Helpful Tips for GREAT Customer Service! Customer

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					       Helpful Tips for GREAT
           Customer Service!

Anticipate but never assume-
   • Be ready for the guest’s order of (for example)
     gin and tonic, but do not pre-make the drink
     prior to the guest’s request.
   • You never know if the guest may not wish to
     consume alcohol that day or might want to try
     something new.
   • Offer to make their “usual,” and they can feel
     good that you remembered. Make their
     “usual,” and they may feel obligated or forced
     to consume it.

Be attentive and prepared
   • Greet guests as they enter the suite, and work
     to remember their names.
   • Offer to hang up coats for guests.
   • Know the menu for the day and be able to
     answer any questions or make suggestions for
     the guests.