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Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of Master of Arts in
Comparative and Public History Alumni Association (MACPHAA) of The
Chinese University of Hong Kong held in Room 103, Fung King Hei Building,
History Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong at 7 p.m. on
Thursday, 13th November, 2008.


1.    Ms. Amy Poon Ho-Ming                 潘浩明           (Chairlady)
2.    Ms. Penny Luk Pik-Yiu                陸碧瑤           (Vice-Chairlady)
3.    Ms. Nellie Chow Kin-Yung             鄒健容           (Treasurer)
4.    Mr. Raymond Lee Wai-Man              李偉文           (General Service Officer)
5.    Ms. Maisie Chow                      周敏然           (Project Co-ordinator)
6.    Mr. Yip Wah-Ying                     葉華英           (Committee Member)
7.    Mr. Au Man-Ho                        區文浩           (Committee Member)
8.    Mr. Lee Wai-Kai                      李煒佳           (Committee Member)
9.    Mr. Juliana Fong                     方佩貞           (Committee Member)
10.   Mr. Kenny Kam Kok-Keung              甘國強           (Committee Member)
11.   Ms. Man Chui-Wah                     文翠華           (Committee Member)
12.   Ms. Au Yeung Sau-Ching               歐陽秀貞          (Committee Member)
           (arrived at 8:30 p.m.)


1.    The Chairlady reported the recent affairs of the MACPHAA.

2.    The Chairlady reported that the Visiting Professor Wu Mi-Cha (吳密察教授)
      from Taiwan National University ( 台 灣 國 立 大 學 ) had interviewed
      representative students from the Advanced Diploma Course and the MACPH
      Course in order to obtain opinion for reporting to the Chinese University for
      future improvements of the courses.

3.    The Chairlady reported that she had represented the MACPHAA to attend a
      dinner held after the Yu Ying-shih Lecture in History 2008 (第二屆余英時先生
      歷史講座) in October and had met the speaker, Professor Wang Gungwu (王賡
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4.   The Chairlady reported that she had attended a meeting of the Federation of
     Alumni Associations of the CUHK.

5.   The Chairlady praised the effort of our Committee Member Mr. Yip Wah-Ying
     (葉華英) in designing the newly launched MACPHAA’s website which was well

6.   The Chairlady reported that the two study tours to be organized by the
     MACPHAA in November 2008 received very good responses from the members.
     The first one would be a visit to Hong Kong Cemetery in Happy Valley for more
     than 40 members to be held on Sunday 23rd November, 2008 led by Dr. Joseph
     Ting Sun-Pao (丁新豹博士). The second one would take place on Saturday
     29th and Sunday 30th November 2008, led by Professor Cheung Shui-Wai (張瑞
     威教授) to visit the City area and Sha Mian, Guangzhou (廣州城區及沙面) for
     about 40 members.

7.   On the 6th December 2008 Graduation Dinner Party, the Chairlady reported that
     our three honorary advisors had promised to attend, namely, Mr. Dick Lee
     Ming-Kwai (李明逵), Ms. Anita Leung Fung-Yee (梁鳯儀) and Professor Siu
     Kwok-Kin (蕭國健). In addition, another honorary advisor Dr. Lam Kui-Chun
     (林鉅津醫生) would inform us whether he would be available to come later.
     However, the Chairlady surmised that in principle all of them would attend.
     Further, Mr. Dick Lee (李明逵) and Ms. Anita Leung (梁鳯儀) had promised to
     say a few words in the party as well.

8.   The Chairlady and the Committee Members discussed the work division in the
     23rd November Cemetery visit.

9.   The Chairlady, the Committee Members and Ms. Maisie Chow discussed the
     various details regarding the preparatory work for the 29-30th November
     Guangzhou visits.

10. The Chairlady and the Committee Members discussed the 6th December 2008
    Graduation Dinner’s rundown, work division and financial issues etc.

11. On the Sunday 7th December 2008 CUHK Alumni Homecoming (中大校友日)
     programme, the Chairlady and the Committee Members devised a plan for the
     MACPHAA regarding setting up the stall, work rotation, games, prize-giving etc.
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     for the whole day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Committee members who promised to
     report for duty that day included: Amy Poon, Penny Luk, Raymond Lee, Juliana
     Fong, Au Man-Ho, Au Yeung Sau-Ching, Nellie Chow, Yip Wah-Ying, Kenny
     Kam and Man Chui-Wah.

12. The Committee Members discussed various ways to attract more new members.
    It was reported that as of the date of the meeting the number of Permanent
    Members was 35.

13. On Yip Wah-Ying’s newly launched website, the Committee Members made a
    number of suggestions to enrich the contexts of the website, e.g. to include a
    discussion area, an area for photo albums, blog, etc. However, some
    Committee Members suggested that we needed to control the contents of the
    website and that Wah-Ying should make our website looked interesting.

14. The Chairlady said that Mr. Dick Lee Ming-Kwai (李明逵) had submitted his
     personal photograph with CV. Yip Wah-Ying remarked that as it was too long
     so he would trim it down to fit the website’s style.

15. The Treasurer, Ms. Nellie Chow, reported on the latest financial situation.

16. All agreed that the MACPHAA should meet at two-monthly intervals, preferably
    on the Thursday evening of the last week of the month in which the meeting is
    due to be held. However, due to clash with the Lunar New Year, the next
    meeting would be held at 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, 13th January 2009.

17. The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

--------------------------------------               ----------------------------------------
Prepared by: Penny Luk Pik-Yiu                        Signed by: Amy Poon Ho-Ming
      (Vice-Chairlady)                                             (Chairlady)

Dated: 13th January, 2009
(file: MACPHAA Minutes 13Nov08)