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					Muslim Supplication           7

               Supplications From The Sunnah

    O Allah! We ask you your forgiveness and beseech you to
keep us in good health, and to make us abide by your
religion in life and after-life. Grant us a place in Paradise,
and save us from Your punishment on the day of
Resurrection, save us from Hell-fire.

   O Allah! Give us in this world that which is best, and in
the hereafter that which is best, guard us from the
punishment of Fire, for there is none to prevent what You
have given, nor is there any one to give what You have
prevented, nor is the success and wealth of a person
possessing such wealth of any benefit to him in the of
anything You have willed against him.

   O Allah, let us be with the righteous in Paradise. You are
forgiving, Most High, the Lord of Mankind, forbid our flesh
and complexion from being burnt in Fire.

   O Allah! Endear faith to us, and beautify it into our
hearts. Help us to avoid disbelief, miscreance and
contumacy, and render us of the goodly of your slaves.

  O Allah! Protect us from your punishment on the day
when you resurrect your slaves.
Muslim Supplication           8

   O Allah, Accept our prayer, keep us in good health, and
forgive us our sins, and help us to obey You, to praise You.
   On You only we depend, for those who depend on You
never will fall into misery.

   O Allah! Cause us to enter Paradise - by Your Mercy -
without reckoning.
   There is no God but You Allah alone, there is no God to
be asked but You, There is no other God to be feared but
You, there is no associate with You, all sovereignty in You,
and praise be to you, You revive the dead, and inflicts death,
You are The Immortal that never die. All good is in Yours,
and You are the Almighty.

   O Allah! We seek refuge in you from suspicion,
polytheism, discord, hypocrisy, immorality and Calamities
that may befall us wealth, our family, and our children.

   O Allah! We ask you good pleasure, and Paradise and
we seek refuge with you from your wrath and fire, we seek
refuge in You from the burden of trial, the abyss of misery,
the gloating of enemies, and the adversity befalling our
children and wealth.

   O Allah! We seek refuge unto you from the trial of the
grave, and from the temptation of the worldly life, and from
the trial of the death.
Muslim Supplication            9

   O Allah, He Who know what we conceal in our hearts,
and what we reveal, take us out of darkness into light.

   O Allah! Enlighten our hearts with knowledge, deliver
our conscience from wicked thoughts, occupy our minds with
good thinking, protect us from the trials of this life, from the
temptations of Satan, and keep us away from his harm and
whisperings, so that he may have no way against us.

   O Allah! Bestow unto us the repentance of the sincere,
humility of the submissive, the work of the righteous, the
belief of the truthful, the happiness of the God fearing, and
the degrees of the winners, for You are Allah the Best
Bestower and the most generous Giver.

    O Allah! We beseech you to bestow your mercy unto us,
to forgive our sins, to remit from us all evil deeds, to favor us
with Your bounty, to cause us to enter Paradise, and to
escape from Hell-fire.

   O Allah! Make us content with what You have given us,
and bless all what You have bestowed upon us, and grant us
Your sustenance without stint.

   O Allah! We believe in You, so forgive us our evil deeds,
and save us from the punishment of Hell-fire.
Muslim Supplication          10

   O Allah, We ask You by Your most Beautiful Names and
Your Most Exalted attributes to purify our hearts from
hypocrisy, envy, transgression, and polytheism.

   O Allah! We complain to You the harshness of our
hearts, the multitude of our sins, we confess the unjust deeds
of our sins, and we confess to You, without Your mercy and
pardon we are then lost.

   O Allah, Grant us Pardon and Mercy and overlook the
bad things that we committed, for You know what we do not
know. You Are Allah, The Mighty, the Glorious.

   O Allah, We ask you the best of what Your Prophet
Mohammed asked You, and we seek refuge in You from what
he sought Your refuge.

   O Allah, We ask You by Your Mercy to give us a place in
Paradise. You are Merciful, Bountiful, and great is Your
forgiveness. You love mercy, so have mercy on us.

    O Allah! We ask You complete faith, and firm conviction,
we seek Your refuge from disbelief, destitution, doubt,
hypocrisy, arrogance, polytheism, make us die with a firm
faith and good thought in You.
Muslim Supplication          11

   O Allah, We ask You to favor us, Your bounty, to give us
a sound heart that renders to You, and a sound tongue that
hymns Your praise.

   O Allah, We ask You to bestow unto us the best that Your
righteous slaves have ever asked You, and I seek refuge in
You from what they sought refuge in You.

    O Allah, Guard us, and guard our fathers, mothers,
children and all believers from Hell-fire. You are the Master
of hospitality and bounty, and make good and blessed all our
affairs, and protect us from shame and punishment.

  O Allah, We stood by Your door, Humbling ourselves to
You, begging Your Mercy, Fearing Your punishment.

   O Allah, We ask You to purify us from our burdens, to
purify our hearts, and to lighten our graves, we seek refuge
in You from the penalty and darkness of the graves. We
beseech You to enlighten our graves, to expand it, when we
should be buried in dust, when we will be alone, forsaken
and forgotten by friends.

