IAPS Executive Committee Meeting by jit14310


									            IAPS Executive Committee Meeting
       18th October 2008 at 3pm GMT, on #iaps channel on IRCnet

Present:          Silvia Franklim (President, chair of meeting)
                  Jelmer Renema (Treasurer)
                  Jessica Stanley (Secretary, minute taker of meeting)
                  Marko Banušić
                  Sérgio Domingos
                  Anton Muskeyev
                  Ragnhild Schrøder Hansen
                  Radu Stancu

In attendance:    Ville Halkola
                  Tomi Pieviläinen
                  Matti Korteläinen
                  Milla-Maaria Karvonen
                  Jussi Lehtola
                  Jim Grozier
                  Liviu Bilteanu
                  Markus Fromm (jDPG)
                  Konrad Schwenke
                  Andi_fe (jDPG, only IRC nickname known)
                  Anne-Claire Pawsey
                  Timio Voipio
                  dcvetova (IRC nickname, unidentified)

1. Opening the meeting

   SF opened the meeting at 15.06 GMT

2. Determining the legality and power

   The president was in attendance as were all of the other committee
   members, so the meeting was legal in accordance with the charter and
   had the power to make decisions.
3. Organisation of the meeting

   It was decided that SF, being the president, would chair the meeting.
   The meeting was run according the the online meeting guide, Appendix
   B, IAPS Regulations.

4. Approving the minutes of the previous meeting

   The minutes of the previous EC meeting were approved.

5. Election of Vice-president

   Two candidates were proposed: Ragnhild Schroder Hansen (proposed by
   JR) and Sergio Domingos (proposed by RS and MB).

   RH suggested that the vice-president should be in a different country to
   the president, as then it would be less likely that they would both be
   unavailable at the same time. In response to this SD said that he was due
   to move to Amsterdam in January on receipt of funding.

   SD was elected 5 votes to 3.

6. Next meeting in person – Mulhouse

   JS suggested that the EC meet at EPS in Mulhouse in November/early
   December. This was agreed and JR proposed that SF email the EC with
   possible dates – SF agreed and asked the EC to let her know their
   availability. MB and JL recommended that David Lee (and his secretary
   Sylvie Loskill) be contacted first as his schedule will be the most
   important to work around. JR agreed to send David Lee’s contact details
   to SF so that she can contact him.

                                                       Action: JR, SF, EC
7. jIAPS

  JS said that the current editors of jIAPS are doing a good job, but there
  are some communication problems between the editors and the EC, and
  that information about jIAPS should be communicated to the members
  through the announcements mailing list.

  JR proposed that one of the EC act as a liaison between the EC and
  jIAPS. This was agreed and JS volunteered to do this.

                                                                 Action: JS

8. Finances/sponsorship

  JR reported that he will arrange the Paypal account with David Lee and
  Sylvie Loskill when the EC meet in Mulhouse, but that otherwise there
  was not much to report as the EC had not met since ICPS due to SF
  being unavailable.

  JR also requested that anyone planning an activity make a draft budget
  for it.

                                                                Action: JR

9. Proposed trips – CERN, Dubna, Portugal, Chernobyl, Armenia

  (a) Portugal

     SD is willing to work on this and is to contact Will Davies, who has
     been organising it.

                                                                Action: SD

  (b) Chernobyl

     AM reported that this will take place on May 1st – 3rd and he will keep
     the EC up to date.

                                                               Action: AM
   (c) CERN

     JS – Agnieszka Leyko was working on this, also JR (who had to leave
     the meeting for family obligations and in order not to be crossed off
     various wills) was interested in it. SF said that this would be
     discussed at a later time.

   (d) Dubna

     JS – Agnieszka is also the authority on this. SF and AM volunteered
     to work on this and SF is to contact Agnieszka. AM suggested also
     visiting Moscow State University as he has contacts there.

                                                           Action: SF, AM

   (e) Armenia

     JS said that Laura Pickard has a lot of information on this and
     volunteered to to follow this up and report back to the EC.

