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									                                    CICC APRIL 13, 2006 UPDATE

Alliance for Children and Families in Hennepin County
(Summary of March 30 Alliance Meeting)
County Cutbacks
General comments from Jamie Halpern, Hennepin County Children’s Mental Health:
     Looking forward, the President’s proposed 2007 budget would wipe out all Medicaid reimbursement
       for schools.
     Loss of this funding will result in significant losses in school based services.
     Governor Pawlenty’s current proposed state budget will only address a small portion of these cuts.
     The changes in the 2006 federal budget call for significant changes in Medicaid which will result in
       loss of funding for targeted case management and child welfare and mental health targeted case
     Hennepin County could lose between $20 million and $40 million, affecting 10,000 people.
     Cuts will impact child protection, family/school coordinators, etc.
     The rules that will regulate these changes will be known in July.
Governor Pawlenty’s Mental Health Plan
     Jamie commented that he believes the plan has merit.
     The Guv’s plan is built on 10 years of reports on the changes that are needed in Mental Health (MH).
     The plan seeks to expand MH coverage in public programs (such as MNCare) so that MH coverage is
       in parity with other health issues.
     The plan proposes new models to integrate social services, MH and physical health.
     All funds would be moved into managed care plans. Demonstration projects around the state will be
       conducted to work through this process.
     Jamie pointed out that crisis programs need a base level of funding to keep services available at all
       times. (MH patients often need immediate emergency MH care just like someone in a car accident
       needs access to emergency medical care.)
     The Guv’s plan includes some funding to offset some of the federal cuts --- including LCTS cuts.
     However, the proposal calls for $17 million in funding statewide over 3 years. Hennepin County alone
       stands to lose $8-$10 million next year.
     The Guv wants to take $$ from the Healthcare Access Fund to help fund the MH plan. This would
       mean that the Healthcare Access Fund would have even less $$ to expand services.
     One big question that remains is concern whether healthcare systems would actually provide case
       management for broader needs (i.e., social services).
     Also all $$ currently spent on MH must continue to be spent on MH.
     Legislation supporting the Guv’s MH plan is moving through both houses of the legislature.
New Mental Health Collaborative Update
     Jamie explained that the transition to the new model is going well.
     The new model has three components: Policy/Governing Board, Parent Support, and Operations.
     The transition committee has met twice and all is proceeding on schedule. The parent component, in
       particular, is making good progress.
Future of Collaborative System – Where Do We Go from Here?
     The remainder of the meeting was spent reviewing the March 15 meeting on the proposed
       collaborative restructure and determining how to move forward.
     There was unanimous agreement that we should refocus our energies around one countywide outcome
       and continue to work through the Alliance structure.
     Everyone was asked to submit ideas for that focus --- and to think in terms of what we know has been
       successful and to think about how we can build upon our learnings.
     The Alliance Executive Committee will help pare down the ideas and develop a plan for consideration.
     The State Department of Human Services (DHS) has developed its definition of “imminent risk” for
        Title IV E determination. Deb Truesdell reported that Hennepin County believes it has been
        sufficiently conservative in its interpretation of “serious risk” so that the new definition will not affect
        current or past determinations.
     Deb is collecting signed statements from every collaborative (Wayzata’s has been submitted) to extend
        the current Financing Framework until December 31, 2006.
     The CICC must also vote on the extension at our April meeting --- and send the minutes to Deb.
     The meeting with the Special Services directors and LCTS coordinators in March to review the
        changes in IV E and share strategies to address this issue went well. It was agreed that the group
        should be convened again in a couple of months for an update.
     The County will continue to send school districts updated lists of children in Foster Care. They are
        also working to identify youth in Juvenile Corrections, Early Childhood programs and Child Protection
        who may qualify for IV E.
     Jamie Halpern provided an overview of anticipated cuts at the County level:
             2005 LCTS income (even with Medicaid changes) was $11 million.
             2006 LCTS income anticipated to be $2.8 million
             2007 LCTS income even less
             The County recognizes that some districts will decide it is not worth it to stay in LCTS.
LCTS Financing Framework
The LCTS Financing Framework (the principles that guide the participation of collaboratives in LCTS and
describe how those funds will be allocated throughout the county) has been extended through December 31,
2006. A review of the Framework will begin in the fall of 2006 and a recommendation for continuation will
be proposed prior to December 31.
Primary Project
The application for continuation of the Primary Project at the level of $10,000 for the 2006-07 school year has
been received.
Allies for Change Projects
The Kids’ Stability Grant (Oakwood) and the Parent Involvement Grant (ELL) will continue for one more
year through the 2006-07 school year at the current levels of $20,000 and $13, 000, respectively.