   O Allah, We ask You to remit from us our sins, to set
right our affairs, to set unto us Your blessings, Your Mercy,
Your Bounty, and to bestow unto us the highest achievement
in Paradise.
Muslim Supplication            12

   O Allah, You know what we conceal and what we reveal,
You know what our hearts hide, and nothing can be hidden
from You, keep our sins hidden from others' knowledge, and
forgive it, for You are The Merciful, The Generous.

   O Allah, Glory be to You, never have we hymned Your
praise as You deserve, never have we praised You as You
deserve, and never we thanked You as You deserve.

    O Allah, Let not any of our sins go unforgiving, nor any
of our worries undispelled, nor any of our needs and
difficulties unfulfilled, let the end of our deeds be the best of
    O Allah, Make us not die but as righteous, and gather us
at the Day of Judgment with the righteous ones.

   O Allah, You are our Lord, there is no God but You, You
have created us, we ourselves are Your slaves, we keep our
promise and vow to You as best as we can. We seek refuge in
You from the evil deeds we did, and confess all Your favors
upon us, and we confess the sins we have committed, so
forgive us, for no one forgive sins except You.

   O Allah, You have said in Your glorious revealed Book:
" Call upon Me, I will answer Your call" Here we cry and
Muslim Supplication         13

raise our poor hands unto You, seeking Your forgiveness,
hoping to die while Your pleased with us.

   O Allah, Relieve our minds, and ease our tasks for us.
We seek refuge in You from the evil whispers of the heart,
and the trial of the grave.

   O Allah, On You we depend, on Your bounty we rely,
Your Mercy we beseech, to we surrender, by Your revelation
we judge, and to You is our return, forgive us and forgive
our brethren who have believed in You before us. And
remove from our hearts any hatred or rancor against any of
those who believed in You, You are, Our Lord, the
Forgiving, Most Merciful.

   O Allah, You give more than what You are asked, You
are the best one asked, You are the best giver, the shrill
voices of beggars ringed Your heaven to beg Your bounty,
they shed tears and hymns Your praise.

   O Allah, We need Your Mercy, Your forgiveness, Your
acceptance, Your guidance, and a good end of our lives.

   O Allah, Consummate Your light (of faith) unto us, and
forgive our sins, forgive our sins, You are the only one who
forgive sins. You can forgive all sins.
Muslim Supplication          14

   O Allah! We beseech You to bestow unto us the good
there is, immediate and delayed, and forgive us our sins.

   O Allah, We beseech guidance, God-Fearing, chastity,
and affluence.

   O Allah! Forgive us, and forgive our parents, our sons,
our offspring, and our brothers in faith whether dead or

   O Allah, We beg You Your acceptance and paradise, and
we seek refuge in You from Your anger and Hell-Fire, and
from any thing that may draw us nearer to it in deeds or in
   O Allah, Cause not our hearts to stray, after You have
guided us, and bestow upon us mercy from Your presence.
You are Allah, the Bestower; truly there is no God but You.

    O Allah! As You have guided us to Islam: We ask You to
let us die as Muslims, and to gather us with Your sincere
Muslims who surrendered to You.

   O Allah, We beseech You to bestow upon us useful
knowledge, fruitful work, sincere belief, and guidance.
   Instill the light of guidance in our hearts, our ears, and
Muslim Supplication          15

    O Allah, By Your light we have been led to the straight
path, from Your Bounty we have enough day and night.
    * You are Foremost preceded by none.
    * You are the Utmost succeeded by none.
    * You are Omnipotent Unequaled, and All-Knowing
    * You are one Who hear our call, and every single call of
all Your creations.
    Unto You we address our complaints, our needs, our
sustenance, our depression, our sadness, how easy it is for
You to change sadness to happiness, to change poverty to
wealth. On You all creatures depend, and their dooms are
decided by You.

   O Allah, We ask Your acceptance and pleasance upon us
and Your Paradise, and we seek refuge in You from Your
anger and Hell, and from thing that draw us nearer to Hell.

   O Allah, We cannot bear Your anger, we cannot bear
Your Hell-fire, we cannot bear Your punishment, so save us-
by Your Mercy - from Your anger, and save us - by Your
pardon - from Your punishment.

   O Allah, Praise be to You, how patient You are to those
who disobey You, Beneficent unto the seekers of Your help,
no guidance but your guidance, there is no richness but Your
richness, we beseech You to bestow unto us from Your
Muslim Supplication          16

Bounty. Grant us the most cheerful moment and best
achievement when meet You.

   O Allah, Increase the faith, and help us to worship You
more, to remember You more, and to glorify You more. And
enable us with Your help to achieve our aspirations and to
pave the way for us to gain Your satisfaction, and to promote
at all events our deeds, You are our best helper, our only
hope, You are our only trust, You are the only one that we
rely on, You are the only one that we covet, You are the only
one Whom our hands are raised to in humility.

   O Allah, Give us more of Your Bounty. Let there be light
in our life, let there be light in our hearts, and lighten our
graves, and lighten the way to us in the Here-after so we can
reach Paradise peacefully.

