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2009 Fall Ordeal at Camp Mack


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									  July/August 2009

                                                 2009 Fall Ordeal at Camp Mack
                                              Wunita Gokhos will host the Fall Ordeal on September 25 – 27, 2009 at
                                              the J. Edward Mack Scout Reservation. This is one of our major service
                                              weekends throughout the year and we can use all members to help
                                              prepare Camp Mack for the winter months. We will be inducting new
                                              ordeal members into the lodge; and for those of you that have been an
                                              ordeal member for at least 10 months, we will be conducting Brotherhood
                                              training (see page 11). There will also be a patch auction (see page 2) and
                                              election of new lodge officers (see below). Registration form and
                                              schedule can be found on page 9. Please plan to attend and have your
                                              form into the scout office no later than September 14, 2009.

                                              Letters to those Scouts and Scouters called out at summer camp this year
                                              are being mailed in early August.

Wunita Gokhos Lodge Elections at the Fall Ordeal
Have you ever considered running for a lodge office? Becoming an Order of the Arrow Lodge Officer is an
honor. Officers are youth members (under 21), selected by their peers, who are chosen to give leadership to the
Order of the Arrow program in the Pennsylvania Dutch Council. Officers are recognized as some of the top
youth leaders in all of the council. The Order of the Arrow offers a high level of leadership opportunity at a
local, sectional, regional and national level.
Elections will take place at the Fall Ordeal on Saturday, September 26. If you
want to be considered for a one-year leadership position with Wunita Gokhos,
you must fill out a Candidacy Petition Form, which can be found on our                          In this Issue         Page
website. This form must be signed by your scoutmaster and the scout
executive. The deadline to request an interview with the Council Executive, Ed                  Fall Ordeal           1&9
Rasmuson, is September 18, 2009.                                                                Patch Auction           2
The elected officer positions within our lodge are Chief, Vice Chief (2) and
Secretary/Treasurer.                                                                            Chapter News            4
It is never too early to start planning. Any questions please ask any of the lodge              Old Business            5
officers or advisors.
                                                                                                DSA                     6
In order for you to be considered for a Lodge office:                                           2009 Vigil Class        7
•    You must be a Lodge member in good standing (dues paid)
•    You must be under 21 years old for your entire term of office                              Conclave Wrap-Up        8
•    If you are under 18, you must have the permission and support of your parents and Unit     Camp Motorcycle
     Leader (Scoutmaster).                                                                                             10
Responsibilities                                                                                Vigil Database Form    11
All officers are expected to live by the Scout Oath and Law at all times. You must attend all
meetings to the best of your ability, including monthly Lodge meetings and events.              Brotherhood            11

                                              July/August 2009 Owls Nest Page 1
                      Lodge Chief Minute
                      Greeting Brothers,
                      Thank you for all your hard work over the past year. Hope to see everyone at the Fall
                      Jordan Miller
                      Lodge Chief

                       Adviser’s Half-Minute
                      Congratulations to Adam Heaps on his selection of the Distinguished Service Award,
                      what an honor for Adam and our Lodge! We had a very successful Conclave taking
                      top honors in Pre-Ordeal and Brotherhood ceremonies along with our individual
                      ceremonialists Craig Smith, Derrick Bransby, Patrick French, Josh Peleoquin, Jordan
                      Miller and Alex Keene. The Lodge Advisor cook off team of Jim Castanzo, Eric Shea
and Mike Witmer took top honors in the dessert category. My thanks to all for their hard work.

Summer camp season is here and don’t forget our Thursday night Ice Cream Social at Camp Bashore and the
Friday “call out” ceremony, please make an effort to join your fellow Lodge members over the summer.
Before we know it the Fall Ordeal will be upon us, so enjoy your summer. My best to all. Don’t forget to go
to our website for the latest Lodge information.
Yours in Brotherhood,
Jim Troebliger

Are you a patch collector?? Do you want to start a patch collection?? Have you cleaned out your basement
and have a lot of OA or BSA patches that you want to get rid of??
If you answered YES to any of these questions then the PATCH AUCTION, at the Fall Ordeal, is the place for
you. The auction will be held on Saturday, September 26, at the Camp Mack dining hall starting at
approximately 10:30 PM. You can drop off any items (patches or other memorabilia) at the kitchen any time
over the Fall Ordeal weekend. All proceeds benefit the youth in the lodge.

