Odyssey Battery Product Review by mifei


									ODYSSEY Battery Product Review

Some products are better than others and then there are
some that are SO impressively superior that they blow
us away!

At first we wondered how we were suppose to quantify the
quality of a battery. After all if a battery works, it works!
What else is there to say? Research taught us that not all batteries
are the same. The ODYSSEY® Battery is one of those SUPERIOR batteries.

The ODYSSEY Battery addresses all the things that cause a battery to fail or to
have a short life.
    First, ODYSSEY uses high quality materials of VIRGIN Lead (not a lead
       alloy). This slows the degradation down minimizing a dead cell in the

    Second, ODYSSEY manufactures the batteries using brass terminals coated
     with a high quality tin alloy. This process resists corrosion at the terminals
     so there is no more green crud growing where you hook it up.

    Third, Burned Internal Cell Connections. This is technical talk for resisting
     vibrations of the plates inside the cells. If you minimize the vibrations you
     keep them from banging together and degrading as quickly.

The three main reasons batteries fail or have a short life have all been addressed
with superior materials, protecting and securing the plates, and coating the

Their advanced technology in developing a better battery has produced a type of
“Hybrid” battery that is both deep cycle AND supply massive cranking power.

Just to double check our information we had several mechanic take a look at the
battery and its specifications. One was a man of few words and a dry sense of
humor, but he is a great mechanic, certified and very smart. In the words of a very
intelligent mechanic “This is a hell of a battery” So don’t take our word for it… go
to http://www.odysseybattery.com/ and buy one today. Ride Hard, Ride Free but
keep on Riding when you have an ODYSSEY battery!!!

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