ranges, transposition,compositional devices, harmonic progression, rhythm,
chord types, counterpoint, canon, cadence, four-part style, and musical
form. Common forms such as rondo, sonata, rounds, inventions, and fugues are covered.Revisiting Music
Theory will serve the needs of students new to music, as well as returning students wishing to attain (or
renew) knowledge of music fundamentals. It will be a valuable textbook for students, professors, and

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