                                  July/August 2009 Owls Nest Page 2
          2009 Lodge Officers                                                    Lodge Committees
 Wunita Gokhos Lodge Chief                                         2010 Lodge Leadership Development
 Jordan Miller    626-5719        C: open
 Wunita Gokhos Vice Chief                                          A: open
 John Heinsey       335-2060        Ordeal
 Wunita Gokhos Vice Chief                                          C: Thomas Spadaro     625-3162  
 Nat Kotzmoyer      285-5430     A: Jon Weitzel        336-6816     
 Wunita Gokhos Secretary/Treasurer                                 A: Jerry Pfautz       336-3051      
 Derrick Bransby    684-9587        A: Matt Pfautz        336-3051      
 Wunita Gokhos Lodge Advisor                                       Ceremonies
 Jim Troebliger     964-2385           C: Patrick French     898-3479          
 Wunita Gokhos Staff Advisor                                       A: Jim Bednarski      295-9515            
 Josh Glacken       394-4063         A: Doug Eadline       354-7514
 Harvest Chapter Chief                                             2010 Family Banquet
 Josh Gladfelter    361-8749         C: open
 Harvest Chapter Vice Chief                                        A: open
 Kyle Ruder         471-9416        Vigil Honor
 Harvest Chapter Advisor                                           C: Josh Peloquin      669-8536   
 Lindsay Herr       629-1188      A: Eric Shea          278-9646       
 Conestoga Chapter River Chief                                     Membership
 Joey Sinopoli      464-3413       C: Eric Mahan         355-2434
 Conestoga River Chapter Vice Chief                                A: Doug Eadline       354-7514
 Nolan Synoracki                                                   Brotherhood
 Conestoga River Chapter Advisor                                   C: Scott Ireland      354-7146    
 Ken Neumann        464-9247        A: Karen Goswell                     kgoswell87@janet
 Horse-Shoe Trail Chapter Chief                                    Website
 Ben Knol           838-0886           C: Nick Hessong                     
 Horse-Shoe Trail Chapter Vice Chief                               A: Matt Stewart       397-8531        
 Mike McCord        475-3401            Cub Scout Promotions
 Horse-Shoe Trail Chapter Co-Advisors                              C: Andrew Numer       228-2119
 Ray Weitzel        336-6816         A: Ben Lefever        464-2416
 Mike Witmer        335-0319                Cub Scout Crossover
                                                                   C: Ryan Blade         838-1564          
                                                                   A: Rick Stammel       228-0685
                                                                   Owls Nest Newsletter
                                                                   C: Luke Parker        733-1112      
                                                                   A: Chet Bowen         581-0420       
                                                                   C: Logan Startoni           679-8441  
                                                                   C: Rich Wolfe               450-4128 
                                                                   C: Nate Sheetz              867-0906
                                                                   A: Bruce and Pat Macbeth    684-3657

                                                Lodge Event Calendar
                 Event                                    Date and Time                                    Location
July 2009 LEC Meeting                                                    No Lodge Meeting in July
July 2009 Chapter Meetings                                              No Chapter Meetings in July
August 2009 LEC Meeting                            August 25, 2009, 7:30 PM               Camp Mack Training Center
August 2009 Chapter Meetings                                           No Chapter Meetings in August
NOAC 2009                                              August 1 – 6, 2009                       Indiana University
September 2009 LEC Meeting                        September 22, 2009 7:30 PM              Camp Mack Training Center
September 2009 Chapter Meetings                                         See Chapter News on Page 4
FALL ORDEAL                                         September 25 – 27, 2009                      CAMP MACK

                                             July/August 2009 Owls Nest Page 3
                                         Chapter News
Attention Scoutmasters, OA Troop Representatives and All Arrowmen
Chapters meet every month except January, June, July and August. Chapter Meetings are held on the same
night and in the same building as your District Roundtable Meetings. All Arrowmen are encouraged to attend –
it’s especially important for your Troop’s OA Rep to make it to all Chapter Meetings. Chapter programs vary
and meetings are fun and provide valuable tools and information that you can take back to your unit.