                                                                 Action: JS

10. Potential new committees/members

(a) jDPG

   JR (being in the Netherlands so reasonably close to Germany) proposed
   to give a presentation to a jDPG event, about IAPS, and sought the
   permission of the EC to do so, as required by the charter. MF from
   jDPG invited a representative of IAPS to attend a meeting of theirs in
   late November, and the EC agreed that JR would do this. JR is to liaise
   with jDPG about details.

                                                                 Action: JR

(b) Taiwan & Singapore

   JS has contacted Ricky Teon Shin in Singapore about a possible
   committee there, but hasn’t heard anything back. She is to follow this up
   and also contact the contacts in Taiwan. JR had proposed on the EC
   mailing list that a study trip to Asia be organised for 2009-2010. JS said
   that someone should look at the feasibility of this before making any
   definite arrangements, and SF volunteered to do this.

                                                               Action: SF, JS

(c) Peru & Brazil

   No action on this front yet, RH and JS to follow up.

                                                              Action: RH, JS

(d) Nigeria

   JS said that the case of Nigeria is more difficult than others, RF said that
   as far as he was aware we just had a request for individual membership
   from one Nigerian person.

   JG asked if the EC were familiar with the ‘Nigeria saga’, which they
   weren’t really, and he recommended that the EC read a document about
   this written by Liviu Bilteanu. He also said that he had been in contact
   with some Nigerian members in 2004 through jIAPS, and suggested
   asking them for articles for jIAPS to get back in contact. JL advised
   that there were Nigerian members last year who didn’t pay.

   SD proposed that for the moment we take individual members from
   Nigeria, see what happens at ICPS 2009, and until then study the subject
   and provide help if needed. This was agreed and SF volunteered to look
   into this.

                                                                   Action: SF

(e) Montenegro

   JS and RH to take care of this.

                                                              Action: RH, JS
(f) General

   AM suggested creating a forum on the website to promote IAPS and
   attract new members, but JL said that this had been tried before several
   times and hadn’t worked for various reasons.

   KS said that having the website up to date was very important for
   potential new members. It was agreed by the majority of the EC that the
   Agora google group, IRC, and the website are sufficient and that a forum
   is not needed.

11. Summer courses

   Nothing going on – this issue was put off until a later date.

12. Member communications, mailing lists

   RH & JS have updated contact details for most paid-up committees
   (except Netherlands and USA) and individual members (around 2/3) and
   will pass this information on to Marko so he can update the mailing lists.
   They have also asked the LC/NC’s when they have their AGM’s, to
   minimize the possibility that we will lose contact with them when their
   board members change.

                                                        Action: RH, JS, MB

13. IAPS Satellite

   RH reported that she is in contact with ESA and is taking care of this,
   but that it will probably be a long process.

                                                                   Action: RH


   JS said that Agnieszka had emailed the EC mailing list about an IFISO
   meeting in November, and that MB would be the obvious person to go if
  he was willing. MB agreed to this, but it was decided that SF would
  email Agnieszka to find out more details before anything was done.

                                                                 Action: SF

15. IAPS wiki

  JR said that an IAPS wiki would be useful to compile all the information
  that has been passed on from previous EC’s, but that he didn’t have the
  technical skills to do it. It was agreed that this is a good idea and MB is
  to set it up. JG and TP gave some technical information on the archives,
  and JG and MB are to work together on this.

                                                                Action: MB

16. A.O.B.

  (a) IUPAP

      JS said that this was an important opportunity for IAPS and that
      contact with the Institute of Physics (IoP) was required. AP said that
      the details about this are in the useful information document that she
      sent the EC, and that IUPAP’s headquarters are now in London, in
      the IoP, and that our contact there is Beth Taylor. SD was willing to
      work on this, and JS said that she would help with the IoP end of
      things, but that she didn’t have much time. It was agreed that they
      would both work on this.

                                                             Action: SD, JS

  (b) Next meeting

     November 2nd was provisionally chosen as the date for the next
     meeting, but the EC are to email to confirm this.

     JG was thanked by the EC for his work on the archives.

     The meeting was closed at 18.39.

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