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									Hydro Feasibility Studies
Harnessing the Power of Water

Dulas Hydro Feasibilty Capabilities

The Dulas Hydro department works extensively in all aspects of small hydropower development,
construction and operation, both in the UK and overseas.

The team have successfully taken sites from pre-feasibility study through to commissioning
and operation.

Our services include:

- Site finding and detailed feasibility analysis
- Environmental assessment, abstraction licencing, planning permissions, grid connection and land-
owner agreements
- Detailed specification, turnkey construction and commissioning
- Supply of custom built control systems and AquaShear Coanda self-cleaning static intake screens
- Operation and maintenance services

The team also has a strong reputation for successful reconstruction and re-commissioning of exist-
ing sites that have been inoperable or poorly performing.

The wealth of practical and commercial experience gained from over 20 years of building and operat-
ing our own schemes enables Dulas to provide field-proven, high quality feasibilty services.

Stage One: Pre Feasibility

Brief desk based assessment of the potential site to establish likely scheme size and advise if the
site is worth more investigation. We would need information from the client including grid refer-
ences for the site, possible intake and powerhouse locations, land boundaries, and local knowl-
edge of the stream and catchment if available. A brief site visit is sometimes included for local

Stage Two: Feasibility

If further investigation is appropriate, a feasibility study would typically involve the following scope
of work for a grid connected scheme:

1) Site visit and survey to assess intake and powerhouse locations, pipe route, and available head.
2) Resource assessment, catchment hydrology, estimation of river flow duration curve.
3) Approach the Environment Agency, planners and regulation bodies to obtain initial feedback on
possible abstraction regime.
4) Approach the local grid operator to identify if there are any obvious connection problems. Some-
times this can only be determined after they are paid a study fee (typically £2500), but often they
can indicate informally if there would be any problems at no charge.
5) Outline specification of suitable equipment options. Estimates of scheme development costs
(including typical range of costs for ecological assessments, planning and abstraction licence
6) Operation and Maintenance issues and associated cost estimates
7) Electricity sales mechanisms and typical prices available.
8) Estimated annual energy generation and gross annual income.
9) Recommendations for further work.

Note: Schemes under 100 kW are unlikely to be economically viable unless the site is particularly
favourable, existing assets are in place, or significant grant funding is available.


The cost of a pre feasibility study can be up to £500, depending on detail. The cost for a full feasibil-
ity is typically between £2000 - £10 000 + VAT, dependent upon scope of work agreed, the size of
the potential site and the distance from our offices. Depending upon the speed of response of the
regulating bodies and grid operator, the report can typically take 3-6 months to complete.

About Dulas

Dulas have over 25 years of experience providing solutions in renewable energy throughout the
world, including policy advice, renewable energy resource assessments, feasibility studies, and
specification & implementation advice. We have an enviable track record of assisting developers in
the incorporation of renewable energy in their projects. Our hydro team is well established and
highly regarded in the industry, working with many large utility companies.

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SY20 8AX, UK

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