Horseshoe Trail Chapter - NEXT CHAPTER MEETING: September 3, 2009
Chapter Meetings held the first Thursday of each month starting at 7:15 PM at Cedar Crest Middle School in
As of the May 2009 meeting Horseshoe Trail Chapter finishing their 2009 elections.
Harvest Chapter - NEXT CHAPTER MEETING: September 8, 2009
Chapter Meetings held the second Tuesday of every month starting at 7:00 PM at Bethany Presbyterian
Church, 25 North West End Ave., Lancaster.
If you would like to receive Chapter news via email contact Duane Aldrich at
At the May 2009 meeting, Harvest Chapter had their end of the year party and planned events for next year.
They were very close to finishing their 2009 elections.
Conestoga River Chapter - NEXT CHAPTER MEETING: September 3, 2009
Chapter Meetings held the first Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM at Martin Meylin Middle School, 1007
Village Road, Lampeter.
If you would like to receive Chapter news via email, contact Ken Neumann at

Lodge Activities over the Summer
Did you know that the lodge remains active over the summer months. Activities include weekly service
projects, call outs, and ice-cream socials at Camp Bashore. The July Lodge Executive Committee meeting
will be held at Camp Bashore on July 9, and all are encouraged to attend. Weekly Call Outs for newly
elected candidates will also take place at camp.
Check out the activities while you are at Bashore this summer.

Regional and Order of the Arrow News
Did you know that the Northeast Region, Order of the Arrow has its own Publication called “The
Visionary”. This is a great resource to keep up to date on OA happenings outside of our lodge, and can be
found at And it just so happens that two of our lodge members are part of this
publication, Josh Peloquin is the editor and Adam Heaps is the associate advisor. This is a valuable
resource that includes training information, news from the regional and national officers, and regional

Native American Roasting Ears of Corn Festival
On August 15 and 16th the Museum of Indian Culture in Allentown will be holding the Roasting Ears of
Corn Festival. There will be native dancing, singing, drumming and a chance to see authentic regalia that
has been passed down through generations. Gates open at 10:30 with Grand Entrance at 12 noon.
For additional info contact Chet Bowen (, or

                                    July/August 2009 Owls Nest Page 4
                                Old Business
May/June 2009 LEC News
-Looking for chairman for the 2010 Lodge Leader Development Course (LLD)
-Discussion regarding moving Vigil inductions to the April Fellowship weekend in 2010.
-Events at Camp Bashore during the summer were discussed. The Ice Cream Social will be on Thursday nights
at 9pm. All members are encouraged to attend the social in addition to the Friday night Call-out Ceremony.
-Jordan Miller will assume the position of Camp Chief.
-No LEC meeting in June

2009 Spring Ordeal Summary
Along with inducting new members into Wunita Gokhos lodge, Camp Bashore service projects over the
weekend included: putting up canvas throughout the camp, restocking the wood boxes, setting up cots in lower
Camp Mack service projects included setting up canvas and cots, helped work on the new cluster campsite
platforms in Seneca Campsite, and helped set-up the rock throwing range.
Thanks to all those who attended the Spring Ordeal and hope to see many more next year.

Completion of Rock Throwing Range at Camp Mack
                                                          Over the past several months several lodge members,
                                                          under the direction of Ray Weitzel, have been working on
                                                          a rock throwing range at Camp Mack. This new addition
                                                          will definitely excite and attract young boys to camp.