State Report
The 2005 State Report for the CICC was submitted to the State Department of Human Services by the March
31, 2006 deadline. In addition, an amended version of the financial data for the 2004 State Report was also
submitted to reflect revised information for the 2004 LCTS income, as recommended by Hennepin County.

Early Childhood
    Thanks to the leadership of IOCP and Brenda Heim and Fred Hegele, the work of the Caring for Kids
       Initiative in our community continues. The initiative focuses on raising awareness, raising funds and
       raising advocacy around the issue of the need for affordable, accessible, high quality child care in our
    For more information go to
    There will be a Spring Tea for IOCP at Holy Name on Saturday, May 20, 11 AM – 1 PM to bring
       awareness of this issue to local faith communities and women’s organizations.
    A spring business leaders’ breakfast is also being planned to carry the CRKI message to the local
       business community.

2006 Summer Youth Activity Guide
At the request of Wayzata School District social work staff, an updated guide of summer opportunities and
educational programs for youth in our community has been prepared by the CICC and distributed.

West Metro Homeless Youth Task Force
   The next meeting will be Tuesday, April 25, at Eisenhower Community Center, 1001 Highway 7 in
      Hopkins in Room 207B, 7:30 to 9:00 AM. Work will continue to define the goals of the Task Force
      and establish work groups to achieve those goals.

Chemical Health
   The Town Hall Forum on Underage Drinking took place on March 27, 2006. Approximately 125 were
     in attendance, including a large group of WHS students. Participants in the “fishbowl” discussion
     included Congressman Jim Ramstad, Plymouth Mayor Judy Johnson, Plymouth Police Chief Mike
     Goldstein and Dustin Chapman of Fairview Behavioral Services. A follow-up meeting will be held
     next week to coordinate follow-up activities, based on the response cards from participants that were
     received at the Forum.
   The West Hennepin Mental and Chemical Health Assessment Program continues to go well and sees
     many youth, including from the Wayzata School District. For questions or referrals contact
     Dr. Christie Matschke at Relate Counseling, 952-932-7277.

Urban Learner Framework Training – Cultural Proficiency
    Birchview’s PTA and Greenwood’s site council participated in ULF training on this week. The
      presentations were well received --- and resulted in requests for more opportunities for these kinds of
    ULF training is also scheduled for the Camp CONECT counselors in June. A date to provide training
      to the Kids’ Care Connection Board/Staff is pending.
    Jane Sigford, Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction/Professional Development, facilitated a
      discussion of the book Courageous Conversations about Race: a Field Guide for Achieving Equality in
      Schools by Glenn E. Singleton and Curtis Linton on March 16. About 20 people participated.
    A second conversation, which will include discussion of additional articles on race, will take place at
      the Plymouth Library on Monday, May 1, at 6 PM. Contact Charlene ASAP (763-745-5208, if you would like to attend.

Putting Family First Night – Monday, March 6, 2006
    65 families submitted completed forms for The Putting Family First Challenge (families had to spend
       21 minutes together a day for 21 consecutive days). The winning family will receive an all-expense
       paid weekend for a family of 5 at the Holiday Inn and Wild Woods Waterpark in Otsego, MN. For
       details go to
    Next year Putting Family First Night will be Monday, March 5, 2007.

Parenting with Vision
           Planning is underway for events for the 2006-07 school year.
           We will host two daytime and two evening Parenting with Vision lectures this year. (As
             opposed to all evening lectures, which we have done in the past.)
           Topics probably will include single parenting, anxiety in children, parenting tips (Marcia
             Treno!), and marriage/relationship advice.
           Hope to invite Mary Sheedy Kurchinka, author of Kids, Parents & Power Struggles: Winning
             For A Lifetime and Raising Your Spirited Child, to be the keynote speaker at the February 3,
             2007 Parenting Forum.

             Please contact Charlene or Carol for any other ideas you may have for the Parenting with
              Vision lecture series or the annual Parenting Forum.

Wayzata Community Clinic
The Wayzata Community Clinic provides barrier-free medical care to children in our school community every
Wednesday afternoon from 1 – 5 PM at the Wayzata Medical Building, thanks to the Park Nicollet
Foundation. No appointment necessary.


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