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How to convert and import AVCHD files to Kin one and Kin two


AVCHD to Kin Phone converter convert Canon sony panasonic AVCHD .m2ts.mts.ts video to Kin Phone formats mp4/h.264/wmv, import AVCHD files to Kin Phone with best quality.

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									           Convert/import AVCHD files to Kin Phone

AVCHD to Kin Phone converter is designed for Kin one and Kin two

user who hope to import their AVCHD video from Sony, Canon,

Panasonic etc AVCHD camcorder to Kin phone for playback.

Since Kin Phone is available with the Zune HD media player for video

and music playback, it works with mp4, h.264, wmv video and m4a, wma,

mp3 audio well.

AVCHD to Kin Phone converter software supports convert AVCHD to

mp4.Kin Phone, AVCHD to h.264.Kin Phone, AVCHD to wmv.Kin

Phone without downloading any more codecs.

Of course, AVCHD to Kin Phone converting tool can convert other

formats audio to m4a, wma, mp3 etc and extract audio from AVCHD

video freely.

Knowledge about Kin one and Kin two

The Kin is designed to give consumers the ultimate social experience that

blends the phone, online services and the PC with new experiences in

Kin Loop, KinSpot and Kin Studio. Microsoft create Kin Phone as a

powerful handset for people who desire to connect with others over social

websites such as Facebook.

The Kin One is small and compact, allowing users to operate the device

in one hand. The Kin Two has a larger screen and keyboard, more
memory, a higher-resolution camera and the ability to record

high-definition video.

Instead of operating on Windows 7, both phones are based on the

Silverlight platform developed specifically for Kin.

More about AVCHD to Kin Phone converter:

Video and audio input: m2ts, mts, ts, mov, mpg, avi,wmv, 3gp,3g2, flv,

rm, rmvb, dv, m4v, asf, aac, ac3, amr, m4a, mka, mp3, mp2, ra, wav, wma,

aiff, flac, hd video etc.

Video and audio output: mp4, mpeg-2, flv, rm, rmvb, dv, mov, mpg,

avi,wmv, m4v, hd wmv, hd mov, hd avi, hd mp4, hd mpg, 3gp, 3g2, asf,

aac, ac3, amr,wma, aiff, flac, m4a, mka, mp3, mp2, ra, wav.

Expect that, AVCHD to Kin Phone converter program can import

AVCHD files to sony vegas, PSP, iPod, iPhone, Zune, mobile phone,

Gphone, BlackBerry, Creative Zen Vision, iRiver, Palm etc.

Do some simple edit, like merge, adjust Resolution, Bit Rate, Frame Rate

and Encoder of video and Bit Rate, Sample Rate , Channels and Encoder

of audio(setting), adjusting the brightness, contrast and saturation (apply

Effect), set aspect ratio (crop) to remove unwanted black edge, Vertically

and horizontally , snapshot etc also can using AVCHD to Kin Phone


Step by step on how to convert AVCHD files to Kin Phone.

Step one: Download AVCHD to Kin Phone converter
Step two: Add files, set output and save

Click Add to import AVCHD files to AVCHD to Kin Phone software,

Click Profiles drop-down list to set output as mp4 or wmv, click Browse

to save to destination place.

Step three: Convert AVCHD to Kin Phone formats

Click Convert start Converting, last, import ripe AVCHD files to Kin

Phone directly.

Step optional: Before convert, you can edit your files, click Edit, crop ,

trim and apply effect supported, click Setting, set resolution etc allowed,

more you can have a try by yourself.

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