                                                          Thanks to all of you that gave your time to come up to
                                                          Camp Mack and assist with this project.

                                                                                       Owls Nest
                                                                   The Owls Nest, published six times per year, is the
            Wunita Gokhos Website                                  official publication of our lodge. Along with the
                                                                   paper copy that is mailed to your home, it is also
 Chairman Nick Hessong and Adviser Matt Stewart                    published on the lodge website approximately 2
 have done an amazing job on the lodge’s website,                  weeks before mailing. It is used to relay information
 which can be found at The website                   to all of our members about news and upcoming
 has extensive information including: past and current             events. If you would like to contribute to the Owls
 Owls Nests, registration forms for all activities,                Nest through submissions of articles, comics or any
 contact information for all officers and advisors,                other sort of information please contact Chet Bowen
 pictures of past events, lodge history, lodge calendar            at Deadline for submissions
 and much more. But most importantly it is a place                 for the next Owls Nest is September 1, 2009.
 where you can easily keep up on lodge news. The                   Contributors for the July/August 2009 edition: Mike
 website is constantly being updated so bookmark the               Witmer, Eric Shea, Chet Bowen, Ed Carvel, Derrick
 page and check it out today.                                      Bransby, Jim Castanzo, Jim Bednarski and Jim

                                      July/August 2009 Owls Nest Page 5
Seek the fire at the center
The ceremonial circle is a circle within a circle and Nutiket stands at the entrance as the guardian. He carries the
bow-wood, speaks of self-denial, and testing yourself so that you know your strengths and weaknesses. He
represents “the here and now”. The points of the Scout Law which Nutiket speaks about are cheerfulness, thrift,
bravery and cleanliness. The part of the Scout Oath that he refers to is the Scout‘s duty ―to keep yourself
physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

The spirit of Nutiket should remind you to take care of yourself so that you can serve others by Being Prepared. It
can be as simple as getting enough sleep, eating nutritious food, drinking water, washing one‘s hands and getting
exercise every day to name a few of the ways. By doing these things you are keeping yourself strong so you can
cheerfully help when and where needed.

The spirit of Nutiket reminds you to make a choice each morning to greet the day with a smile, to use your
resources wisely, and to face the world and all its problems with courage. He encourages you to be clean in
thought, word and deed – to be clean in body, mind and spirit. The spirit of Nutiket encourages you to live each
fully without regret. The spirit of Nutiket would have you do your best now.

Would you draw nearer to the fire as Nutiket asks you to do? Nutiket, the guard, challenges all who seek to enter
the circle. “What is the sign?” “The admonition?” Do you live it? The spirit of Nutiket challenges us each day at
every turn along the path. Are you living the Scout Oath and Law? Are you doing your best? Are you prepared?
Are you searching for a Good Turn? Are you living the Obligation? Are you “welding tightly” your link?

  Adam Heaps to Receive Distinguished Service Award at NOAC
                        The Distinguished Service Award was created in 1940 to honor those who rendered
                        service to the Order beyond the lodge level. The award is presented to those Arrowmen
                        who have rendered distinguished and outstanding service to the Order on a sectional,
                        regional, or national basis. The award is presented every two or three years during NOAC.
                        Since the time of the first awards were presented, less than 750 Distinguished Service
                        Awards have been presented. Adam will become only the third member of our Lodge to
                        receive this prestigious award when it is presented to him at NOAC this summer, joining
                        Earl Leiby (1965) and Dave Sargent (2000) to be honored with the DSA.

  A Vigil Honor Member and Founders Award Recipient, Adam has served the Lodge as Membership Chairman,
  Vice Chief, and as Lodge Chief before being elected NE4A Section Chief for two terms. Adam is currently
  serving as Wunita Gokhos Lodge Leadership Development Advisor and as associate advisor to “The
  Visionary”, the Northeast Region’s OA Newletter. He began serving the Pennsylvania Dutch Council as
  Training Chairman on July 1st.