   Oh Allah, Place within our hearts light, and upon our
tongues light, and within our ears light, and within our eyes
light, and place behind us light and infront of us light and
above us light and beneath us light. And bestow upon us

   O Allah, We despaired of all hopes but You, all doors are
closed before us except Yours, keep our dependence on You
alone, take us from humiliation of contumacy to the glory of
abidance, instill the light of guidance in our hearts and in
Muslim Supplication           17

our graves, and dissipate the darkness, save us from all evil-
doing, and bestow on us all good, You are Bountiful,

   O Allah let our last deed be the best of our deeds, and let
the best of our days: the day when we meet You. We seek
refuge in You that we meet You while You are angry with us.

   O Allah, You see our places, You hear our words, You
know what we conceal and what we reveal, and nothing is
unknown to You, we cry for Your help, confess our sins unto
You, hymn Your praise, as a humiliated culprit, supplicate
You as a frightened blind, the supplication of that humble to
You in soul and body, whose eyes are full of tears of Your

   O Allah, We ask You for guidance, richness, decency,
chastity, and good morality, bestow upon us the repentance
of the sincere, humility of the submissive, the work of the
righteous, the belief of the truthful, the happiness of the God-
fearing, and the degrees of the winners. You are the Best
Bestower and the Most Generous Giver.

   O Allah, Praise be to You as that which we say, and even
better than what we say. All what 's in earth and in heaven
celebrate Your praises.
Muslim Supplication          18

   O Allah, You are the Knower of what we hide, and
Hearer of all voices, Giver of the life to all the dead, and
unto you prayers are supplicated. There is no God but You,
You are Allah One, the Eternally Besought of all, the Best
Owner, who gives lavishly, the Merciful, and none could
profane Your will, nor protest YourJjudgment. You are the
Lord. The Lord of all, the Judge of all, we ask You to bestow
upon us a beneficial knowledge, and fruitful work, and faith.

   O Allah, Here we stand before in humility, to You and to
You only that our hands are raised, please return our hands
not empty after have been raised for You, You are so
Generous, Merciful. accept us in Paradise, forgive us our
sins, save us from Hell, protect us from evil-doers.

   O Allah, By Your light we're guided the right path, by
Your bounty we got our needs, You are the Foremost,
nothing precedes You, and You are the last, nothing comes
after You, so grant us Your Mercy, and forgive us our sins.

    O Allah! You know all what we hide, You are the Hearer
of all voices, the Giver of what people ask you for, unto You
prayers are supplicated. You are Allah, the One, The
Eternally Besought of all, the Bestower, Who gives lavishly,
the Merciful; none could profane Your Judgment, the Lord of
all, the Possessor and Judge of all:
Muslim Supplication         19

   O Allah! Help us to obey Your commands, support us
with Your triumph against those who reject faith, those who
doubt Your Law, who leads others into perish and falsehood.

   O Allah! We address to You our prayers:
   The prayers of that whose defects are piled up, whose
sins are heavy burdens, whose hope went into ashes, whose
tears are abundantly shed, and whose life come to an end.
   The prayers of that who does not find any other Forgiver
or Giver but You, grant us Your Mercy, for without Your
Mercy there is no breathe of hope, You are our hope when
we loose hope of all around us, with Your Grace help us
achieve our hopes.

   O Allah! We dedicate our prayers unto you, surrender
our faces to You to beg Your Forgiveness, we beseech you to
accept our prayers, and to rid me of all worldly matters,
make the matter of the Hereafter be our concern, our

    O Allah! I beseech You not to make me the worst among
Your creatures, and not among the hopeless, our obedience
does not benefit You, and our disobedience do not harm you,
It is Your Mercy that we should seek, and Your wrath that we
fear, we ask You to endear obedience to us, and increase
faith in our hearts, and help us to abstain wrong-doing.
Muslim Supplication           20

O Allah! We beseech You to bestow unto us faith that
lightens our hearts, help us to be sincere and devoted to
religion, purge our tongues from telling lies, purify our
hearts from hypocrisy, our deeds from pretension, our eyes-
sight from treachery, You know the guile of eyes and what
hearts conceal.

  O Allah, We stood by Your door, humbling ourselves to
You, begging Your Mercy, Fearing Your punishment.
Knowing that you shy to return the hands that are raised to
empty, for you are the Most Generous.

   We need Your Mercy and we know that You are free from
the need of punishing. Do we have other God to forgive sins
but You, is there other God to reward for the good but You?
   So forgive us for there is no other than You to forgive sins
but You.

   O Allah, we have submitted ourselves to You, and in You
is our faith, and upon You we depend, and we reproach
others for Your sake. If we contend with others it is for You.
By Your standard we judge. So forgive us the transgressions
which our hands have sent before us or caused to follow
after us, those which are hidden and those which are not.
Muslim Supplication        21

Oh Allah, we ask you by every name which You have taken
unto Yourself, or revealed in Your Books, or taught to
anyone of your creation, or claimed for Yourself in Your
hidden knowledge, that You make the Glorious Qur’an the
spring of our heart and the light of our breast.”

   Oh Allah, You have fed, and You have given water to
drink, and You have enriched, and You have guided, and You
have livened, so for You is all praise for what You have

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