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									May Minutes                                                  5/2/06
CEA Executive Committee

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM in a meeting room at Alberini's
Restaurant in Niles.

Present: Lisa Steigerwald-Kana, TJ Creed, Mary Janek, Louisa Miller, Rob
Carlson, Linda Vratkovich, Joanna Shepelevich, Nadyne Stallsmith, Beth Liszka,
Tula O'Neal, Carolyn Matzye and Josephine Galletta.

Excused: Marge Ford, Raymond Lanzo, Karen Carney, and Michael Soroka

Guests: Gary Carlile, OEA LRC and new CEA Executive Committee members
who were able to attend: Diane Rich, Crystal Walkoweiz, Mirta Arrowsmith, and
Andrea McGoogan.

Minutes for the April meeting were read and approved. Louisa made the motion
to accept the minutes and Linda seconded this motion. It passed.

Treasurer's Report
Checking $2734.48
Pop/Levy/Scholarship $225.48
Retirement $2252.52
Money Market $3166.41

Beginning checking account balance: $4124.68
-$40.00 sent to Pinciaro family
-$40 sent to Marfiote family
-$25 BP gas card
-$453.60 President's salary
-$226.80 Vice-president's salary
-$226.80 Secretary salary
-$226.80 Treasurer's salary
-$151.20 Social Chair salary
Ending balance $2734.48

Karen was awarded the Outstanding Treasurer Award by the OEA.

A thank you note was received from Frank Pinciaro for the gift that he and his
family received from our union upon the passing of his father.

Unfinished Business
1. The pop machine meeting took place on 4/4/06 immediately following the last
Executive meeting. Lisa and Mary met with Mr. Robey and Pat McLaughlin to
sort out which pop machines the CEA will earn funds from for our
Levy/Scholarship Fund. It has been decided that the beverage machines that
are located in the ES & MS teacher's lunchroom, adjacent to the cafeteria, will be
assigned to the CEA. There will also be a small machine placed at the HS in the
2nd floor teacher's lunchroom. Signs will be posted on these machines so that
you will know that your dollars, and any profit, will be used to support our
scholarship fund. Mr. Robey decided that the Administrator's Funds from each
building will be used to supplement any amount that we need this year to reach
our scholarship goal.
2. STRS voting was quite successful. The HS members voted at a rate close to
100% and turned in their ballots or proof of electronic voting. MS & ES was at a
lower percentage.
3. The election results for the new CEA Executive Committee were read.
4. Seniority Lists are available for your perusal. We were given 2 copies from teh
Bd. office. Lisa has one copy and Mary has the other at the HS. The list should
be up to date up to 4/11/06.
5. Lisa attended the NEOEA meeting on 4/8/06 at Twinsburg H.S.

New Business
1. The end-of-the-year picnic has been approved by the Supt. Any staff member
may attend, as long as the end-of-the-year work is completed and you have
successfully checked out of your building. If you choose not to attend the picnic
at Bedford Trails, from 11:30 AM until 3 PM, then you must remain at work and
complete the work day per our contract.
2. Louisa reported on the CCC meeting which was held on 4/27/06 in the Board
offices: Class assignments should be available for all members by the end of the
school year. There have been 18 applications for the music opening, 16
applications for the English opening, and 2 for the MS math position.
3. The OEA Representative assembly will be held in Columbus on 5/5/06 &
5/6/06 and will be attended by Marge, Josephine & Lisa. A big issue will be the
election of new OEA officers. A report will be forthcoming from those
representatives after the meeting takes place.
4. Discussion was held regarding funds collected by Executive Committee
members for parties or picnics. A list should be kept and turned in to the
treasurer with the funds. Please keep this in mind, building reps, as funds are
collected for the picnic.
5. Discussion was held with regards to a separate email list. A motion was made
by Mary to investigate what other schools do to contact members during the
summer months, so that home emails do not have to become part of a work-
related list. Tula seconded the motion.

Building Reports
         HS- farewell to the student teachers: Stacy Cepin, Patricia Missos, and
Marlene Bassil.
         MS-welcome to the new members of the executive committee
         ES- 4 new college tech students this 9 weeks
CEA Social Report
1. The end-of-the-year picnic will be held at Bedford Trail on the last day of work,
6/9/06 from 11:30 AM until 3 PM. Lunch will be served at noon. Email Tula if you
are interested in being part of a golfing group.
2. Plans are being made for a middle of the summer get-together. More
information to come.

The meeting adjourned at 6:51 PM. The next regularly scheduled CEA
Executive Committee meeting will be held on 6/9/06, in and around the picnic.
Any concerns, please forward them to the current building representatives and
not the next years' representatives.

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