  Please join the Lodge in congratulating Adam Heaps on this great honor by attending a reception for Adam at
  Fall Ordeal at Camp Mack. The Lodge will be hosting a reception to recognize Adam at the Pavilion at Camp
  Mack on September 25th at 8:30 pm. Please complete the DSA portion of the registration form to note if you
  can attend. Next time you see Adam Heaps - please stop and congratulate him on his Distinguished Service
  Award honor!

                                      July/August 2009 Owls Nest Page 6
                            Wunita Gokhos Vigil Class of 2009
On June 6th, 2009, Wunita Gokhos honored five of our brothers with The Vigil Honor. This is the highest
honor that the Order of the Arrow can bestow upon its members for service to lodge, council, and Scouting.
Membership cannot be won by a person's conscious endeavors. The Vigil Honor is a high mark of distinction
and recognition reserved for those Arrowmen who, by reason of exceptional service, personal effort, and
unselfish interest, have made distinguished contributions beyond the immediate responsibilities of their
positions. This year, Wunita Gokhos presented the Vigil Honor to the following Arrowmen:

Corey Brown was inducted at Fall Ordeal in 2004 and sealed his Brotherhood in 2005. Corey has served on
the Ceremonies Team since sealing his Brotherhood and has frequently learned new roles to help out where he
can. He received the “Best Principle” Award at Conclave in 2007, despite it being his first time performing the
part. Corey is an Eagle Scout from Troop 41 and formerly served the Lodge as Harvest District Chapter Chief.
He is currently studying to become a paramedic.

Jordan Miller was inducted at Fall Ordeal in 2003, and hasn’t missed an Ordeal since. Jordan was one of a
few people who would cheerfully serve the Lodge as an elangomat during Ordeals whenever the need arose. In
2007, he was elected Vice-Chief, and in 2008 he was elected to serve the Lodge as Chief. In addition to being
Chief, Jordan keeps busy on weekends by participating with the ceremonies team. Jordan is an Eagle Scout and
currently works on staff at Bashore Scout Reservation. Outside of Scouting, Jordan volunteers as an EMT and
firefighter with multiple ambulance crews and fire departments. He is currently studying to become a

Craig Smith was inducted in 2003, and quickly found his calling as a ceremonialist with Susquehannok Lodge
upon sealing his Brotherhood. Since joining Wunita Gokhos, Craig has been a solid performer as Allowat
Sakima for the Pre-Ordeal Ceremony and helped win honors for the Ceremonies Team at Conclave in 2007.
More recently at this year’s Conclave at Camp Horseshoe, he agreed to learn the role of Kichkinet for the Pre-
Ordeal competition just one week prior to Conclave. Upon arriving at Conclave, the Ceremonies Team learned
that a Brotherhood ceremonies competition would also be held, and Craig volunteered to learn the role of
Nutiket just twelve hours prior to the competition. Craig went on to place first in both competitions. Craig is an
Eagle Scout and currently serves his country as a US Marine.

Steve Kann was inducted at Fall Ordeal in 2000 and sealed his Brotherhood in 2001. Quiet, but dedicated and
hardworking, Steve began his tenure with the Lodge as an active member of the Harvest District. Inspired by
the Lodge Shows Team at the 2002 Council Camporee, Steve became a Blue Man and lead the team in 2005 at
the Council Camporee for the Wunita Gokhos Shows Team. He returned to Bashore to be the lead Blue Man
advisor at the 2008 Council Camporee. Steve, an Eagle Scout, helped to develop the Lodge Work T-Shirt (talk
to Lodge Advisor Jim Troebliger to get yours . . .) and can be seen helping with service projects at both camps
on behalf of the Lodge.

