Sheet Pile Wall Design and Performance in Peat - PDF - PDF by hil10690


									      Sheet Pile Wall Design and Performance in Peat

Principal Investigator: Samuel G. Paikowsky
Graduate Research Assistant: Tan Yong (D.Eng.)
Research Funded By: Geosciences Testing & Research, Inc. (GTR)
Date: Summer 2005
        As part of a highway relocation project (RT44) in Carver Massachusetts, long sheet pile
walls were installed in Cranbury bogs and ponds in order to mitigate environmental concerns.
The subsurface consisting of deep peat deposits challenges the current understanding of the
pressures developing on sheet piles and the parameters used for its design. A large
instrumentation program has been conducted over a period of 2.5 years, measuring the peat
pressure developing along the sheet pile walls during construction and service. This project
includes (i) original wall design and associated assumptions, (ii) a detailed field and laboratory
study investigating the vertical and lateral properties of the peat, (iii) the instrumentation of the
walls using inclinometers and vibrating wire total pressure cells along with a new thin film tactile
pressure sensors, (iv) the measurements of the pressures and deflections developing along the
wall and independent surveying over various stages of construction including excavation, fill,
deep dynamic compaction (DDC) and MSE wall construction, (v) the modeling of the wall-soil
interaction during the aforementioned stages using the FEM code PLAXIS, (vi) comparisons
between the modeling results and measured values at the different stages, and (vii) the
development of recommended parameters for future design of walls in peat.

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