Don Miller was inducted at Fall Ordeal in 1987 and sealed his Brotherhood in 1997. Don was very active with
Pack 47 while his sons were involved in Cub Scouting, and he transitioned to Troop 47 in Manheim, where he
has held various positions over his tenure with the troop. Don is a member of the Cook Staff and is frequently
the first Cook to arrive at camp and the last to leave. He often gets so excited about the upcoming weekend, he
shows up a week early – ready to work! Don is also active on the District level, helping with events such as
Webelos Woods or the Klondike Derby for the Harvest District. Don also finds time to be very active with his

Please join the Vigil Committee in congratulating these Arrowmen for their continued and dedicated service to
Wunita Gokhos Lodge and the Pennsylvania Dutch Council.

                                    July/August 2009 Owls Nest Page 7
                                                              2009 NE-6B Conclave
                                                   Test The Bow, Accept the Arrow
       The Section’s annual Conclave, hosted by Octoraro Lodge, was recently held at Horseshoe Scout Reservation.
       A Conclave is a gathering of the five lodges that make up our section of the Northeast Region. Each year, we
       gather together for a weekend full of Fun, Fellowship and Feasting. There is a little bit of training, and a little
       bit of inter-lodge competition. Wrap this all up into a package that includes spectacular shows and stellar
       dining and cap it all off with the annual Section Meeting and Election of new officers, and you have yourself a
       great Conclave. So, now that you know what a Conclave is, why don’t you plan to join us next year and find
       out what it is really like?
       Activities at this past conclave included: Pre-Ordeal and Brotherhood Ceremony Competitions, Dance
       Competition, Archery, Rifle Shooting, Climbing Wall, Volleyball, Horseshoes, Camping Expo, Lodge
       Advisors Cook-off, Lodge Newsletter Competition, Patch Auction, and of course the Fellowship Feast and
       Carnival along with many more.
       Congratulations to Josh Peloquin for being re-elected as Section Secretary.

                                                                                       The Wunita Gokhos ceremony
                                                                                       team that included Patrick French,
                                                                                       Alex Keene, Jordan Miller, Craig
                                                                                       Smith, Derrick Bransby, and Josh
                                                                                       Peloquin made a clean sweep and
                                                                                       took first place in the Pre-Ordeal and
                                                               Brotherhood ceremony competitions. Along with the team
                                                               competitions, each principle took first place in the
                                                               individual competition.
                                                               Congratulations to the Ceremony chairman, members and
                                                               advisors for a fantastic job at conclave, and as always, at all
                                                               ordeal weekends.

                                                               Team Gouchos Takes Victory at Conclave

                                                               For the first time in the history of Section NE6B, a Lodge
                                                               Advisor Cookoff was held. Awards were given for Best
                                                               Entrée, Best Dessert, and Best Presentation, as judged by a
                                                               panel of Section Officers. Team Gauchos members Jim
                                                               Castanzo, Eric Shea, and Mike Witmer put together a
                                                               winning combination of cooking skills, fire skills, and flare
                                                               (not necessarily in that order) to win the Best Dessert
                                                               award for their Strawberry Cream Pie. Team Gauchos,
1/2 pt. whipping cream         1 cup sugar                     along with their cheering section of former Section Chiefs,
8oz. cream cheese (softened) 1 small can crushed pineapple     Lodge Advisors and Lodge Committee Advisors, promptly
1 graham cracker pie crust Sliced strawberries (optional)      enjoyed a team nap following their dominating
Combine cream cheese and sugar and beat until soft. Beat
whipping cream until stiff. Add crushed pineapple to cream     performance. A great time was had by all and plans are
cheese mixture. Fold cream cheese mixture into whipped         underway to continue the domination at next year's
cream. Spoon into graham cracked pie crust. Top with sliced    Conclave at Camp Tuckahoe.
strawberries (optional). Chill and serve.
The strawberries where arranged in the shape an arrow.

                                                 July/August 2009 Owls Nest Page 8
2009 Fall Ordeal and Service Weekend Registration Form
September 25 – 27, 2009
Name:             ________________________________________________________________________
Address:          ________________________________________________________________________
City:             __________________________________ State: __________ Zip: _________________
Home Phone (_______) ________- ______________                                                Troop No. _________________
Date of Birth _____/_____/_____
District (circle one): Horseshoe Trail - Conestoga - River Harvest
I will be attending the weekend as a (check the appropriate box):
____ Brotherhood Candidate............................................................. $32.00
         (I have been an Ordeal member for at least 10 months)
____ Lodge Member…..........................................................................$16.00
____ Check here if you will be staying for Sunday Breakfast

____     Check here if you will be attending the DSA recognition on Friday, September 25 at 8:30 PM for Adam Heaps

Please mail this registration form and your payment to:
Pennsylvania Dutch Council, BSA Make checks payable to: OA 2009 Fall Ordeal
OA 2009 Fall Ordeal
630 Janet Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17601-4582

2009 Fall Ordeal and Service Weekend
September 25 - 27, 2009 at Camp Mack Scout Reservation

Friday, September 25                       Event                                 What to do                         Where
7:30 - 8:30 PM               Registration                           Register and set up your site              Pavilion
8:30 PM                      DSA Recognition for Adam Heaps         Attend                                     Pavilion
9:00 PM                      Pre-Ordeal Ceremony                    Attend                                     Tuscarora
10:15 PM                     Cracker Barrel                         Attend                                     Pavilion
Saturday, September 26
6:30 AM                      Candidates Rise and Shine              Breakfast at 7:00 AM
8:00 AM                      Members Breakfast                      Attend                                     Pavilion
9:00 AM                      Service Projects Begin                 Reflect and enjoy the outdoors             Various
12:15 PM                     Lunch                                  Attend                                     Pavilion
12:15 PM                     New Member Orientation                 Mandatory for Ordeal Candidates            TBD
1:15 PM                      Service Projects Resume                Resume work                                Various
1:30 PM                      Brotherhood Workshop                   Brotherhood Candidates Attend              Training Center
3:30 PM                      Service Projects End                   Shower and Clean-up
5:00 PM                      Flag Retreat                           Attend                                     Pavilion
5:30 PM                      Dinner/Feast                           Attend                                     Pavilion
6:30 PM                      Lodge Elections                        Attend                                     Pavilion
7:00 PM                      Religious Services                     Attend                                     Chapel
7:45 PM                      Brotherhood Ceremony                   Attend                                     Campfire Circle
7:45 PM                      Ordeal Ceremony                        Attend                                     Lodge Circle
10:00 PM                     Cracker Barrel and Patch Auction       Attend                                     Pavilion
Sunday, September 27
8:00 AM                      Breakfast                              Attend                               Pavilion
9:00 AM                      Clean-up Camp Sites and Depart         Thank you - have a safe journey home

                                           July/August 2009 Owls Nest Page 9
                                              Second Annual Scout
                                              Camp Motorcycle Ride
                                                      Sponsored by Mill Creek Sportsman Association

Sunday, October 4, 2009
Schedule of Events                                                 Directions to Bashore Scout Reservation
Registration………… 9:00 am – 10:30 am                                Bashore Scout Reservation is located
Fee ………………… $15.00-$25.00/2 riders                                 14 miles North of Lebanon off Rt 72
                          Postmarked Sept 10, 2009                 West on Rt 443 (Moonshine Rd) 2
                          $20.00-$30.00 after Sept 10              miles, camp located on left.
Ride departs Bashore Scout Reservation at 11:00am
Riders are invited to tour camp, and visit the camp trading post where items of Boy Scout and camp
memorabilia may be purchased. The ride ends at J. Edward Mack Scout Reservation after a scenic ride through
Lancaster and Lebanon Counties. Riders are again invited to tour camp, and visit the camp trading post, where
they may make purchases. 50/50 drawings will be held at both Camps, and a Silent Auction will be at Camp
Mack. Refreshments, picnic dinner, and a collectable ride pin will be served to pre-registered, and those
registering the day of ride will be first-come first-served.
The proceeds will benefit both camps which are year round Scout Camps for youth age 7 to 18 and young
adults to age 21. Your contribution will make a difference in this important program.
If there are questions, please contact by
Please visit website:

--------------------DETACH HERE AND SEND WITH PAYMENT---------------------------
Scout Camp Benefit Ride                   Sunday, October 4, 2009

Name(s) _________________________                PRE-REGISTRATION APPRECIATED
_________________________________                pre-registered by Sept 10, postmark will
Address: _________________________               receive a free collectable ride pin.
City: __________________ State: _____              Send this form along with a check for
Zip: __________ Ph. (_) _____________              [] $15.00        [] $25.00/2 by Sept. 10
Club Affiliation: ____________________             [] $20.00        [] $30.00/2 after Sept. 10
                                                   Payable to: MCSA (note benefit ride)
                                                   Mail to: MCSA Benefit Ride
                                                             PO Box 10413
                                                             Lancaster, Pa.17605-10413
(I) (We) the undersigned hereby myself, my heirs, administrators and assigns waive and release any and all
rights and claims of any nature I may have against the Pennsylvania Dutch Council, Camp Mack, Camp
Bashore, the Boy Scouts of America, Mill Creek Sportsman Association, and others sponsoring or connected
with this event, their officers, employees, agents, representatives, successors, and assigns, for any and all
injuries or damages of any nature which I may suffer while taking part in any activity connected with this
event, and will indemnify and hold harmless from any claims for damages or injuries I may suffer, or cause
others to suffer.
Signature (1) __________________________ (2) _______________________________

                                   July/August 2009 Owls Nest Page 10
 Calling all Vigil Honor Members
 We, as a Lodge, have taken on a new project for this coming year. The Lodge is in the process of building a
 database of the following Vigil information, in order to increase the documentation of our history as a
 Lodge, but also as a form of recognition for you as a Vigil Member of our Lodge.
 Please take a minute to fill in the requested information below. You may return the form electronically to (yes, it really does say Gauchos!) or mail it to the Scout Office at the
 attention of Wunita Gokhos Lodge. If you would prefer to deliver it by hand, please give it to Eric Shea the
 next time you see him.
 Thank you for your assistance with our new project!

Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Vigil Year: ___________________________________________________________________________

Vigil Location: ________________________________________________________________________

Vigil Name: __________________________________________________________________________

Vigil Name – English Translation: _________________________________________________________

Vigil Guide’s Name:____________________________________________________________________

Vigil Lodge: __________________________________________________________________________
(If different than Wunita Gokhos)

Got Brotherhood?
Are you an Ordeal member of the Order of the Arrow? After ten months as an Ordeal member you are eligible
to complete the requirements for BROTHERHOOD membership. The process is very simple and can typically
be completed in a few hours on one afternoon.

You typically have three opportunities to complete Brotherhood each calendar year. They are (1) Spring
Ordeal, (2) Fall Ordeal, and (3) Brotherhood Conversion Day on November 27, 2009 at Camp Mack. In ALL
cases, you must register for the event by using the forms located in the Owls Nest or Website.

One of the measures of being judged a “Quality Lodge” by the National Order of the Arrow Committee is how
many eligible Ordeal brothers convert to Brotherhood Membership. If you have been an Ordeal member for
more than 10 months, you are eligible and obligated to Seal the Bond. Your next opportunity to become a
Brotherhood member is at the Fall Ordeal. Requirements are outlined in OA Handbook, which you received
at your Ordeal induction.

Why become a "Brotherhood" member? When you were inducted as an Ordeal member, you were tired, and
honestly, what was said sometimes be confusing. The purpose of the Brotherhood is to help you to understand
just "what" the OA is about and what your role really can be if you choose. Membership is not an award; it is a
way of approaching life. Brotherhood helps you on that trail. The process only takes a couple of hours of your
time, and your next chance is at the Fall Ordeal at Camp Mack.

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